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Wet Wishes

By Paul S. Stevens

The school grounds were still mostly vacant and it was just beginning to come alive with some early morning activity. I was passing by the school's track and field arena on my way to my first class when I heard a rhythmical slapping sound coming from below the stands. As I came into view, Bruiser and Bethany were fucking under the bleachers again and the combination of Bruiser's rippling muscles under his tanned bubble butt and Bethany's squeals of ecstasy as he pounded her dripping wet pussy into submission caused me to pop my fourth boner of the morning.

The thought of Bruiser's huge jock cock delving deep into Bethany's bottomless pit was enough to give even the Coaches a ravenous round of risers this early in the morning. As for me, I had little resistance against the effects of open sexuality. The freedom to express oneself sexually (any time, any place) made learning anything in school a major challenge. When the laws were changed fifty-six years ago to include freedom of sexual expression in the Constitution, High School students in particular suffered from concentration depravation. I should know. I'm a High School Junior this year and I've seen my share of boner popping sex openly and freely displayed in numerous sexually active hot spots throughout the campus grounds over the past two and a half years. Even the most benign influences of the average teenage hormones were instantly acted upon and freely expressed right there in the open. The more open expressions of it there were, the more it spread and multiplied like wild fire. My cock throbbed as I fell into a trance watching the sensuously fluid motions of Bruiser and Bethany's mesmerizing love ballet, wishing it were me that was fucking Bethany or better yet, that it was Bruiser who was making love to me. My cock began pulsating up and down with each thrust of Bruiser's unblemished backside when my blissful reverie got rudely broken by the sound of the Coach's whistle.

"Hey Bruisenbour," the Coach yelled out from center field. "Quit your screwing around under there and get your butt back to the locker room before I fine your ass ten laps!"

"Sorry Coach, I'll be right there!" he yelled from under the darkness of the bleachers.

"Sorry babe, we'll have to continue this later," he whispered to Bethany.

"You better Bruiser, you only got me half way there," she complained.

"Well you got me almost all the way there baby," he said.

"Get out of here before the Coach makes you run those laps. Then you'll be too tired to be any good to either one of us!"

"I'm never too tired for you baby," he said.

"Oh, you're impossible. Go on now, get to class!" she said as she shooed him on his way.

"Who the hell are you looking at Jake," she said staring me down. "The peepshow is over you little pervert!"

"Sorry," I said as she shattered my fantasy of her boyfriend making passionate love to me.

I suppose I was a little bit of a pervert in some ways. My libido soared pretty high sometimes as I often fantasized about random guys I'd see here and there. Fantasizing about Bruiser earlier caused my raging hormones to escalate out of control. As I traveled down the halls on my way to my first class, I got to the point where I was beginning to look for any opening where I could just jump in and get my rocks off. Even a three or four man circle jerk would do the trick right now. I was already developing a case of blue balls and if I didn't get some relief soon, I was going to be in some considerable pain later.

Even my older brother Andy offered to include me in a mutual jerk-a-thon this morning before breakfast but I was running too late. If I had taken him up on his offer, I wouldn't be in this sorry state of emergency I currently found myself in right now. I wish I had gotten up a little earlier to accommodate him. Mutual masturbation with Andy has always been exciting and sexually satisfying. I felt comfortable and safe with him and we got along better as brothers because of it.

Before I reached my first period class, I ducked into the boys' bathroom. The room was filled with smoke and there was a lot of activity going on. Many of the guys were taking this last opportunity to spruce up and comb their hair before class began, do a little making out or even shoot a wad or two. In the last stall, some guy was laying on the toilet seat on his back with his head facing the open stall door. His legs were draped over his head and he was sucking on his own cock with the intention of giving himself an auto-fellatio facial. Standing just outside the stall were three spectators who were enjoying the free show. They had their pants down to their knees, stroking themselves as they stood there trying to coax their exhibitionist into creaming himself.

I thought that this was as good a place as any to get off. I made my way down to the last stall to join in and just as I arrived, the fellatio master in the stall pulled his cock out of his mouth and proceeded to drench his face with his own hot creamy load. This in turn caused the three spectators watching him to do the same as all three of them released a torrent of cum nearly at the same time. I was too late again. It was all over before I could even get my pants down. At least I was able to watch the four of them cum. Unfortunately, all it did was make me even hornier than I already was and I was out of time before I would be late for class.

