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by ben

Chapter Two.

"Do not touch"

He stood there, frozen and stuck in some reaction that I didn't bother to comprehend. My lithe body, tanned and slim slid in front of him with the bulge in my shorts pressing against him just lightly. I could tell he was holding his breath, expecting a reaction. Bringing my face close to his, I let my lips brush his and opened them slightly to exhale. The heat against his lips snapped him out of the trance that shock had put him in and before I could really kiss him, his arms gently pushed me away.

"I'm not..." he whispered, I didn't know whether it was meant for me or for him. I smiled.

"Hey man, me neither." I offered.

"Look, Graham, right?" He asked but didn't wait for an answer. "There are plenty of guys who will...do...that. I'm not one of them, no offense. I'm just...not that way."

I sighed, he was cute but he wasn't worth the trouble.

"It's cool man." I brushed back a couple errant strands of hair out of my eyes and smiled again, this time, it was forced.

Iago tried a smile too but it fell flat and then the mood in the room just got weird with us standing so close together, so I turned around and climbed into bed slowly, knowing full well that he was getting a great view of my ass. I wondered briefly if it got him hard. I was about to pull the sheet back over myself. At least I could pray for a wet dream. Alas...

"Oh shit. Dinner! You need to get dressed. I need to get dressed, like, now." He panicked, scurrying across the room to a dresser on his side of the room, tossing instructions as he rummaged through. "Check your dresser. You'll need brown pants, a white shirt, a crimson tie and blazer for dinner."

I sat up yawning, stretching my lean arms up lazily and not caring much for this formality bullshit. I was sure I could deal with it better after at least a couple joints. The thought of drugs made me think of my dealer crashing through the glass coffee table and my father putting his foot on the guy's throat. It was all too crazy.

"Graham!" Iago almost shouted, dropping his voice down to an almost-whisper at the last syllable.

To appease my roommate I walked over to the dresser and withdrew the items he wanted me to wear.

"You need to chill the fuck out Iggy. Seriously." I said, more to myself than to him as I slipped on the brown pants.



The tie was tied too tight and I was choking as Iggy sat me down next to him at one of the long tables that lined the ancient dining room, probably the oldest room in the whole goddamn `academy.' Then he set about introducing me to his friends.

`Alex' was a full-blown fag who got sent to boarding school because his father was running for the senate, his eyes were red from crying and he looked stoned. `Hugh' was a model who wanted to be a molecular biophysicist but no one believed him because he was tan and blonde and used to be a model. I missed the story on `Lewis' because I kept glancing at his package as he idly rubbed the ample swell in his brown pants. I managed to listen to `Ashley' complain about French fries and ask me if I knew a dealer named Mac. I told him no, but I was lying. None of them had any coke but Lewis did mention that he had some mushrooms stashed away for a rainy day.

The group had fallen silent after the initial introductions and I kept trying to catch Lewis' eye but he was looking over at another long table with guys in tan blazers and brown ties. I tried to loosen my own but caught a dirty look from Ashley, so I stopped.

"Who are those guys?" I was irritated Lewis wasn't looking at me and I noticed Alex starting to. I had no time for queens.

"Tops. At least, that's what everyone calls them. They're the most feared and powerful guys here. Their parents are all politicians or billionaires, sometimes both. Two of them are royalty, apparently, twins." Iggy piped in, leaving Lewis to continue staring.

"Huh...imagine that." I responded, bored.

Lewis wasn't that cute, not even as cute as Iggy. His dark hair, cropped low, wasn't that impressive and though he was a bit taller than me standing, his build was a little thicker than I was used to. Where I'm from, a guy like that would have already turned all that mass into muscle or reduced it with help from anorexia as a dietician.

Finally, after ages, Lewis turned to me and said: "Wanna' do those shrooms later?"

I hoped he didn't want to bottom.


Eventually dinner was served, but not until after a message from Father Connell to the new students about feeling at home and fulfilling our destinies. I ignored him again and almost slept through the blessing of the food, until Hugh's elbow found my rib and my eyes and mouth managed to open fast enough for `amen.'

The food was ok. Mashed potatoes and chicken stir-fry sat in my plate, accented by a side of corns and closing my eyes, I dove in. So much for the vegetarian kick I'd started with my father...or maybe it was my mother. It seemed irrelevant as I tore into the chicken.



Lewis had a single room decorated minimally. There was a futon, a mini fridge and a wooden altar with incense burning incense, all very Feng Shui. No lights, just the incense and a lone candle burning next to it. I hoped he wasn't a Buddhist and then I hoped he was. I once knew a Buddhist girl who knew where to score killer pot. I guess I was hoping it was a religious thing.

"How'd you get a single?" I asked, running a hand through my hair and wondering if I was still wearing the same underwear from before.

"My dad works here, so I get some special privileges." He said, fetching a small bag of shrooms from under the futon.

"Oh yeah? What's he do?" I pretended to care while I watched Lewis spreading the mushrooms out on the futon. He started unbuttoning his white shirt and I got hard.

"Lawyer. He keeps the school covered, especially when they employ `unorthodox teaching methods.'"

I almost asked but couldn't muster the energy. Instead I walked over to the futon next to him and sat down. He looked at me for a second.

"Your eyes are really...California."

"Top or bottom?" I asked, bored again but horny.

