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Wet Wishes

Part #2

By Paul S. Stevens

It was still early in the day and it was turning out to be a boring Saturday already. I had just come out of the shower and I didn't want to get dressed yet. Our relatives were coming to visit us this afternoon and there was little left to do but await their arrival. My morning erection was still nagging at me and I was feeling horny as hell since I hadn't had a chance to relieve my sexual urges in several days. As I relaxed my naked body on top of my bed, my sexual abstinence started to catch up with me. I stared at the ceiling and playfully massaged my stiff boner as I passed the time away. I had gotten so tired of having nothing to do while I waited for our company to arrive that in minutes I found myself drifting off to sleep where my mind was set free to wander and fill the void of reality.

Just about the time when I got nicely relaxed and floated into R.E.M. sleep, I faintly heard mom's voice call my name through the heavy fog of my dream...


"Tobias, will you come down here for a minute please!" my mother called up from the kitchen.

"Coming!" I answered back from my bedroom upstairs.

I already knew what mom wanted. Every time my Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Mike come to visit, I've been asked to `entertain' my cousin Kenny. What she really means is babysit. I made my way down to the kitchen in no particular hurry to receive the bad news.

"Oh Tobias, there you are. My sister's family will be here any minute now," she began. "Please be nice to your cousin Kenny today and keep him occupied for us, okay?"

"Oh mom, do I have to?" I pleaded. "He's so dorky for fourteen!"

"Tobias, you've just barely turned seventeen yourself just last month. He's only three years younger than you. You make him sound like he's a baby."

"He might as well be," I complained.

"Just do it," she insisted. "You may find you have more in common with him than you think. You just need to try."

"Oh, Okay," I lamented.

I knew there was no use in arguing with her. If I did, she would only take it up with a higher authority, dad! Then he would assign both of us a chore that we would have to do together that neither one of us would appreciate. It was better to let it drop now while I still had a choice in the matter.

Just then, the doorbell rang. It was them. Aunt Cheryl hugged mom as she came in first, followed by Uncle Mike close behind and then Kenny last. The second I saw him, I felt the tip of my dick twitch like an unexpected spark of static electricity. He was looking hot. He had grown several inches since the last time I saw him and he was now almost as tall as me. He lost the dorky glasses and got invisible contacts in their place. He sported a really cool new hair style and his clothes and shoes were much more trendy and stylish.

"Hey Toby, did you miss me?" Kenny laughed as he walked over to me.

"Hell No!" I joked back with a hint of truth concealed within. "Come on! Let's get away from the parental units!"

I turned and went up the stairs to my room with Kenny in tow. I entered my room first and Kenny followed me in, turned around and locked the door behind him. I noticed him do this and thought it was a bit odd but I quickly let it pass.

"So how's it hanging Toby?" Kenny asked.

"Don't call me that!" I insisted. "I'm not five anymore. Besides, Toby sounds a lot like tubby."

"Or Moby... like your Dick!" Kenny whispered.

"What did you say?" I questioned.

"Oh, nothing!" he answered. "So what do I call you then?"

"Tobias please!" I asserted.

"All right, `Tobias please' it is!" he mocked.

"So, is that how you want to play it today?"

"Sorry, I'm just bored already," he whined. "Doesn't anybody have a nickname for you? Tobias sounds so formal. I know... how about `T', that's kinda cool don't you think?"

"Okay, fine," I said. "Call me `T' if that's your choice."

"What do you do for fun around here?" he asked.

"Not much really," I said.

"That's a nice looking computer, how about that?"

"My computer is pretty boring too," I explained. "My parents don't allow video games on it so you can get that idea out of your head right now!"

"Do they let you go online with it?" he asked.

"Well, yeah sure, that's how I do my homework."

"I know some great sites. I could show you if you want."

"Okay," I said. "I'll turn it on and get it started for you."

"Cool!" he said and sat at the foot of my bed while he waited for my computer to boot up.

