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by ben.

Chapter Nine.

"Skin music"

Consciousness interrupted my sleep suddenly and then surprise, quick on its heels, alerted me that I had been sleeping.

I remembered Iggy leaving (only half acknowledging the fact in my head) but nothing really after that. Gritting my teeth and silently cursing, I pried my eyes open and pretended not to feel the migraine settling on my brain, twisting the scant light of the room into a blaring, white hot burn against my retinas. I groaned and shifted in my bed. Something shifted beside me and if I was human at the moment instead of an anagram of `fucked up,' I probably would have screamed.

"What?" I mused out loud instead.

There was more shifting beside me and my eyes, adjusting the fairly dark room, came to the conclusion that my bed was larger than it had ever been. I slowly realized that Iggy's former bed had been pushed against mine to expand it, I wanted to laugh but my migraine and the stiffness of my thoughts wouldn't allow it. After a few moments, my brain decided to confront the issue of the shifting mass beside me. As the head poked out from under the sheet, I squinted.

"Hey." I offered, not knowing what else to say.

I didn't recognize him.

"Hey yourself." He grinned sleepily, stretching his arms across Iggy's pillow and his legs under my sheet.

I thought of being angry at myself as he wriggled his smooth, naked upper torso out from under the sheet and propped himself of one arm to look at me. I considered throwing him out but thought better of it, there was no one to save myself for now, was there? Besides, the guy was pretty cute or seemed so from the feeble information that I was being fed by a drowsy, sluggish mind.

His murky hazel eyes seemed warm and attentive, scanning my face and responding with a perceptive hesitance. His brow furrowed slightly and both his hands wiped wisps of brown hair off his forehead. His smooth lips, obviously reddened by kissing barely pursed as he prepared to speak while I stared at his chin, entranced momentarily by the hairs just starting to pepper it.

"I'm Dion. I don't know if you remember but we hooked up yesterday." He explained, a slender grin sliding onto his face.

"I figured." I nodded, very slowly lest my brain leak out through my nose. "Where did we meet?"

I had never seen him before, that much was certain.

"Miles' room," He explained. "I was just there for some weed, you know, the basic. You were doing lines..."

I knew from the way his sentence trailed, how the rest of the story went. I had overdone it and feeling pleased with myself I invited a total stranger back to my room for sex. I hoped that I had at least had the good sense not to split my coke with him. I groaned internally, I really needed to stop having sex with random people.

"Okay then...Dion, right?" I tried, didn't like the sound of it. "You should...go..."

I braced myself for the backlash, the wounded expression that was inevitable when you realize you'd been used for sex. The goofy smile that came across his face consumed even his eyes as he threw the sheets off and hopped out of bed. His body didn't lack definition in its slender yet firm way that suggested that he could be a swimmer. His arms and legs were cut if not impressive and just slightly sun kissed even in the pathetic lighting. By the time my eyes trailed down to his fairly thick uncut cock, I already felt embarrassed about ogling him. He just smiled and stared straight into my eyes. He was utterly unashamed of his own nudity, completely comfortable in his own skin as he donned form fitting `tighty-whities' that gave me an instant erection.

I started to speak but my tongue, stupid and thick, got caught in the middle of its thought. Instead my mouth made a noise that was incoherent and Dion turned towards me with a curious look. Now the spotlight was on me, this time I had to say something.

"You know...you don't have to go right now." I offered without exactly intending to offer.

Horniness had gotten the better of me once again. I really really needed to stop having sex with random people. It was beginning to look like a character flaw.

"Yeah?" Dion asked out of the corner of a grin as he snapped the waistband of his briefs against his side and came to the edge of the bed. "You sure?"

I reached out to fondle the rapidly hardening and now straining tent in his underwear but he took a step back out of reach.

"I guess you are sure..." He giggled, it was cute but I was hard and this kind of cat-and-mouse game had the tendency to draw on too long with random tricks.

I moved off of my back onto my side then up unto my knees and reached over again, this time to grip his arm. Once my hand wrapped his wrist, I tried to pull him towards me but he wrestled free of my grip and shoved me hard back onto the bed with both hands. I was ready to get up and force him into submission when he leapt onto the bed and wasted no time straddling my stomach and pinning my arms down on each side of me. I struggled a bit just for show and then quickly realized that it wasn't for show at all, he was actually pinning me to the bed and I couldn't wrestle myself out of his grip. I thrashed my legs around uselessly as he grinned away and stared into my eyes. He was fond of staring, so were serial killers.

"You're pretty used to being in charge aren't you?" He asked rhetorically lowering himself to my mouth and teasing my lips with his tongue.

Fairly angry that he was holding me down, I was about to bite his tongue when almost as if he'd read my mind, he bit my lip. Almost hard enough to draw blood, the bite drove me into a frenzy and I thrashed around even more. I bucked so hard under his grip that I loosened it for a minute before he redoubled his efforts to keep me pinned.

"You crazy fuck!" I seethed quietly, purposefully keeping my voice down, I really didn't need to be caught having sex again.

"You seem pissed off but I'm betting your cock isn't." He raised himself up a little and slid back until his cotton clad bubble butt was resting infuriatingly on my rigid dick.