My first period subject was BaWL (British & World Literature) and Mrs. Foley started off the day reading excerpts from a trashy romance novel and attempting to compare it to some select works of William Shakespeare. Of course the class was more interested in the seedy, sleazy graphic depictions of the sexually explicit content of the literary erotica over the exaggerated superlatives of some dead guy they couldn't relate to or understand.

It was enough however to stimulate Dean, who was trying to get Clair's attention by flashing his rigid penis at her from under the desk whenever the teacher wasn't looking. Dean's cock was closely circumcised and his large dickhead bulged as he squeezed the base of his cock with both hands. The entire display barely elicited a yawn from Clair but it caused me to pop my fifth boner of the morning.

I just couldn't seem to catch a break as I tried to inconspicuously coax my raging erection down without success. It seemed that so far today, every opportunity I came across for a little sexual release was thwarted at every turn. It was like urgently needing to take a pee and finding every toilet in sight occupied, broken or just plain missing. As the last few minutes of first period approached, I started to feel the pain of having had numerous erections with no relief in sight. My second period class was only three doors down from my first period class. Even though I only had less than ten minutes between classes, I decided to try and find a way to take care of my urgent need before the issue became critical.

I went back to the same restroom as before and this time, it was far less smoky and virtually empty. I went into the last stall where the auto-fellatio contortionist had been performing and I sat on the throne, whipped out my dick and started beating. I noticed that in my haste to get started I had left the stall door open and in seconds, I had attracted a small audience. A short little ninth grader boldly walked up to my stall and in front of everybody, pulled his pants to his knees and kneeled down on them right in front of me. He took a hold of my cock and began to suck me like I've never been sucked before.

He was quite incredible at it. It was as if he had received years of explicit instructions and loads of personal practice. His technique was flawless as he achieved a vacuum like suction that could only be equaled by a professional penis pump. It started to feel so good that my eyes rolled back into my head and I let out a long sigh of pleasure. That caused the crowd that was gathering around me to start stoking themselves faster and calling out encouraging remarks to me and my little blow job connoisseur. Those words of inspiration caused my mysterious partner to stand up, turn around and sit on my rock solid cock. The crowd went wild as he rode me like a bucking bronco of the P.R.C.A. (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association). His tight little hole elicited a feeling of awesome pleasure that pulled me right to the very edge of a surging eruption. I reached around to accommodate my anonymous partner by stroking his cock as he rode me like a Rodeo Champion.

He must have been hornier than I was because after only about forty or fifty strokes, he exploded like a rocket on a red hot `Fourth of July' night. Our spectators applauded his fine aerial display as he made all of them shoot off their own fireworks display. One by one, they all splashed their boy juices in a massive flood of breed seed that could only come from a lineup of hot sexed up teenage boys. Before I knew it, everyone started to leave and my host thanked me and disappeared right along with everybody else. I didn't even get a chance to ask him his name before I found myself utterly alone.

Once again, watching everybody around me cum like the super studs they were made me hot as my body quivered from the immense stimulation. As unbelievable as it was, I still hadn't shot my load yet and I was running out of time. I contemplated finishing myself off as my body started shaking. My teeth began chattering as if I were caught in a snow storm even though it was a warm September morning. An overall body orgasm was on its way as an unexpected giggle escaped my lips. I heard the warning bell ring and realized I had no time to finish. It might have taken just a couple of more minutes or it might have taken much more, there was no way to know. I was just going to have to put it off again till later as I pulled my pants up over my raging hardon that was still oozing pre-cum and proceeded to my second period class.

Second period was Biology and today we were going to study the many strange ways that animals mate in the wild. I was already coming to the end of my rope with my own sexual struggle so far today and having to study the sexual exploits of animals in the wild was going to pose another challenge for me. The teacher began the period with an unexpected question.

"Okay class, who in nature has the biggest penis?" Mr. Gordon asked.

Without hesitation, Sandra Herrera exclaimed, "Tommy Harris!"

Tommy just happened to be sitting two rows behind her and of course, the entire room exploded with laughter, everyone except Tommy that is, who turned bright red from the humiliation.

"Incorrect," Mr. Gordon announced. "The Blue Whale is the winner of the world's biggest penis measuring contest coming in at a staggering length of eight feet!"

"Well Tommy's is close," Sandra said making the class laugh again.

"Dear Sandra, I said it was eight feet not eight inches!" Mr. Gordon said as the class fell dumbfounded from Mr. Gordon's unintended burn.

