DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of 100% FICTION and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between 2 consenting teenage boys. This story is based 100% off of my IMAGINATION and does NOT reflect the views of the celebrities mentioned. If this type of content offends you or if it is illegal for you to read this type of material, please don't.

What Happened to the Green Fairies?

By Danimpa

Chapter 17

Duchy of Upper Lorraine, France
October, 1397

I was perfectly dressed up according to all contemporary rules of fashion, but unlike at Eleanor's ball I didn't feel comfortable like that. I didn't want the bright crimson and azure colours, I wanted cream and earth tones, anything to make me blend in and become invisible.

I'd never really cared much for being the complete centre of attention, mostly because I'd only experienced that happening when I'd done something wrong.

There was no real way of slipping into anonymity that night, though.

The ball was in my honour; celebrating something I didn't want and would do most anything to prevent from happening.

And it all made my stomach feel bad. That and the fact that I hadn't eaten properly since I came to France, I supposed.

Nonetheless I managed to keep a fake smile plastered onto my face, replying happily and politely to the constant words of congratulation that people apparently felt inclined to give me.

Inside I was being torn apart by the way every smile and every word made it all the more real. And I'd have given everything to trade lives with Matt, to become the bastard, the commoner, the one who could do what he wanted and more importantly: be with who he wanted.

My prayers were never answered, though.

Why should God bother anyway, I'd practically shunned him long ago.

Instead Nemesis came to hunt me again in the shape of 'Lady' Jacqueline, who demanded another dance.

I held back a sigh; the dancing coupled with my empty stomach was making me all sorts of dizzy.

But duty called.

I led her onto the dance floor, joining one of the many circles of dancing people who were moving around with laughter on their faces to the jolly music of the orchestra.

Oh, for a moment I'd managed to forget that this was supposed to be a day of happiness.

It felt more like a funeral. Mine to be exact.

"Are you feeling good?" Jacqueline asked after a while, looking at me through the twirling and spinning.

I shook my head slightly. "I'm tired," I muttered. "Let me go have a drink."

She nodded.

I left, not even looking back to see on of her cousins take my place.

Finally I managed to find a servant and quickly took a goblet of wine from his tray, looking at the dark red liquid for a moment before I downed it.

I got another. As long as I was occupied with drinking, nobody could be expecting me to dance, right?

All I wanted was for this night to be over. Now.

We were going home tomorrow, at least that was one bright thing to all this.

Three more days... Three more days and I'd be back home and Brendon would be there and all this time I'd just been paranoid because he'd be fine, he'd be waiting for me, he'd hold me and everything would be alright again and I'd be able to just forget this horrible time in France. I'd eat again.

Who'd have known the addiction would end up getting this bad?

Jacqueline was headed in my direction.

I quickly fetched another goblet, resorting to drink this one in small sips, though. That way it'd last longer.

There was a short look of disappointment on her face, but she turned around and let herself be twirled away again.

This was a good approach to the problem, I decided, getting another goblet.

The dizziness was increasing, but in a good way now, as if the whole world was melting away around me and I could be wherever I wanted, doing whatever I wanted. I was free.

It must've been half an hour later when Matt grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the room, muttering about how the wine wouldn't have effected me so much if I had actually eaten more than a few scarce meals over the last week. He got me to my chambers, took my clothes off me and tucked me roughly into bed before leaving again.

Leaving me alone with my perpetual dreams, the only place I'd been happy while in France.


I was back home in my own bed, finally not alone.

Hot kisses were trailed up my neck as Brendon's hands caressed my side and face.

But I wanted his lips on mine, his body against mine. This wasn't enough.

And so I whimpered lightly, grabbing onto his smooth cheeks to guide his face up to a level where I could kiss him properly, my tongue slipping inside with ease as his full, pouty lips finally made contact with mine.

By God, it was good to have him with me again, even if the sensible part of me knew this was just a dream, just a dream like every other I'd had while in France. But I pushed that sensible part away, I didn't want to listen to it, I didn't want this to be just another dream, not when I thought I was going to die from lacking his touch.

He smiled into the kiss, moving a hand to run it lightly through my hair as he removed his lips again, kissing over my cheek until he reached my ear and sucked lightly on the lobe.

"George," he moaned out, licking down my neck.

'George?' What was that about?

I let it slide, though, my mind suddenly more preoccupied with the hand that latched itself onto my member the next moment.

He stroked, more gently than he usually did, but it was still just...

I let go of a loud moan, feeling my hardness grow under his touch.

