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by ben

Chapter Five

"Suitable Replacements"

I considered touching my lips to his and allowing him to make the decision whether or not to progress, but I was still too angry to take it slow. Instead I brought my lips to his and pried his mouth open with my tongue, just enough to let my tongue in to touch his. He moaned slightly and took a step back so I took a step forward to keep him from breaking the kiss and moved my hands down from his waist to his ass, over the moist towel. He moaned louder into my mouth this time but didn't refuse my tongue as it massaged his to life, responding ever so slightly, his tongue flicked across the tip of my own and I licked his lower lip. Breaking the kiss, I stepped back and looked at him, he was confused, definitely.

"What...?" Everything was snowballing in his head, I could tell by his look but I could also tell that he wasn't opposed to continuing from the rock hard bulge underneath the towel. "Why..."

I began to explain myself.

"...did you stop?" He finished, stepping towards me and lowering his head slightly to kiss my neck.

His initial kiss landed on the right side of my neck and was soft but the bite that followed it was anything but. It was my turn to produce a respectable bulge. Almost as if my erection had called him, Hunter's hand found my cock straining against my khakis and using his thumb and index finger, roughly fingered the head through the material. I groaned as he used his other hand to find my balls while still alternately kissing and biting his way up my neck. I breathed in the relaxing scent of his shampooed hair and let him nibble on my earlobes.

"You're sure?" He whispered, pinching the head of my cock lightly and causing me to groan again.

I looked around the room, roughly the size of my own on the other side of the building and spotted two beds.

"Your roommate?" I wondered aloud.

"Visiting family." He responded, untangling himself from my body and leading me by the hand to one of the beds.

With a grin, he pecked me on the lips and pushed me onto the bed. I stripped my shirt off and he wasted no time straddling me. Once on top and smiling, he dove down into a deep kiss with his back arched like a cat. His tongue searched mine wildly and his lips pressed into mine with an urgency I could not only match but exceed. My hands investigated his strong legs and as I wondered if he played track, they roved upward to the soft skin of his ass, firm and still moist from his shower. He giggled as I groped him and lowered his crotch into mine, pressing his warm, hard cock against me.

I was amazed at how erotically his body and mine could interact without committing fully to sex, I was sure my underwear were blanketed in precum by the time he started using his hips to grind his cock into my crotch.

"Ah..." I exhaled sharply.

He grinned and lowered his head to my chest, kissing his way down slowly as he continued to grind, to my nipples. One lick and my entire body went rigid. Another and I grabbed his ass roughly and forced his crotch into me, forcing him to grind harder, needing to cum. Instead, he bit my nipple, hard enough for me to yelp.

"Easy does it." He insisted, lowering one of his hands to the zipper of my khakis, my dick reaching towards his hand painfully against the clothing.

Pulling down the zipper too slowly, I started to whine. He reached over and grabbed my balls roughly.

"You crazy " I started, he smiled and squeezed them a bit harder. "Oww..."

"Easy." He said simply, releasing them and returning to the unzipping.

Once my fly was open, he took my dick out and I wanted to cum in his hand but forced myself to calm down. Why was I so horny?

"Suck it." I said neither a command nor a request, just words.

He nodded and shifted back to get into a position where he could suck my dick, I propped myself up on one arm to watch. Darting out his tongue like a lizard, he flicked the tip of my dick and it tensed up so much that I was afraid I really was going to orgasm right there. Without warning, he opened his mouth and started deep-throating my cock.

"shit..." I whispered as he crammed my entire length down his throat, licking around the outside as he went.

The feelings blossoming from my dick were too intense, too amazing for me to even speak. He started withdrawing, only to slam me to the back of his throat. At that point, I was precumming so heavily and he started fucking me into his mouth so hard that he was starting to gag. I wasn't ready to cum anyway, not like that.

"Stop. I want to you fuck you, is that cool?" He stopped sucking and took me out of his mouth. "I need to fuck you."

He paused, staring at me.

"What did he do to you?" He asked, without caring.

I would have gotten irritable if he didn't climb onto me and brush his lips against mine, exhaling through parted lips. I could feel the moisture of his breath and the action reminded me of something, vaguely. I remembered the first time I came on to Iggy, breathed against him pressed close, our lips just an inch away...

"I..." I nursed my regrets, letting them grow in the pit of my stomach.

The feeling of Hunter's asshole swallowing my head decapitated them. His eyes closed and a slightly nervous grin etched itself into his face, he lowered himself onto my throbbing dick, working his sphincter around my cock as I slid upward into his gut. He groaned as he got closer to the hilt, I grabbed his dick and tried to work his body into the sensation of being fucked, stroking it slowly. He smiled appreciatively, his eyes still shut tightly and my entire cock inside of him.

"Close your eyes and let's pretend..." He said, without opening his. "Let's pretend, we're each other's fantasy."

