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What We Are - Richie’s Story
By: R. Ryan

Chapter 4: Saturday Morning

The conversation was light during the trip from the hospital to Lindy’s house as they discussed the team’s chances in tomorrow’s Meet. When Lindy piled out of the car at his driveway, he told Richie he would be at his house around 7:00 the next morning, said his good-byes, then quickly ran into the house. Once the car door was closed again, they continued down the street to their own driveway, just two houses down.

Unlike Kevin’s garage, Richie's was detached, and set at the back corner of the property. As soon as the car was straightened out in the driveway, Mr. Andrews punched the remote control on the visor so the garage door was fully open when they reached it.

‘Home at last,’ thought Richie.

Once inside the house, Richie went immediately to his room where he started to get undressed. As he pulled his T-shirt up his chest and over his head, he heard a soft knock at the door.

“Come,” he said absentmindedly.

The door opened a crack, and his older brother, Carl, poked his head in. Smiling, but looking concerned at the same time, he stepped into the room.

“How ya doin, Sport?”

“OK, Carl, just a little tired is all.”

“Mom asked me to bring these up for you. She said you should take one if you’re in pain,” he said, as he put the pills on Richie’s nightstand.

“Thanks, but I think I’ll try to get to sleep without them.”

“Well, they’re right here if you need ’em.”

Then, with more concern in his face than Richie could remember ever seeing before, Carl looked his younger brother in the eyes.

“Is it true what they said? Did you really get hit in the balls with a hockey puck?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Ooooh, man, that had to hurt.”

“Oh yeah, it did that for sure.”

“Well, get some sleep, bro, I’ll see you in the morning.”

With that, he slipped out of the room, quietly closing the door behind him.

As he reached for the laces of the borrowed sneakers on his feet, Richie pictured Kevin’s body from when he had stripped in front of him earlier. Then, he thought of Kyle, and wondered what he would look like in the nude. His dick was almost fully hard by the time he got his socks off, so he was thankful for the release he felt when he stood to open the button and pull down the zipper of his Levi’s.

When he sat down again, he slipped his jeans to his feet then kicked them into a heap on the floor. As badly as he needed one, he thought briefly about taking a shower. His aching groin and tired muscles, however, told him it could wait until morning. He stretched his arms above his head, yawned then rolled onto his back on top of his unmade bed. As his muscles relaxed, he closed his eyes and pictured Kevin’s naked body in his mind. Then, the picture quickly changed to what he thought Kyle would look like naked, then the both of them together. Finally, both images were replaced with Lindy’s body. He sighed as he once again returned to the events of last Friday night.


As soon as both boys were naked and lying next to each other on Richie’s bed, Lindy to Richie’s left, Lindy propped himself up on one elbow and looked into his best friends eyes.

“You sure you want to do this, Rich?”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure... but if you have any doubts, just say so and we’ll drop the whole thing.”

“No, no doubts from me. I just want to make sure that you’re OK with it.”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he answered. “Let’s do it.”

“All right,” said Lindy, with his devilish grin, “Since I’m the experienced one here, why don’t I do you first? That way, if you have second thoughts afterwards, you don’t have to do me and we’ll call it quits.”

Richie just nodded his response, and closed his eyes in anticipation.

As Lindy’s gaze drifted down across Richie’s smooth chest and stomach toward his ridged, pulsing, 5 inch boy meat, he remembered how much pleasure he had gotten when Ronnie jacked him off. He had no doubts about his sexuality. He knew he wasn’t gay, but he also knew how good another person’s hand could feel on your rock hard cock. Richie was his very best friend, so for this one time only, he was determined to do his very best to send him to the moon, and beyond.

Being a novice at this, Lindy drew on one of his own jack-off fantasies. It was the one where he would picture some Super Model pleasuring him, while he caressed and stroked his own body to orgasm.

