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by ben

Chapter Six.


The next morning, I awoke with last nights memories emblazoned on my erection. I groaned at the fact that I had been again defeated by sunlight and dreaded looking over to see if Iggy was in the room. Instead I just laid there, my face buried in the pillow and my limbs tangled in the sheet covering me. Let's not even consider my hair. I had no idea what day it was and the more I thought about, the less I was concerned. I was about to go back to sleep when my plan was dismantled.

"Wake up. We have to go to a PTA meeting."

Iggy's voice was cordial but tired, which was surprising considering the spat we had the day before. I rolled over in bed to face him and found him in the exact same position on the opposite side of the room, staring at me. The sight of him lying there, hair disheveled and shirtless, his lower half covered by a thin sheet for some reason made my cock think it could dig through my mattress and into the center of the world.

"I'm..." I started but he finished. "Apologies aren't necessary. I've been behaving oddly so I should be the one to apologize. I'm sorry."

I nodded sleepily and closed my eyes.

"Don't go back to sleep!" He yelled, which came out barely above conversational tone.



The PTA meeting took place in the smaller gymnasium of the two in the building and was loaded with older people, some of the teachers and some of them...obviously, parents. Iggy and I arrived together in jeans, him in a white polo shirt and I in a green one both designed with the schools emblem on the breast and hush puppies on our feet. This was the `dress down' standard that they used when parents came on Saturdays for PTA meetings to ensure that the boys looked like they were having fun as well as studying hard. On bi-monthly, Thursday night Parent-Teacher Evaluations (PTEs), Iggy explained on the way over, that we were forced to wear suits. I shuddered.

We moved into the general crowd, still groggy but still smiled and introduced ourselves to parents who were curious. Iggy explained that this was where most of the school's money came from, casual events like these and larger fundraisers where wealthy parents shelled out obscene amounts of cash if they were impressed with what they saw. If not, the boys suffered cutbacks that made them jump at the chance to smile and nod at the next round of meetings.

"IAGO!" A woman's high-pitched voice sliced through the air like a knife and I could almost feel blood following freely from my eardrums.

This woman in a salmon skirt-suit, a Hilary Clinton haircut, conservative pink Prada heels and genuine pearls scooted over to hug my roommate in a way that kept him from rubbing himself against her. When she withdrew, she smiled in a cheesy newscaster way and looked over at me.

"Well, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?" She drawled the last word in a way that made me cringe, how could she be rich?

Iggy smiled brightly.

"This is Graham Raleigh, my new roommate." He pointed to me and then to her. "This is Mrs. Marsha Owen, my..."

Before he could finish, a girl strutted over in a pleated gray skirt with newspaper writing all over it. She also sported a red tube top with a pixilated version of the union jack, a gray jacket and red platforms. When she reached us, she threw her arms around Iggy. Her hair was straight and long, held down by a grey bandana with D&G written all over it and a gray and red striped Gucci purse. She kissed him on the cheek after they hugged and he slipped his arm around her waist before she turned to me.

"You must be Graham. It's so fabulous to meet you, I've heard so much." She said with a slight English accent, extending her hand, which I almost didn't shake. "I'm Piper Owen, Iggy's fiancé."

Something fell out of place inside my chest and I recognized her face. She had modeled for the designer Gideon Wood's new couture line called `laMe' (Life after media exposure) which had landed her a place in English Heritage's new fall promotion and a billboard in time square. As I reeled, they talked among themselves.

"Darling, I had to take a few days off the promotion to come see you with Marsha. How's school treating you?" She asked, with her face full of concern that seemed genuine enough but I'd known actors who could fake concern.

"Fine, fine. Have you seen Miles?" Iggy asked, with his arm still wrapped around Piper's barely-there waistline.

Marsha shook her head then her face exploded into a smile.

"There he is!" She cried pointing. "There's my son."

I looked in the direction of her finger and saw the guy with the Yankees cap who had threatened me the day before come sauntering towards us in a very cool way, his jeans at least a size too large and baggy, wearing a tan polo with a golden `T' over the school's emblem and converses with the same cap over his unruly black hair. I flinched when he stopped next to me and nodded to his mother and Iggy, narrowing his eyes on Piper, who I guessed was his step sister. He ignored me.

"Still conservative as ever." He commented, eyeing her newspaper skirt, just a dangerous inch or two from her thigh.

She smiled sweetly while her eyes hurled daggers.

"Careful Milo, remember that daddy's footing the bill." She gently reminded him and then turning on her heels, looked at Marsha. "Marshes, be a dear and find someone to bring us some refreshments, I'm parched. Anything for you two?"

She looked towards Iggy and I, excluding her step brother.

"I'm fine." We both answered at the same time, eyeing each other to address the uneasy feeling of being in the presence of this less than ideal family.

"Mom. What are you doing? Let her get them herself." Miles growled, his furious eyes low beneath his baseball cap, he turned his attention to Piper. "What's wrong, coke's got you shaky? Learn to hold your drugs before you play with the big boys."

