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What We Are - Richie’s Story
By: R. Ryan

Chapter 13: A Night To Remember

Returning to the kitchen, Richie could definitely feel the effects of the alcohol, and he smiled to himself at the slight buzz it gave him. He knew he was a little high, which added to his enjoyment as the night wore on, but he also knew that he was far from getting drunk. After all, they were just now starting their third cocoa, and the amount of Kahlua he put in the first two was quite small.

As he hung the phone back on its hook, he thought about how fate seemed to have brought him and Kevin together again. Maybe they were meant to spend this kind of time together. When he left his house earlier, he never expected to see Kevin at all, let alone spend the night at his house. Whatever the reason, Richie was a happy guy. Somehow he knew that he and Kevin were quickly developing a very close, and very special relationship.

Picking up his cocoa, he casually made his way back to the living room, smiling at Kevin as he eased himself back into his chair.

“So, are you and Kyle going to play in the Tournament tomorrow?” he asked after he was settled.

“Nah. We talked it over at school, and neither one of us feels like it. It just seems sort of disrespectful or something. So we told Coach, and he was cool with it. I don’t think any of the rest of the team wants to play either, so I’m pretty sure that Radison pulled out altogether by now.”

“That’s too bad, ya know? Especially since Radison is sponsoring the whole thing.”

As he sipped on his cocoa, Richie thought about Sean Mullins again, and how the action of a relatively unknown kid affected so many people.

“Kevin? Where’s your yearbook from last year? I want to look up Sean’s picture.”

“On the bookshelf in my bedroom. Bring it out here, would ya?”

Leaving his cup on the coffee table, Richie made his way to Kevin’s room where he quickly found the yearbook. Returning to the living room, he sat on the couch and began to page through it.

“Did you hear any rumors around school about this kid during the week?” asked Richie.

“No, what kind of rumors?” Then remembering what Kyle had told him earlier, Kevin added, “Oh, you mean what that dude on your team said about him? No, I never heard anything. Why?”

“Well, I didn’t hear anything either, which seems weird, ya know? You’d think a rumor like that would fly around school. It’s almost like it died before it started.”

After a few minutes, Richie found what he was looking for. With the exception of the seniors, all the student pictures were rather small and contained only their names in the caption, but they were quite clear. Sean Mullins was a good looking kid with a nice smile and wavy dark hair. A feeling of sadness swept through Richie as he realized he was looking at the picture of someone that was alive less than twenty four hours ago, and now was a victim of suicide. At least he had a face to go with the name now, and somehow that made him feel better. Unable to look at it any longer, he pointed to it as he handed the book to Kevin.

“Do you think that the rumor had anything to do with him killing himself?” asked Richie.

“How could it if it never got started?”

“I don’t know,” said Richie, “But my brother told me that a kid in his class had to come out because he caught so much shit after someone started a rumor about him being gay.”

“Coming out and killing yourself aren’t exactly the same, Rich.”

“I know, but maybe Sean just wasn’t strong enough to rough it out.” Then, after a short silence, he asked, “How’s Stephanie taking it, by the way?”

“Pretty good as far as I can tell. She’s a real trooper when it comes to this kind of stuff.”

“You still going to break up with her on Wednesday?”

“Yeah, I have too. It’s either that, or let it drag out until after New Years, right?”

“Well, yeah. I guess I was just wondering if you hadn’t changed your mind about it. You know, not break up.”

“No, nothing’s changed, Rich. I really hope we can stay friends afterwards, but for sure, if I don’t do this, we’ll lose everything.”

“What about Kyle’s party? You guys still going?”

“I don’t know. We haven’t talked about it yet, but I get the feeling she’d rather skip it. I take it you and Lindy are in the same situation.”

“Yeah, but I think we’ll go even if the girls don’t. What do you think, bad idea?”

“No, that’s what I’m gonna do. I sure don’t want to hang around Stephanie if she’s just going to mope around the house all night.”

“Sounds like it’s shaping up to be a chick-less party the way things are going,” said Richie.

Then, swinging his legs over the edge of the couch, Kevin sat up, drained his cup, then held it out for Richie.

“Why don’t you fix us a nightcap while I take a piss... unless you want to do that for me, too.”

“No,” laughed Richie, “you can take your own piss, I’ll get the cocoa.”

When Kevin returned from the bathroom, Richie handed him a fresh drink as he passed the kitchen. Before returning to the couch, Kevin turned on the stereo, which was preset to a classic Rock station, then adjusted the volume low enough so as not to compete with their conversation. Both boys were feeling the effects of the alcohol by now. It helped them to relax as they talked, each boy interested in learning more about the other.

At one point Richie said, “With out a doubt, this is best cocoa I’ve ever tasted.”

“That’s because you haven’t had too much of it. You’re a little high right now, which is no big deal, but if you were to have enough to get drunk, your hangover in the morning would have you singing a different tune.”

“You ever been drunk?” asked Richie.

“Oh yeah, once. I think it was about the second or third time I ever drank. I was so hung over the next morning I was puking my guts out all day. Not a pretty sight, for sure.”

Taking another sip from his drink, Richie sat forward in his chair and looked at Kevin with a mischievous grin on his face.

“Have you ever done any weed?”

