Sooo...I've been sitting on this chapter for over a year. It's been rewritten so many times that I've lost count and it suggests a second coming. Maybe that'll happen soon. I do like Graham. Anyway, lemme know if you like it and/or you'd like to see more: Anyway, this is the thrilling conclusion.



Chapter Eleven.


When your room phone rings for the first time since you've been at school, you begin to wonder who could be calling. When it rings at four a.m., that's when you wonder who the fuck could be calling but not until after you wonder where the fuck the phone is in the first place.

"It's four a.m." I said instead of a greeting.

"Graham Honey. It's mom." I guess it was, that or this was a hallucination and the reason I couldn't immediately recall how the night before ended was chemical, "Your father and I have amazing news!"

As usual, she didn't wait for my false display of enthusiasm.

"We've been talking and we think you've learned a valuable lesson at St. Matthew's and that it's time you came home. All your friends have been asking about you." I knew she was lying when she said `all your friends', "Your father and I have a film about a close-knit family about to premiere at Cannes and we'd really like you to be there."

Translation: `It might look weird if we showed up to a family film without the cute son that we once appeared in the People with.' I respected my parents for being transparent because it saved me the trouble of having to figure them out.

"When is the premiere?"

I could hear the lips spreading across her teeth in the self-contented smile that meant she had conquered yet another hurdle in her road to nauseating wealth and notoriety, "We're arriving in France on Monday. With today being Thursday, if you forgot, gives you until Saturday night to catch a flight back out west. Of course you'll spend Sunday at the spa with your dad and then you'll meet with Julie. Do you remember Julie Dryden? She's a fabulous stylist she's worked with everyone from Styles to Pitt, she's fabulous. Then we'll have a family dinner and we've invited a few people from work, it's a welcome back party too and we've invited a few magazines. On Monday, we're off. Doesn't that sound great darling?"

I had been zoned out since France but I feigned interest by grunting in agreement thinking that this would have set off anyone's suspicion levels as long as they could hear anything besides their own voice.

"Fantastic darling, I'm so glad you're this excited!" Of course, I gave her too much credit.

After a few more minutes of mindless chatting, she hung up abruptly to take a call from her publicist and I realized that she probably had no idea of the time difference on either coast which made it easy for her to wake me up at 4 a.m. Scowling, I dropped the phone down on the hook and rolled unto my back to stare at the ceiling as I tried to piece together the night before.

I recalled going for dinner with Dion, his uncle and Dean White then the tragic misaligning of long-term goals between Dion and myself leading to me being thrown out. After that I figured that I probably got the Dean to drive me back to the school for some drug related recreation with Miles who I had still not forgiven for his bad drugs. Probably the most likely course of events considering that my head was slightly stiff with the dregs of a headache and that my stomach felt unsettled. Accepting this as a realistic enough scenario, I shut my eyes hoping for a couple more hours of rest.

the night before...


"What would you do? I mean, the guy was throwing himself at me raving about `commitment' when I don't even remember meeting him! Okay, so yeah we had sex but still. Jesus! I've had sex with you too and we're definitely not an item. Besides..." I alternately grumbled and yelled as Dean White glowered behind the wheel, navigating the forest-y streets leading back to the school.

"Dion is a nice guy. I thought you were too." He remarked as he turned into the parking lot.

"He's fine but he's " I started.

"Not Iago." He finished as he shut the engine off and looked over at me, "Iago made his decision and it wasn't you. Now it's time you made yours. Thank you, Mr. Raleigh that will be all."

Rightfully pissed off, I managed to keep my tongue and get out of the car without settling the Dean right about Iago because he clearly had no idea what I was going through.

"Fuck you." I seethed as I slammed the door to his car, shoved my hands into my pockets and strolled back towards the school. I'm not so good at keeping the peace.

