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Come on, man! What is it with you? Since when you're not in the mood for football? Are you sick or something?"

Kyle watched Gary as he remained on the bed, not saying anything. He didn't know what the hell was wrong with his best friend. He was silent, moody and didn't want to play football in the park anymore, something that they have done ever since he could remember. It has gotten so bad that Gary's mum had complained to and had asked Kyle to talk to her son, as his parents also could not understand this sudden change in their boy. Kyle wasn't having much luck either as Gary just simply grunted at him.

"Gary, talk to me man! What's wrong? Please man, you're starting to freak me out here! What more can I do to make you get over...whatever is wrong with you."

"You can start by getting the fuck out."

Kyle's eyes widened. Gary just swore at him, Gary had never sworn at him before. He was actually getting teary eyed as these harsh words sank into his brain. Kyle grabbed his bag, and turned towards the door to leave. As he was grabbing the door handle, he turned around.

"Just remember Gary, you're my best friend. No matter what you say to me."

As Kyle left, Gary threw himself onto his bed and started at the ceiling. He hated being like that towards Kyle. But he had bigger problems to worry about. He closed his eyes as the events that happened in Coach Zlatko Milenkovic's office ran through his head. The more he thought about it, the more he started to shake and tremble. He didn't want to think about it but he couldn't stop. He didn't quite know what to make of what happened. He grabbed his hair and sighed heavely. His mind was casted back, for what seemed like the millionth time, to that afternoon in the coach's office.

Gary couldn't believe it when Milenkovic told him that he wasn't going to allow him to come to the tryouts. But when he, with tears streaming down his face, turned to leave, those fateful words was spoken.

"I'll tell you how I will allow you at the tryouts. Take off your pants and let me suck your hot teenboy cock..."


What the hell does a thirteen year old answer to that? At first Gary didn't know what the coach was talking about. In his own personal innocence, Gary had never once before thought about sex. Football always took the premier spot in his life. He honestly didn't know what the coach was talking about.

"Are you stupid aswell as arogant? Get naked, Falkner. Or kiss football goodbye.


Gary was stuck in thought aswell as in physicality. Milenkovic stood up and closed the door, and then he locked it. That opened Gary's mind for the first time since Milenkovic spoke those words. He was pushed back into the coach's chair. He looked into Milenkovic's eyes. They were full of lust, and anger. He felt a huge hand run through his hair, and then the mouth of Milenkovic came clearer. Gary was stiff woth fright, he couldn't move. Somewhere at the back of his mind he knew that what was happening here, was wrong. He knew that he had to scream or shout or just...do something to stop this. But the sheer realisation what was happening was to frightning to Gary's thirteen year old mind. Milenkovic kissed his neck, and Gary remained stiff. He felt a tongue travel behind his ear, licking and kissing his neck while a hand was still stroking his hair. The mouth went lower, and kissed his adam's apple. The hand left his hair and started to take his shirt off. Since they had PE that period, Gary had decided to dress in his favorite Manchester United shirt. Once that was off, it was thrown to the back of the office, and then the mouth kissed his chest. Gary looked down to what Milenkovic was doing. He closed his eyes and started to tremble. Whatever Milenkovic was doing, yeah sure as hell it was scary but...he had never in his life, ever been exposed to this kind of treatment. He never had an orgasm or wet dream in his life, so this was torture. The coach was going lower, kissing and licking each and every one of his pecks.

"Damn Folkner, thirteen and already a six pack! Fuck, you're sexy."

Empty words, only were making sence now that he thought back about it. Wet lips kissing his body from chest to navel, moving up once more to kiss ands suck on his nipples. Gary just stood there with his eyes closed, all these emotions that he had never before experienced running through him. While the coach was running his hands all over his back, the image of his parents, first his father and then his mother, entered his mind. What would they think, should they see their son at that moment? The coach stood up, and placed his hand underneath Gary's chin, turned bloodred as to not look Milenkovic in the eye, and forced his face upwards. What happened next, Gary could never forget. Milenkovic kissed him on the lips once more, but this time, putting his tongue into Gary's mouth. Gary finally got rid of his stiffness to pull away and run towards the door, turning the lock and running out into the gym and out of the school grounds as fast as he could. He ran and ran until re reached his house and with his mum and dad working, there was not one to talk to or even to just hold him. He ran up the stairs towards his bedroom and threw himself on his bed. And that is were he had stayed for the past three days, never once leaving his room. Gary had turned from a energetic, sportloving, fun boy into a person who didn't want to face anyone, or do anything other than lying on his bed and staring at the ceiling. The desperate, pleading words of his parents, begging him to tell them what was wrong with him, if something had happened, if he felt sick, it simply went in the one ear and out the other. He was shit scared to go back to school and facing Milenkovic.

In the present, as Gary once more opened his eyes, he felt a tear rolling down his face. He knew what had happened. He knew exactly what the coach had attempted to do, after he had time to think about it. But that wasn't what was worrying him the most. He didn't do anything about it. He just stood there allowed Milenkovic to do what he did. It was as if he enjoyed it all...

Gary screamed out loud and rushed to his wall, and started to rip and tear off all the Manchester United and England football posters. Screaming, he took his English football lamp and threw it across the wall. His dad opened the door and grabbed hold of Gary, who kicked and hit his father at the thought of another man touching him. Gary was out of control, and his parents couldn't understand why. All they knew was that Gary had gone to school one morning, a happy normal boy, and now this was happening. They decided to go and speak to his teachers at the school. Maybe they knew something...

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