Smiling back at him, Kevin said, “Yeah, twice. Had lots of chances to do more but... I don’t know, I’m just not into it like a lot of kids are. Hell, it’s easier to get than booze. It’s like all over school, but I look at it like smoking cigarettes, it’s unhealthy if ya do it too much. Besides, it would probably take the edge off my game.”

“When you did smoke it, was it with Kyle?”

Curious, Kevin said, “Yeah, he was there. Why?”

“Oh nothin, really. He told me about drinking and doing weed at a party one time, so I was just curious is all.”

“Jake might drink more than I do, and do more weed than me, but for sure he’s not out of control or anything. He’s just more of a party animal than me, is all. And he’s never smoked a cigarette or chewed tobacco for as long as I’ve known him... which is pretty much his whole life, I guess.”

After a pause, he added, “For all of his money, and high-flying party attitude, he’s actually pretty down to earth and serious. More than he likes to admit, anyway.”

“He’s one hell of a righteous dude, that’s for sure. I think he’s pretty perceptive and philosophical, too... plus, he just might be a tad more sensitive than you give him credit for,” said Richie, the alcohol making him say more than perhaps he should.

“Yeah? Why d’ya say that?” asked Kevin.

“Cause of the way he helped me when I went Postal this afternoon. How he told Lindy to call either him or you, night or day, if I did it again. And then, the other day we were shootin the shit, he told me about his mom dying when he was eleven.”

“Well, I’ll tell you one thing. If he opened up to you like that, he must really like you... cause outside of me, he keeps that kind of shit to himself. He’s not a very trusting person.”

“What about that fight on the ice Saturday? Does he go off like that very often?”

“Nah, not at all. He has kind of a short fuse, but as long as I’ve known him, I’ve never seen him start a fight... course, I’ve never seen him back down from one, either... or lose one.”

“He sure gets his share of chicks?”

Laughing at this, Kevin said, “Well, that’s part of his lifestyle, Rich. That and his reputation. Besides, all you have to do is to look at him and you can see where all the women come from. As for me, I’ve stuck pretty close to Stephanie, who’s kept me on a short leash so to speak. Which is one of the reasons I have to have that talk with her on Wednesday. ”

“Well I hope everything works out for you guys,” said Richie as he drained the rest of his drink.

When there was another lull in the conversation, Kevin got up to go to the linen closet. Pulling out a blanket and pillow, he returned to the living room where he dropped them on the end of the couch.

“Thought I’d get these now so I wouldn’t forget,” he said. Then, settling down again, he stretched his legs out and smiled “Ah... trust me, bro, this is one good couch for sleeping on.”

Smiling as he looked over at Kevin, Richie thought how relaxed and sexy he looked laying there. Then, tipping the recliner back, he too relaxed, closed his eyes, and listened to the music as it played softly from the stereo.

Ten minutes later, Richie began to stir in the recliner as his eyes slowly fluttered open, adjusting themselves to the now familiar surroundings of Kevin’s living room. Looking over at the couch, he found it empty except for the pillow at one end, and the blanket spread across its cushions. The next thing he noticed was that the stereo had been turned off.

He was sure that he hadn’t been asleep for very long, because he remembered the early signs of a full bladder before he drifted off. More urgent now, these same signs were what woke him.

Coming to his feet, he stretched his arms, then smiled at the buzz he was feeling from the Kahlua. Heading down the darkened hallway to the bathroom, he noticed the glow of Kevin’s fish-tank as it spilled through the open door of his bedroom. Deciding at the last minute that he could hold his piss a little longer, he passed by the bathroom and continued toward the glow at the end of the hall.

Stopping at Kevin’s door, he looked in to see his friend sprawled on his back across his bed. The sweatshirt he no longer wore, now lay on the floor with the comforter in front of his closet. The shadows cast in the soft glow from the fish-tank, highlighted the muscles of his upper body as his chest rose and fell with each unlabored breath. Richie’s heart pounded in his ears while his dick stirred in his pants as he gazed down at the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen.

When his bladder reminded him of its needed relief, Richie smiled as he turned from Kevin’s doorway and returned to the bathroom. Stepping through the door, he flipped on the light with one hand while he frantically pulled his penis through his fly with the other. Standing over the toilet, he began to let loose his long held stream through his semi-hard member. Feeling a small discomfort because of his hardness, he was grateful that his dick wasn’t any stiffer than it was. When he was finished, he shook the last few drops from the end of his penis, flushed the toilet, then exited the room, turning off the light as he went. Casually making his way down the hall to the living room, he returned the thermostat to its earlier setting, then reached through the kitchen door to turn out the light. Moving on to the couch, he turned off the lamp on the end-table, the last of the lights to be extinguished.

Because of the extra warmth in the house, he decided to sleep in just his boxers. He was sure that the blanket Kevin provided would be more than adequate when the temperature returned to normal during the night. As he slowly stripped out of his clothes, tossing them onto the recliner, he thought about Kevin. His dick began to stir again as he pictured his half-nude sleeping body, just a few steps away.

When he was stripped to his boxers, he turned to look through the picture window to the skating rink below. His face, and indeed the entire living room, was bathed in the soft glow from the same single street light that earlier made the sweat glisten on Kevin’s face. A sudden shiver coursed through his body when he remembered how cold it was outside. Shifting his gaze to the hallway, he thought about Kevin again, and how beautiful his body looked in the light from the fish-tank. Using concern for his friend as his excuse, Richie gave in to the urge to see this sight again. Returning to his open door, he looked in to find that Kevin hadn’t move from his earlier position. Leaning against the door-frame, he slowly massaged his dick through his boxers as he stared at the sleeping form stretched out before him.