He started slow by placing his right hand gently on Richie’s hairless abdomen. He began to caress him in a steady, circular motion, the edge of his pinkie finger just brushing the top edge of Richie’s small patch of pubic hair. Richie responded immediately by moaning softly. The touch of Richie’s skin beneath his hand was smooth and warm, and Lindy could feel each heartbeat as he continued his ministrations. Gradually, with each pass, his hand moved ever closer toward Richie’s swollen member. When finally his hand moved across Richie’s pubic hair, his little finger now rubbing across the top of his dick at its base, he changed his pattern slightly. When he reached the right side of his pubic mound, he gently slid his hand down across the top of Richie’s thigh, then back up and over to the left side and down that thigh. Richie’s moans became louder as he spread his legs apart, inviting his friend to touch him wherever he wanted. He was putty in Lindy’s hands.

Accepting this silent invitation, Lindy began to stroke between Richie’s legs. First one side then up and over his cock to the other side. He stroked the entire length of the warm soft flesh of his inner thighs, moving his hand from just above his knees to where it would nestle between his leg and his scrotum, his balls feeling incredibly hot on the back of Lindy’s hand. After a few minutes of this gentle caressing, Richie’s moans became louder, even animal like, telling Lindy he was achieving what he’d set out to do.

When he slid his hand up to Richie’s balls again, he cupped them in his palm this time, giving them a gentle squeeze. Next, he circled his thumb and forefinger around Richie’s scrotum at the base of his dick, and tugged slightly downward as he gently squeezed, then released, then squeezed again on his testicles. Each new move caused Richie’s twitching and moaning to increase. Lindy wanted to take his time, and he hoped that Richie could hold out until he was ready to send him into orbit.

Without letting go of Richie’s balls, Lindy maneuvered himself into a sitting position. He now sat cross-legged, Indian style, freeing his left hand to caress Richie’s smooth stomach and hairless chest.

As he massaged and tugged on his balls with his right hand, he rubbed and pinched Richie’s nipples with the fingers of his left, making them firm and erect. Every few minutes, he would alternate from feeling Richie’s thighs, to squeezing his balls with his right hand, while his left hand went from rubbing his nipples, to kneading his stiff cock. He continued moving his hands over Richie’s body with just enough stimulation to bring him close to orgasm, then he would change the combination to keep him from going over the edge. He was enjoying this new feeling of power he had over his friend, but soon realized Richie was getting too close for him to control much longer.

While he continued to stroke Richie’s stomach and pubic area with his left hand, he moved his right hand up over Richie’s ball sack to the base of his rock hard penis, circling it with his thumb and forefinger. Then, applying a gentle pressure, he moved it up the length of his member toward its head. Once there, he slid his palm over the piss slit which was seeping large amounts of pre-cum. Smiling at this, Lindy returned his hand to the base of Richie’s cock. Wrapping his fingers around it again, he squeezed tightly before stroking his hand back up toward the top. This move caused Richie to gasp, his back to arch up off the bed, and his dick to release another huge drop of pre-cum that dribbled down onto Lindy’s hand.

Using Richie’s pre-cum as a lubricant, Lindy began to slowly jack him off, his hand now a fist, wrapped tightly around his friends cock. As he did this, he caressed his stomach, thighs, and balls with his other hand. He started with a slow, deliberate rhythm, coating Richie’s dick with more pre-cum as it oozed from his cock-head. Sensing that Richie was getting close, Lindy increased his motion gradually, his left hand now firmly massaging and pulling on his balls. Soon, his right hand became a blur as he pounded his friend’s cock with abandon. All of a sudden Richie’s whole body went rigid, his back arched high off the bed, and he screamed as he went over the edge. Thick streams of boy cum erupted from his dick, blasting out with such force that the first three spurts flew clear over his stomach and chest to land on his chin, shoulder, and even on the pillow next to his ear. The dozen or so that followed, tracked down his chest and stomach, filling his navel, and coating Lindy’s hand as his balls gave up all they had.

Lindy gently massaged Richie’s slowly deflating cock as he watched his body relax and settle back down on the bed. He was pleased with himself, much as he was when he did Ronnie, only more so, since it was his best friend he had pleasured this time. The room was filled with the smell of boy cum when Lindy finally released his hold on Richie’s member to wait for him to come back to earth.