I struggled again and his shifted position allowed me to gain a little ground but already tired of struggling, I just let him to continue to pin me figuring that once he was comfortable I'd throw him off and make him regret holding me down. Instead I gnashed my teeth as he ground his ass down on my dick hard, forcing me into the cotton and squeezing precum from the head. I moaned despite myself when I felt his warm asshole pressing against my head through the material and tried to thrust my hips upward. He lifted himself off of my cock as soon as I done so, in order to tease me even further.

"How about I punch you in face?" I growled.

"How about..." He responded, lowered his mouth to my ear to murmur. "You fuck me."

My dick twitched and he let me go. Before he could blink I shoved him off me and back onto the bed. I was on him. I grabbed his head with one hand, forcing him into my hard kiss, ravishing his breath with tongue and the other tearing at his underwear as he moaned into my mouth. I refused to relent, once I had torn his underwear sufficiently and pulled them down, my index pressed into his warm, twitching hole roughly and began penetrating slowly despite the lack of lube. He moaned louder and kissed harder, this time thrusting his own hips up to grind his throbbing cock against me, of course, I pulled back. In fact, I withdrew my finger from his ass and my lips from his as well to his half-bewildered, half-amused features.

I stared down as his mussed hair, falling errantly all over his face and slightly matted in places, his flushed face and reddened cheeks. I smiled, despite myself, thinking about how cute he was lying under me. Then, like clockwork, the guilt set in. However, the pang of guilt I felt about bedding a guy less than a day after Iggy's exodus was directly relinquished to the feeling of my cock sliding into Dion's mouth. Apparently the little bastard had taken advantage of my half-second daze and swallowed my cock, I forgave him because he was doing a pretty good job and I hadn't had a blowjob in a while. He swabbed the head with his tongue, working the shaft into his mouth tenaciously, determined to milk the stiff member for every drop it would offer frequently licking whatever precum he could coax from the tip. I moaned and massaged the back of his head as he worked more of my cock down his throat.

"Shit." I groaned, giving myself over to cliche as he soothed away my headache.

Sooner than I had anticipated, I felt the familiar stirrings swirling in my gut, in my balls and through my dick as he continued sucking and swirling around my dick. I shut my eyes and let the positive vibrations emanating from my dick travel outward until I shuddered in pleasure. Then at the last minute, I realized that I had a made a mistake.

"Wait..." I managed before the orgasm rocked every inch of me body and I could only force his head further down on my cock, shooting hard bursts of cum down his willing throat.

I whimpered quietly as my body recovered. I cursed and praised Dion in my mind as he came off of my dick and crawled up my upper torso, lay down on my chest and kissed me deep enough for me to lick the last of my seed from the back of his tongue. I let gratitude guide my hand to his furiously hard cock to begin stroking it. He whimpered appreciatively as we continued kissing. I wanted to fuck him, which was why it pissed me off that I blew my wad in his mouth but this...was ok.

"Can I fuck you?" He asked gently, in between kisses, looking at me with a childlike concern that tore me between disgust and affection.

I didn't answer him, instead I gave him a final kiss and crawled out of the bed and winced at the cold against my feet. I made my way to a drawer against the wall sluggishly and pulled out a bottle of lube. It was half empty, reminding me that I was still a slut.

Once back in bed, Dion had me lubed fairly quickly, working his digits into my asshole with dexterity and resulting sensations that few had managed before him. I liked to think that Iggy would one day have given me that kind of sensation. I chastised myself for thinking about him. That was done with now. Once I was sufficiently open, Dion's pressed his head against my hole and looked down at me an eager, wicked grin on his face. Without warning, he shoved most of his cock inside me. I yelled more out of surprise than pain and was getting ready to stage a protest when he yanked it all out and this time, pushed all of it inside me.

"Son of a bitch!" I yelled, trying to move and while he went back to holding me down, while simultaneously working grinding his hips hard into me, deliciously assaulting my insides with the thickness of his cock.

"You feel soooo good, they were right about you. I'm not gonna last too long in here." He cooed as he fucked me and slowly my mind spun away from his words and into the contact between his crotch pounding and my ass.

He fucked me rabidly, hit my prostate randomly and hard when he did, coaxing inarticulate noises from me as his fingers twisted at my nipples and enticed my spent dick back to life. He laughed and whispered loud and gentle compliments about my tightness and my hotness and my deepness as he fucked himself tired then invigorated all over again. Eventually words became pointless, a waste of breath and energy as I felt myself coming closer to a surprise orgasm.

"Soon..." He groaned, his face moistened with sweat as he worked harder than any lover I'd ever had to ensure both of us a release to remember.

When it happened, electric and explosion are the only words I can imagine giving it. The both of us shot and yelled and shot more until my stomach and chest were covered in the evidence of my satisfaction and my insides were coated with his.

He pulled out and collapsed beside me on the bed, both of our chests heaving in concert and my eyes shut tight while I let my ears ring.

"Glad you didn't throw me out?" He asked, the cocky twist in his voice told me that he knew he did a fantastic job.

"Who says I'm not throwing you out?"

I rolled over and hoped that I would fall back asleep, lulled to sleep by the familiar throbbing between my legs. When I felt his arm encircle my waist and his heat against me, I scoffed...and moved a bit closer.


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