I figured I'd allow him to go online and let the computer babysit him instead of me. When the computer had finished booting up, I relinquished my chair to Kenny and let him access the web while I tried to find something else to do.

"Where are you going," Kenny asked. "I was going to show you something."

"Okay, go ahead... show me?" I grumbled as I stood impatiently behind him.

"Do you have another chair?" he asked. "What I'm about to show you might take some time."

I went into my closet and pulled out my folding chair that I kept for guests and begrudgingly sat beside him. He opened my web browser and typed in a URL at the top. When he hit the enter key, a `blog site warning' appeared with a choice to `Enter' or `Leave' the site. Before I could stop Kenny, he entered the site and a page loaded called "All Jacked Up".

My eyes saw a naked Adonis at the top right side of the page posed in a provocative position, masturbating in a most uninhibited manner. The banner read:

All Jacked Up

masturbators, jackers, edgers, JO addicts,

wankers, cock-strokers... you know who

you are, so cum on in and join me....









My eyes bugged out as a surge of conflicting emotions rocked me to the core.

"Get that off my computer quick!" I demanded. "I'm not allowed to go to any porn sites. My parents will kill me when they find out."

"Oh, that's so lame!" he plainly said. "Just don't tell them about it!"

"They monitor my access. They always seem to know all the sites I go to," I explained.

"No problem!" he said. "I'll show you how to purge your history. You just have to remember to cover your tracks before you shut down.

I didn't know if I should trust Kenny or not. I stared at the computer screen as the image beckoned me. I wanted to see what was below that sexy banner at the top of the opening page and my desire overwhelmed my sensibilities.

"Okay, close this page and show me how you purge it before we go any further!" I insisted.

Kenny walked me through the procedure step by step, showing me just how easy and safe it was to overcome the restrictions my parents had placed upon me. I suddenly felt like a kid in Kenny's presence as he corrupted me, sending me down the seedy road to perversion.

The years of curiosity for what Internet porn was all about had me spinning out of control. That which I had been deprived of seeing for so long was suddenly offered to me on a silver platter. My desire to quench my curiosity came to a head and unleashed a craving so strong, I wanted to see it all and I wanted to see it right now! I was ready to learn what I'd been missing despite the possible wrath from my parents. Kenny showed me several blogs that were similar to `All Jacked Up' that depicted all manner of men and boys enjoying all forms of masturbation either by themselves or with friends.

After about an hour of over stimulating myself with all the photos and videos, I suggested we take a break and go outside for a while. Kenny closed all the overlapping windows and then purged the entire history of every last page we had visited since we started.

My balls were aching and my cock was beginning to throb from the pressure of being confined in my pants. I needed to get up and walk around a little for my body parts to move, stretch and rearrange themselves. We let our moms know we were leaving and would be back in a couple of hours. I tried to keep the boner in my pants as inconspicuous as possible as we headed out. Kenny and I walked to our destination and as we did so, we talked about the many things we'd just seen on the computer and enjoyed a rousing bit of guy talk.

"Those guys in all those videos sure have big cocks don't they?" Kenny began.

"Yeah, the size of their cocks is the main reason why they're in the porn business to begin with," I said.

"Do you think those guys started having sex with other guys because their cocks were too big for their girlfriends?"

"I don't know. A lot of women say that size matters. I'm not exactly sure what that means but I think they do like them big."

"I like the part when they shoot cum everywhere."

"Oh sure, I think everybody does." I agreed. "I read somewhere that the producers now call it `The Money Shot' because it's the payoff for both the producers and the actors."

"Between the two of us, we both seem to know a lot about sex," he observed.

"That's true. What I learned about sex, I got from books and online medical journals. What you learned, you got from watching porn. I think we learned a lot from each other today don't you think?"

"Yeah but I still want to learn more," Kenny revealed. "That's all I ever think about any more."

"Yeah, me too," I said. "How many sites do you visit?"

"I have a list of over a hundred blogs," Kenny confessed. "I try to visit as many as I can. I have a list of ten `favorites' that post new pictures and videos on them every day."

