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by ben.

Chapter Ten.


A lone pancake sat on the middle of my plate, drowning in maple syrup, half cooked and wearing the mocking half grin of a crescent shaped bite. I wasn't very hungry and even if I was, this wasn't food.

"I haven't eaten for three days almost...why is this so rancid?" Ashley piped, toying disinterestedly with a strip of burnt bacon on his plate. He looked up, "Are you cool Graham?"

I grunted and pulled the wayfarer sunglasses down on my eyes. The bags under my eyes had all but disappeared after a good night sleep and had long since stopped being bloodshot, but with the glasses on, it was easy to fade out.

Ashley had heard, like everyone else that I had slept with Dion. It was the new gossip before we even rolled out of bed, before Dion pulled sandblasted jeans up his toned, tanned legs and a vintage polo shirt over his smooth, naked chest -- pumping blood directly into my dick via satellite.

"I'm fine."

I didn't know as he flashed his killer smile and waltzed out that I had just slept with the head boy, Dion Connell. Not just the head boy but the nephew of Father Anton Connell, the authoritarian priest who ran this school. I didn't see the trouble at first.

"And I care because...?" I asked Ashley after he explained to me who I had fucked.

Ashley looked at me incredulously for a second, and then rattled off some impressive statistics. Dion had been transferred to three different schools. Two boys' schools where he was expelled for inciting sexual scandals within the student body and a third co-ed institution where he engaged in `unconventional sexual behavior' with the daughter of wealthy southern gentleman who was out for blood. With few other options, he was enrolled at St. Matthews where his uncle would keep an eye on him. How this worked in practice however, was that Father Connell simply removed any boy whom his nephew became involved with, slowly moving through the student body.

"So I'm gone?" I asked, Ashley looked into his burnt bacon and I was glad for his honesty.

I had to say that I wasn't that concerned. After all, without Iggy there wasn't much reason to stick around this place but Ashley looked petrified when I asked the question, the poor boy didn't know what to do with himself.

"It's cool if they ship me out. I'll just go back to California and start a website or something." I assured him pathetically, readjusting my sunglasses to block out maximum UV rays and concern for my fellow man.

Ashley tentatively poked a sausage link, "All I'm saying is that you should be careful."

"Sorry to interrupt boys. May I have a moment with you Mr. Raleigh?"

Ashley threw up.


Thankfully it was Dean White and not Father Connell, so I was safe for the moment. Once we were comfortably behind the walls of his office I collapsed into the plush coach against the far end of his office wall. I didn't intend to start pouring, it was the furthest thing from my mind but s soon as my ass hit the leather, the words wouldn't relent.

"What the fuck!" Was my opening salvo, "I've been fucking around since day one with everyone and his brother but when it comes what I actually want that's a different story. Am I defective?"

I sighed. Dean White just stared at me with a slightly disaffected look tinged with pity that made me renegotiate my feelings.

"Graham, we're all defective and I'm sorry about Iago." He took a step closer and touched my chin gently and I felt so much better having been touched. "But Dion is a nice guy, a bit confused, a bit aimless...like you. That's why I called you here."

I raised an eyebrow, was this the expulsion part?

"Should I be packing?" I asked.

"No, you should be getting dressed in a couple hours though." He said instead, taking a place next to me on the couch and put his hand on my knee in a way that I couldn't decide was sexual or not. "I put in a good word for you with Father Connell, told him that maybe you wouldn't be like the other boys his nephew has been cavorting with. That maybe you would be a good resting place...maybe you would be a good resting place for each other. But..."

I had been waiting.

"He's not a man whose that easily convinced. He wants to meet you. So the four of us, you, Father Connell, Dion and I, are going to have dinner tonight. Don't worry about the attire, it's a casual thing."

I took that to mean I should dress my best, just in case there had been a firing squad hired, one expects to look nice at the end even if all they would eventually find was my tattered remains. I leaned over to kiss Dean White on his lips just gently enough to be a thank you and he just barely kissed me back, just lightly enough to mean that it wasn't something I should worry about. I was impressed by the language two bodies could create outside of sex, I was pleased and of course, I was petrified.