It sounded like the `thinking cap' bullshit that they teach you in kindergarten but the thought of Iggy riding my dick, milking me dry with his ass, made my cock transition for a minute, into concrete. Hunter moaned as my dick twitched grandiosely and changed positions in his hole's vice grip.

"Sorry..." I whispered, trying to get a grip on my imagination.

He responded by sliding up my dick, the friction of being only lubricated by his saliva made my balls tickle with pleasure. Once only the cockhead remained in his pulsating asshole, he slid back down and grunted, then laughed quietly. I felt like I should say something, but he caught his rhythm before my mouth, stupid with pleasure, could piece words together but already in motion, one slipped out anyway.


He ignored me and proceeded to fuck himself on my dick. My eyes closed, I imagined Iggy's face, so cute and his body, slim but solid, ramming my cock into his ass as hard as Hunter was doing.

I opened my eyes.

"Let me do it." I said to Hunter, whose eyes were still closed.

He slid off my dick and I grabbed his waist and flipped his over onto his hands and knees. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right.

"Do you have any lube?" I asked, getting impatient.

"Under my pillow." He responded, his ass wiggling even more impatiently.

I reached under his pillow and found a half empty container, I didn't ask. Instead I thoroughly lubricated my cock and using a finger (or two) wet his insides slightly then flung the bottle away. We were ready.

I'm half drunk on babble you transmit, I heard vaguely over the radio I didn't even realize was on as I penetrated Hunter. I recognized the song, I thought, maybe, then yes, Soul Coughing. I felt his ass against my crotch, buried in him, I smiled. I loved that song.

I started to fuck him, only slow for a minute, then as hard as my hips could go. So dense that light could not escape from. Hunter moaned and I fucked him harder, deeper until his body shook with each thrust. At some point he started whimpering as one stroke bleed into another and I fucked him with a growing necessity, taking a necessary piece of him as my cock tore into his ass.

"Alex..." He whispered, just below earshot, I don't know how I heard it but it made me want to fuck him harder.

I rode his insides until he begged me to cum, tapping into my urgency, needing what I made him need. Sweat trickled down my chest as I banged his ass, my balls slapping against him loudly.

"I want you to cum while I'm inside you." I told him. "Jerk off for me."

My cock ceased seeming like a part of me as I fucked into the moaning, wiggling boy who furiously pounded his dick, still whispering the name of a lover who'd forgotten him. I couldn't be like him, so I fucked harder, he cried something out but I was too deep, it felt too good to listen, I need to fill him or I would have to think. I needed to fuck him harder and deeper. I barely noticed the sounds that I was making, the words and noises that were flying out my mouth as I fucked Hunter like an animal.

`Just harder, a little.' I either thought or said, whimpering then grunting.

He was coated in a thin sheen of sweat by the time I felt the tickle in my balls that signaled the beginning of the end. With a weak groan, I felt his asshole tense then go berserk on my cock, trying to expel my dick from his orgasm ridden body. Instead I fucked him deeper to his unintelligible cries, until I felt my own orgasm like fire boiling up through my balls then through my dick then finally spewing out into his ass as I fucked him relentlessly, refusing to slow down, splashing my cum wildly inside of him, staining his insides.

With one final thrust, my cock flung the last of my seed deep inside him and I collapsed onto him panting as the ceiling swam in circles over my head, laughing at my weariness. We stayed like that, joined, for a little while before Hunter's hand pulled my leaking dick out of his ass and turned around to push me down onto the bed. I smiled at him tiredly and he returned it, lying down next to me. With a kiss, he turned away from me but shifted his worn ass backward onto my tired dick, close enough to be lovers.

We lay there, spooning for a moment before he pulled the sheet, which had miraculously missed most of the messy sex, over us. With a smile, I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed a little. I had found the nap that I went looking for. I buried my face in his hair and breathed the now fading scent mixed in with a healthy dose of sweat and fell asleep.


I woke up to artificial light and figured it wasn't morning. Yawning, I realized I was in bed alone and looked around the room to catch Hunter's now familiar ass clad in a pair of gray jockey shorts, my dick stirred.

"Hi." I groaned sleepily, trying for cute and friendly but failing horribly so I covered it up with a wan smile.

"Oh, hey." He said with a strange undercurrent behind his voice. I could already make out the next sentence:

"I need..." He started. I decided to make it easy, crawling out of bed and collecting my clothes.

"It's cool. It was fun. Later."

He looked like he felt sorry for me as I walked out the door with my hair tousled and my shirt open, my chest exposed underneath. I needed anything but his sympathy. It had been a nice fuck but just that.

At least it had helped me clear my head.


I managed to swing back to a thankfully empty room to get some fresh clothes and a shower before realizing the time and breaking the sound barrier to make dinner. For the first time in at least two days, I wished again for my gram of coke. If for nothing else, for the energy boost snorting it could give me.

Arriving during prayer, while everyone's eyes were shut and heads bowed, I realized I could slip in without being caught except where to sit?