With the alcohol to supply him the nerve, his uncontrollable desire providing his motivation, Richie entered the room to get a closer look. Kevin’s right leg was extended straight out, while his left was cocked slightly, his knee bent and pointing in Richie’s direction. With his arms raised, his elbows bent, his hands rested palm-up on the pillow next to his head. Richie continued to squeeze his dick as he watched his friend’s chest rise and fall with each breath he took. His excitement continued to grow as he could almost see Kevin’s blood coursing through his veins in the blue-green hue from the fish-tank.

Dropping to one knee beside the bed, he leaned his upper body forward to rest on his other knee while he looked into Kevin’s beautiful face. Feeling more bold than safe, he gently placed his hand on his chest, just above his heaving diaphragm, where he felt the steady rhythm of his beating heart.

With his overwhelming desire masking what was left of his common sense, Richie slowly moved his hand down across Kevin’s stomach until his little finger brushed the waistband of his sweatpants. Resting it there, he felt the softness of the downy trail that led from Kevin’s navel to where it disappeared beneath the cotton material of his sweats. Unable to control himself, he slid his hand slowly back and forth across Kevin’s stomach, his skin feeling warm and silky smooth to the touch.

As he caressed the area between his sweats and his navel, Richie wondered if Kevin had bothered to put on any underwear. Pondering this, he stared at the soft bulge that his package made in the cotton material. Moments later, this soft bulge became more pronounced as Kevin’s penis began to grow into an erection. While Richie continued to caress his stomach, Kevin’s stiffening member gradually positioned itself under the loose fitting sweats until it was pointed up toward Richie’s hand.

On fire with desire, all thoughts of caution gone, on the next pass of his hand, Richie angled it so that his fingers pointed toward Kevin’s crotch. With a slight downward pressure, he slid the tips of his fingers beneath the elastic waistband that rested so close to the object of his desire. On the next pass, with the same gentle pressure, he slid his fingers further into the confines of the cotton covering. This time Kevin’s dick twitched as the head brushed across the tips of Richie’s fingers. Slowly moving his hand again, he spread his fingers as he reached in even further. It was Richie’s dick that twitched this time as his fingers found their way into Kevin’s soft pubic hair, his rock hard dick resting on the back of Richie’s hand. The heat he felt with the palm of his hand as he gently caressed the silky soft hairs, caused Richie to dampen the inside of his boxers with pre-cum.

Overwhelmed with curiosity, Richie slowly slipped his hand from under the waistband. Then, turning it over, he hooked his fingertips under the elastic and gently lifted it away from his body. Once it was high enough to clear the tip of Kevin’s swollen member, he slowly pulled it down until his rock-hard penis was fully exposed. Richie stared at it, mesmerized by its beauty as it pulsed with every heartbeat. Even in the dim light, he could make out the perfect, helmet-like shape of his glans, and the small indentation of his piss-slit.

As Richie stared, frozen with fascination, a small drop of pre-cum formed at his piss-slit, glistening like a tiny jewel in the soft light. Knowing that he’d crossed the line long ago, that there would be no satisfactory explanation for his actions should Kevin wake up, Richie was driven by the desire to taste this tiny jewel. He wanted to lick it from where it rested, he wanted to encircle his glans with his lips, to suck the length of his pulsing member into his mouth.

Richie’s dick continued to soak his boxers as he looked to Kevin’s face, then to his chest for any signs that he might be awake. Seeing none, he returned his gaze to the tip of his penis just in time to see another drop of pre-cum join the first. Together they formed a larger drop, which slowly trickled its way across his glans until it fell away into his pubic hair.

After another moment of staring, Richie’s common sense, and fear of the consequences should Kevin wake up, prompted him to regain control of himself. ‘God, if it were only possible’, he thought as he gently returned the elastic waistband to its former place. A look of yearning filled his face as he watched Kevin’s dick disappear beneath the fabric. A moment later, he stood, adjusted his aching dick within his cum soaked boxers, then returned to the living room.

He stretched out on his back on the couch, his left hand under his head, his right hand inside his boxers. Gently grasping, then slowly stroking his dick, he closed his eyes. He remained like this for several minutes, the picture of Kevin’s beautiful dick burned on the inside of his eyelids.

Then, at the very instant that he felt a presence near him, he looked up to see Kevin’s killer eyes looking down at him. Startled, he tried to sit up. Before he could move, however, or even take enough of a breath to speak, Kevin placed a finger to his lips and softly whispered “Shhhhh…”. Placing his hand on Richie’s chest, Kevin gently pushed him back onto the couch. As he did, he leaned in, and never taking his eyes away from Richie’s, he kissed him full on the lips. It was a short, tender kiss, and when he raised his head again, he smiled - his killer eyes glowing in the dim light that came through the picture window.