I showed up to the parking lot of the school at 7:23 sharp for my 7:15 sharp appointment with the Dean who was supposed to drive me out Connell's place. He was waiting patiently when I got there in the driver's seat of his Subaru. I climbed in and put my seatbelt on before I realized that he was wearing jeans, a pea coat and boots -- instantly making me comfortable with the long-sleeved shirt/vest plus jeans combo that I had selected at the last minute after fussing with my hair for far too long. I eventually decided that trapping my locks into a conservative ponytail (if there is such a thing) was better than laboring over a gelled back monstrosity that would most likely fail before we took to the road. I was feeling pretty comfortable as the Dean pulled out of the parking lot to undertake the road.

"Don't mention being gay, Connell won't stand for it -- if you have to refer to your relationship with Dion, call it friendship. He'll probably ask some stupid `hopelessly heterosexual questions' just tolerate them and don't be snide. We'll all get through this."

I nodded and looked over at him as he drove. I occurred to me at that point that I'd never given a blowjob in a moving vehicle...not that I intended to try now, not on the way to go meet Dion's uncle...but handjobs were ok, right?

I rested my hand on his thigh, rubbing it fraternally and noncommittally. He pretended not to notice as I reached over and unzipped his fly, reaching just a finger inside to rub the impossibly soft cotton of his boxers and the softer flesh beneath it. No dice, no reaction. Trailing my finger down the upper top of the shaft I could access without unbuckling his belt, I applied pressure randomly to his cock and eventually coming to play with the circumcised head through the underwear, now lightly oozing precum and just barely wetting the material.

"If things go well with Dion, do you plan to stop having these...excursions?" He asked as he turned into a driveway and I quickly retracted my hand.

"We're not exclusive. We haven't even had a real conversation. We just had sex, we're not buying rings yet." I protested as Dean White zipped up his jeans, turned off the car and gave me a look of subtle disappointment before climbing out of the car.

I followed his lead and we walked together to a cozy little house where inside I could hear Creed's "Higher" playing. I knew it was going to be a long night.


We all sat down to dinner, Father Connell in an unadventurous argyle sweater and traditional slacks. It was Dion who took the cake, looking no tremendously cute in a form-fitting crimson shirt with just a bit too-long sleeves and the perfect pair of diesel jeans, both accentuating his slender form. I tried not to look too hard which was easy with Anton Connell stealing rigid looks at me. Eventually we started eating, a semi-vegetarian dinner with shrimp as the only `meat' offering as Dion was a practicing tentative vegetarian himself and had single-handedly prepared the meal. I was impressed anyone could cook these days much less a boy, much less a boy that I had slept with.

"It's impressive that you're such a good cook Dion, where did you learn?" Dean White asked as he speared a piece of cabbage.

Dion grinned bashfully and I tried to ignore my hardening cock.

"My au pair Christian was attending culinary school when I was younger, he cooked for me a lot and I just had an interest. Eventually when I was old enough to take care of myself, we rehired him as our chef. He comes in a couple times a week and we give him a little bonus to give me lessons even though he would do it for free. Or so he says." Dion ended with a cordial laugh and we all chimed in on command like a family special.

"So Grant, Reece tells me that you've been invited to join the Staff & Pendulum Honor Society here at St. Matthews. It's very prestigious, few if any are inducted. This year I think you, Dion and one other boy may be the sole inductees. Have you started the initiation process yet?" Father Connell asked sipping his glass of red wine and eyeing me closely.

I quickly dropped my fork and looked up as I swabbed at my mouth for phantom traces of the meal, to be taken seriously, this was a necessary motion.

"I actually haven't accepted the invitation yet." I chimed, Connell dropped his fork.

"What? Why not? Why would you even consider snubbing one of, if not the most revered preparatory school honor societies in the country? Nearly one hundred percent of our students go on to Ivy League schools then on to respectable positions in medicine, business and law. What reason could you possibly have to refuse them? Are you some kind of rogue, boy? Because I'll not have it! What profession are you looking into?" He ranted, almost yelling by the time his finger wagged disapprovingly at `rogue.'