Richie lay very still, reveling in the afterglow of the most awesome orgasm he could have ever imagined. As his breathing returned to normal, and he began to remember where he was and what had just happened, he heard Lindy’s voice as it cut through the fog that slowly lifted from around his mind.

“Yo, Rich, are you awake, man?”

“Oh yeah. Thanks, Lindy, that was fantastic,” he said, almost to softly to be heard.

“Say what?”

It was Lindy’s voice again, but it sounded different somehow. Although it was friendly enough, it seemed to lack the intimacy he expected after what had just transpired. Lindy spoke again, this time louder, and he began to laugh. How could he laugh at a time like this?

“Eeeeww, Rich, that must have been the mother of all wet dreams, dude.”

The misplaced laughter was cutting through to Richie’s sleep muddled brain. ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’ he wondered.

Right then, Richie’s eyes snapped open as he was finally jolted into the harsh world of the awake. He was staring at the ceiling of his bedroom, Lindy’s laughter assaulting his ears. In one terrifying moment, Richie snapped his head in the direction of Lindy’s voice, suddenly realizing what was happening - what had happened. He was lying on his back, on the top of his bed, exactly as he had been when he began thinking about last Friday’s sleepover. Only now it was morning, and the sun was shinning through his window. Lindy was leaning against the wall by the door, howling with laughter, and Richie’s cum soaked boxers were exposed for the world to see - well, certainly exposed for Lindy to see.

‘That pervert just watched me have a wet dream,’ he thought.

Tears were streaming down Lindy’s cheeks, and his stomach was beginning to hurt from the laughter as he leaned against the wall of Richie’s bedroom. He had just caught his best friend having a wet dream. He didn’t just catch him with wet boxers after the fact, either - he saw it happen.


Lindy had arrived at Richie’s house at about a quarter to seven, thinking his friend could use the extra 15 minutes before their ride showed up to get ready, and eat some breakfast. He had come in through the back door in his usual fashion, where he found Richie’s mom and dad at the kitchen table drinking their morning coffee.

“Morning,” he said as he pulled off his snow covered sneakers.

“Good morning, Lindy,” said Richie’s dad. “You ready for the big meet today?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Is Rich up yet?”

“No, he’s not as a matter of fact,” answered Mr. Andrews as he glanced at the clock. “Why don’t you go wake him and save us the trip?”

“No prob, Mr. A, got it covered.”

After he brushed off the little bit of snow that had attached itself to the cuffs of his blue jeans, Lindy made his way through the house to the stairs. He headed up to Richie’s room as he always did, taking two steps at a time, then knocked softly on his door. As he had expected, there was no response from within, so he turned the knob and slowly swung the door open. Walking quietly over to the bed, he looked down at Richie as he slept. He smiled affectionately at the sight, thinking for a moment how lucky he was to have Richie as his best friend.

Wondering if he should shock him awake with a loud noise or something, he noticed that he was lying on his back on top of the sheets, wearing only a pair of boxers. He also noticed his boxers were noticeably tented with a morning hard-on. Thinking a more gentle awakening was in order, he reached out and poked him in the shoulder as he spoke in a quiet voice.

“Yo, Rich, you awake, man?”

Immediately Richie began to moan deep in his throat, and his body began to twitch and tense up. Lindy jumped back in surprise when Richie’s back arched up, lifting his ass off the bed in the process. He stared, opened mouth, as Richie's body began to buck and thrust into the air while his cum began to blast the inside of his boxers. His eyes stayed riveted on the sight as he watched his best friend’s sperm soak through the cotton material and spread out in all directions.

‘Whoa, awesome,’ he thought to himself, ‘What a fucking load that was.’

As he watched him come down from his orgasm, the smile on Lindy’s face quickly grew into a grin.

‘How many guys can say they’ve watched their best bud have a wet dream,’ he thought, ‘This has to be a rarely witnessed event for sure.’