"Well...," I paused, "I've studied all the sex related sections from all the medical books in our town's library. I've visited so many medical websites online that my mom is starting to think I want to be a doctor!"

"If my mom knew about all the websites that I visit online every day, she'd think I want to become a porn star!"

We both laughed as we looked at each other. I tried to envision Kenny being a porn star and Kenny tried to imagine me being a doctor. We had enjoyed our walk together and we were just a few feet away from our destination.

"I'm glad you're my cousin `T'," Kenny professed out of the blue. "I'm having a great time today."

"Me too," I said, "and it's not over yet. We're almost there. It's just at the top of this hill."

We climbed the small hill where the beautifully secluded plateau revealed itself to us in all its glory. This little hideaway hill was the idyllic place for Kenny and me to do and say anything we wanted. Living in a rural community in the Midwest definitely had its advantages.

Enough time had now past for me to have assimilated all the things I had witnessed on my computer screen, courtesy of Kenny's awesome web surfing skills. There were so many questions I wanted answered, just thinking about them caused my cock to begin dripping precum. By the time we arrived at our destination, I had created a fairly large wet spot on my jeans.

We sat down on the cool green grass and took off our shoes and socks. The sun was shining and the breeze was warm and pleasant. The wet spot on my jeans had doubled in size from the time we left the house and I still had a fairly large bulge in my pants that Kenny was staring at. He appeared to be quite proud of himself knowing he was able to cause such a reaction in me.

"It's a beautiful day isn't it," Kenny asked as he slipped off his shirt, revealing his firm chest and faint outlines of what was developing to be a future six pack.

"Super," I said.

"This place is great `T'. I love wide open spaces and fresh air. It makes me feel free," he said pulling off his shorts and underwear. "I love being naked, don't you?"

He stretched his naked body out and laid flat on the grass `spread eagle' as he stared up into the eternal blue sky. Having seen all those naked boys on the computer screen got me hot and horny but seeing Kenny's naked body spread out in front of me like this was almost too much for me to handle. I wanted to ravish Kenny's body right on the spot. I started to imagine what it would be like to suck on his young hairless dick. My mind kept going back to those computer blogs and all the images and videos that ignited a fire within me. There were a couple of things I saw there that I wanted to try out on Kenny. It had been so many days since I had any sex that my cock began pulsating and throbbing in my pants. His haunting question made my heart skip a beat. I did love being naked but I didn't want to sound too eager in front of Kenny. I was so horny that I was not entirely in control of myself. I wasn't sure if Kenny was as horny as I was right now, nevertheless, I decided to take the risk and find out.

"Yeah, I suppose," I answered. "I don't get many chances to be naked outside my own room."

"Then take off your clothes and get naked with me!" he said. "You're lucky you have this great place where you can be naked and free. I wish I lived here. You really can't do this in the city where I live. I'm going to do something about that though. That's what I'm going to do with my life. I'm going to help people change the laws so that all people everywhere can express their sexual freedom no matter where they live."

"That's really cool Kenny," I said. "I'd like to see that happen."

Now that Kenny had made the offer to be naked with him, there was no reason to hold back. My usual inhibitions that would normally have kept me in control were suddenly overpowered and I found myself stripping naked right along with Kenny.

"As long as we're both naked now, let's jack off together!" Kenny boldly suggested.

Just as soon as Kenny said what he did, a look of panic flashed across his face. He realized I could have said no way and got angry with him. As Kenny looked down at my solid erection that I had been maintaining for the last hour, he knew he had me right where he wanted me and that look of panic on his face turned to excitement and enthusiasm. He must have seen the willingness and desire in my eyes because his cock began to grow into a nice sized erection. Kenny succeeded in seducing me and I watched more than just his dick swell with pride. I could see that he was pleased with himself that he was able to be the aggressor over me and easily take me all the way to this level. I could see now that this was his plan from the very beginning as he indoctrinated me with all that Internet porn.

