DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of 100% FICTION and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between 2 consenting teenage boys. This story is based 100% off of my IMAGINATION and does NOT reflect the views of the celebrities mentioned. If this type of content offends you or if it is illegal for you to read this type of material, please don't.

The end is near.

What Happened to the Green Fairies?

By Danimpa

Chapter 24

Earldom of Cornwall, England and Earldom of Salisbury, England
April, 1398

I silently asked myself if walking into the lion's den was really a good idea, walking into my father's study alone after having avoided the man for close to two months.

I'd had to avoid him and Mother, though, and Matt and Eleanor had covered for me when needed. If I'd been around them anymore, heard more of those venomous words, I'd never have gotten back in shape.

As it was, though, I'd almost regained my original weight. I could make a clean shot from the distance of seven hundred feet again. A few weeks earlier I'd even started back up with fencing practice. Only with the light one-hand sword, though.

Father looked up from his papers to meet my eyes, a hostile look to his face.

His eyes were still silently yelling.

'Disgrace! Disgrace! Disgrace!'

I looked at his greying, fleeting hairline instead, ignoring the habitual stab at my heart.

"George," he replied, verbally acknowledging my presence.

"Father," I returned with a small bow of my head.

"What do you want, boy?" he asked, harshly going right down to business.

"We'll be going to Salisbury tomorrow," I stated. "I'll be bringing my valet in the servant's party."

He huffed.

I rolled my eyes. "We'll be there for months," I stated. "He is the only one who can control my diet and I don't wish for a repetition of what happened the last time I left him here."

His eyes narrowed and I could practically feel the anger start to radiate from him, followed by the regret at the fact that he hadn't succeeded back then. Finally he rolled his eyes, giving in. "Do as you must, but keep your disgusting nature under the wraps."

I couldn't even be angered by the insult, not when relief flowed through me as it did.

"But George," he added, eyes narrowing again.

I nodded, preparing myself for another attack.

"Some things came up and I will not be able to come. I have to go to France to join up with the army there. Things are getting worse with the war."

I nodded again, this time relieved.

"I never wanted to live through a time where you have to represent me, but I have no choice, boy." He paused, sending me a hard look. "Don't you dare put blemishes on my name."

I fought the urge to roll my own eyes. "Is Mother coming?"

"Of course Elizabeth isn't going without me," he answered, sounding incredulous.

I turned around and started towards the door.

"If you fail me, boy!" he called from behind me. "If you fail me, someone's head is going to roll!"


To spare my still somewhat lacking physical strength, I'd been driving in the chariot along with Eleanor while Matt, the military escort and the servants, Brendon included, were riding outside.

I'd been in a good mood ever since that talk to my father, where, for the first time in my life, I'd walked out somewhat the winner.

I couldn't understand why Matt had stuck me in the chariot, though. It was barely a five-hour ride. Eight when waiting for the chariot, but that was still nothing I couldn't handle.

Everyone had just been overprotective of me lately, I supposed.

I shouldn't complain either, I still didn't like horse riding, but I also didn't like knowing that Brendon was right outside but not being able to see him or talk to him for hours at a time. I was completely unused to that.

Eleanor was silently working on an embroidery and I was seated with another book, honestly bored out of my mind.

There was a passage I'd have liked to discuss, but Eleanor, as all women, was illiterate and wouldn't be able to understand the topic well enough to understand.

Suddenly she looked up, abandoning her work in her lap as a light blush rose on her pale cheeks, lids half-covering her startling blue eyes. "Brother, you know I love you, right?"

I nodded, laying the book away as I waited for what would come next.

"And I think that despite his heritage and his former behaviour Brendon is a good enough man, but..." She trailed off, biting down on her full cherry-pink lip.

"What?" I asked, slightly apprehensive by then.

"Dear one, please don't do anything that could ruin my marriage. This is what I want, with all I am." She looked up, finally meeting my eyes. "Please don't do anything silly for him or with him."

I sighed, slightly pained that even my sister could be embarrassed by me. But if that marriage was what she wanted, if both of my siblings could end up happy, then I should support her. But in my heart Brendon would always come first.

"Please?" she added.

"I'll do my best, Ella," I finally answered, using the name I hadn't used for her since we were children.

She sent me a wide smile, showing off the light dimples in her cheeks. Then she went back to her embroidery.

I pulled the curtain back from the window a bit looking out in hopes of catching a glimpse.

No such luck, so I leaned back in my seat, crossing my arms and sulked slightly.

"Dear?" she suddenly started again.

I looked up once more only to realise that she was blushing even more than she had before.

"Does it hurt?" she asked.

I wrinkled my eyebrows. "Does what hurt?"

She bit down on her lip. "Well, you know..."

I was about to tell her that I didn't when I suddenly realised what she'd meant. "Ella, I'm your older brother, not your older sister."

She blushed deeper. "Well, it's just..." She paused slightly. "The girls say they can't imagine Brendon taking the role of the girl, so I kind of figured..."

I realised I was building up a blush to match hers.

Why was I having this conversation with Eleanor of all people?

"Neither of us is a girl," I stated.

"So you mean you two haven't...?" Once again she trailed off.

If she was that uncomfortable, why did she keep the conversation going?