Piper gritted her teeth beneath her smile, which didn't waiver for a moment. She went to respond when a ringing started emanating from her purse. She withdrew it and flipped it open, checking the caller, she turned to Iggy.

"I've got to take this dear." She said, kissing his cheek and walking off into the crowd of parents.

As soon as she was gone Marsha coughed, smiled at Miles and stepped away as well. Once they were both gone, Miles turned to Iggy.

"Are you seriously considering marrying that?!" He took the words right out of my mouth.

Iggy blushed and he searched for words.

"Miles, you're always so unfair to her. Piper's a bit high maintenance but she's a good girl underneath all that." He defended.

"Underneath...? There's NOTHING underneath that. What you see is what you get and if you want to see everything, all you have to do is flip open a magazine." Miles spat.

He was referring to a magazine topless spread she'd done in, maybe Vogue? Regardless of the magazine, she was featured with dark makeup sitting on the middle of a road that stretched out endless in the middle of nowhere with rain pouring around her. Though her breasts were covered with her arms and the shoots were tasteful, the pictures caused a mild scandal because she was so young.

"Enough." Iggy said, on the verge of real anger.

Miles shrugged, shook his head and walked away. As he left, Iggy appealed to me with his eyes, almost begging me to tell him that he was right, that she was ok.

"I'm gonna' go check if my parents are here." I said instead, walking away, feeling betrayed for some reason beyond me.

As soon as I was far enough away from Iggy for him not to see, I ducked out of the auditorium and moved towards the nearest bathroom where I proceeded to eject the meager contents of my stomach.


I collapsed in my room for a sorrowful nap and woke up just as the sun was considering its last rays.

I knew what I had to do.

My dealer was surprised to hear from me when I called him with the cell phone that I managed to sneak into the school but hadn't had cause to use until now. He bitched for the first few minutes about me not calling while he was in the hospital for damages he sustained flying through the glass coffee table but eventually gave me the name of a friend he had at the school who could get something to me, I was surprised at who it was. Before he left, he told me he was suing my father and wanted to know how I felt about that. I hung up.

Wandering down an unfamiliar hallway, I found the unfamiliar door and checked the paper I had written down my dealer's contact's room number on. Hearing loud Radiohead coming from inside the room, I knocked hard once and then twice before it flung open.

"What!?!" Miles growled, as usual, the only tone in his arsenal.

Wearing a black Yankees cap this time, but shirtless, I took in his impressive musculature, rigid abs and hard pecs. His tan was killer but not that dark, close to mine and looked sun earned as opposed to salon bought. I tried not to let my gaze travel down his chest. Yet I was helpless, I had to look discreetly down at his lean black sweats sitting perilously low on his waist, hugging his well-developed thighs and cradling his heavy balls and visibly thick cock before becoming roomier down his legs. Not only did I get harder than I could try to hide but my mouth watered.

"Robbie sent me over." I said, hoping that was my dealer's name.

"His name's not Robbie." Miles said, confirming my fears and waving me in.

I shut the door behind me and as he walked away from me, I caught a glimpse of the top of his firm, round ass peaking out from the sweats lying too low on his frame. I almost touched myself but remembered what I was there for.

"I just need a couple lines." I explained. "How much for maybe, say three?"

Miles looked at me.

"You got fifty bucks?" He asked, staring at my face intently to see if I was about to lie to him.

"Yeah, that's fine." I was expecting more as I fished the money out of my wallet and handed it to him. He took it and nodded, not bothering to count the pair of twenties and the ten. I figured he either trusted me or had keen eyes.

He walked over to his mini fridge and squatted, his muscles in his stomach rippled as he did so and my cock begged for attention. He quickly opened the fridge and withdrew the drugs in a piece of foil rubber banded with a razor. Moving faster than even my dealer, who had been doing it his whole life, he chopped three thick lines and tore off the piece of the foil that contained them, wrapping up the rest and putting it away. He was about to push it towards me when he rethought his approach instead.

"Do you want to do them off my stomach?" He asked and I choked on my tongue by accident. "I saw you looking. I'm told it's a pretty cool experience and for just twenty bucks extra. I'll throw in a kiss free."

"How much for everything? Like sex." I asked.

He frowned and took his cap off for a second to scratch his head before dropping it back down onto his thick mat of hair.

"I don't sleep with guys, sorry." He apologized, pushing the foil towards me.

I took a twenty out of my wallet and he lay down on the ground next to the fridge. I crawled over and dumped the drugs out onto his abs, right above his navel. I re-chopped the lines with the razor, carefully not to cut or scratch him. As I finished he flexed his stomach muscles, keeping them taut, which in turn caused an instant response in my pants. I excitedly snorted up the first line with the rolled up twenty dollar bill and could feel the heat from his stomach.