His daring suggestion momentarily surprised me though. I was already a bit apprehensive about how I was going to ask Kenny to mess around with me when he beat me to it by suggesting it first. I felt both thrilled and relieved. Kenny intentionally made it look like he was only interested in being naked to feel the freedom and be one with nature. Once Kenny saw how excited I was when he asked me to mess around together, he knew he could do the same thing with other boys. He realized now that he had a good chance of making his dream of the future come true. There was a sparkle of confidence in Kenny's eyes that I hadn't seen there before. I was now seeing a side of Kenny that I found to be sexually attractive and erotically compelling.

"Yeah, that sounds like fun," I said. "Let's do it."

"How should we do it?" Kenny timidly asked.

I thought that was strange for Kenny to suddenly become shy. I could tell that his heart had started racing, his breathing increased and his face turned white as a ghost. Kenny's reaction betrayed his secret. It was obvious that he had never masturbated with a live partner before. Now it was my turn to give Kenny an education and experience he'll never forget.

"Just sit across from me and do what I do." I instructed.

We sat facing each other and I began my tutelage. As I went through my masturbation routine, I watched Kenny try to mirror my movements, stroke for stroke. I used the `rosy palm' method first, holding my cock with one hand and rubbing the tip of my dick against the palm of my other hand. After observing me do this, Kenny copied my example. I could see he was enjoying himself once he got the hang of it.

Next, I utilized the `stop and go' method. I worked my way up to a frenzy... came to an abrupt stop... took a short pause and then resumed the process again. Kenny followed my lead once again and started getting himself into a real rhythm. I could see his eyes start to glaze over as he fell into a state of deep epic arousal. Now the tables were turned and I had Kenny right where I wanted him. I cycled through several more masturbation variations that accelerated both of us towards a blazing hot orgasm. I started moaning in ecstasy the way the guys in the videos were doing and soon Kenny found his voice and added it to our mutual moaning cantata. The closer we came to cuming, the louder we got.

"Oh this is so fucking fantastic!" Kenny heaved.

He had already passed the point of no return as he sped toward his first orgasm in the presence of another person. He was going to beat me to it and that was fine with me, I wanted to see him shoot first. Watching him lose control like this got me sensuously excited and made my balls pull up into my body and pulsate back and fourth from my left nut to my right nut like an electrified alternating current.

"Go ahead Kenny, shoot your load!" I encouraged.

His body stiffened and he held his breath. He gripped his dick tightly at the base and held it motionless for a moment. The tip of his dick got real shiny and turned a dark purple color as he pulled his foreskin down to reveal his swollen dickhead. A few seconds later, he resumed stroking himself full speed as a small bead of clear fluid suddenly appeared at the very tip of his dick. He slowed his stroking speed down, eventually coming to a complete stop. He dropped his arms to his side and collapsed backwards onto the grass as his body went completely limp.

"Oh wow... oh wow, was that it? Did I just have a cum?" he asked looking up into my face.

"Yeah, I'd say you did," I answered, "and by the way, what you just had was called `an orgasm', not `a cum'! Even though you didn't shoot anything, it was pretty hot."

"Thanks!" he said, then asked, "Was I supposed to shoot something just then? I thought that once I had a partner to jack off with, I'd be able to shoot something. Why didn't I shoot something?"

"You're just not ready yet," I explained.

"I was very ready," he said. "It felt like my balls busted trying to shoot something."

"What I meant was, your body isn't ready," I told him. "You still have a little bit of growing to do yet. Don't worry though, you're almost there now."

"Are you ready?" he asked. "Are you grown up enough? I want to watch you shoot it. Show me your money shot!"

"No problem! I know what you mean about feeling like your balls are busting because both of mine are busting right now!" I said as I prepared to bust it big time for Kenny.