"Can we move on please?" Tommy said as his ridicule turned to anger.

"Oh yes, of course, sorry Tommy!" he said.

Mr. Gordon continued his lecture as he pointed out several other species and the proportional ratios of their penis to their overall body size. He explained and proved that, of all the animals on planet Earth, humans fell below average when it came to penis size even though we think of ourselves as richly endowed by God.

"So don't worry Tommy," Mr. Gordon concluded. "In human terms, eight inches is considered impressive by most people."

Tommy rolled his eyes at the fact that Mr. Gordon had managed to keep the subject of penis size focused on him throughout the entire period.

All the talk about penises and which animals had the biggest ones not to mention thinking about whether or not Tommy Harris really had an eight inch cock had kept me hard for the entire period and I had been oozing an abnormal amount of precum that was starting to soak through my underwear and jeans. The period was just about over and fortunately for me, my third period class was Gym. I was looking forward to getting out of these tight clothes and into my loose fitting Gym clothes. Also getting to do some athletic activity should help me take my mind off my penis for a while and the best part of that would be getting to shower off all this pent-up sexual tension I've been under all morning.

Most of the guys at school look forward to showers after Gym class now. My dad told me about the subject of sex discrimination when he went to school about twenty-five years ago and how it took a long time for same sex practices to finally become accepted. Grandpa even told me how in his day fifty years ago that it escalated so far out of control that it caused the school system to completely eliminate showers in Gym class due entirely to sexual harassment issues. Grandpa used to go on and on about how people were treated who were even suspected of having non-heterosexual relationships. They were given a hard time and often got beaten up and this was after the new laws had been officially ratified. Boys in particular who liked other boys quickly learned how to divert their eyes in the shower room and never dared get an erection in the locker room for fear of being labeled `A Fag' and having their life made into a living hell.

When the `Freedom of Sex Act' was adopted into the Constitution fifty-six years ago, same sex practices stopped being discriminated against and finally accepted for the natural thing it was. Same sex partners were found to be normal and abundant in nature amongst all animal and insect life. I never could understand how people could ever have thought it was wrong when there were commonplace examples all throughout nature. Humans are animals too and subject to the same sex drives that are inherent in all creatures. Anyhow, I would be able to finally get this insatiable need for sex taken care of and satisfied under the warm soothing spray of the boy's shower room.

My third period class crept by excruciatingly slowly. The wrestling team had suffered an injury during second period and the class got so preoccupied with the drama that they had forgotten to stow the wrestling mats after their class concluded. Since these mats were taking up most of the floor space, we couldn't do anything else until they were removed so the coach took the opportunity to teach us some wrestling moves. This was not part of our normal routine and wrestling was a sport that the majority of our class had never attempted before.

The coach started off with an elementary move which involved putting our arms between our opponent's legs to turn him over and gain an advantage. With our inexperience and ineptitude at wrestling, we all ended up giving each other boners from rubbing and grabbing each other's crotch in a rough and sometimes inappropriate way. As we practiced with each other, everyone had gotten a chance to do a little wrestling with a different partner until we cycled through the entire class. When the class was finally over, I had a pretty good idea just how endowed each and every one of my classmates really were and they in turn intimately got to know me. It wasn't that big of a deal since I have mutually masturbated with many of these guys in the past. Right now the problem was my aching balls. I had just endured yet another class period with a relentless boner that just wouldn't go away.

"Okay class, hit the showers!" the coach finally called out.

As I began to make my way to the shower room along with the rest of the class, my friend Jesse Moreno caught up with me.

"Hey Jake, the showers are going to be really interesting today aren't they," Jesse whispered to me.

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Because man. I've got a boner, you've got a boner, hell the entire class has a boner," Jesse pointed out. "We're going to have one kick-ass shower period today don't you think? Just look closely at everyone and you'll see what I'm talking about!"

I took Jesse's advice and looked around. I finally noticed that virtually everyone had a bigger than normal bulge in their Gym shorts even though our Gym clothes were pretty loose fitting. Everyone had gotten turned on from the unintentional stimulation of their vulnerable genitalia and stayed that way as we all headed to the showers. I was just too focused on my own erection to notice. Now that Jesse had brought it to my attention, my boner stiffened into a rock solid column of hot male boy meat that had been erect for so many hours that it felt like it had enlarged and grown an inch longer and fatter, all since this morning.

