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by ben

Chapter Three

"White and Grey"

Light brown hair, obviously highlighted, clear penetrating blue eyes, a solid jaw, cute nose, designer glasses and a neat preppie goatee. The dean of discipline didn't look at all like someone capable of disciplining a wayward boy. He couldn't be over thirty, it was impossible. His name was Reece White, it was a stupid but he was cute.

"Fornication in the dorm room, impressive boys..." He said without looking at us, flipping through the incident report that the dyke nun who caught us filed.

They woke the Dean up at four a.m. to deal with us, I wasn't expecting sympathy. I glanced over at Lewis who looked very `scared shitless but hiding it'.

"Mr. Dean, sir. I...was seduced." He lied...kind of.

I didn't bother defending myself.

"Lewis." He looked up from the report. "Shut up."

Then he looked over at me.

"Less than twenty-four hours here and you've already broken, let's see how many rules: no fornication, broken, lights out, broken, no drugs, broken and that's me being nice. I could throw the book at you, should I keep going?" He asked as he took off his glasses and dropped them on the desk.

"I'm sorry?" I ventured.

"Let me say this in terms you'll understand. Sorry won't get you store credit at Gucci. You kids have no concept of right or wrong, just what you feel like and what you don't." He sighed. "So I'll tell you what I'll do. You come in here and work for me for the rest of the year here in the office, logging our old disciplinary records into the new database and I'll overlook this incident. However, you both are gonna have to agree to seeing the counselor here and I'm going to need to see you in church EVERY Sunday for the rest of the year as well."

Lewis groaned.

"Church? Seriously?"

The Dean turned to him and gave a pleasant look.

"No, all that was for Graham. Your father has agreed to take on your punishment personally." A smile slid across the Dean's face.

Lewis turned white and I realized how badly he needed a tan, in general.


By the time I got back to my room, it was seven a.m. and I walked through the door, tired and ready to crash. Expecting to come in and find Iggy sleeping, instead he was half dressing in a short sleeved gray polo shirt with the school's emblem on the breast and white bikini brief outlining not only his impressive cock but his well defined legs as well. One leg already in a pair of longish black cargo shorts, he blushed and hurried to cover himself up. I just smiled.

"Where are you going? " I asked, leaning against the door, hoping not to fall asleep standing.

"Class." He said quickly, grabbing his backpack off the desk then stopping suddenly. "Why are you still wearing those clothes?"

"I'm going to bed."

I crossed the room and intended to climb into bed, fully clothed or not.

"I'm guessing you haven't looked at your schedule."

He was right. I hadn't looked at my schedule. If I had I wouldn't have been surprised by the fact that twenty minutes later I was dressed like Iggy's twin, sitting behind him in a roman history class. Apparently a gray polo and black cargo shorts were the `relaxed' class uniform and not just his idea of a fashion sense. Who knew?

The teacher was a middle aged woman clad in a disgusting shade of yellow that matched her straw like hair. Uninterested, I stopped looking at her and directed my attention to the back of my roommate's head. It occurred to me at that point that I hadn't showered since I came to this place.

The time just flew by in that class, mostly because I fell asleep at one point and then at another began writing a letter to myself, the content of which I've forgotten.

Eventually the class drew to a close and I was about to inform Iggy that I wouldn't be attending any more classes when he turned his attention over my shoulder to a boy with shoulder length black hair beside me. I had ignored him through most of class but I guess he was kind of attractive, as I glanced over my shoulder at him. Not that attractive though.

"Grey, quick question. Do you have the notes from English lit yesterday?"

The boy looked indifferent.

"St. Paul, you're such a space case." He mused, digging into his backpack resting on the ground beside his desk.

When he retrieved the notes in question, they were bound in a clear plastic envelope/folder contraption that made me just sick with envy. If only I could be that in touch with the latest trends in high stakes academia. I yawned and shed a tear mechanically as I rose from my own desk and prepared to leave, whether or not Iggy got the message.

"Oh yeah, Graham this is Lucien Grey, everybody calls him `Grey' around here and this is Graham, my new roommate" Iggy introduced quickly.

Lucien Grey didn't bother looking at me.

"What happened to Crayon?" He asked Iggy flatly.

Iggy laughed semi-nervously and turned to me.

"My former roommate, Clay, we used to call him Crayon before..." Iggy paused, coughed then sighed. "He er killed himself during the last summer vacation."

"Bummer." Lucien uttered unsympathetically.

Iggy winced and I felt bad. I didn't know I could still feel bad. The emotion kind of freaked me out.

"Seriously." I agreed with Lucien. "Well anyway, Lucien was it? Later."

I thought about waving but it seemed too cheesy, too Hollywood, too L.A.

"There's this thing later. Apparently some guys are going to break into the pool room around midnight..." Lucien said to no one in particular.

I think Iggy took the invite but I was already out the door and wondering what to wear.