"You don't need her," he whispered huskily.

What was that about? Of course I didn't need her, I just wanted her gone, we both knew that.

Perhaps he'd become insecure because I'd been gone for so long?

"No," I muttered back, panting lightly. "Of course I don't need..." The rest of the sentence was lost in the next moan at a particularly pleasurable stroke.

Then his hand left me and I whimpered out at the loss of contact while he got on his back next to me before looking up and meeting my eyes frantically. "Take me," came the whisper.

I felt uncertain. I wasn't sure he'd ever received, and I was confused as to the sudden change, as to why he wanted this, as to why my brain was turning the situation around.

"Take me!" he said again, voice a bit louder now, much more demanding.

I shut my mind off, stopped mentally arguing and listened to the fire in my loins instead as I moved over on top of him, manoeuvring around in the near-darkness of the room until I was positioned between his legs. Then I pushed slightly inside with a deep grunt, reaching up to kiss him and flick the hair out of his eyes as I heard the light whimper he gave.

I gave him a moment before pushing all the way inside, propping myself up on my elbows to hover above him while his legs situated themselves around my waist. I kissed him again before pulling out, then pushing back inside, slowly starting up a rhythm.

Soon enough he started moaning, breathing heavily against my cheek.

I took this as a sign that he was all right and pushed up the pace a bit, my arms shaking beneath me and the lack of food making me dizzy again.

He clenched slightly around me, letting out a small scream in sync with my sudden moan.

I kept going, though, pushing us further and further towards zenith.

His nails dug into my shoulders, roughly, biting deep into the skin and, I was sure, drawing blood.

I gasped lightly, desperately trying to regain my breathing as I thrusted in harder and deeper than before and he clenched around me again and it was finally too much. I let go of my release, with a cry that started out as his name and ended in an 'aah' sound. Then I managed to pull out and roll off him onto my back, still practically heaving for air.

The next moment he was curling up against me, which once again nearly freaked me out. Everything was upside down that night. I was usually the one cuddling into him since he was bigger.

Nevertheless I put my arms around him, opening my eyes to meet his gaze.

His beautiful eyes looked back at me victoriously and I was taken aback as the usual dark golden specks slowly morphed into green.

Was that a round hip against my side? Why were his hips round? Why did he have breasts?

I opened my eyes with a small yelp, sat up in bed and pushed her away in the same motion.

What had just happened? What had I just done?

The answer was clear even as I tried to push it away.

A skilled seductress indeed...

I gulped lightly.

It was too obvious. My body had needed something. It had been offered and my mind had provided me with the feedback needed to enable me of doing it.

The broken vow burnt through me, threatened to destroy me as I simply looked at Jacqueline gapingly.

"See?" She whispered again. "You don't need her."

I wanted to strangle her; I wanted to kill myself. Perhaps one thing wouldn't prevent me from doing the other?

I didn't answer, I simply gulped again. I did need him. By God, I did love him.

And what a time to realise that.

I'd have laughed at the irony if the situation had been any different but as it was I just wanted to cry. And disappear. And die.

"Brenda, eh?" she added, smirking now. "So plain and tacky. So English..."

"Get out!" I growled harshly, raising an arm to point at the door. "Get the bloody hell out of here!"

Hearing one of Brendon's habitual curses, even from my own mouth, was nearly enough to make me break down.

"Pourquoi?" she inquired. "Je suis ta fiancée. We might as well be married already." She smirked again. "Let me stay."

"Leave!" I repeated, starting to shake by then. I did not want to cry in front of her.

Finally she huffed, got off the bed, put her nightgown back on and left the room.

I curled up in a ball, tears immediately starting to roll down my cheeks.

One vow! One single vow and my own mind had kept me from sticking to it!

How was I even supposed to face Brendon? How was I supposed to tell him I hadn't been able to keep my promise? That I'd slept with a girl?

I'd die if he left, I loved him too much, I could finally see that by then.

The tears kept falling, sobs racking through my body.

Having been raised by a scarlet woman had certainly put its marks on that girl, and that was whom I was expected to spend the rest of my life with.

I felt so alone, so alone, so torn apart.

Still crying, I got out of the bed and pulled on my breeches before I headed out of my door and down the corridors, a moment later sneaking into another familiar quarter.

And for the first time since I was a little boy who'd been frightened by my enormous father, I crawled into bed next to my older brother, curled up against him as I kept crying, taking every last bit of warmth and security he had to offer as his arms locked around me and he started whispering comforting lies into my ear.

At least we were going home the following morning...


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