Then he thought he heard Richie say something to him, but he couldn’t quite make it out.

“Say what?” he asked.

No response.

Not being able to control himself any longer, Lindy began to giggle. Looking again at Richie’s cum soaked underwear, his giggles turned into a full-fledged belly laugh and he had to lean against the wall to keep from falling down. When he noticed Richie begin to wake up, he regained control of himself enough to speak to him again.

“Eeeeww, Rich, that must have been the mother of all wet dreams, dude.”

This comment sent him into another uncontrollable fit of laughter.

Grabbing a fistful of bed sheets, Richie quickly covered his sopping wet groin and shouted.

“Lindstrom! What the fuck are you doing here? Don’t you ever knock, asshole? Get the fuck out of my room!”

“Come on, Rich, lighten up, man. You have GOT to see the humor in this, bro,” said Lindy as he continued to howl.

Richie was pissed. It was bad enough to get caught having a wet dream, the granddaddy of embarrassing moments, but what really scared him was the thought that maybe Lindy heard him thank him for the hand job. Maybe Lindy knew what he was dreaming about. His embarrassment fueled his anger.

“Get out, Lindy, NOW!”

Although Lindy felt he didn’t deserve this kind of treatment, he knew that discretion was the better part of valor, so decided to retreat rather than risk getting his face punched in. Still not able to fully control his laughing, he stumbled through the door and headed downstairs.

Once Lindy had left, Richie pulled the sheets back and examined the telltale mess in his boxers. The amount of cum that stained his shorts was impressive, and despite his anger at Lindy, he had to smile to himself at sheer volume of the sticky liquid. ‘Good job Andrews,’ he thought as he peeled the slimy garment from his body and tossed it into his dirty clothes hamper. Then, as he started to move toward his door, he wondered what his mom would think when she found them in the wash. This prompted him to retrieve them again and take them with him as he made his way, naked, to the bathroom to take a shower.

Pausing briefly at the linen closet to fetch a fresh towel, he could hear Lindy, still laughing from somewhere downstairs.

Flipping on the bathroom light, he came face to face with his reflection in the full length mirror that hung on the door as he pushed it closed. It was the first time he had looked at himself since he was at Kevin's the night before, and the sight of his bruises made him wince. ‘God it looks bad,’ he thought. Then he smiled as he looked at his boxers. Thinking that his plumbing seemed to be working quite well despite his injury, he gently prodded the discolored flesh with his fingers, feeling a mild pain with each poke. Deciding that it wasn’t as bad as it felt last night, he turned the water on for his shower as he dropped his cum soaked shorts into the tub. They made a squishy plop as they landed under the spray from the shower head, and he smiled again at the amount of cum they contained.

After he was satisfied with the water temperature, he stepped into the tub and drew the curtain closed. As the water rained down over his aching body, he wondered again what Lindy might have heard him say as he blew his wad into his boxers. Deciding he would have to find out as soon as he could, he began to prepare a mental list of cover stories to fit any possible scenarios. He shampooed his hair, then soaped up the rest of his body, being extra careful as he washed his groin. While rinsing himself clean, he held his underwear directly under the powerful spray to clean off all his spunk. Once he was satisfied, he hung them on the towel rod at the foot of the tub and turned off the shower.

Drawing back the curtain, he snatched his fresh towel off the toilet seat and began to dry himself while he stood in the tub. Momentarily forgetting his delicate condition, he rubbed the towel a little too roughly across his dick, gasping at the sudden shot of pain it caused. He would have to remember to be extra careful in the future. Once he was dried off, he wrapped the towel around his waist before stepping up to the sink to comb his hair and brush his teeth.

When he returned to his room, he saw Lindy sitting on the edge his bed, a shit-eating grin plastered across his face. His anger returned as he glared down at him.

“You don’t listen very well do you, Lindstrom.”

The grin on Lindy’s face disappeared quickly.

“Look, Rich, I’m sorry, man. I just came in here to wake you up, I swear. I wasn’t spying on you or anything. Besides, just think what it would have been like if your mom or dad came in instead of me.”

