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"Henry, care to tell me what you're doing with Christian Jansen's birth certificate?"

He stood deadly still, not moving an inch. He looked at me for a long time, just standing in the doorway of his bathroom and doing nothing other than looking right into my eyes. That's when I started to lose it.

"Tell me what you're doing with this, bitch! Where the hell did u find this? Open your mouth, you bastard, I want to know what's going on here!"

I grabbed him and pushed him against the wall. What possible reason could there be for him to have this with him, hidden in a small wooden box? My mind was doing twists and turns as I looked at the piece of paper more closely.

Christian's birth certificate.

For the first time in three long years, I have something else than the letter he had left me to remind me of him. His birth certificate, Christian Jansen, born 26th February 1989, male, weight at birth, I mean fucking everything!

So what the fuck was Henry Westerfield doing with it?

When I turned around, he was gone.

"Henry? Hey, Henry!" I called, but I got no answer. I decided to take the paper back to Christian's parents, but when I got there, I couldn't face up to seeing them. In the three years, I've often avoided them as best I could. I threw the birth cerfificate in the post box and walked back to my house, still dazed about the chilling and weird discovery.

That night was one of the worst in my life. Henry and Christian were dominating my thoughts and my feelings. Why was I feeling nothing for either of them? Yes, I loved Christian more than life itself, but now...? Henry was another story alltogether; I've only known the guy for like a month. Henry and Christian. Two of the sexiest males ever to walk the face of this Earth. I cried, having lost them both.

I still saw Henry at school, but I made no attempt to ask him what I wanted to and what I needed to hear. Did Henry know Christian, or was he some sort of family member? I doubted that family was the issue here, since I had known almost everything about Christian in our ten year of friendship. I then decided this was all got to stop. Christian was never coming back, and as for Henry, well I never had him as a lover really anyway. Give and take, all in time. 2007 was nearing its end and I was determined to make the best of a fucked up period in my life. A whole new year with new possibilities was open right before me and hell yeah; I was going to take it.

On Christmas Eve I was busy decorating our house with little lights and candles everywhere and the house finally started to look like something that was ready for celebrating the birth of Christ. As I was hanging some lights outside aswell, I saw Henry standing at the front door. Now, it was freezing, and I sure as hell didn't want to be the one responcible for getting him sick on Christmas Eve.

"Henry, dude, why are you just standing there, come on in man."

"You sure?"

"Fuck, dude, just come in."

As he entered I started to get a bit nervous. There was just so much unresolved, that I wanted to ask him...and do to him. But this wasn't the time to think about that now. He sat down on the couch, wetting it in the process, but fuck that, he was here and I wasn't going to let him get away this time.

"Henry, we need to talk, buddy", I said, my voice shaking.

"That's what you always called me."

"What? Sorry, what was that?" I asked as he stood up. He looked determined, there was fire in his eyes, and this sure as hell wasn't the Henry I had come to know.

"Dude, you're freaking me out", I said softly.

I wasn't sure what to do. For a split second the thought crossed my mind, what if he was going to kill me? God, he looked so...motivated, strong to me that night, I wasn't sure about anything. Would this sexy guy finally end this fucked up world that I was living in? God, he was going to kill me!

Then he hugged me.

Out of sheer relief I hugged him back. Shit, I scared myself half to death. Ofcourse Henry would never harm me. We held on to eachother for I don't know how long, just feeling our hands on eachother's backs. He pulled back eventually and looked deep into my eyes again.

"Larenza, I don't know how to say this to you. I've hidden this for so long that...I really don't know what will happen after this, but you're got to know this, you've got to know the truth. I can't keep on punishing you like this."

He was trembling, and he sat down, and looked around at the Christmas decorations on the walls and the little candles.

Then he looked up at me.

"You see...three years ago I was in a terrible accident. Three years ago I ran away from home, Larenza. Three years ago my best friend told me that he was inlove with me.

Three years ago my name was Christian Jansen."

The Earth was spinning, around and around, again and again as my mind tried to absorb the information that he just gave me. It felt like I was in a dark hole, where there could never be any light, I couldn't escape. I fell down, as my legs could no longer stand. Strong hands helping me up and carrying me up to my room, where I was put down on my bed. The feeling of the soft bed made me feel safe, and so was the hand that was brushing the hair out of my face, and the lips kissing my forehead.

"Now it's my turn to ask you to say something, anything, but please, just don't keep quiet", he said. Who ever he was.

I finally looked at him, as if seeing him for the first time, and he put his hand on mine.