Richie tried again to speak, but again was silenced by Kevin. Leaning in to kiss him a second time, Kevin applied a gentle pressure to his lips with his tongue, parting them ever so slightly. When he pulled back from this second kiss, he stood up, and with his sweat pants tenting, extended his hand back down to Richie. As if in a trance, his eyes still trapped in Kevin’s, Richie grasped the hand that was offered him, and pulled himself to his feet. Without a word, but with a smile across his face, Kevin led Richie down the hall to his bedroom.

Stopping at the edge of Kevin’s bed, they stood facing each other, their eyes locked together, their bodies eerily illuminated in the light of the fish-tank. A moment later, they moved into an embrace, their chins resting on each other’s shoulder, their arms pulling their bodies close. As their hands began to roam across their backs, Kevin gently nibbled on Richie’s ear lobe, his warm breath caressing his neck.

When Kevin began to kiss, and gently suck on Richie’s neck, Richie slid his hands down to Kevin’s ass-cheeks where he began to massage them through the cotton material. He proceeded slowly and deliberately, wanting to feel every curve and contour with his fingertips. Then he moved his hands to the small of his back, holding them there to feel every powerful muscle as they tightened, then relaxed with each small movement of Kevin’s head and lips. Richie groaned quietly when Kevin kissed his way across his collar bone, and up to his other ear lobe. He groaned again, a little louder, when Kevin sucked it into his mouth, then pinched it gently between his teeth.

Moments later, Kevin kissed his way to Richie’s mouth. Driven by the heat of their passion, their open mouths came together. At first their tongues seem to battle for position. Then, as if by agreement, they began to take turns sucking the other’s into their mouth, exploring its shape and contour with their own.

While making love with their tongues, both boys began to massage each other’s backs. They began with one hand high between the shoulder blades, the other low, just above the butt cheeks, then swapping positions - each hand mapping the shape and texture of the area it covered. Richie’s hands felt the granite like hardness of Kevin’s hockey player muscles, while Kevin’s fingers kneaded and massaged the strong but supple ones that were Richie’s.

While Kevin continued to explore Richie’s back with his hands, and his mouth with his tongue, Richie gradually worked his right hand to the waistband of Kevin’s sweats. They rested low on his hips, just below the top of the crack between his cheeks. Keeping his mouth firmly locked to Kevin’s, Richie lowered his left hand to join his right, then moved both hands together, slipping them under the elastic waistband. He continued to lower them over the full roundness of his cheeks, feeling their hardness flex with each movement Kevin made. Lowering his hands still further, he cupped each mound from underneath, then pulled them up and toward him, spreading them slightly, pressing their bodies even closer together.

Breaking their kiss, Kevin tipped his head back, moaning softly as he felt Richie’s hands separate his ass-cheeks. He moaned again when he felt their cocks grind against each other. Their passion heated up quickly as Richie kissed his way across Kevin’s throat, their cocks leaking pre-cum, soaking the fabric that separated them. Almost immediately, Richie worked his lips down over Kevin’s collar bone to his upper chest, then across his pecks to his right nipple. Sucking it into his mouth, he bathed it with his tongue until it was firm and erect before moving to the left one. As he covered this nipple, he pulled his hands from inside Kevin’s sweats, then hooked his thumbs into the waistband on either side of his body. When he had this nipple at full arousal, he began to kiss his way down across his diaphragm to his navel, bending his knees while he slowly lowered Kevin’s sweats.

When he began to explore the inside of Kevin’s navel with his tongue, the sweats cleared his hips and fell to the floor. Richie could feel the incredible heat from Kevin’s rock hard member as it lay against his throat, its tip pressing under his chin, smearing it with pre-cum. As he licked at the top of the trail of pubic hair that extended down from Kevin’s stomach to his bush below, Richie caressed and massaged the tightness of his calves with his hands. Then, kissing and licking his way down over the downy trail, he worked his hands up from Kevin’s calves to the backs of his thighs. Letting his hands roam between Kevin’s thighs and ass, he buried his nose in the soft pubic hair, pressing his cheek against the side of his steel hard six-inch cock.

Unable to keep himself from the object of his desire any longer, Richie reached up to cradle Kevin’s low hanging balls in his right hand, then placed his open mouth on the base of his dick. He squeezed and rolled Kevin’s balls around in their soft sack as he worked his mouth up the side of his member. When he reached its tip, he tasted his pre-cum as he swirled his tongue around and across his piss-slit. Just as another stream of pre-cum oozed from the orifice, Riche parted his lips slightly and sucked it into this mouth, tasting the salty sweet essence that was pure Kevin. Opening his mouth further, he added more suction as he engulfed Kevin’s cock until the pre-cum soaked tip rested against the back of his throat. Stroking the inside of Kevin’s thighs with his left hand while he fondled his balls with his right, Richie began to bob up and down on his cock. Keeping a constant vacuum with his sealed lips, he moaned deep in his throat as he felt it glide over the top of his tongue.

When Kevin realized he was getting too close too quickly, he grasped the sides of Richie’s head and pulled his dick from his mouth. Then, cradling his head in his hands, Kevin exerted a slight upward pressure, coaxing a reluctant Richie to his feet. After another embrace, and another passionate kiss, Kevin began to lick his way down across Richie’s chest, much like Richie had done to him, sitting on the edge of he bed as he lowered himself.

