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by ben

Chapter Seven


"I support anorexia. No, wait -- just hear me out. I think that a person should be able to take control of their life and decide, `hey, this is the weight I want to be.' Any means necessary, that's all." Ashley explained biting into a piece of toast off his empty plate while spilling the contents of his empty head.

Sunday breakfast was atrocious, everything tasted like charcoal and the sunlight seemed extra bright, even through vintage wayfarer sunglasses. Everyone chattered hopelessly around me, even Lewis who had been cross with me since we were caught fucking, couldn't help but converse with me this morning.

We had all woken up early to go to church, my punishment turned into Iggy's call for solidarity, thus everyone else's problem. I sat in a pew fairly close to the front and looked around at faces I hadn't seen before of boys who sat with their backs straight, highlighting passages in their bibles. I wanted to fall asleep but couldn't, a goodbye present from the coke, which left my body battered and bruised to recover alone.

The priest mentioned something about homosexuality and I could have sworn all eyes fell on me but that could have been paranoia. When it was all over I walked out and patted Dean White on the shoulder, who smiled to acknowledge that he noticed I showed up. I didn't ask how Lucien's insides felt.

"What the fuck is so great about starving yourself?" I asked with my chin on the table and my hair, infuriatingly straight this morning, falling down to obscure my view of Ashley's plate at eye level. My stomach rumbled but food threatened regurgitation, I passed.

Iggy nodded, grabbing Ashley around his shoulders, feigning energy and effervescence. The bags under his eyes from a night of dealing with coked out me, told a different story.

"Graham is right. Everyone wants to look a certain way but starving yourself isn't the way to do it. You should just load up on diet pills and workout...a lot." Though he said it with a straight face, he could have been kidding, no one laughed.

Tired and still slightly woozy, I left the table with a feeble `later' and stumbled out of the dining room, leaving the others to their petty conversations while I went in search of somewhere to lie down and come down. Eventually after tumbling through the halls, drawing the knowing glances of other boys, I found my room and collapsed behind the door. Thankfully the shades were drawn down and no sun could interrupt my quiet comedown.

"I love what you haven't done with the place."  It wasn't Iggy's voice.

I looked up and managed to balance surprise with something a bit more primal. I got hard.

Dean Reece White was sitting on my bed in khakis and a periwinkle polo shirt, his smile was warm but behind it was every bit of what he intended to do to me, I didn't need to ask why he came.

"Lucien getting boring?"

He laughed and I pretended not to hear his guilt.

"Lucien is a...good boy. He does what I ask but he's a bit too, acquiescent. I need something with a bit more fun."

He climbed off the bed and whatever I wanted to say got caught in my throat. He easily peeled off the shirt to reveal a flat stomach with traces of abdominal development. As he got closer, I thought of Iggy. As he dropped to his knees to meet me eye to eye, I wondered if Iggy would come back and find us here, doing everything he wanted to do with Lucien. As he came close enough for me to smell the morning's orange juice on his breath and his aftershave, I stopped thinking and let him kiss me.

His kiss was rough and insistent, pushing my head back against the door as one hand settled in my lap. He was moving too fast, I pulled back from his kiss long enough to speak.

"What are you --?"

Before I could finish he was on me again, his tongue searching for something in my mouth that my tongue had the answer to, one hand tugging at my zipper and another behind my neck pulling me into him. Once his hand found my cock through my underwear, his squeezed the shaft and caused me to moan into his mouth and then squeeze harder. I couldn't tell whether I enjoyed it or found it appalling, so I let him continue in the hopes that sometime before we came, I would figure it out.

"Take off your clothes." He whispered, unbuttoning my pants and tugging them.

Without getting up, I lifted my legs and let him pull of my pants, taking my underwear with them. While I pulled of my shirt, he quickly kicked off his khakis and threw his shirt over his head, leaving me a full view of his impressive cut dick. Thick and straight, it stared at me, just begging to be sucked. I went for it.

As I lowered my head to suck his cock, he sat back and thrust his hips upward to give me full access to it.

"Don't be shy, give it a kiss." He said as I came close enough to smell the distinct scent of a hot dick, the smell that demands submission, so I did.

I kissed the head softly and was irritated by the Dean's silence. So I kissed it again and flicked my tongue across the tip, this time, he whispered something and grabbed the shaft of his cock and started pumping it up and down.

"Horny?" I asked rhetorically, opening my mouth and allowing the head to slide in slowly.

He groaned as it slid against my lips and into the warmth of my mouth, my tongue cradling it and running against the ridges underneath the head. I slowly lapped at the salty precum oozing from the head as he thrust the head ever so slightly, in and out of my mouth.

Without warning, he yanked his cock out of my mouth.

"Get on your knees and turn around..." He commanded.

I did without hesitation, ready to fuck without thinking or feeling. Nothing else could get Iggy out of my head. Instead I felt his hot breath against my asshole and a tongue circling around my asshole.

"Oh..." I whispered.

With a quiet laugh, the Dean shoved his face into my butt. I was stunned as his lips kissed and sucked their way around my hole, his teeth gently biting to send sharp sensations through my spine while his tongue forced passage into my anus. I repeatedly contracted against the invading tongue, my body unsure of how to treat this new sensation while my dick maintained maximum hardness. His wide tongue pried me open while he used a finger to explore further beyond its limitations, I pushed back against him every so slightly, needing his digits to fill me. He responded instantly, sequestering another finger from his hand to pleasure my pulsating hole. I moaned and groaned as he rolled his tongue inside me and pried me open with his fingers until my knees shook.

