What Happens When You Stare

          The following story contains homosexual actions between two men and is entirely fictional. Any resemblances between the characters and events of this story and those of reality are entirely coincidental. If it is unlawful or undesirable for you to read the following story, well... don't.


  Again, Alex had been left to close the gym while the other coaches left early. Internships sucked, or so he decided.  The one perk was that he got to see his crush undress at the end of every day.  Matt, whom Alex could swear was the descendant of a Greek God, was a pole vaulting athlete at the gym who refused to leave until the gym closed.  Today, he returned to the lobby, conscious that it was closing time and reluctant to be herded back to the lobby forcibly.  He wandered past Alex, smiling that perfect grin that made Alex melt where he stood.  Alex smiled awkwardly back, following Matt to the locker room under the pretense of checking that all of the lights were dimmed.
            Matt spared no time and immediately began to strip his clothes.  The High-School Senior's Under Armour slid off over his smooth abdomen and chest, revealing his rock hard six-pack and a refined set of pectorals.  He shook his curly, nut brown hair out and began to remove his work-out shorts.  Alex watched closely and loved what he saw.  Matt’s leg muscles almost glowed under the light dusting of nut-brown hair that covered them.  He flung his shorts to the side and began to pull down his boxer-briefs.  At this point, Alex couldn’t help but to stare, as if stargazing, at Matt’s body.  He revealed a perfect looking dick, that looked to be 4-inches soft.  A trimmed bush of brown hair surrounded his piece and trailed up to land just below his navel.

            Matt’s body stopped dead, signaling to an oblivious Alex that he, Alex, was openly staring.  Alex jerked his head up to look at Matt, again mesmerized this time by Matt’s green-brown eyes.  He stared curiously at the High-School Sophomore, his face unreadable.  Alex stuttered, “I w-was, uh… well, I… checking the.”  Matt crossed the locker room in four strides and grasped Alex by the upper arms.  He stared inquisitively into Alex’s icy-blue eyes for merely a second before he kissed Alex.

            Viciously, Matt ensnared Alex in his arms, his warmth sinking into Alex in waves.  Matt kissed him with purpose, their tongues dancing where their lips met.  He pulled Alex’s tight-fitted black shirt over his head, separating their lips for just a moment.  They resumed their make-out while Matt helped Alex remove his studded, leather belt and blue jeans.  They sank to the ceramic floor with an echoing clink of the buckle.  Luckily, Alex was going commando, becoming obvious as his eight-inch hard cock flung itself upwards and met with Matt’s equally hard, nine-inch member.

            Matt’s kisses began to lower themselves down Alex’s body.  First across his neck, down his collarbone to Alex’s lean chest Matt did not let up.  He began to kiss Alex’s lean abdomen muscles lightly and came to his knees, staring down Alex’s cock.  Without a second thought, Matt engulfed Alex’s hard dick in his warm mouth.  Alex’s mind exploded with disbelief and pleasure.  His cock throbbed roughly in Matt’s mouth, making Matt suck faster.  His head bobbed up and down, getting a whiff of Alex’s pubes every time.  Alex reflexively put his hand on Matt’s head, feeling his soft, brown curls.  For five minutes there were no sounds save the heavy breathing and moaning of the two seventeen-year-olds having sex in the locker room.

            Alex neared his climax and was too obvious about it for Matt pulled off in spite of Alex’s urges.  He rested for just a moment before Alex led him to a nearby bench.  He directed Alex by his hips.  Matt sat on the bench, boner sticking straight up.  He placed Alex’s asshole over the throbbing piece and allowed Alex to do the rest.  Alex settled onto the head of Matt’s cock and sunk down slowly.  “Ah!” Alex moaned, “Oh, God!  Fuck!”  Matt moaned loudly in an undertone as he fucked Alex.  Alex finally lowered himself to Matt’s hips, feeling his warm pubes tickling his ass.  Matt bucked his hips upward, his dick throbbing inside Alex’s ass.  He was just as close to an orgasm as Alex was.  Matt began to fuck Alex faster, his red hot tool sliding in and out of Alex’s asshole.  That usual sense of pleasure surged through Alex, a tingling sensation affecting his extremities.  His muscles tightened quickly, and Alex released his hot load of cum onto his chest where it dripped down his abs.  Matt pulled out, his hands shaking as he eased Alex off of his member.  Alex instinctively knelt down in front of Matt and plunged his mouth onto Matt’s pulsing cock.  His first blowjob turned out to be quite enjoyable.

            Alex bobbed his head up and down on Matt’s dick, Matt’s voice finally forming audible words, “Ah!  God!  Oh fuck, ah!”  He thrust his hips forward sending his entire cock into Alex’s mouth as he shot what felt like gallons of hot cum into Alex’s mouth.  It was incredibly sweet tasting and incredibly juicy.  He savored it for only a moment and swallowed it happily.  Matt helped to pull Alex up and licked the remainder of Alex’s own cum off of his body. 

            They showered and clothed, laughing about random things, as if the ordeal had never happened.