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As I think back over this past year, 2008, I remember being down lots of times, but also having some of the best of times. It is quite weird because there is never just good or just bad times in ones life. Life was great for me, I was going to go to Highschool for the first time, I made good, new and many friends and my parents was there for me a lot especially with me entering this new phase in my life. Another thing about me was that I loved football. I couldn't get enough of it! For me the best feeling was to get the ball at my feet, dodge and dive the midfielders aswell as the defenders, being one on one with the goalkeeper, beating him and slotting the ball to the back of the net. That thrill that you get by doing that, no one can describe it. You hear your name chant by the people watching...it's incredible.

Guess I should stop making small talk and tell you a little about myself. My name is Gary and im thirteen years old. I have blond hair and bright green eyes to my generic credit. I have this thing about my face that many people had said is called some kind of a boyish feeling towards life. Don't know quite what that means but I guess I haven't grown up from a boy to a teenager just yet. I just wanted to have fun and play football. Im a typical boy, coming home in the evenings with my feet, knees and hands all covered in sand or grass. Haha.

The first day of Highschool was a momentous occation for me and my best friend, Kyle. He and I just about grew up together. My mom and his mom were in the same labour room when we were born and after the birth, they sort of helped eachother with advice, chats and just generally coming to terms with suddenly having a little loud mouth to be with. So we have really known eachother since we could remember. We found our lockers; mine was number 120 while his was 138. A little far from eachother, but what the hell, right? We got our scedules of when we would have to be where and saw that we had a good number of classes together. I looked more closely and saw that PE was going to be one of the subjects that we were to be apart. That sucked, me and Kyle loved to play football together.

Nothing quite fabulous or outstanding happened that day or week, just us coming to terms with being in a bigger school and with bigger kids. The next Monday, I was sooo excited as I saw that I had PE the final period while Kyle had it the first.

When the bell rung for lunch I stormed to the cafeteria, being so hungry for a cheeseburger that I didn't really care who was infront of me. I ended up running straight into this giant of a man. I dropped to the ground at once with the air being knocked out of me completely. I looked up, quite scared. The man turned around and looked down at what had hit him.

For a man like Zlatko Milenkovic this little kid must have looked like one of the three blind mice, from his height. He gave the kid one look and then walked off.

I was as scared as the next man but suddenly Kyle was beside me, helping me up.

"Are you okay, mate?"

"Who the hell was that?"

"Shhh, don't let anyone hear you say that! He is the football coach and we have him for PE. This morning we did these gymnastic kinds of things. Oh yeah and its tryouts for the junior football team this afternoon."

"THAT guy is the coach? Shit, I have really done it this time, haven't I?"

"No man, you just had an accident, it could have been anyone."

"I don't think I want to play football if that bloke is going to be the coach. He gave me the creeps," I told Kyle who just laughed it off and got up to get some cheeseburgers.

A couple of hours later, it was the class that I was looking forward to the most at the beginning of the year, except by this time, I was quivering in my boots. All of us changed into our sporting gear and then we were told to stand in a line and do ten pushups each. I didn't have a problem with that as that was part of my football training. I was the first to finish and stood up before the others. Milenkovic looked at me with a frown. Had he thought that I cheated on the pushups or something?

"You! Five laps around the field. NOW!"

I jumped at the sound of his voice and then I got to the running. One little bump on him and this is what I get?

After PE I was the only one who wasn't gasping for breath. The others was either lying on the ground or leaning against the walls or with their hands on their knees. I walked over to this overweight boy called Jason. He looked to be the worst to suffer from the workout.

"Hey Jason. You okay?"

"No, man. I like never do this kinda stuff. Suppost it's me own fault, yeah?"

"Look mate, I play football to stay fit. I also started slow. Why don't you come to the tryouts this afternoon?"

"You kidding? I'd never make it!"

"Never say never. Anyway, you'll get some kind of workout from it. You can't say no to that, man."

"Okay, cool. Thanks Gary."

I became aware of a presence behind me. I slowly turned around and looked into the eyes of Milenkovic. He stared down at me and I started shivering once more.

"Gary Falkner. Come with me."

My legs wouldn't walk. They just refused. I felt a hand give me a gentle push. It was Jason.

"Go on, Gary. You don't wanna keep him waiting."

I nodded and quickly ran over to the office. What on Earth did I do wrong this time? As I entered the office, I looked around me. It was a usual teacher's office.

"Sit down."

I was shaking again. What did I do to deserve this kinda treatment? Milenkovic stood behind the desk with his hands on the chair, his eyes pouring through mine. I probably shrunk in the chair while sitting there.

"Mr Falkner. You think you can come in here and do my job for me?"

Was this guy on drugs?

"What...I don't know..."

"You are here for a week, and you tell fat boy Jason Radcliffe what he should do to exercise. You tell him to come to the football tryouts; you bump into me and don't even have the decency to apologise. Were you raised in a cave?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"I really meant nothing with what I told to Jason, I thought that I could make a friend and help him..."

"That, Falkner, as a PE teacher, is my job. You are full of shit, aren't you? Well let me tell you this. I will not allow you at the football tryouts."

I heart sank and I gulped.

"Why, sir?"

"You don't know your place. And don't think you can run to your parents and tell them about this, because

I'll spin them a story about you and will make your life hell. You think im not going to do it, just try me."

The tears started to flow down my face. Why was he doing this? It seemed like Milenkovic really hated me. I quietly stood up. At that moment I knew what blackmailling meant. I grabbed the door handle when I heard him again.

"You could always make me change my mind."

I turned to look at him through my tears.

"I'll tell you how ill allow you to the tryouts. Take your pants off and let me suck your teenboy cock."

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