Once inside I bypassed my room and knocked on Miles' door. Though there was no immediate answer, I could hear slow, careful music playing softly on the other side of the door so I knocked again a bit harder this time. Pressing my ear to the door I could hear shuffling inside and then suddenly it was yanked open and I stumbled back, a bit of embarrassment causing a blush to rise to my cheeks and my raw anger to fade. Miles was dressed (or undressed) in a pair of skin tight black trunks that left nothing to the imagination outlining the shape that he casually attempted to hide (just barely succeeding and with a good bit of it leftover) with one of his large hands. He smelled like a mix of sweat and vanilla that made me hard despite myself in addition to the sight of him covered from head-to-toe in a thin sheen of perspiration that exaggerated his flawless shape and bronze skin. Even under the weight of my lusty gaze, he seemed completely relaxed though breathing a bit harder than I'd ever seen him and I noticed that he wasn't wearing a cap this time. The combination of sights struck me dumb.

"Before you guess, I was exercising." He stated coolly with a look of slight irritation at my gawking, "Stop staring at my crotch or I'll break your nose and one of your ankles."

My eyes shot up to his and I forced myself to vocalize.

"I need something. Preferably the heaviest you have. I want temporary amnesia." I demanded.

He didn't answer but waved me in and shut the door behind me, locking the triple locks that I never noticed before.

"Did you install these locks yourself?" I asked, fingering the serious deadbolts as he bent down to open his refrigerator and I eyed his taut ass through the thin fabric and causing me to strain against the fibers of my own underwear.

"Mind your business." The brute answered, rising to meet me with a pill in his hand and a can of coke. "Down in a gulp and you're guaranteed an hour and a half of euphoria with questionable, yet possible memory loss. Satisfaction guaranteed."

He popped the coke open and handed it to me then the pill, I swallowed it without ceremony and set the coke down beside me on a stand to my left, "Can I stay here for a while, until it kicks in?"

He shrugged and collapsed on the futon in one of the farthest corners of the room where he proceeded to curl his legs under him, position his hands on his knees and close his eyes, "Don't make noise." He warned as he slipped off into a meditative silence.

I sat down on the floor near him but not that close, giving him ample personal space to unlock the secrets of the cosmos as I memorized every curve of his gorgeous body. It wasn't long before the drugs hit. It was like suddenly I was full of happiness and carelessness, the smallest movement was like a revelation and even the smell of Miles' body was so much exaggerated to the point that I thought I would lose my mind being in the same room as him.

"Does he find me attractive?" I wondered to myself.

"Does it matter?" He responded, possibly without speaking.

"Is that a yes?" I thought back.

"You're talking out loud you dickhead." He said, I guess aloud.

I crawled over to the futon and put my hand on his abs, "I really want you."

He instinctively grabbed my hand, not even opening his eyes. "You want everything Graham, that's your problem. Some things are off-limits."

I refused to be deterred, too horny and too happy to take his `no' as a definitive answer when I knew that he at least kind of wanted me, when all signs were pointing to it. I crawled a bit closer and put my free hand in his lap, using it as leverage to climb up next to him.

"What the fuck are you doing?" He asked hostilely, his body tensing but making no move to restrict my motion even loosening his grip on my wrist.

"I want what everyone wants." I said, drawing close enough to smell his aftershave while still balancing on one arm and brushed my lips against his.

His kiss was more tentative than I remembered, lingering on just lips for a moment until my tongue flickered out to wet his and his to greet my own. Sensing his hesitance underneath the obvious interest, I pulled back a bit and watched his mouth chase mine across the widening space between our mouths until the kiss broke and his eyes fluttered open slowly.

"What...What the fuck are you doing?" He whispered, trying to force himself back into anger but doing a poor job of hiding his disappointment.

"Lie back." I ordered, shoving his chest gently and marveling at the hardness underneath my fingers as he nodded painfully slowly and did it.

"Don't do anything crazy." He barked.

"Shut up." I grunted playfully, too full of joy to be properly intimidating as I tugged at his underwear until they had sufficiently revealed his super thick, pleasantly circumcised lengthy piece of meat and the heavy set of balls beneath them, "Shit..."