While Richie ran his hands through Kevin’s hair, Kevin stroked up and down his thighs as he placed gentle kisses across his stomach. Grasping the hem of Richie’s boxers between his fingers, Kevin slowly pulled them downward, slipping them easily over his ass-cheeks until the fell to the floor. His hands then moved all over Richie’s legs, ass, and thighs as he stared at his rock hard 5 inches, standing almost straight up in front of his face, pulsing with every heartbeat. Though Richie’s cock was an inch shorter, and a little slimmer than Kevin’s, his balls were nearly the same size, and hung low between his legs.

Mimicking Richie’s previous movements, Kevin cupped his hairless balls in his right hand and began to roll them around inside their silky soft purse, coaxing more pre-cum from his dick each time he squeezed them. Placing his lips over Richie’s piss-slit, he sucked on it while he bathed it with his tongue. He felt the hot lubricating effect of the juices that flowed freely from his shaft, savoring the flavor as it coated the inside of his mouth. Without swallowing, he engulfed Richie’s entire hardness into his mouth until his nose rested against the softness of his pubic hair, his chin nuzzled against his scrotum. Only after he had completely coated Richie’s cock with pre-cum mixed saliva, did Kevin begin to slowly bob up and down on it.

While Kevin sucked on his dick, Richie continued to run his fingers through his hair. He gripped it tightly in his fingers, and moaned each time Kevin’s tongue licked across the sensitive underside of his glans. When he realized he was dangerously close to cuming, Richie grabbed a handful of Kevin’s hair, and roughly pulled his head off his raging hard-on.

When Kevin smiled up at Richie with his killer eyes, Richie returned the smile, then pressed firmly on Kevin’s shoulders, forcing him back on his bed. With his knees spread apart, Kevin raised his arms, inviting Richie to join him as he lay on his back. Taking the hint, Richie lowered himself on top of Kevin’s body. Grinding their wet slippery cocks together, he eased himself up until their lips were almost touching. Losing himself in Kevin’s eyes, Richie began to place soft kisses on his lips, his chin, his nose, then kissed him deeply on the mouth.

While they embraced, without breaking their kiss, they managed to rearrange themselves so they were lying on their sides, full length on the bed, facing each other. After a few moments of kissing, and grinding their bodies together, Kevin raised up to reposition himself in the sixty-nine position. Still on their sides, he edged himself closer until he felt his stiffness lay against Richie’s face. Without preamble, each boy took the other’s hardness into his mouth and began to suck as they bobbed up and down. They squeezed and kneaded each other’s balls as they neared orgasm, their passion and lust taking complete control of their bodies.

Simultaneously, their balls began to draw up to their bodies in preparation to expel their pent-up juices. Then, at the same time, they pulled their mouths back until only the tip of the other’s member was still between their lips, their fingers wrapped tightly around its base. Their perfectly timed orgasms were enormous as their hungry mouths began to fill with boy sperm. Neither one wanted to swallow, but soon they had no choice as their mouths filled to capacity. Blast after blast erupted from their shafts as they swallowed again and again, neither one wanting to waste a single drop. After what seemed be an eternity, their orgasms began to subside. When the final drop of love juice was expelled into their mouths, they slowly separated. Kevin shifted around until he was face to face with Richie where they fell into another embrace, their cum smeared lips locking together. Their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouth as they exchanged generous amounts of cum through their lips, mixing it together, savoring the flavor of the combined fluids.

When finally they were exhausted, their cocks growing soft, their bodies covered with sweat, they broke their kiss. Looking into each other’s eyes, a slight smile crossed their faces as they drifted off to sleep.


Richie began to stir in his sleep as the warmth of the December sun that streamed through Kevin’s window bathed his naked body. He opened his eyes briefly to take in his surroundings, then closed them again as he smiled and stretched his sleepy muscles. He continued to smile as he reached down to stroke his morning hard-on, now somewhat crusty from the mixture of dried cum and saliva. Opening his eyes again, he turned his head to look for Kevin. When he saw that side of the bed was empty, his sleep muddled mind wondered briefly if the events of last night were only a dream. As his mind began to clear, however, he heard the sound of the shower, a reassuring sound that told him Kevin wasn’t far away. ‘Yes!’ he thought, as he sighed at the memory, ‘It really did happen.’ Content and relaxed, he lay as he was, enjoying the warmth of the sun on his body, until he heard the sound of the shower fall silent.

Still not fully awake, he swung his legs over the edge of the bed and stood up, only to sit down again when the pain of his headache reminded him of what he’d had to drink the night before. Pulling himself together, he rose to his feet once more, a little slower this time. Still groggy with sleep, and hampered by his hangover, he stumbled naked into the hall, nearly knocking Kevin over as he stood in front of the linen closet. With just a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair still wet from his shower, Kevin smiled at Richie as he caught his balance.

“Whoa, steady there, bro. How’s the head this morning?”

“Big,” answered Richie as he leaned his back against the wall next to Kevin’s door.

“Here,” chuckled Kevin, as he handed Richie a clean towel, “and there’s some aspirin in the drawer of the vanity in the bathroom that oughta help your head.”

“Thanks,” mumbled Richie as took the towel.

Then, as he shuffled past Kevin into the bathroom, he heard him say, “Take your time, Rich. I’ll get breakfast started while you’re in there.”