Jesse was right, it was going to be interesting to see what was about to transpire. Once everybody stripped naked, the shower room filled with nearly two dozen hot horny dudes that abounded with big boy boners from wall to wall. As I took in the view, my heart raced and I felt short of breath to see so many boys with rock solid boners all in one place. I couldn't hold off my personal lust any longer. I found an empty shower head and adjusted the temperature to suit me. I lathered up from head to toe and finally began to stroke myself into oblivion. I didn't care if anyone joined me or not, I was more than ready to make the journey to Nirvana, by myself or with the group.

The slightest touch made my cock twitch as I closed my eyes and drifted into masturbation heaven. With my eyes closed, my sense of hearing intensified and I could hear the sensuous flapping of twenty-two cocks being stroked all around me. I heard guys talking about what turned them on as they took matters into their own hands. My ear turned to one conversation in particular.

"Wow man, your dick is huge," I heard someone say from across the room.

"Do you like it?" a voice answered back.

"Hell yeah, its great man!" the conversation continued.

"Do you want to touch it?"

"Could I?"

"Come on over here!"

I heard a couple of wolf whistles as the two of them got together to mutually satisfy their curiosity. Even though I still had my eyes closed, it was then that I knew I wasn't going to be jerking alone for long as more and more guys were pairing off to stimulate each other's desires. Not to miss out on any of the action, I opened my eyes and was shocked to see that virtually everyone present was either stroking themselves or a partner. A few seconds later, Jesse came over to me and honored me with a helping hand.

"See," Jesse exclaimed as he reached out his hand to play with my granite pole. "What did I tell you? There's nothing like a little hand to body wrestling to make a bunch of guys as horny as hell, right?"

"Don't go by me, I've been horny since I woke up this morning, in fact I think I was horny even before that!" I laughed.

I reached out and gave Jesse a helping hand in return. His cock felt so good within my grasp, the firmness of the touch, the substantial mass of his glans and the smooth softness of his foreskin. Being an expert at knowing every millimeter of my own penis, I enjoyed exploring other boys' penises and comparing them to my own, noting the subtle differences and similarities. It's also exciting, knowing the right things to do and the right moves to make to elicit a spectacular response from my partner. The best part was having someone else's hand stroke me to orgasm. I love the spectacular sensation that is achieved when I surrender control of my orgasm to my partner.

One by one, my shower mates started tossing their loads as the sex crazed group of guys got caught up in an escalating cum frenzy. Jesse stopped stroking me and took back control of his own cock and spewed his load abundantly onto my hand as I stroked myself using his cum as an additional lube that sent chills down my spine. I watched as each guy dumped his load and then slowly exited into the locker room to get dressed. I seemed compelled to stay and watch as each and every guy finished himself off until I was left completely alone.

I couldn't believe it, I had just watched twenty-two hot horny dudes launch their arsenals of virile boy bullets and still, I hadn't cum yet. The floor was covered with cum as multiple trails of white boy cream swirled around in little tide pools that started making its way down the drain. I watched it as it thinned and mixed together with the warm water from the showers, dissipating and finally disappearing from sight. I was the only one left in the showers and the coach announced sixty seconds before the hot water was to be turned off. My balls were aching and I was teetering between testicular pain and penile pleasure. Again, I was on the very edge of an earth shattering orgasm and had run out of time. Sexual frustration seemed to be the name of the game so far today and now it was my balls that felt pendulously enlarged and tenderly swollen. I exited the showers and reluctantly got dressed.

Putting my tighter clothes back on was uncomfortable for me. My balls felt confined and my erect cock just didn't seem to want to fit into my pants. I moved and tugged, shuffled and tucked everything in and somehow made everything fit. Nevertheless, my strained sex organs that were confined in my pants made walking difficult. Fortunately, lunch period was next so there was no hurry to have to be to class on time. I was the last person out of the locker room and the coach locked the door behind me and headed for the teacher's lounge.

As I slowly walked towards the lunch area in agony, my eye caught Bruiser sneaking around by the locker room door behind me. I figured he was just looking for a place to finish what he had started with Bethany this morning but Bethany wasn't with him. He was alone and wasn't aware that I had observed him. He looked around to make sure he wasn't being watched and then quickly slipped into the unoccupied locker room. A small piece of electrical tape had circumvented the door from locking completely. I got curious to know what Bruiser was going in there for and he seemed to know in advance that he could get past the locked door. I stood there a minute and contemplated following him in there to see what he was up to. As I stood there, I witnessed another transgression. My friend Jesse followed the same procedure as Bruiser and entered the locker room just moments after he did. I was curious enough when Bruiser went in but now that Jesse followed, I felt obligated to see what was going on.