"Of course we have," I answered with a shrug.

"Does it hurt, then?" she pressed.

I rolled my eyes.

She couldn't just let the subject go, could she?

"The way we do it and the way a man and a woman do it are hardly comparable," I settled on telling her.

"The girls said..."

I smiled slightly. "Stop listening to the girls, Eleanor. My physique didn't suddenly change when I realised I preferred boys."

I think her blush had almost reached purple by then. "But... Do you think it'll hurt?"

Finally. The point. "I'm afraid it probably will," I told her. "But if you really do love him, it will be worth it."

She nodded, muttering a soft 'thank you'.

"You shouldn't worry about it yet, though," I replied. "The wedding's almost two months away."

She wouldn't meet my gaze.


I looked around in the quarters that had been assigned to me, liking them already.

There even was a private study, complete with stacks of interesting, expensive books.

Somebody must've told the earl that I shared his literary inclinations.

I suppose it must've been the lack of seeing Brendon all day, or possibly the fact that I'd come to automatically dread supper with more than two or three of my closest around, but I'd asked my siblings to politely cover for me with the excuse of my recent illness and the untrue fact that I was weary after the journey and got the food sent up to my room.

Completely skipping the meal was something Brendon would never have allowed me to do.

We were done eating when he looked up, his eyes squinting nervously. "What are you smiling at?" he asked.

My smile broadened. "Being away from home, away from Mother and Father, having you here with me."

He smiled back, leaning forward to kiss me slowly and softly. "I love you," he whispered.

I grinned before leaning against him to repeat his move, only doing it properly this time with applied pressure and soon the addition of tongues.

But the distance seemed all too far to me and I got out of my chair around the table, somehow managing this without ever breaking the kiss completely.

Once there, I quickly got down on his lap, straddling him as I put my arms around his neck.

His hands moved to my hips, pulling closer so I could feel his beginning hardness against my own.

We broke away for air and I looked at him with a wide grin still. "Remember that place I told you about?"

He nodded.

I smiled, leaning my head against his chest. "Here might be the closest to it we'll ever get."

He kissed the top of my head. "I dream about that place," he suddenly told me. "That other life. The place is very different and sometimes it frightens me, but most of all it makes me feel free and accepted." He cupped my cheeks, looking me in the eye. "We both have it inside of us, Ryan. Those traces of... something. And that's all we need."

I smiled again, leaning forth to kiss his jaw gingerly. "You're all I need."

His hands moved back to my hips, if possible pulling me even closer.

I moved the kisses down his neck and nibbled lightly at his collarbone, receiving a sudden moan while I moved my hands up to start unbuttoning his shirt.

He started wriggling beneath me, rubbing against me expertly and I moaned deeply against his skin. Then he finally stood up, his arms going beneath my thighs to keep me up as he walked quickly through the chambers before entering the bedroom where he quickly pushed the draperies aside and laid me down.

I reached up, quickly managing to rid him of the shirt entirely before I let my finger quickly undo the knobs on his breeches to pull them down while he was still at work with the buttons of my own shirt. I raised my upper body to let him pull it off me before I pushed his breeches down as far as I could reach and he got them the rest of the way off on his own accord.

My own breeches were gone the next moment after a few successful moves of his fingers and a raise of my hips.

He pulled the drapes closed around us; the light from outside filtering in only as a crimson glow as we locked ourselves into the world where nothing else existed. He got in between my legs, placing his hands on either side of my head to prop himself up. Then he pushed inside slowly, smiling down at me in the process. "You know what you're wearing there?" he suddenly asked.

I shook my head, a moan making it's way out of my mouth at the feeling of closeness I constantly longed for when we weren't at it.

"Purity," he answered as he pulled out a bit. He pushed back in, a bit harder. "Life," he added, pulling out again. "Passion." His words were getting less coherent with his movements, his breathing getting heavier. "Love," he finally completed as he rammed into my spot, causing me to let go of another loud moan.

I sent him a smile, loving the way he'd learnt to use metaphors like a second nature.

"Your parents... couldn't... touch you," he told on as he built up a pace while I did my best to help him, bucking my hips up to meet his thrusts while I finally wrapped my legs around his middle. "People... loved you..." He cut himself off with a moan while he met my eyes, still telling me the story through them, making me happier than ever before with the mixture of the sensations and his extraordinaire imagination. "You got... to be clever..." He paused to lean down and kiss me, still going and making the friction flow through me while the repeated rams against that point in me made me light-headed. "And nobody... cared... if you were... physically strong or not..."

I arched up against him, bringing him deeper as another string of sounds made their way out of my mouth.

"We were together... every minute... of every day."

I moaned again, tightening my legs around him to get him to fill me as much as in any way possible. My toes were starting to curl, my hands were shaking and pure love and pleasure gathered in the pit of my stomach.

"And everybody... approved," he ended his story as he slammed into me one last time, finally making my muscles convulse around him as I let go over our stomachs and he reached his zenith deep within me.

I sent him a wide smile while he collapsed on my chest and I put my arms around him, pulling him close. "I love you," I whispered over uncontrolled breathing.

He kissed my cheek and buried his face in the crook of my neck before accompanying me into blissful sleep.


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