He reached over and grabbed two smaller mushrooms.

"Open." I did and he placed one on my tongue and one on his. I started chewing and almost spat it out because of its dryness. "Just pull down your underwear, but leave them on, I want to fuck you with your clothes on."

I almost nodded but instead I unbuckled my brown pants and pushed them down past my hips.

"Cool underwear." He remarked as he stuffed another mushroom into his mouth.

My underwear were next down my hips. Then I brushed the rest of the mushrooms onto the floor and got on my knees, using my hands to balance. You know the drill. I felt the futon move around a bit then a bottle opening.

He whistled.

"Sweet ass California boy." An oily finger began massaging the outside of my hole and I started to feel the effects of the mushroom.

The room seemed to expand and contract at random making me dizzy and forcing deep, heavy breaths out of my mouth. I gasped when the finger penetrated my warm hole and felt a burst of pleasure explode in my ass.

"Ugh..." I moaned low in my throat, trying to keep my composure as probably the thickest finger I'd ever felt eased its way into me. He stopped for a bit, less than an inch or so inside and started to wiggle his fingertip around, stimulating my asshole and coaxing precum from my dick. Despite the pleasure pulsing through me, I pushed myself back in order to get more of it inside me, suddenly craving it, needing it to fill me. I was sure I would die without it. Instead of getting more of the life-sustaining finger, I got a hot slap on my ass that seemed to echo of the wall.

"Take it easy California. You want more? Ask for it nicely." There was another slap across my cheek.

"Please..." I begged quietly. "Fuck me..."

He pulled out his finger and after I felt the universe reverse on me, I felt empty and wanted to throw up.

"Open wide."

I pushed my asshole out when I felt the head against it and the almost familiar fullness of his cock started forcing its way into me. I moaned and pushed back against him, needing more, faster, deeper. It felt like my ass was on fire, what did he feed me? He laughed and holding onto my hips, thrust himself in to the hilt, I bit my lip hard to stifle a scream of mixed pleasure and pain.

"Deep, eh?" He asked, pulling out slowly. "Feel good?"

I wanted him to shut up but then reconsidered; silence wasn't really a good thing when you were high. Once he was all the way out, he slapped my ass with his cock and holding it, repeatedly fucked my ass in and out using just the head. I started to whine, too horny to play games. He slapped my ass with an open palm hard enough this time to bring tears to my eyes and I didn't mind. After the slap, he continued teasing my hole with the fat head of his dick, laughing as I tried to push back on it and slapping me for punishment.

After a while, I stopped trying and he again rammed his entire length into my hole, eliciting words from my half opened lips that I couldn't even decipher. Expecting him to take it out and continue teasing me when instead, he pulled out and fucked into me again even harder this time. I ground my teeth together as he started to fuck me slow and hard, the sound of his balls slapping against my butt resounding from each stroke.

"Pull up the front of your underwear and rub your dick through them." Lewis whispered in my ear between strokes, leaning down to bite down hard on my earlobe.

I moaned and followed his instructions, my hands quickly yanking the front of my underwear over my dick and rubbing it through the soft material pulled tight over my straining cock.

As soon as Lewis saw my hand touch my dick, he went wild, growling and picking up the speed of his fucking.

"You little whore. Got me all excited, so you're going to take this dick. Right?" He didn't wait for me to answer, what could I say anyway with his cock in my ass? No? "Good boy California just let me get in deep."

He moaned as he pumped in and out of my asshole making a sloppy wet sound every time he re-entered and causing me to shiver with pleasure. My right hand furiously ground against my cock trapped in front of the stretched black jockeys and I growled in a mix of frustration and pleasure as I approached an orgasm that could be better if I could just take my cock out.

"Don't you dare take that cock out bitch, keep rubbing...that's it. Good little whore California. I'm gonna' finish up soon, it's too tight in here, god you feel good." He roared, reading my mind.

Against all reason, Lewis picked up speed and started fucking me harder and deeper than before, his cock pounding into me so ridiculously that I had to put my head in the futon to keep my balance. I could barely even breathe, just feeling him fucking my hole loose and rubbing my cock.

The orgasm snuck up on me and before I knew it, I was no longer `approaching.' As my now angry cock shot hard jets of cum into the strained jockeys, I clenched my jaw and savored the feeling of my ass spasm against Lewis' hard cock still ramming into me.

"Oh shit baby, keep working my cock...oh shit, I'm gonna' cum..." He yelled.

I thought for a second as I felt his cum shooting inside me, just as I was coming down off of my own high, that we should have used a condom. I didn't have much time to think as he forced himself deeper inside of me to shoot the last of his cum. I moaned of course, my asshole hyper sensitive after my kind-of-strong orgasm and Lewis' more than average dick lodged inside of me.

He collapsed on top of me after his orgasm, breathing heavily and sweating on my back.

"Oh man California...that was...wow." He proclaimed. I rolled my eyes and wondered what happened to the mushroom I ate, had it worn off already?

"Um...about that mushroom..."

Before I could finish my sentence, Lewis' door was unlocked from the outside and opened, letting in the light from the hallway. It occurred to me that whoever was standing there was getting a good look at Lewis' naked body hunched over mine, his dick in my ass, which was currently leaking out his lukewarm cum. For the second time that day, I wished I had found my gram of coke.


Yeah baby, s-e-x.

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