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"Hey there, Im Henry Westerfield."


What I was looking at was heaven. I truly thought that I was dreaming. He looked even sexier and almost, like, glamourous up close. I knew I had to say something, I mean I don't want to freak the guy out on his 1st day in town. Shit, my mouth was dry, like it never was before.

"Hey, nice to meet you. So can I help with anything?"

"Yeah, I think you can take that laptop and...that soccer ball up to my room, it's up the stairs, 1st room to the left."

This was like Christian all over again. Sexy guy, into soccer and a smile to kill.

I grabbed the stuff and walked up to his room with him. This house was empty for so long, it was actually weird to see people inside it. Anyway we walked up the stairs, with him walking infront of me ofcourse, and I couldn't help checking out that beautiful bubble butt, I mean as round as a motherfucking soccer ball. Oh man, this was going from heaven to hell!

He put the stuff that he was carrying down on the bed and turned around. "So...Larenza is it? What's there to do in this town? Any juicy pussy that u can suggest?"

I never had any hopes for this guy, but to put it this blunt to a gay guy, was like a fire igniting in my heart. Fuck this, I was out of there.

"Yeah bro, as many as u want. Hey listen I got to go, so yeah, check you later."

"Hey wait, where are you going?"

I stopped, not expecting him to do that.

"I thought you could take me around town, please man, Im kinda clueless here. Come on, it will be cool to have a friend here since we just arrived. What do you say?"


"Yeah, okay. Let's go."

Hey im gay! And there is a sexy guy standing infront of me! Sue me, for heaven's sake!

We walked over to the mall where we hung out most of the morning and the afternoon. I learned that Mr Henry Westerfield was obviously into soccer, and also into Heavy Metal and Euro Rock. He brought some clothes and I nearly fainted when I saw him in this most tight fitting fucking white shirt imaginable. He must have thought I was pretty fucked. After that we discovered we have the same taste in video games and went to check that out. This whole time I was aware of a massive erection that was rapidly growing in my pants and just hoped to God that he didn't notice it. I found it so esasy to talk to him and we were fast on becoming friends. We came to a point that we went icescating and enjoyed ourselves silly. Making jokes, laughing and all this in the 1st day we met.

Then came the turning point.

I started to slip on the ice and he caught me. There I was, looking up into his handsome face and I couldn't get the words out to say thank you. I just looked at him, and he looked at me. Fuck all the people that saw us and thought whatever, I was not going to take my eyes of him. Hell would freeze over first. I refused, and funny enough he didn't look away either.

"Hey... you okay, buddy?" he finally asked.

"Im cool, im cool. Hey, wanna go? It's getting kinda dangerous, aint it?"

We laughed and chatted until we came to his house, the uneasy incident forgotten for now, and went inside. He introduced me to his parents and then we went up to his room.

"Hey Larenza, where the hell did you get your name from?" he asked.

"Pretty simple actually, my mom's name is Enzelle and my dad's Larry, so they just kinda combined them."

He laughed again.

That night as I layed naked on my bed, I was missing Christian so fucking much. Times like this when one is alone with him/herself you take stock of your actions, and Christian's disapearance was still very hard on my mind. Here I was, the one who swore he would never fall inlove with one of his friends again, my God was I inlove with Henry? Where did that idea come from? Well, since we lived across from eachother and he probably was going to attend my school aswell, I couldn't keep away from him and in the coming weeks, I realised, I didn't want to. I was beginning to look forward seeing Henry in the passages, in classes, in the gym (O.M.W) and ofcourse, at home. It was like a month since they moved in when they invited us for a grill at their place. Everything was so nice and charming, and so was the company as we really enjoyed ourselves. Later Henry and I found out that our birthdays were on the same day...I was getting shivers thinking how we could celebrate it LOL.

A week or so later he asked he over to help him with a Biology task that we had to do, fuck knows im not Einstein when it comes to that but to be close to him...small price to ask, I assure you. We were really into it when he put his hand on my knee. I froze. I was as cold as ice. He started to rub it, little at first and then more deeply, with feeling.

Call me fucked but I stood up.

"Larenza?" he asked as if he couldn't understand why I just did what I did.

"Listen, Henry...I don't know what the hell this is you're doing but, dude, no more okay? I mean it. No more."