"Yeah..." He scoffed smugly as I dove head first into his crotch, licking the head softly and slowly like a swollen lollipop to the Miles' quiet moans that he struggled to keep back, biting his lip and curling his toes to suppress his reactions. Seeing the effect of my careful blowjob, I eased off just long enough to let some natural lube slip off my tongue and onto his head and gently massage it into the sensitive skin to more moans while I softly purred, "Yeah..."

I unhurriedly slid the rest of his pulsating cock into my mouth, making sure to keep the balance between suction and licking that kept Miles' toes adequately curled. My own horniness nagged me as I worked him over; furiously hard I rubbed my bulge attentively while his organ kept my mouth busy. When I started noticing signs that he had started to get used to the pacing of the blowjob I threw a ratchet into the mix by ceasing entirely and assaulting his balls with my tongue, running it over them and sucking them one by one into my mouth while stroking his dick to keep it hard and precumming, wiping the moisture into the head with a thumb.

"Any good?" I quizzed as I relented and crawled up his midsection to face him.

"Fuck you." He responded, grabbing the back on my head and forcing me into him. He pried my lips open with his tongue and assailed me with a rough kiss that made my head light as his deft hands made short work of my shirt and were onto my belt before I could take a breath.

Once he had me unbuckled, he threw me off of him and jumped on top of me to resume our intense kiss, his lips crushing mine and his tongue insistent on stroking mine and periodically darting across my lips. Breathless, I could barely kiss back. My mind reeled with how he could manage so much at once as he pulled down my pants and underwear in one hard yank.

"Shit..." I exasperated.

"Yeah. I haven't done this in a while, sorry if I'm intense." He apologized with a sheepish grim before leaning in for another peck, "But you like it, admit it."

Trailing kisses down my collar and then my chest, I started to get antsy as he hit my stomach then ready to grab my cock and steer it into his mouth as he hit the top of my happy trail but then he stopped abruptly and raised his head to shoot me a devious smile.

"I don't suck dick, sorry I didn't tell you before." He confessed.

"What? Wait...are you serious? What the fuck do you " Before I could finish my complaint, Miles' face was planted in my ass, his tongue searching for gold beyond my sphincter. I instinctively grabbed my cock and started jerking off as his tongue teased and prodded my hole, making my dick harder (if possible) and harder, coaxing serious precum to well up from my piss slit and encouraging me to lift my legs up so he could spread my cheeks and dig further in with his wicked tongue. Incorporating his whole mouth, he kissed my hole deeply, working his lips against hole as he pried it open with tongue and massaged my cheeks in his hands occasionally delivering an unexpected slap that sent shivers through my entire body.

I barely heard the condom wrapper rip before I felt the pressure against my hole.

"Oh Christ, c'mon fuck me. Shit, you're huge..." I yelped as his slick, latex-wrapped head pried me open and he tweaked my nipples, biting his open lips and shutting his eyes tight, "God damn this feels sooo good. I'm not gonna' hold back, I hope you're ready."

I thought he was just saying that. Then again, of course, I was wrong. When Miles started fucking me seriously, I wasn't ready and the intensity of his first real stroke caused me to scream almost before Miles could put a hand over my mouth. The mix of the drugs still amplifying every feeling and his huge dick pressing deep into me didn't even begin to account for the rabid, conscienceless thrashing that he was delivering to my hole. For a while it was too much, him pumping into my ass, disregarding my groans as I jerked my dick and he whispered to me: "Shit, I can't stop fucking you. God, it's so fucking tight. Jesus, groan for me fuck tell me it hurts."

As he uttered those words, my dick stiffened impossibly and he forced a deep thrust into me that made me wrap my legs around him and beg him to fuck me as hard as humanely possible. He needed little encouragement. Our bodies began to sync into each other as he fucked my hole, his balls slapping against my butt and making me hornier, pressing harder into his back with my legs then causing him to grunt and fuck harder. I couldn't think about anything besides his dick inside me, barely hearing the curses he hurled at me or the hand pressed hard against my mouth stifling my own yells, screams, moans and groans of pleasure and pain as my eyes welled with tears because of the extreme intensity of the fucking and I felt my orgasm building.