When the Dean saw me falter, he grabbed my waist and pulled me down off my knees and onto his lap. Before I even knew what was going on, I felt his cock against me and held my breath. I panicked for a minute and then felt the head, oily and slick opening me up and pushing into me. I relaxed a bit, realized he must have been lubricating himself while eating me out. As he slid further into me, I started exhaling and when I was sitting on his lap with his cock inside me, he stroked my hair and kissed my neck. I relaxed a bit more and he licked my ear.

"You're different, nothing like Lucien." He whispered. His voice was uncertain. "Let's stay like this for a bit."

We were quiet, sitting there with his cock throbbing inside me and his lips kissing my neck. After a while, one of his hands reached around and started to stroke me slowly, the other rubbing my balls. I smiled and lifted my ass, savoring the feeling of his dick sliding out of me and forcing my sphincter to tighten on his dick.

"Good." He breathed into my ear while his hands grabbed my hips and brought me back on his dick.

Slow at first, I slid up and down his dick, fucking myself on his hardness while his hand returned to my cock, alternately squeezing and stroking with building intensity. With his other hand, he pried my cheeks open, keeping his dick impaling me smoothly and fingering the hole to send extra pangs of pleasure through my system. I rode him for a while, slowly but hard enough to send his cock plunging into my gut every time I lowered my ass onto his lap, but still, it was slow.

"Fuck me." I requested through parted lips and closed eyes, savoring the feel of him inside me and the warmth of his chest against my back.

He lifted me off his dick and turned me away from him with only minimal cooperation from my body, too numb from consistent arousal and steady waves of pleasure to be much assistance. He was surprisingly strong and even more surprisingly gentle, lying me down on my back and leaning in for a kiss.

Whatever reservations I had finally melted away as his tongue lapped mine gently and his brushed mine kindly but urgently. While his mouth comforted mine, he lifted my legs and let them lock around his back while he pushed the head of his cock back into me. As he slid into me, I broke his kiss and looked at him.

His hair hung down, damp with sweat and a weary smile stretched across his face. Pushing against him with my legs, I forced him deeper inside of me and decided to finish it without regret. Iggy would never be mine to have, so I closed my eyes and he started to fuck me.

It was only slow for a minute before I urged him to harder and faster strokes, deeper and rougher. In barely a few heartbeats, he was pounding into me like he had been doing to Lucien only days before. I wanted it like that, his cock tearing in and out of me so fast and hard I had to focus on jerking myself off just as hard and fast to compensate for the intensity of his almost painful strokes.

"God..." I moaned through a clenched jaw as he pistoned into me.

"He can't hear you. Louder..." He growled, lowering his mouth to my neck, licking and biting and nibbling roughly while I melted into a mess of noises.

"GOD..." I nearly yelled as I started to cum, sooner than I had expected, spurning the Dean on inside me to fuck me harder.

"Grrrrr." He growled low, hammering into me and biting so hard that tears started to form in my eyes reflexively.

My orgasm rocked my body, flinging me out of the realm of sensible thoughts and sensations, wrecking havoc on my anus which shuddered longer and harder than it had in recent memory causing the Dean to spiraling into a release of his own. We came together, hard and long as he fucked me through waves and waves of sensation starting in my ass and spider webbing outward until even my fingertips were numb.

After a while, the ringing in my ears subsided and I was again in the dark trying to catch my breath as the dean of discipline's cock retracted from my insides. I could feel the trail of cum it left and the sound it made as he pulled it loose from my asshole. He wrapped an arm around me and kissed my neck.

"Don't give up on him." He said in a voice that cut through the silence and startled me slightly, causing me to tense in his hold then relax. "Iago is confused, not blind. He'll see, eventually."

With another kiss on my neck, the Dean got up and started getting dressed. I barely said goodbye before I climbed into bed and he walked out the door. I needed to sleep and think, then reevaluating my decision, just sleep.


I woke up feeling better, but just for a second.

"Good evening sleepyhead, we were just getting worried that your little habit had put you into a coma. Right Iago?"

Piper's voice came through sharp and clear like an arrow through my soul and my eyes shot open like a rifle blast. Iago was all smiles, sitting on his bed holding Piper's hand as she stretched out next to him with her head on his shoulders. He turned to her not long after, positively radiating.

"I'll be right back Pipe. I have to run to the bathroom." As he turned to her, his glasses slid down his nose and she pushed them back up. I cringed.

"We'll be here darling." She said in her nauseating English accent as he bounded out of the room.

Once the door was closed, she turned to me.

"First of all, spare me the bullshit. Iago has his moments, but he is not one of you. Clearly, the thought of women do not frighten him into the beds of other men. As...unfortunate as that may seem to you, for me, the deal could not be sweeter. I get a husband I do not have to perform for sexually and the respect of both my family and his. As long as we can produce an heir that is...why am I telling you this? Oh, that's right. Iago has it in his thick skull that he likes you and before your eyes roll back into your perverted head, he means as a friend. So...if you make any attempt to discourage him about our marriage, I'll ruin you. Do not bother asking how or why, just remember that I am a resourceful girl and girls like me as well as girls in general, whether you fear them or not, should be feared."

I blinked and tried to process the fact that she just said that to me. Iggy came back a moment later and she was all smiles. He climbed back into bed and she kissed him on the cheek. I fell back to sleep envisioning her with a tire-iron protruding from her throat and found that it eased me right into a pleasant rest.


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