With that I walked out.

That night I had a dream about Christian. He was telling me something that I couldn't quite make out. Was it where he was? How he is doing? To tell me that he has fucking forgiven me?

I was really thinking of seeing a shrink.

What other reason in the world could there be for Henry to touch me, and so lovingly and gentle like that? What's with the comment about `juicy pussy' he made that day if clearly...? Why? Christian, my love, why did you leave me in this shithole?

Henry asked me if I wanted to spend the afternoon at his the following day. He made it clear there would be no repeat of what happened the day before. I had to think twice before I said yes, and with my personal mission statement of no sex with guy friends in the corners of my fucked up mind, I went over there that afternoon. We ordered some pizzas and washed down some beers and watched Man United's replay game on TV when he suddenly spoke.

"I really like you, Larenza."

I spat out the beer that was in my mouth so fucking fast my nose actually burned. I started to tremble; I knew I shouldn't have come.

"Henry, look. I'll be straight with you, yeah im gay. Shit man, any gay guy would be after you in an instand if they saw you. Im attracted to you, no fuck that, you are one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. But dude, I can't do this at this moment."

The hurt on his face told me to get up and fuck his brains out. My heart was telling me to kiss and hold him and tell him that everything would be okay. My head told me to get the fuck out.

"I understand, sorry if I...yeah just forget it. Hey uh, what do you say we get some DVD's tonight?"

I didn't want to hurt him more by saying no and off we went.

After we watched `Stardust' (Charlie Cox!) and `Music and Lyrics', I got up to go home.


"Hey, wanna sleep over?"

Now this was overstepping the mark. I could handle being in public with him and icescating with him and having a boner the whole time while doing it, but sleep over? Ofcourse I wanted to see him without his shirt, pants, o.m.w naked, with his big, long cock insi...fuck no!

"I don't know..."

"Come on, dude! I don't bite, you know. And I just happen to have a king size bed right over here. Today was great; I kinda don't want it to end..."

Wait, what? 

The next thing I was feeling a hand on my arm, rubbing it and going up to my shoulder, rubbing it there and then it was caressing my face...

"What the hell are you doing?" I said softly. God knows why.

"Chill, dude. Relax. Just relax."

He kept on caressing my face, my hair and my neck. Then he looked deeply into my eyes and kept his gaze. Im not an actor that can keep up pretences. Not when eyes like those are looking at me...

"Fuck it", I said and kissed him. God, I kissed him deeply. It wasn't love or anything, it was just...incredible. He kissed my neck, sending shivers down my spine. "I wanted this for so long", he whispered and took off my shirt, feeling my abs and chest along the way. I moaned into his neck and kissed his earlobe gently, while he kept feeling my body. He took his shirt off too and his pants, leaving him in...nothing. God, he was a sight for sore eyes. He took me and layed me on the bed, and slowly began to unbuckle my belt, taking my pants off in the process, doing all of this while looking at me, watching my reactions to his heavenly touches. Then I was lying before him like the day I was born, trusting every bit of my being into this sexy guy I met just a month ago and got to know so well. He took my cock into his hands and ever so slowly began to jerk it.

At that moment I didn't care who the fuck heard me. The feeling of a sexy man's hands on your fucking rock hard leaking dripping-of pre-cum-cock was overwhelming. I was so wrapped up in Henry doing all this to me that I didn't warn him that I was about to cum; fuck knows it was early but...i waited a long time for this. The spurts of cum hit him in the face, on his neck and Adam's apple and ofcourse, on his mouth. Oh, the feeling you get from another guy licking your cum from his's fantastic.

He kissed me once more, I could taste my cum from his lips and passing it onto mine. "I'll be right back", he whispered, kissed me on the right side of my neck, and went into the bathroom. In his rush he knocked over a box that was on his dressing table. A small, wooden box. Well, I didn't want to invade his privacy or anything, but it was already open from where it fell, and I just placed all of the little papers and trinkets back inside.

One piece of paper caught my eye. It looked like a...


The wooden box fell out of my hands.

Henry came out, and saw the box lying on the ground and me holding the piece of paper.

I looked at him, anger and confusion spreading through my body.

"Henry, care to tell me what you're doing with Christian Jansen's birth certificate?"

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