I watched Kenny hold his breath as he anticipated seeing his first live cum blast. My masturbation lesson was about to culminate into a spectacular show of flying boy cream. I finally felt like I had taught Kenny a thing or two that he'd never be able to learn from watching porn. He had seen many men and boys shoot cum in those website videos, nonetheless I was the first boy to cum right in front of him, live and in person. I was gearing up to shoot my load for Kenny when I saw the expectation in his face. That's all it took to push me right over the edge. My climax swelled as I watched Kenny lean in to get a closer look. The curiosity in his eyes caused me to orgasm hard.

I flung my fertile seeds into the air in a spectacular show of sexual prowess. Being Kenny's mentor was so arousing that I felt like I was about to shoot the entire contents of my balls out of my cock, taking half my brains along with it. My mind numbing climactic surge was so powerful that it caused me to shot out an impressive load of `T' juice so abundant, it made Kenny gasp.

"Wow that was way cool!" Kenny remarked. "You shot more sex sauce than some full grown guys I've seen on line. What does cum feel like?"

"Come here, I'll show you," I said.

I took Kenny's hand and with two of his fingers I helped him scoop up some of the cream I had just splattered across my chest. He held it in front of him for a moment and then swirled the slippery substance between his fingers as he indulged in the velvety smooth texture and warmth of my virile essence.

"This is awesome," Kenny exclaimed as he studied my semen as if it were liquid gold.

"Go ahead, smell it," I suggested.

Kenny brought his fingers to his face and took in a quick whiff.

"It smells kinda weird," he said as he continued to swirl my essence across his fingers.

"Now give it a taste," I said in jest.

To my surprise, Kenny opened his mouth and licked my delectable reward across his tongue. Kenny was very curious about it all and wanted to learn everything he could.

"Interesting," Kenny indicated as he took a second taste. "It's kinda sweet and kinda salty. I wish I could make my own cum! I could make my own dessert and eat it anytime I want!"

"You will," I told him. "It could happen any day now."

"Thanks `T'," Kenny said. "You're the best."

Kenny leaned over the top of me and helped himself to the last remaining ropes of semen I had fervently shot onto myself. He didn't stop until he had licked me completely clean. It was as if my sperm had become Kenny's favorite candy. We hung around naked for a little while longer, talking and enjoying each other's company before we got dressed and headed back to the house.

Kenny had definitely matured since the last time I saw him. He was much smarter than I remembered him being and even though he couldn't shoot sperm yet, he was on his way to becoming a good looking sexually attractive boy. He had succeeded in shamelessly dragging me into his fantasy world where a clothing optional future of sexual freedom was commonplace. Even though we were already related, I now considered him to be a close friend as well. I found his vision of the future to be a worthy one. I was now on board with Kenny's crusade and willing to help him achieve it in any way I could.

"How do you think your going to go about changing the future?" I asked. "It sounds great and all but are you thinking about becoming a senator or congressman?"

I don't have to," he stated. "All I have to do is get it started. If the world is ready and the time is right, the rest will happen on its own. Once you start getting the people behind you, they will take it from there."

"So when are you planning to get started then?" I asked.

"I already have... with you!" he proudly announced.

He was right. I had already decided to become a believer. I had become Kenny's first disciple. Over the next four years, Kenny and I had many more discussions about what we'd do to help change the laws to offer more clothing optional facilities where sexual freedom was allowed and even encouraged. Our debates about the subject always got us horny and we would end our discussions with a good masturbation session.

It wasn't just me that Kenny lured into his fantasy of the future, all his friends were on board with him as well and before we knew it, Kenny's vision was gaining momentum with his friends and their friends. They even got together and created an underground group of boys who were gay but no one would ever be able to tell that they were. They lived completely straight lives outwardly and did all the same things everybody else did. They dated girls, went to the prom and even played football.

Eventually, they came to share one activity that brought their entire group together, motocross. A big group of kids in his district would get together for a race and fool around afterwards in their small fleet of enclosed Toyhaulers. They even called people who tried to expose them, `queers' and `faggots' unless they knew the special keywords: `I'm only gay in bed'. This is how they lived their lives, straight in all aspects until it came to sex. They believed that who they had sex with was nobody's business but their own. All the boys on this motocross team came from different schools. These guys also had friends at their own schools that they fooled around with and shared the same views with, and those friends had friends that did the same.