Richie knew he was right, but he was so embarrassed he channeled it into anger.

“Do you have any idea how embarrassing that was?”

“Well, duh! Why d’ya think it was so funny?”

Richie’s anger was beginning to ebb as he sat down next to Lindy. He realized that if their roles were reversed, he would have laughed just as hard.

“So, are we OK, Rich?”

“Yeah, sure, we’re OK,” he answered, as he reached over for their slap-tap handshake. “Let’s just forget it.”

“Done,” said Lindy.

As an afterthought, Richie turned to his friend with the most seriously stern look he could muster.

“And I MEAN that, too, Lindy. If you ever tell anyone about this, I’ll kick your ass so hard you’ll shit blood for a month. Understand?”

“Whoa, my lips are sealed, man, I promise. Just tell me one thing and I’ll never mention it again.”


“Who were you dreaming about to crank out that much cream?”

Richie looked at his feet as he thought about his cover stories.

“Um, I think it was Britney Spears, but it’s kinda hard to remember now.”

Then, hearing what sounded like a snicker, he looked out of the corner of his eye toward his friend and saw that evil grin on his face again. The grin turned into another snicker, then both boys began to laugh out loud at the same time. After all, thought Richie, it was pretty funny at that.

As their laughter began to subside, Lindy looked over at Richie's alarm clock.

“You better get dressed, bro, or we’re gonna be late.”

“Oh, shit, you’re right,” said Richie.

Jumping to his feet, he grabbed the towel from around his waist and dropped it in a heap on the floor, exposing his bruises to Lindy’s view.

“Holy shit... that’s one hell of a shiner you got there, bro. Does it hurt much?”

“Nah, not unless I bump it or somethin. That’s why I haven’t taken any of those pills yet. I don’t want to take any drugs unless I have to,” said Richie as he turned to grab a fresh pair of boxers from his dresser.

“Well, for sure it isn’t bad enough to keep you from shooting your wad.”

At this comment, Richie turned to his friend with a look that could have killed.

Getting the message, but with a huge grin still on his face, Lindy jumped up and headed for the door.

“Sorry man. I swear, that’s the last time I say anything about it.” Then he added over his shoulder as he bounded down the stairs, “Hurry up, there’s some breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen.”

Richie quickly pulled on the rest of his clothes, including a pair of his own sneakers. Grabbing Kevin’s shoes, he then raced down the stairs to catch up with his friend.

As he entered the kitchen, he saw Lindy filling a plate of bacon and eggs from the warming pan on the stovetop.

“Who cooked breakfast?”

“I did.” answered Lindy. “Now hurry up and eat, the guys’ll be here any minute.”

“Where is everybody?”

“Don’t know. I think Carl's still in bed, and your rents are around here somewhere.”

“Thanks, Lindy, I’m starved.”

“Thought ya might be. Besides, I guess I kinda owe ya for earlier.”

Shrugging off the comment, Richie sat down and attacked his food like a man condemned. While he ate, Lindy sat across from him and sipped on a half-filled glass of OJ. No experienced swimmer ever entered a meet on a full stomach. That is, of course, unless he wanted to puke his guts out after swimming his first race.

“So, dude, are your mom and dad coming to the Meet today?” asked Richie.

“Nah, they said they couldn’t make it today. Dad’s at the shop and Mom’s working a double shift.”

“Ya know what?” said Richie, “I think this is the first time that at least one of our parents won’t be there.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right. Kinda weird, huh?”

Five minutes later, as Richie drained the last drops of milk from his glass, the front doorbell rang.

“Chill, bro,” said Lindy, “I’ll get it.”

While Lindy ran for the front door, Richie rinsed his dishes off in the sink while he glanced at the clock. ‘7:30,’ he thought, ‘right on time.’ He felt good about the growing relationship between himself and the two older boys. After all, it wasn’t often that a junior would hang out with a freshman, and he was developing a friendship with two of them.

His thoughts were interrupted when Lindy ushered the other two boys into the kitchen. Kevin was the first to speak.