Rather than say anything, Richie just raised his arm in acknowledgment as he opened the vanity drawer in search of the promised aspirin. While Kevin returned to his room, Richie washed down two aspirin with water from the tap, emptied his bladder into the toilet, then turned on the water for his shower. He found the temperature perfect as Kevin had it already adjusted, so he pulled up the shower handle as he stepped under the spray.

The warm water felt good as it cascaded over his body, washing the last of the sleep from his head. Fully awake now, he began to recall every detail of his sex with Kevin - an experience that was far more exciting than anything he’d ever imagined, even in his wildest fantasies. Despite the effects of his mild hangover, his penis grew erect at his recollection. Turning his face into the spray, he continued to savor the event in his mind while he waited for the aspirin to take away his headache. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he lost all track of time. Only when Kevin knocked on the door did he return to reality.

“Yo, Rich! You OK in there?”

“Um, yeah, I’m fine. I’ll be right out.”

His headache gone, Richie quickly shampooed his hair, then began to lather up his body with a bar of Dial soap that he found in the soap dish. When he rubbed his hand over his stiff member, he thought briefly about jacking off. If he were at home he wouldn’t have hesitated, but since it seemed rude and crude to do so in his friend’s bathtub, he finished washing himself instead. ‘Friends’, he thought to himself as the water from the shower rinsed the suds away, ‘After last night, I’d have to say pretty good friends’.

Washed and rinsed clean, Richie stepped out of the tub to dry off as he looked at himself in the mirror, still feeling the afterglow of the previous night. ‘Whoa,’ he thought as he toweled off his chest and arms, ‘That was unbelievable’. Just then, Kevin called out from down the hall.

“Eggs are almost ready if you are, Rich.”

“Coming,” answered Richie as he ran his fingers through his mop of still wet hair, thinking it was time for a haircut.

With his headache gone, Richie was feeling pretty good as he made his way, naked and unashamed, down the hall to the kitchen. Still drying his hair when he got there, he saw Kevin, fully dressed, putting the finishing touches on a pan-full of scrambled eggs.

After quickly looking over Richie’s body, Kevin turned back to the stove and said, “I put a clean pair of boxers on the bed for ya. I couldn’t find a toothbrush, though, so you’ll have to wait til you get home to brush your teeth.”

“That’s cool, thanks,” said Richie as he went into the living room to gather up his clothes before heading back to Kevin’s room.

As he pulled on his clothes, he wondered if he detected an uneasiness about Kevin this morning. Well, if there was something on his mind, he knew Kevin well enough to know that he would bring it up eventually.

When he returned to the kitchen, Kevin had the table set with what promised to be a very good breakfast. As Richie sat at the table, Kevin took a steaming hot pan of caramel-rolls from the oven, then joined him.

“Dig in, man. My mom makes these rolls and they’re really good, especially when they’re hot and you load ’em up with butter.”

As they began to eat in silence, Richie was impressed. Not only with the rolls, but with the eggs, sausage, toast, and OJ that went with them. He was famished, and almost inhaled his food. As he buttered his second roll, his eggs already finished, he looked over at Kevin for the first time since they’d sat down. He was staring down at his uneaten breakfast, casually poking at it with his fork.

“What’s wrong, man? Ain’t ya hungry? You’re not having a relapse or anything, are ya?”

Smiling, Kevin looked up at Richie, “No, I’m OK. But I owe you an apology... and an explanation, too, I guess.”

“An apology? For what? For this great breakfast? For last night? For giving me the greatest orgasm of my life? What?”

“For last night. For seducing you like I did.”

“For seducing me?” asked Richie.

“What else would you call it? I didn’t even give you a chance to say no.”

“Look, Kevin, before you go any further, I gotta tell you something. Before you came to get me last night, I snuck into your room and felt you up while you were sleeping. So if anybody was out of line... if anybody owes an apology, it’s me.”

“I wasn’t asleep, Rich. But when you stopped, and went back to the couch, I should have just let it drop. But I was so horny and turned on by what you did, I just couldn’t help myself. That’s when I came and got you.”

“And I’m like really glad you did, too,” smiled Richie.

“Well, there’s more to it than that. You see, I started to seduce you long before you ever came into my bedroom. Even before you brought me home last night.”

“Really? Was hitting me in the nuts with a slap shot the beginning of this seduction?” asked Richie with a grin.

“No,” laughed Kevin, “But it wasn’t long after that. I think it started when I noticed you getting hard while I massaged your feet. You see, Rich, I was attracted to you even then, so I was... you know, checking you out. And I thought maybe, just maybe, you were checking me out, too. So, later when I was changing, I posed for you in my underwear to see if you would look at me. Well, when I didn’t notice anything, I decided to give you a good look. That’s when I pulled off my underwear and just stood there with my cock in your face. I was posing for you for Christ sake... trying to get a rise out of you. Here you were, with hurting nuts, possibly seriously... and I’m dangling my cock in front of your face, trying to see if I could turn you on. I mean, like how low is that?”

Richie blushed, but he was more than embarrassed - he was concerned that he was caught looking at Kevin’s body. His mind tried to recall other times he had been checking someone out. How obvious had he been during those times? How many of his teammates were suspicious... and what about Kyle?

“Rich?” asked Kevin when he got no response. “Look, I know you’re pissed... and you have every right to be.”

“Huh?” asked Richie, his thoughts interrupted, “No, man, I’m not pissed.”