Kenny's vision had become so popular that it became a movement, gaining momentum all along the way. The media got a hold of it and it became the front page news story on every newspaper publication and lead story on every network telecast in the state. It got the attention of our state legislators and became the focus of a new bill that would be submitted to congress, altering the restrictions placed on public nudity and personal sexual expression. Once the bill was passed in our state, other states followed our example and it quickly gained national attention that ultimately changed the entire country.

Thanks to Kenny, people all over the country were now able to enjoy being naked in public. As more people loosened up and tried it, the more they discovered the sense of freedom it offered.

As I walked around the mall, people everywhere were enjoying being free and allowed themselves to experience their own freedom. They could choose to go anywhere from fully clothed to completely naked and everything in between.

At school, there was even more freedom. An atmosphere of erotic tension filled the halls with a plethora of tits and dicks standing perpetually at attention. The abundance of hot naked and almost naked bodies roaming freely throughout the campus became the number one place to be for teenagers.

Designer underwear and briefs became all the rage as an explosion of fashionable styles and name brands flooded the marketplace. It offered the minimum amount of fabric necessary that made the difference between being clothed and going all natural. As underwear became more popular, it became the only thing worn when it was at all warm enough to do so. Eventually, it ceased being called underwear at all and soon became known as topwear and then finally, popwear. This offered people more creative ways of being trendy where anyone can go from being clothed to being nude in a split second.

For the guys, many of the designer briefs were geared towards highlighting the male form by showcasing the crotch area to leave little room for the imagination. Sheer fabrics were also popular for potential partners to window shop for the most attractive male packages revealing the size, shape and hair color. They featured penis and testicle support to embellish the presentation of the wearer. For the gals, the focus was on plumping, giving the appearance of being ripe and juicy and at the same time being comfortable for the wearer.

Another cool development was the reinvention of pubic hair sculpting that shaved designs into the pubic area that became as fashionable and widely accepted as tattoos. Because the pubic area of most people is a small area, the finished sculpturing required close inspection to reveal the details. This resulted in people having to stare at everyone's crotch to be able to appreciate the intricate artwork. Of course, crotch staring often led to sensuously erotic conversations that opened the door to instant hookups.

As I wandered down the hall before lunch period, I came upon a swirling mass of bodies comprised of ten or more guys surrounding one girl in the center. It was like she was conducting an orchestra, directing the boys to perform for her. I watched her direct one guy with brown hair to suck the cock of this other blonde boy. Then she made this geeky looking guy kiss this hunk who sported several tattoos. She compelled another two guys to stroke each other's cocks as they probed each other's oral cavity in a feverish French kiss. I watched as several more boys joined in, adding more bodies to the growing whirlpool of dicks and boners. She was moaning in ecstasy as she breathed life into her creation. She fingered herself into a feverish frenzy as she watched her handiwork grow. She was utterly intoxicated by the power that she yielded from controlling this vortex of hot male testosterone at her command.

I discovered that I too had been sucked into this hypnotic orgy of male submission right along with the other participants, hoping that I'd be paired with some hot sexy stranger. I wanted to be told what to do and be part of this strange bevy of sex slaves. I finally caught the eye of the mistress and found myself ordered to engage in a sexually illicit act with a popular jock I recognized from the Varsity team. I immediately felt at one with the communal mass of bodies succumbing to the taboo nature of our wild desires.

My jock partner and I were instructed by the dominatrix to stand in front of each other and put our cocks together in order to stroke them as one. I was a little intimidated at first to be matched with one of the school's most popular sex symbols. Once we locked our cocks together, I felt an incredible sense of pride to find out that our cocks were equally matched in size even though he stood a good three inches taller than me. We took turns stroking each other. I was amazed at how good it felt to have our rock solid columns of man meat in direct contact with each other. When my jock partner stroked us, he would rub our opposing frenulum together to produce a climactic rush of surging waves that sent both of us into a glorious rush of erotic sensations. When I took my turn, I used two hands and gripped our two cocks together at the base with one hand and I twisted the head of our two cocks in an unscrewing motion with the other hand thereby providing both of us with maximum stimulation. As we took our turns pleasuring each other, we quickly transitioned from total strangers to intimate soul mates.