The feeling took me completely by surprise, causing my body to convulse under him as I came, shooting all over my chest and his as he took the opportunity to sink into deep, quick, hard thrusts that resounded as his pelvis pounded against my ass and drove the last, hardest shots out of my cock. Despite my asshole pressing against his raging erection and spasming madly during my orgasm, he continued to fuck me even after I had already come and wearily I let him for a moment until it began too intense and I had to push him away.

"Fuck." He growled, tearing his cock out of me and then ripping the condom off.

I wanted to apologize for cumming so quickly but before I could he climbed onto my chest and started to jerk off frantically, "Finger my ass."

Without hesitation, I stuck a finger in my mouth for lube and pressed it against his asshole to his a long, drawn out moan as I wiggled it around the asshole and then began pressing it inside.

"Yeah, there you go don't hold back, finger fuck me." He commanded, pushing away the finger to allow it deeper passage.

Hornier than I'd ever seen, he jerked his cock like a madman while I started to vigorously finger him.

"I'm gonna fucking cum on you, you little fuck, as a matter-of-fact I'm gonna' cover you with my jizz. You're lucky aren't you? Shit. Finger me harder." He taunted both and begged as he worked his impressive rod, closing his eyes intermittently as he threw his head back and hissed.

He came without warning. His asshole clamped almost painfully against my invading finger as he exploded into powerful and steady shots that struck every part of my upper torso from my chest to my lips to my forehead to my hair. When I thought he would stop cumming his body just shuddered and he continued with a low growl, under his breath until the shots tapered off in a few final bursts that dribbled out and down into my navel. When I pulled my finger out of him, he collapsed next to me in a huffing, sweaty mess on the futon.

We laid there for a minute before he casually pushed an arm under my waist and pulled me closer. A flood of warmth washed through me and I stretched an arm across his chest. We didn't say anything for a long while, just lay there getting our breath back and then just enjoying the fading heat and the general feeling of contentment.

"Thanks." He finally said after a while.

"I think I'll join." I chimed in immediately after.

"What? The Tops? Really?" He said, more incredulously that excitedly.

"Yeah. It'd be cool, right?" I asked without looking at him.

"Yeah." He responded before we returned to the silence.

It was a while more before I stirred and slid out of the futon, looking for my clothes and then after smelling myself, decided to borrow a towel from Miles and shower. He tossed me one from somewhere without getting out of bed and kept staring at me. As I wrapped it around my waist, I noticed 2 a.m. emblazoned on his clock radio first and then the raging headache that was settling on brain suddenly, I groaned out of surprise. It had been two hours, the drugs were wearing off and now the pain was starting as I stumbled towards the door.

"Graham." I turned around with one eye shut against the brain quake, "You could stay here if you wanted. You might not want to deal with the morning after that pill on your own anyway and especially if you can't remember taking it."

I flashed him a smile strained with the sudden pain I was feeling; he was a pretty nice guy under all that toughness and a fantastic screw to boot.

"Nah, I think I'll shower then go to bed for a long long time." I said as he nodded and rolled over in the bed and I opened the door, stumbling off for a hot, much needed shower and then sleep for as long as possible.


"I think this cheese is artificial." Ashley declared at breakfast, pulling a string of spongy cheese a few feet before proving his point and dumping it along with his plastic fork into his tray and sighing in disgust.

Lewis agreed, "I don't think you can even call it cheese."

It had never occurred to me how superficial our conversations were.

"I think I'm going to leave." I said when they had quieted down about the cheese.

Ashley immediately agreed, grabbing his backpack and prepared to go, "This food is rancid, let's just hope lunch is salvageable."

"No," I corrected. "I think I'm going to leave St. Matthew's."

Ashley dropped his backpack and Lewis pretty much looked the same, I didn't expect a reaction from him anyway, we had only fucked once and it didn't seem like that even would repeat itself. Poor Ashley was crushed and we never fucked.