“What, then? Something’s bugging you.”

“Was I obvious? That I was checking you out, I mean? Cause if I was, I could be in real trouble here. I mean, you’re right, I was checking you out. I was attracted to you ever since I looked up and saw your killer eyes out on the ice last Friday. And now I’m worried that I may have been too obvious when I’ve, you know, checked other people out.”

“You mean to say you really were checking me out?”

“Yeah, I was,” said Richie, returning Kevin’s smile.

“Well, to answer your question, then... no, man, you weren’t obvious at all. That’s why I kept baiting you. When I called you Saturday, I was going to invite you over here, but you beat me to the punch, so I tried again at your house. I mean how desperate is that? I know you less than a day, and you’re nice enough to invite me to your house and help me with Stephanie, and I’m trying to get you into bed. Well, when you gave me no hint that night, I decided to give it up... until you showed up at the rink last night, that is. As soon as I saw you at the top of the hill, I couldn’t help myself, I just had to try again. The rest is history.”

“Then everything we talked about that night was bullshit? You didn’t really want my advice?”

“It started out that way. I’m sorry, but I needed an excuse to see you, so I thought of that. But when we got to talking, I was glad I did. What you said made sense... and I’m going to do exactly what we talked about, so it really wasn’t bullshit after all.”

Richie just sat in silence, smiling at Kevin who soon added an afterthought.

“Don’t get me wrong, Rich. It wasn’t just a sexual attraction. I really like you, and even if nothing else happened, I still wanted to be friends. That’s why I had to be absolutely sure. I didn’t want to make a wrong read and fuck up our friendship because of it.”

The two boys sat in silence for a while, each with their own thoughts. Then Kevin finally spoke.

“Are you Gay, Rich?”

“Yeah, I guess I am. I’m really attracted to guys, so what else could I be?” Then, thinking for a moment he said, “But just when I think I have it all figured out, I meet Andrea. We only talked for a minute, but I felt something like I never felt before. I don’t know what it was that I felt, but it wasn’t sexual, I’m sure of that. See, I’ve never been out with a girl... not on a real date anyway... so maybe there’s something there and I just haven’t seen it yet. That’s why I was so anxious about taking her to the dance last night and then to Kyle’s party. I was hoping that, if nothing else, I might learn something about myself. It’s just been real confusing for me. Sometimes I feel like a real freak.”

“I know what you mean about being confused. Look at me. I’m attracted to girls, I have no doubt about that, but I’m also attracted to you. Well, you and a few other guys that I’ve found myself checking out. Anyway, I don’t know what I am either. Maybe we’re both freaks.”

A couple of minutes passed as they mulled this over, then Richie asked, “Have you ever talked to anyone else about this before, about your attraction to guys?”

“No fucking way. Not even Kyle, and I trust him more than anyone I know... and if it wasn’t for last night, me and you wouldn’t be talking about it now. I need to find out who and what I am before I think about doing that. What about you? Have you told Lindy or anyone?”

“No way. Not yet, a least. I think Lindy would understand, but I’m like you, I need to understand myself first before I can expect anyone else to.” There was another pause before Richie continued, this time with a grin on his face. “So, what did ya think? About last night, I mean?”

“I thought it was fantastic. I think it was better’n anything I could’ve imagined.”

“Was I good then? I mean, did I do it right? After all, I am a virgin, and I’ve never given anyone a blow job before.”

“Well, as one virgin to another, I think you were great... even though we’re both inexperienced, and can’t compare our technique with anyone else’s, we made it good for ourselves by making it good for each other... and that’s what made it so great. That’s what made it better than just having sex... at least that’s the way I see it.”

“Ya mean, like we shared it? Like we got off on getting each other off?”

“Yeah, that’s it, man, exactly! And whatever we might lack in experience, I’m sure we could get better at. Practice makes perfect, ya know.”

“I’m glad you said that, Kevin, cause that’s exactly how I feel. And I’m so glad this happened. Cause the way I see it, I have a very special friend now... one that I can trust... one that I can talk to about what I feel. That’s been one of my biggest problems, not having anyone that I can talk to about what I really feel... and I’m definitely a believer in practice.”

“Then you’re not pissed at me for doing what I did?”

“Fuck no! Not at all, man. I’m glad you did what you did, on several levels, including the one you took me to last night.”

“Oh, man, I am so relieved to here that,” said Kevin with a sigh. “And to think that when I was in the shower this morning, I was sure that when you woke up you would be out the door and gone, and I’d never see you again.”

“Not a chance, bro. Now ‘wave’ those eggs and eat em, they’re really good.”

“Oh, I will,” said Kevin, “All of a sudden I feel really hungry.”

Looking at the clock, Richie stood and said, “Well, I better get goin. I told my mom I’d be home by noon.” Then, with a mischievous grin on his face he added, “Unless you’re up for some more practice, that is.”

“Get outta here, you slut. I’ll get your sweatshirt while you get your jacket.”

As he walked down to his bedroom, Kevin was happy with how well things had worked out. Like Richie, he now had a friend that he could truly confide in. Life was looking up.

After retrieving Richie’s sweatshirt, he went down to the front door, arriving there just as Richie came up from the laundry room.

“Look, if Stephanie doesn’t want to go to Kyle’s tonight, you guys wanna ride over with me?” he asked, as he handed Richie his shirt.