We got dressed for the party in our dark room to at least seem as if we were obeying lights-out policy, while Iggy gave me Lucien's biography.

"His father is a partner at Chaux Pharmaceuticals, you know, the French company that had that scandal last year. Remember? They ripped off like half of their employees. Are these shorts too short?" Iggy asked as he illuminated his smooth form in a full length mirror with a pocket flashlight.


The shorts came past his knees.

"Anyway, Lucien plays in a band called `Wax.'" This time he was rubbing lotion into excess on his pale chest, I got hard.

"Do you have some kind of crush?"

Iago Saint Paul turned scarlet, redder even than the alluring tuft of red hair peaking out from just inches above his...

"What? No! Are you serious? I...just think Lucien's a cool guy. Whatever. Do you always think on gay?" He huffed.

I shrugged.

"Look, I'm not into all that." I responded while throwing a moisturizing product into my hair and shoving my shorts lower on my waist. "Are you ready?"


The pool room was candle lit and caused weird shadows to intermingle with the projections from the sparse lights lining the side of the pool itself. Moody atmospheric music slipped muffled from a mini stereo system with a towel over it as some English chick sang about giving her virginity to technology. The room was filled with guys standing around in small groups or alone, waving their arms to the music and nodding their heads semi-coherently. It was like a party back home except that, I'm not really sure if there would be a difference.

I came in with Iggy but found myself ready to leave him after a few seconds of casing the place, I was already sure that two bleached blondes wearing Abercrombie were high on something and I wanted to know what it was. Iggy looked dejected as I stepped away.

"Are you leaving?"

I gave him a blank look, moving a couple blonde strands of hair from my eyes and kept moving. Hopefully he would miss me.

I went over to the Abercrombie guys and started a conversation. One of them was Sean and the other seemed nameless, all he did was smile and nod but he was wearing an undershirt and his arms rippled with muscles. He didn't need a name, I smiled too. After a while talking to them, I realized that they didn't have drugs, were too high to give me any or just weren't sharing. Either way, I left them. Then the nameless guy said his name was Graham, it was too weird.

I walked around for a bit and saw two guys kissing a corner of the pool room. I stood a few feet away watching, not bothering to hide my growing erection. One was a beefy, olive-skinned, Italian looking guy running his hands over a solid bodied blond that I recognized as Ashley from dinner a night ago. Both dressed down in swim trunks, the Italian reached down into the back of Ashley's shorts, grabbed his ass hard and pulled him closer with a moan slipping from Ashley's lips. Not bothering to remove his hand from the back of Ashley's trunk as they continued to make out, I guessed that the next time Ashley moaned, it meant that the Italian had slipped a fingertip into his ass, I grinned.

Enjoying the show, I idly raised a hand to my nipple and started pinching it gently.

Ashley leaned forward, breaking the kiss for a moment to bite the Italian's earlobe and whisper something. The Italian turned around seconds later and looked me up and down smiling, I smiled back. When he waved me over toward them, I shook my head and held out a hand to indicate I was just fine watching. He shrugged and turned back to Ashley who was already rubbing his crotch against the Italian's leg; he just laughed and pulled the other boy's shorts down just below the curve of his ass. Ashley moaned again and the Italian used the same hand to slap the boy's ass.

"Ah." Ashley shrieked in surprise, wrapping his arms around the Italian's waist to brace for the next slap that came across his ass.

One hand still working my nipple, the other strayed below my waist line into my shorts to gently stroke my now rock hard dick.

The Italian whispered something into Ashley's ear and he started to blush, looking around cautiously then receiving a stern look from the Italian, nodded. They broke their embrace and Ashley dropped to his hands and knees. I almost came when I realized what they were about to do and Ashley almost shrieked again when he realized that they had acquired quite a following. PJ Harvey came on the stereo not too long after that, muffled and singing about New York City.

When I expected the Italian to drop his shorts, he himself got down to his knees and Ashley, still blushing, crawled into the opposite direction exposing his tight pink pucker to meddling eyes. Seconds later without ritual or reservation, the Italian noisily drove his broad tongue into Ashley's butt, forcefully prying open the small space. Ashley could only groan as the Italian greedily licked and prodded with his tongue, lapping up his own copious saliva into and back out of the boy's asshole.

"Shit..." A boy next to me whispered as he jerked his dick to a quick and messy orgasm. "Shit..."

It wasn't long before the Italian shoved in his index finger next to his tongue, lubricating and finger fucking Ashley's hole at the same time as the boy hyperventilated on the other end of the experience.

Under my shorts, I started jerking the length of my dick, from the base straight down to the now swollen head pointing to the floor while I alternated pinching my nipples.

"He has such an ass fetish. Watch him eat it." Another boy commented as he slipped his shorts past his waist and took his cock in hand.

While I had been looking at the dick of the boy next to me, I had missed the second finger that the Italian had shoved inside Ashley and was now roughly fucking him with. The pair of fingers and his tongue disappeared deep into Ashley's insides and reappeared so frequently that it almost seemed a blur.