I doubled back to the locker room door, looked around to make sure I wasn't observed and quietly slipped in. I tip-toed stealthily down the hall and into the locker room, quietly enough so I wouldn't be heard. I recognized the familiar rhythmical slapping sounds that Bruiser was making this morning with Bethany except it wasn't Bethany's squeals of ecstasy I was hearing, it was Jesse who was howling in delight. Down on the third row of lockers was Bruiser and Jesse. They were going at it across the locker room benches. Jesse was on his back with his knees to his chest and Bruiser was in the exact same position he was in with Bethany this morning but it was Jesse he was fucking into submission. I was so taken by the sight that I must have unintentionally gasped.

"Hey Bruiser look, it's my friend Jake," Jesse said as I took him by surprise.

"Yeah, I've seen you around," he said to me. "I'm Duncan Bruisenbour but everybody calls me Bruiser,"

"Yeah I know, I've seen you around too," I said to him. "I never expected to see you two together though. I saw you just this morning trying to keep Bethany happy."

"Yeah, about that," he noted. "She doesn't know that I do this and I rather she didn't know about it. In fact, I prefer that no one knows about it if you know what I mean."

"After all these years of sexual equality, you jocks still worry about being labeled gay?" I sarcastically asked.

"Well, we've been doing this secretly for a long time now," Jesse said. "Will you help us keep this a secret?"

"Trust me, I have no desire to ruin a good thing, for me or anybody else" I said.

"Great then," Bruiser said. "Now that the secret is out, do you want to join us?"

"Oh, I thought you'd never ask!" I said as my heart skipped a beat.

I experienced an enormous relief when my cock seemed to take on a life of its own as it jumped out of the confines of my pants.

"Nice cock Jake!" Bruiser complemented as he watched me undress.

"Thanks, I've admired your cock for a long time too," I said then turned slightly red. "Oh My God, did I just say that out loud?"

"No worries here," Bruiser said. "It's all good!"

The more I got to know Bruiser, the more I was beginning to like him. Bruiser and Jesse got up from the position they were in and stood next to me, side by side.

I became the center of attention as both boys licked, chewed and fondled me from my neck down to my navel. Then they split apart. Jesse took charge of my front side and Bruiser took the back. On the front side, Jesse initiated a blow job that turned into a massive deep throat session. I could feel his uvula tickle the tip on my dick as he plunged my cock as far as it could go down his gullet. On the back side, Bruiser was giving me my very first tongue rimming. The two sensations in combination began to stir the great pot of juices that had been simmering deep within my loins for countless hours. I'm glad that Jesse had decided to leave my balls alone since they were now way too tender to bear any handling.

Jesse stood up and unexpectedly kissed me. I was taken by surprise as I had never been kissed by a boy before. I had to say that it really was kind of nice. Then he turned around, bent over and asked me to fuck him. Again, I was taken by surprise. I thought back to my little ninth grader who rode me like a bucking bronco earlier this morning and how good that felt. With that image in mind, I entered Jesse in a slow but deliberate way, thereby granting his request.

There's an old saying that goes: `Be Careful What You Wish For'. Well I was about to find out the meaning of that saying. Earlier this morning I wished Bruiser were making love to me. Well, in an unexpected move, Bruiser stood up and entered me through my backside as I continued to service Jesse on the front side. This was yet another first for me. I was the meat in the middle of a hot three boy sandwich or what the French call the `Lucky Pierre'! Well I didn't feel so lucky at first. The initial pain was pretty much off the scale. It was painful enough for me to have completely forgotten about my aching balls. Given some time, the pain gave way to a dull ache and then morphed into waves of pleasure that couldn't be achieved by any other means.

It was difficult to move and a sort of restricted compromise had to be struck. That was alright since it didn't take a lot of movement to elicit an orgasmic response. I reached around and stroked Jesse as I balanced my body between my two friends. Like my little ninth grader from this morning, the added stimulation to Jesse's cock brought my partner quickly to his blissful conclusion.