On one elbow he watched me snort the second line with a curious look, like observing a different species. I didn't care as the familiar, warm feeling filtered through my system. I sniffed as my sinus started reacting to the drugs and threw my head back for a second to recover and blinked a few times. Time either began to slow down or speed up as I did the third line and licked the remainder off his hard stomach, my tongue expertly navigating the ridges of muscle to collect every last bit of the drugs I'd paid for. I could have sworn I heard him moan as I finished and raised my head. I couldn't be certain but I could tell he was hard. The coke made me even hornier.

"Can I climb on top of you?" I asked. He gave me a weird look. "For the kiss..."

"Oh." The wheels clicking in his mind. "Sure, whatever."


I climbed over him, my knees on either side of his thick legs and leaned in for the kiss, my body reaching just barely low enough for my rock hard dick to rub against his stomach, if he noticed he didn't say anything and he reached up to meet my mouth.

As soon as his lips touched mine, my tongue dove for his but he drew back.

"Do you do everything that quickly?" He said disapprovingly but moved his head closer anyway.

The coke buzzed through my system and all I wanted to do was fuck, completely at odds with the slow, tender brush of his lips against mine. His tongue gently searched the opening of my mouth. The warmth of his mouth was inviting and I could taste the hint of beer that suggested he'd been drinking before I came, no wonder he was being so...nice. His lips ground against mine as his tongue met mine with an increased urgency, they massaged each other for a while waves of pleasure started in my mouth and somehow traveled to my dick, making me hornier than I'd been in a long time. Yet just as the kiss started to get really hot and I was slowly rubbing my dick against his stomach, he withdrew and using his substantially developed arms, pushed me away.

"That's it. Can you make it back to your room ok?" He asked, sliding from under me and standing.

My mind reeled, what was happening.

"What?" I asked dumfounded.

He sighed impatiently.

"I don't sleep with guys. I told you that upfront, now leave." He said with a tinge of frustration in his voice.

I scrambled to my feet sloppily and moved (with his arm on my shoulder) towards the door. He opened it and gently shoved me out.

"If you get caught and finger me, I'll break your legs and rape you." He warned as he closed the door behind me.

Horny, heartbroken and high, I stumbled back to my room doubled over in case anyone saw me I could pretend to have a stomachache.



When I returned to my room it was just past dinner but I was too high to mourn the lost of a meal, though I knew I would regret it later. I stumbled in and collapsed facedown into a bed, not sure whether it was mine or Iggy's and realized out that it was mine when Iggy spoke to me from the other side of the room.

"Are you ok?" He asked


I wanted to say, `yes' but the drugs did the talking for me.


"I hate Piper but before I hated Piper, I hated Lucien. I don't hate them...why do you like them better than me? I hate you. I hate myself." I laughed, tired and my stomach swan, so I groaned. "I don't feel anything but lust."


I was only semi-conscious of what I was saying, powerless to stop it.


"I don't think I'm bisexual either. I kissed a girl once last year and I fingered her. She went down on me but I couldn't cum, so I jerked off and she licked it up and asked for a role in my dad's movie. Do I hate women? No..." I wanted to throw up. I didn't think Miles' drugs were very good.


Iggy was silent.


"Lucien's fucking the Dean. Actually the Dean is fucking Lucien...hard. I caught them in the administrator's computer lab..." At that point, my words became unintelligible and I started to drift in and out of sleep.


I think Iggy was saying something but I couldn't hear too well, so I stopped listening.

"Am I dead?"

"No." Someone answered.

"Oh." I responded.

I opened my eyes and saw Miles looking down on me looking crossed. He turned to someone else that I figured was Iggy, I was still in my bed.

"He's fine, just did more than he could handle."

Slowly the events leading up to this moment came back to me. I was angry. I sat up in the bed and felt a blinding head pain. I ignored it.

"What the fuck? Did you cut the coke with truth serum?" I yelled, which made my head hurt again.

Miles shot me a nasty look and I shut up. Iggy looked tired.

"Thanks Miles, sorry to bother you." He apologized as his future step brother-in-law, I think, walked toward the door.

"It's cool. Just make sure the little asshole doesn't move around too much for a while." He said as he left the room and Iggy closed the door behind him.

As soon as Miles was gone, Iggy climbed onto his bed and stared at me.

"Is it true, about Lucien?" He asked first.

I dropped back down onto my pillow and stared at the ceiling which spun slightly.


He sighed.

" Piper, as a person. She's nice but..." I finished his sentence. "You don't want to marry her. So why are you engaged to her?"

"She's a friend of the family and we've known each other since we were knee high. We were always supposed to be married, everyone thought..."

"Everyone doesn't know you like guys better." I said sharply, surprising even myself with my tone.

He sighed again.

"Lucien doesn't even see me, does he?"

I debated with myself whether or not to tell him what Lucien has said himself.

"I told you he was an asshole for a reason." I responded.

Iggy was silent for a moment.

"I'm glad you're looking out for me Graham, I'm glad I met you." I smiled despite myself then... "You're almost like the brother I never had."

I wanted to kill myself. Instead I went to sleep wondering if he believed in incest.



Until next time?