In a mesmerizing flurry of erotic motion, our communal group of boys began to swell in a vocal crescendo of passionate moaning, kissing and slurping that caused a curious group of spectators to form around us. Several onlookers pointed their camera equipped cell phones at the spectacle and captured the sexually explicit action that was unfolding in front of them. In moments, they forwarded the captured photos and short video clips to all their contacts. Those people in turn sent it on to all their friends. The speed of which the news spread across campus was so swift that more than half the school knew what was transpiring right as it was happening.

The action escalated beyond the original instructions from the diva and it began to take on a life of its own. Each person reached out and expanded their participation beyond their original involvement to embrace the next nearest body to them, causing the entire collective to become one.

My partner and I continued our cock to cock action that we had been enjoying by dividing our efforts fifty-fifty. My jock partner stimulated and stroked our two cocks with one hand while I held them together at the base. This allowed both of us to have our other hand free to reach out and enjoy even more physical contact with yet another stranger. The nearest person to me was a little Filipino freshman who was having his ass rimmed by his partner. He reached out his free hand and pulled me into a kiss. I was surprised at how skilled he was. There was no judging this kid by his small stature. He took complete control of me and probed every inch of my oral cavern with the precision of a boy twice his age.

I began to feel my orgasm approaching and I started to have difficulty maintaining my position. Just then, my jock partner exploded into a fountain of molten jock jizz. His hot silky boy cream covered our two cocks and instantly became the wildest, slickest, sexiest lube I've ever felt. The stark contrast between the saliva based lube my jock partner was using on us and the cum based liquid silk he had just provided, sent a shockwave throughout my entire body so intense that it catapulted me right over the edge.

I felt my cock twitch as my hot semen prepared to accelerate through my reproductive system and erupt from my loins into a fiery display of virile manly orgy induced essence of `T'. I felt my dick spasm and a barrage of cock cream soaked my partner and me. I managed to spread my wicked sperm jelly evenly between our chests that slowly rolled down our bellies and on toward our navels. At that same moment, I watched as everyone around me started popping their loads. One by one, I witnessed a cascade of flying cum that spewed from every boy in our circle. The crowd started cheering and applauding as our cumfest came to a spectacular grand finale.


"Oh that was so cool!" Kenny shouted.

I was startled awake and my eyes opened to reveal my geeky cousin Kenny sitting next to me on my bed with his hand on my cock and a shit eating grin on his geeky face.

"What the hell are you doing?" I growled. "Who said you could come in here?"

"Your mom said you were waiting for me and to go on up," Kenny softly said. "I'm sorry! Your dick was bouncing up and down and I wanted to touch it. You were asleep so I didn't think you'd know. Then you sounded like you were enjoying what I was doing, so I did it some more. Then I made you have a cum!"

"I told you before," I scolded. "You don't call it `a cum', you call it an orgasm!"

"What do you mean, `you told me before'?" Kenny timidly asked.

"Never mind," I said as I hopped out of bed to put some clothes on.

"Don't get dressed," Kenny said. "We can be naked together and have some fun! Now that I made you orgasm, you can do me now!"

I don't know why, but it took all this time for me to realize that I'd been having a wet dream until Kenny came into the room. The real Kenny was turning out to be a lot like my wet dream equivalent. We locked the door and Kenny got naked with me and we talked about sex stuff for over an hour as we stroked and fondled each other. I was starting to like the real Kenny as much as the character in my dream. My wet dream unleashed a collection of deep hidden sexual desires I didn't even know existed within me. I might even say that my wet dreams were actually more like `Wet Wishes'.

The End Of Part #2

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