Jesse announced he was coming and I felt his semen surge past my hand as I stroked his rigid cock, sending him into a state of euphoria. Each surge of cum that blasted past my hand also caused Jesse's sphincter muscle to squeeze my cock like a milking machine. In a matter of seconds, Jesse's juice bomb had covered a significant portion of the bench in front of him. A few seconds after that, Bruiser withdrew his pulsating cock from my rear entrance and blasted my backside with his delayed Bruiser-cream. He had stored up quite a load that he had pent up inside of him from the time the coach had waylaid his orgasm this morning with Bethany. His warm thick jizz tickled me all the way down as it slowly traveled past my thigh and calf, eventually making its way to the floor.

Once again my partners got off successfully and I was left holding the bag. They both went off to clean up and dress as I tried to finish what I had started numerous times today. Once Bruiser and Jesse were dressed, they asked me if I wanted them to stay and help finish me off. It was too late. I felt strange having them try to finish me off while they were both fully dressed. I told them that I could finish myself off perfectly fine. I could then clean up, dress and leave without a trace. I gave them my word that it was okay for them to enjoy what little time they had left of their lunch hour and I would be just fine with it. They took me up on my offer and left me alone to finish. A few minutes later, I was startled by an unexpected voice.

"Jake!" the coach barked. "How did you get in here? What's going on? What have you been doing in here?"

I was momentarily startled and rendered utterly speechless. I had been caught naked in the locker room by the coach while the building was supposed to be locked. I didn't want to rat out my partners. I promised Bruiser that I'd keep his secret and I was really beginning to like him a lot. As for Jesse, we've been friends for many years and I didn't want to lose his trust and respect. I was caught with my dick in my hands and I was running out of time. I was trying to think of a plausible answer that would satisfy everybody but my mind was clouded by my predicament and I was having trouble thinking straight. I was right on the precipice of enjoying an amazing orgasm but was once again denied.

"Jake, I'm waiting for an answer!" the coach said raising his voice.

I stood there naked with my head down for I had no good answer!




"Jake..." What are you doing bud?" the voice said shaking me awake. "You're going to be late for school pal!"

I fluttered my eyes open and saw my dad standing over my bed trying to wake me up from out of my sexed up stupor. I had pulled the sheets off me sometime during the night and I was lying there naked from head to toe. I was starting to remember having gone to bed last night naked since it had been such a warm night. I discovered I was clutching my morning wood with both hands as I slowly came to my senses. I was bathed in sweat and my cock had been oozing pre-cum for countless hours that had drooled into a puddle on my belly. I immediately reached for the sheet I had kicked off earlier and covered my crotch as my face turned bright red from being caught in the middle of the most extreme epic wet dream there ever was with no happy ending.

"We're all guys here, you don't need to cover up," my dad said. "Besides, I've already seen the goods Jake and so has your brother. It's perfectly normal to wake up with a nice solid piece of mahogany stretched out between your legs in the morning!"

"DAD!" I whined as I shot both my dad and my brother Andy a dirty look.

"I'm just saying!" he smiled as he turned to walk out of the room. "Boy you must have been having one hell of a sexy wet dream."

"DAD!" I whined again.

As he was closing my bedroom door he added, "Oh and son, do yourself a favor and toss-off a good one before you leave for school today!"

"DAD PLEASE!" I whined pulling the bed sheet up under my chin!

"I'm just saying!" he winked and then closed my bedroom door!

My older brother Andy who I share my bedroom with just laughed at me from his bed across the room.

"How long have you been watching me?" I asked him.

"Long enough to know you couldn't get off," he said. "I recognize that look of sexual frustration on your face. I see that same look on hundreds of guys at school all the time!"

"You could have woken me up before dad came in here?" I said.

"And miss the show?" he sarcastically said.

"Some brother you are," I said. That shut him up for a minute.

"Hey Jake, let's share a jerk-a-thon together!" Andy said.

"Really?" I asked not completely having recovered yet from my catastrophic wet dream letdown.

"Go back to sleep and dream-on bro cause that's never going to happen in real life," he said and then laughed his ass off.

I like the Andy in my dreams far better than the real thing. I wish we were closer in real life. I was dreaming about sex in the future again and whenever I do that, it never works out very well for me.

After the incredibly unsuccessful wet dream I had just experienced, I found dad's advice to be sound, so I took him up on it.

I'd just had a long night of hot sexual fantasies that I could use to jack-off to. I got out of bed, drained by bladder and hopped into a nice warm shower where reality turned out to be a whole lot better than a nighttime full of wet wishes.

The End

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