“You bet,” said Richie, “I thought you’d never ask.”

“Sounds good, man. I’ll talk to you later, then.”

With that said, Richie was out the door and headed for home.

The temperature hadn’t changed much from the night before, but it didn’t bother Richie any as he made his way home. After last night, he didn’t think he could ever feel cold again. It was like a dream come true. He and Kevin had the perfect relationship, a personal, private, and pleasurable one that would help them both deal with what ever lay ahead. Life can be so good sometimes.

The aroma from the kitchen that filled Richie’s nose as he came through the back door, told him that his mother was well into phase two of her Christmas spirit. She was baking Christmas cookies, dozens of them, which she would be handing out to all of her friends and neighbors.

“Hey, Mom,” he said as he hung up his jacket and kicked off his sneakers. “I see you’re preparing us for our annual January diets, as usual.”

“You wouldn’t have to worry about that if you didn’t eat so many of these every year. If it wasn’t for the men in this family, I wouldn’t have to make so many of them, either,” said his mom in good humor.

“Don’t blame us, Mom,” said Richie as he hugged her around the waist from behind. “We wouldn’t eat so many if you weren’t so good at makin ’em.”

“My goodness, you’re in a good mood this morning. Have a cookie. There are some fresh ones on the table. Oh, and you better call Lindy, too. He phoned about eleven this morning and seemed to be in a panic about something.”

“I will, thanks. He doesn’t think he has anything to wear to the party, is all,” answered Richie as he began to munch on a cookie. “Where’s Dad and Carl, by the way?”

“Your father’s in the office working, and Carl is at the shop.”

“Carl’s at the shop? He never works weekends. He isn’t working overtime just so he can afford to lend me that money, is he?”

“I don’t think so, honey. He said Frank asked him to come in to help with the extra work they have due to this cold snap. Did you have a good time at Kevin’s?”

“Yeah, it was OK,” said Richie as his dick twitched in his jeans. “I’ll be in my room if anybody needs me, OK?”

Snatching the cordless from the wall, Richie filled his other hand with cookies as he headed for his room. Wiping his tongue across his teeth as he went, he was reminded that he needed to brush them as soon as he finished talking to Lindy. As he climbed the stairs, he punched in Lindy’s number, then listened for an answer.

“Hello?” It was Lindy.

“Hey, bro, what up?”

“Hey, Rich, bout time you got home. You gonna help me find something to wear, or do you want me to look like a total dork tonight?”

Richie’s good mood caused him to laugh easily at Lindy’s anxiety.

“I’m not sure clothes will help any, bro. Personally, I don’t see any difference between a dork and a Green Bay Packers fan.”

“Funny, Andrews. Well, are ya gonna help me or not?”

“Chill bro, I’ll be over in a half, OK?”


“By the way, did you talk to Nancy yet?”

“Yeah, I just got off the phone with her. She said she felt bad about it, but neither of them really wants to go. I told her not to worry about it, and that we both understood. So, it looks like it’s just me and you, bro. All we gotta do now is find a ride.”

“Well, I think I might have that already covered,” said Richie, “Kevin’s pretty sure that Stephanie won’t want to go, either. He won’t know for sure until he talks to her today, but if she doesn’t, he offered to give us a ride.”

“Works for me,” said Lindy, “But it’s sure beginning to look like there won’t be many women there tonight.”

“So, what are ya telling me, Lindy? Don’t you wanna go now?”

“No, man, I still wanna go... if my best bud will help me find some clothes, that is.”

“OK, OK, I’ll be right over. See ya.”

“See ya, Rich.”

Tossing the phone on the bed, Richie pulled off his dirty clothes. When he slipped out of his jeans, he noticed the borrowed boxers he was wearing. Since wearing his friends underwear seemed to give him a sense of connection with him, and since they were clean, he decided to wear them for the rest of the day.

After pulling on a fresh T-shirt and clean pair of jeans, he lay down on his bed to think about what had happened last night. With the exception of Kevin’s brush with Hypothermia, or what ever it was, the entire night was the best time Richie had ever experienced. Everything they did, from their conversations, to their sex, seemed as natural for him as anything he had ever done. It was like they were meant for each other, like two pieces of a puzzle, the only two pieces that fit perfectly together.

Their sex together was awesome, intensely erotic, and incredibly passionate. Yet it felt so natural, that not once did Richie feel nervous or apprehensive about what to do, or how to do it. Neither he, nor Kevin, had spoken a word throughout the entire experience, because nothing needed to be said. It was as if their minds became one. It was as if through instinct alone, their bodies responded to each other, to pleasure each other without consciously questioning their actions or motives.

Now, lying on his bed, Richie smiled as he recalled Kevin’s remark this morning about getting better with practice. ‘Oh yeah’, thought Richie, ‘I’m up for some practice, alright.’ Thinking back on it, even though he was joking at the time, Richie was somewhat disappointed that Kevin didn’t agree to a practice session before he left.

‘I sure hope we can practice a lot,’ thought Riche as he sat up on the edge of his bed and adjusted his stiff member for comfort, ‘A whole lot.’

Looking at his clock, he noticed he was running late, and thought that Lindy must be climbing the walls by now. Leaving his thoughts of last night behind, Richie went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Ten minutes later he was charging through Lindy’s back door.