As prayer drew to a close, I threw myself into the first empty seat.

As all eyes opened across the room, one by one, each pair of eyes at the table stared from a head attached to a body adorned in a tan blazer and a brown tie. At first, the boys couldn't speak. They just stared at me wearing a crimson blazer and tie, worn loose over a white shirt with the top button undone.

Finally one of them spoke up; he might as well not have. At least according to that thing that mothers say.

"You filthy piece of common trash, what the fuck do you think you're doing here." The angry brunette's nostrils flared, his nose job was pretty good. "Alex, aren't you going to say something?"

All eyes turned to a fairly haughty brown haired boy with a solid jaw and a sprinkle of hair under his chin. They looked lost without his words, I could tell that his clear green eyes were used to dispensing commands. Apparently he was their leader, I wondered if they dressed according to his authority, right down to their underwear. I had to force myself not to get hard.

"Are you lost?" He asked with a faux-confused look that made his cronies laugh too loud. The blonde twins on either side of him laughed the hardest and chimed, "Yeah, he's probably lost."

So this was the highest rung of the social ladder at this school? A pretty boy and his lackeys, whose parents were just that much more influential, it seemed too cartoonish to be reality. I stifled a laugh that almost came out a yawn but I stifled that too. Laughing at the ring leader of the `Tops' (which was by the way the most homosexual sounding name for a secret society ever) was not the golden punch line of this episode of Saved By The Bell.

"Move or we move you." A voice shot out from the far right of the table.

A guy with a tan Yankees cap drawn down over his face and black tufts of hair shooting out from underneath madly in each direction, was the owner of the voice. Under his tan blazer he wore a long-sleeved black shirt without a collar but had a brown tie on anyway. Something about his voice cut me short of a sharp comment on his apparel. It was my turn to be stunned into silence.

"Get up and turned around. Do not look back here." He said, still without looking up. "If you do, I will personally make your stay at this school a living hell. Now, get up."

One guy at the table sneered at me as I got up to leave, but Yankees' cap whispered something in his ear and he turned deathly pale. I did as I was told and turned away from the Tops with an uneasy sort of respect for just one within their ranks. As I moved away from their table, there was still the matter of where to sit. It seemed that no one was sitting by themselves, even Hunter who's eyes alone seemed to ward of those not steadied by great fortitude, was sitting in a group of boys chattering away. Lucien Grey was nowhere to be found, not that he would have let me sit if he was and of course, Iggy's group snuck angry glances at me every once in a while except for Ashley who repeatedly mouthed his room number.

"Fuck it." I sighed, giving up on the prospect of squeezing in with a different set and walking off towards the exit.

We weren't supposed to miss dinner, they made their point by serving a late breakfast / brunch / lunch so that you would have to suffer and starve if you decided to skip. I pretended my stomach wasn't growling as I exited the dining room and wandered through the corridors. I walked aimlessly, forcing myself not to think about anything. Certainly not Iggy and how much of an asshole he was being. I didn't think about his cute smile and the tight muscles wound up in his slender shape and how soft his lips...

Before I knew it I was standing at the administrative computer room. I figured, `what the hell? I might as well commit myself to my punishment because the other options are just as bad.' Then I realized that they locked the door after six p.m. to prevent theft, I think Lucien mumbled that when he was trying to `teach me' the system. I tried the knob anyway and the door slipped open. My brain tried to process the fact that it was unlocked. I knew somehow they would get around to blaming me.

I peaked inside and got an eyeful of scandal.

Lucien Grey was lying half dressed in a white shirt and nothing more, his back on a table with his legs locked around the naked, rather well tanned back, of the Dean of discipline as the man pummeled the younger student's ass.

"Beg for it you little faggot!" He grunted low as he fucked Lucien with quick, deep strokes.

The boy was in no mood for disagreeing.

"Yes, Dean White. I need it, I've been terrible oooh, yeah, right there. Ow, don't stop. Dean, punish me, fuck "

The Dean only fucked the boy harder.

"Stop. Fucking. Cursing." Each word was punctuated by a slam into his ass that sent a shockwave so strong into Lucien's body, that had the Dean not been holding onto to him tightly, would have sent the younger man across the table. "Do. You. Hear. ME!?!"

Lucien was beyond words at this point, his eyes shut tight, strained noises rising from his throat as tried to manage the Dean's rough delivery. White pummeled him a few more times and then fucked into him with one deep, hard stroke that made me wince. As the man finished up inside Lucien, he managed to just barely contain a roar of release. Seemingly out of nowhere as his orgasm was getting ready to end, the Dean hunched over and using one hand to cover the boy's mouth, bit down on one of Lucien's nipples. His bloodcurdling cry was frozen dead in his throat as his eyes shot open.

I cursed that the Dean had cum before I had a chance to jack off in the doorway and silently slid the door close, hurrying down the hall before anyone knew I had been there.

Chock full o' sex.

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