“Yo, Rich, how they hangin this morning?”

As he turned toward the voice, he noticed Lindy smiling. He had obviously set up this repeat of last night’s joke with Kevin.

“OK, Kevin. A little tender is all. How you guys doin?”

“We’re sitting on ready, bro. Just waiting for you.” Then, reaching out his hand with Richie’s shoes in it, he said, “Got a present for ya.”

“Oh, thanks, man. Just put them down by the back door, will ya... and you can take yours back, they’re right next to the fridge.”

Once the breakfast dishes were all rinsed, and the crumbs were wiped from the table, they were ready to go.

“Why don’t you guys go out this way while I let my mom know we’re leaving. I’ll meet you at the car,” said Richie, indicating the back door.

A minute later, as Richie emerged from the house, he noticed that Kevin was in the back seat with Lindy. Easing into the front seat, he was about to ask about the seating arrangements when Kevin spoke up.

“I thought it would be easier for you to get in and out of the front in your tender condition.”

“Thanks, but it really isn’t that bad.”

The sooner his ‘condition’ was forgotten, the better. He also knew that the jokes were only getting started. Once word got around school, he would be pummeled from all sides with all the one-liners his friends and teammates could come up with.

Glancing at Kyle, Richie realized he hadn’t spoken a word since he arrived, “Hey, Kyle, what up? You haven’t said a word this morning.”

“That’s just Jake being Jake,” said Kevin. “He isn’t your typical morning person. Give him another half hour or so and he’ll be OK.”

“Bite me, Hatcher,” said Kyle over his shoulder.

Then he turned to Richie with a smile that revealed his perfect white teeth.

“He’s right though, I’m not quite awake yet I guess.”

With that, he put his right hand on Richie’s knee and gave it a gentle squeeze. This action was innocent enough, but it sent a small jolt of electricity through Richie’s leg that traveled all the way up to his crotch. He returned Kyle’s smile with one of his own, and they held each other’s gaze for a long moment. That moment was finally broken when Lindy piped up from the back seat.

“So, do you guys have a game or practice this afternoon?”

“A game,” answered Kyle, “It’s against Polk High, and they’re gonna be easy to beat. Their goalie’s a sieve. He’s so bad even Hatch should be able to score on him.”

“What position do you play, Kyle?” asked Richie.

“Second line ‘D’. But I’ll see a lot of ice-time against these guys.”

After a few minutes of silence, Kyle spoke again.

“So what’s up with Stephanie, Hatch? Is she coming to the game today?”

“Yeah, she’s meeting me later at the meet and we’ll both go over from there.” answered Kevin without much enthusiasm in his voice.

“Where’s the game being played?” asked Richie, “Maybe me and Lindy can come and watch.”

“It’s at Central Memorial Ice Arena,” said Kyle. “You know where that is?”

“Yeah, I think so,” said Richie, “Maybe my dad can drive us over. What do ya think, Lindy?”

“Sorry, no can do, bro. Like I told ya before, Mom’s working a double shift, and Dad’s at the shop. So, of course, I have to sit for Brad this afternoon.”

“Aw, man. The kid’s 12 years old, you’d think he could take care of himself for a few hours.”

“Hey, I couldn’t agree more, dude. So tell that to my parents, would ya.”

“You can ride over with me, Rich,” said Kyle, “Kevin and Stephanie will go over in her mom’s car, so we’ll go in mine. Then I can take you home after. What d’ya think?”

“Sounds like a plan to me. I’ll take a ride in your car over my dad’s anytime.”

“Good. It’s a done deal then,” said Kyle as he smiled at Richie.

As they drove the rest of the way in silence, Richie thought about his growing attraction toward Kyle. He was still very confused about his sexuality, and felt uncomfortable with the possibility that he might be gay. Although he wasn’t ready to accept it yet, he had decided that if he was in fact gay, he would learn to live with it; that and all the baggage that came with it. Right now, though, all he could think about was how he could get into the hockey team locker room later to get a look at Kyle without any clothes on.