He started to cry and somehow in this confused, dazed state I was, I managed to pull him against me, rubbing his back and feeling the warmth that he was spreading through my body. When he finally stopped crying he stood up.

"Sorry about that. I feel I must tell you what happened. Firstly, everything I'm about to tell you is the truth. I swear."

I finally managed to find my voice.

"Henry, how the hell can you be Christian Jansen?" I whispered.

"Three years ago you told me that you were inlove with me, right? I wrote you a letter to say that I was going away. Please try and understand how I was feeling...i just started liking and noticing girls. And here you come and tell me that you loved me, Larenza, any fourteen year old boy would have been freaked out of his mind!"

I kept looking at Henry. Fuck, everything he said that happened to me and was just like he said...

"I walked and walked for days and days, I didn't care where I went, I just wanted to get away from this place...and you. On the third day I was so hungry and tired that I went into a shelter, for homeless people. A man offered to look after my stuff while I was eating and cleaning up a bit. When I came back, he was gone. He stole what little I had left in this world at that time. The shelter gave me some old clothes, better than nothing, I thought. I reached a restaurant, where I was hired as a cleaner and earned some money with that, enough to buy a ticket to travel by bus. I can't even remember where to it was. When I arrived I had no where to go so I just walked further to get away from everything that I had left behind. Then, after about a week of traveling and sleeping under trees, I was run over by a car."

I jumped up, and grabbed him on his shoulders and held him as tightly as I could. I couldn't...i didn't want to hear more. He sat me back on the bed softly and kneeled beside me.

"I had picked up some real bad facial injuries and was in a coma for like two weeks. When I came to, I didn't know where I was at first, and it was really scary. A man and a woman took me home after the accident and I was not fully myself yet, so I just accepted it and they pretended that they were my parents. I believed them for a period of time and had grown to love them before I regained my memory. Turns out they were the couple that ran me over so they had taken me in to prevent me from saying anything. They named me Henry Westerfield and I went along with it, to be honest I didn't want to return. I was too scared to come back. I also had plastic surgury to mend my face after it was scarred in the accident. My throat was also hurt and that's why my voice is different. When my `family' said they wanted to move, I immediately suggested we move to this town and specificly, this area. I wanted to see you again. You, Larenza. You."

I gazed into his eyes, as if to search if what he was telling me was the truth. God, could it be? He reached out and took my hand, placing it on his chest. I could feel his heart beating.

"I wanted to make sure that we would live near as possible to you and thank God it worked out like that. Larenza, since you came over to me that day and seeing you again, it was like a sword slicing through me. I couldn't tell you who I really was, not yet. You know, I never forgot what you told me that day, buddy. Inside, im still the same Christian you spend your childhood with. Remember us stealing food at the movies? Playing hide and seek in my backyard?"

That was it. Nobody else but Christian would know that. My heart was beating so damn hard...

"And I...want to..."

Christian Jansen took my face in his hands and kissed me so gently and softly that I nearly fainted. I melted in his arms and let him caress my chest. I looked up at him, it was Henry's face, but now I knew that it was my long time friend. The pain, suffering and longing of these three years was over at last.

He took off my shirt and kissed my chest, licking my nipples and rubbing his hands all over my torso. "Why now?" I asked him dreamily. He looked at me, kissing my neck. "I had a lot of time to think, buddy. I guess I always had feelings for you, but at fourteen...I was confused. But now I know what I want, and that's you."

In an instant we were both naked and laying on top off eachother, kissing and rubbing our cocks together, grinding them and pushing into eachother. Larenza and Christian, ironic wasn't it? The whole time we were kissing, making up for lost time, the three years we had waisted was forgotten as we would be together forever. As if it was the most normal thing to do, he took my steel hard cock into his mouth and began to suck furiously. I finally go to my sences and turned him around so thay we could 69. I slid my lips down Christian's cock; my dream had come true at last. My cock was wet with spit as he kept on sucking and licking my cock and I wasn't far behind on his.

"Lar...God, dude...shiiiiit..."

"Shoot in me, buddy!"

"Oh, fuck yeah, mate!"

As we both climaxed, spraying our hot, teen cum in eachother's mouths and swallowing every sweet nectar drop, the clock struck midnight. It was Christmas. That was the best present I ever could have got, and by far the best.

"I love you, Larenza", Christian said, rubbing my chest.

"I love you too, buddy", I said with tears in my eyes.

To this day Christian and I are still together and we love eachother immencely. He is sitting right next to me as I write this.

All we need is love, and we have it all.

Meant to be.

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