"Is this over Dion? Shit. I told you!" Immediately after saying the words, he recoiled as if slapped, his eyes welling up, "I'm so very sorry..."

"Nah, it's between my parents...there's this thing at Cannes. Basically it's no big deal but I think I'm gonna go with them."

"Oh." Ashley said flatly, "So you'll be back for next term."

I guess I had thought about coming back. Was there something to come back to?

"Actually, I haven't thought about it."

Ashley and Lewis had already moved on to the broccoli.


Coming out of the main office with the paperwork for my discharge, I glanced over the section where it stated that for the breach of contract concerning my 1 year stay at the school which was just a week or so short. Apparently my parents would be responsible for paying upward of ten thousand dollars. I figured they deserved it, as I perfectly forged their signatures on the dotted lines, for tossing me across the country in the first place. Marveling at my work, I hoped the bill would make them choke on their Perrier at breakfast. As I made my way down the hall I bumped into Miles who seemed immediately different, I guess the first thing being his hair which was hair and not Yankees' cap.

"Hey." I greeted normally, quickly looking up and down to take in how his body pressed against his clothes in all the right places. His crisp white oxford shirt rested serenely on his iron chest and his slimmer-than-usual khakis would probably display his wickedly tight ass as soon as he walked off though sadly for the moment we were face-to-face. Surprisingly, he smiled at me instead of threatening me for ogling him.

"Graham, are you still..." He paused in the middle of his sentence, as if reconsidering something then said, "How was your night?"

I shrugged, "I dunno, it's kind of a blur. Did we see each other? I guess that would explain the headache."

He nodded mechanically and ran a hand through his messy black hair.

"Yeah, we saw each other for a minute." He paused but before I could ask if he sold me drugs, he continued, "Don't worry, it wasn't anything worth remembering. You took a pill then left, it was good shit. Anyway, you tell anyone and you'll never walk again."

I nodded to the usual terms and Miles walked off. I, of course, snuck a peak back and found him looking back at me. It was eerie.

"Hey Graham. You know what?" He asked and I responded amicably, "Yeah?"

"We should hang out. You're a pretty cool guy." The compliment caught me completely off guard, "Yeah, definitely. We'll hang out next term."

He nodded in a human, emphatic way that seemed completely out of character and smiled and waved then ran off. He RAN as in the past tense of run which implies movement faster than a stroll, which I had never seen from him. I was left standing there, thinking that the smile he gave had to have been more than I was picking up.

I guess there was a reason to come back next term after all. If nothing else, at least I'd have a better relationship with my dealer.


On the plane I used the onboard phone with my mom's or maybe my dad's I'm not really sure which credit card to call my dealer. Unexpectedly, he picked up on the first ring.

"Hey Robbie." I said enthusiastically but then I realized it wasn't really and I thought back to Miles telling me that wasn't his name.

"It's Robin." Miles was right.

"Yeah yeah...sorry, I'm such a spaz. What's up?" I asked.

"Well, I settled with your parents out of court for five figures so I'm definitely not working over the summer. Do you want to do something when you get back? I heard you were coming back." He said without really caring either way or maybe even hearing that I was coming back.

"Yeah? That's cool. I guess I'm gay now." I confided to him, I'm not sure why, I guess because it didn't really matter what he said or who he said it to.

"That's cool. Hey listen, we should hang out like, yeah, we should hang out over the

summer. You're coming back, right?" He asked.

I thought about it and about all the one-sided people I'd known on either coast and the multi-faceted boys at St. Matthew's that drove me insane. I didn't take me long I guess to realize that insane is a hell of a lot more exciting.

"Yeah, hey Robin?" I said.

"Uh huh." He answered. I could hear him snorting a line while he waited for me to speak.

"You're pretty boring and you're one-sided too. Your coke is good but I've had better so basically, I guess I'm telling you to fuck off."

He was quiet for a moment then said, "Yeah, alright well...that's cool I guess. Whatever."

Then my ex-dealer hung up on me.