"I was discussing this just yesterday with Graham actually Uncle Anton and its uncanny, we're both thinking about law. He has his heart set on Princeton but of course, I'm more of a Cornell man myself. Of course, his parents want him to go to Columbia..." Dion lied with a wink that silenced me as Connell roared back into the conversation.

"Columbia! What a bunch of hacks! You'd be hard pressed to find a worse curriculum! They'll just let anyone into that school with a high school diploma and a dream but Princeton, admirable school. One of the best by far though Cornell's not bad, you ought to let Grant convince you into going to Princeton, by far one of the best."

After a few more disparaging comments on Columbia, Father Connell went for a quick drink with Dean White in the parlor and Dion and I were left to our devices. We of course opted to dash up to his room on the second floor of the house, which he locked behind me.

Sighing I collapsed onto his bed with a hand to my forehead groaning, "Ugh! What was that? Princeton? Law? I don't want to do anything."

"Yeah, fuck, I wanna' go to culinary school...I think." Dion laughed crashing down next to me on the soft sheets.

I wanted to drift away, to fall asleep and forget about the randomness of the evening.

"Do you really want to be a chef?" I mused groggily, my voice muffled with my face in the comforter.

As I left my senses wander, Dion climbed onto my back and began massaging my shoulders tenderly, like a boyfriend would...

"I don't really know. I could want to be a chef though, right? Is that valid?" He leaned down and kissed my ear, revitalizing my erection with ease as he whispered, "Do you want to fuck me?"

"Fuck yeah." I enthused though still muffled.

By now I had started to grind my hips ever so slightly into the bed as Dion massaged down from my shoulders and across my back. I tried not to get too turned on too quickly as he worked magic in my lower back.

"Are you sure you're trying to get me to fuck you?" I asked as I rolled off my stomach playfully, causing Dion to fall back onto the bed.

I pounced him while he was down and thrust my lips onto his. He moaned a little but kissed back just as hard while frantically unbuckling and unzipping. My hands were working even faster with his. I had just pushed his jeans past his hips, revealing his close-fitting boxer briefs that nearly pushed me into maddening desire when he stopped me.

"If you want to do this, I have one favor to ask. Two actually. Do you want to do this?" I knew there was a catch.

"Fine, fine, whatever. I'm not doing anything crazy like flogging you...a little spanking is fine by me though." I grinned, trying to go in for another kiss which he dodged deftly to my annoyance, "What the fuck? What do you want...stop being a tease!"

"If you fuck me, you have to join the tops with me so that I don't have to go through initiation without a friendly face." I nodded to his demand but he stopped me again, this time by physically covering my mouth, "And...I have to be the only person you fuck for a while. I like you Graham, I think you're awesome but...I don't like the idea of being another fuck buddy. Suck whoever you want, get sucked by everyone if you need but you fuck me or we don't fuck."

I looked at him incredulously for a minute.

"What?" I asked with squinted eyes, trying to fully understand what had just been asked of me, "Are you serious? You want to be exclusive? Like a boyfriend?"

"Yeah...kind of." Dion said carefully, sliding out from under me and leaning back on the headboard further up the bed.

He crossed his legs and gave me a kind of pleading look for a moment before averting his eyes. I was trying to figure it all out.

"We met like yesterday. How can you want to be the only person I'm seeing? How can you want to me to be the only person you're seeing? I think you're hot and you seem like a cool guy but...that's a different thing entirely you're talking about. That's a serious commitment."

"I'm not stupid. I get it. I mean, wasn't it good when we had sex? Why not see explore that? Get to know --" I cut him off, I had to, he was losing it, "Get to know each other? Explore each other's depths? Are you serious? That's for couples in their forties who are stuck together. Next you'll be trying to spice up our love life. Think about what you're asking me Dion. We're nowhere near ready for that. I can't promise exclusivity, I'm sorry."

"It's ok, I was too forward." He said smiling a mask of a smile, "just do me a favor and get the fuck out of my room."