"Ah. Ah. Ah. Please, oh god. Ah. Wait. Ah. Wait. God." Ashley begged and moaned alternatively, his ass bouncing with the force the Italian was finger fucking and rimming him.

I even found myself shucking my shorts to a chorus of: `nice ass,' `damn...I'd like to bed that' and `shit, you're sending me over the edge dude.' I grinned at their comments but focused on whacking my dick, poisoned with the idea of release and painfully hard. As I jerked off, I felt my ass being cupped by a few hands and a couple of other reaching around me to work my nipples.

"Get him on his knees! Those lips need to be put to work."

"I'm too close!" I yelped, my hands now furiously masturbating my rock hard prick.

The fingers around my nipples pinched around, coaxing me further to the edge while others pulled on my balls and one adventurous fellow slipped a wet fingertip into my asshole. I moaned as the sensations overloaded.

"Oh fuck guys..." I either screamed or whispered.

As I felt the cum rising through my tortured dick, I also felt a mouth clamp around the head, sucking hard and tonguing it roughly while I pounded the shaft relentlessly with a growl rising from my pit of my stomach. Suddenly it was too much and I grabbed the head attached to my dick and shoved it down on my dick as an orgasm wracked my body. I heard the guy gag at some point but I was too far in to care and fucked hard into the back of his throat, riding out the orgasm while he did a pretty good job of swallowing my spunk as it flowed.

When it was over, I collapsed into several arms, wheezing and dizzy with the intensity of the orgasm.

"He's not done yet! Flip him over, lemme get a shot at the back."

I tried to object but too tired, I could only groan as the flipped me over onto my back and I felt someone's weight on my back. It wasn't long before there was a pressure on my hole.

"What the fuck?" I groaned, trying to get onto my elbows and push myself up.

"Get something in his mouth and hold him down." I heard someone say.

There was laughing at first then there was a semi-soft cock poking at my closed lips. If I had use of my shoulders, I would have shrugged but inside I just opened my mouth and let the guy's cock in while the dick in my ass reached as far as it would go.

"Dude, you gotta try this next, it's gotta be cherry."

I laughed, `cherry?' Maybe I could be in my next lifetime. Instead of savoring the joke, I focused on the dick in my mouth, doing my best to excite the head with my tongue as it started to come to life. I heard the guy groan and increased the suction which elicited yet another. I would have smiled but, well, I was sucking a dick. He withdrew a bit then rethought it and instead pushed the rest of the way in. I was about to work the head over a bit more with my tongue when I felt the guy in my ass retract then pound downward, forcing my spent dick into the wet tile on the ground. Though I found that the sensation was not unpleasant I was pretty sure I was a long way from a second orgasm.

I continued licking around the dick in my mouth, teasing it and increasing the suction just to relent until the guy attached to it growled in frustration.

"He's a cock tease!" He yelled, grabbing the back of my neck and forcing me further down on his dick.

I considered biting him but I was way too tired to fight, so I gave the underside of his dick a long lick (as long as possible in the circumstance) and then ran my tongue on the underside of his circumcised head, causing him to shiver. Not much later I had to stifle a shiver of my own as the guy on my back started to pick up the speed of his fucking, no longer just savoring the feel of my tight anus. My dick began to harden again slapping against the tile and I moaned into the cock blocking my air passage. The guy fucking me was a bit bigger than Lewis and I could feel myself stretching against his big dick as it made room for a deeper, harder fuck.

At some point during the threesome, I stumbled on a universal truth, then as the guy in my mouth started humping my mouth in the throes of a sudden orgasm I forgot.

His cum was hot, watery and tasted like a citrus fruit that I couldn't name at the moment. I swallowed as fast as he could spew and by the time he withdrew from my mouth, his dick wet with my spit, blinking hard.

"Wow. Thanks." He muttered as he stumbled away.

As swallowed the last of his cum, I realized that I was fully hard and still bouncing against the tile as the guy on my back sweated profusely and fuck my deep into my insides.

"Jesus babe, you're draining my dick..." He whispered in my ear with a kiss as he picked up speed just a bit.

The sound of skin slapping as his balls struck my ass over and over and our heavy breathing as we fucked only made me harder, awakening the familiar stirring in my balls to my surprise.

"I'm going to cum." I stated in wonderment, almost more of a question than a comment.

"Yeah baby, me too. Let's go together baby, oh shit. I can't hold off baby, I'm gonna fill you up."

He wasn't lying. His cock exploded into my ass, filling me with volley after volley of warm cum while I crested onto my own orgasm, a little weaker than the first but enough to knock my breath out and squeeze the dick inside me.

"Fuck baby." He howled, taking my quivering asshole as a challenge to shove his dick all the way inside me and fire the last of his swimmers into my gut.

I was almost ready to pass out when I felt arms around my waist and struggled to find the energy to refuse another round of sex.