J. H. P. Cash, 367

When I Were Nowt But a Lad 11

As Robert had said that I should, first thing after finding my own study and dorm on the first day of the next term, I went to find Robert in his new bedsit. Robert was to be the monitor in charge of the Junior Dorm. His bedsit was at the far end of a long room with 12 beds that were to be occupied by new boys.

I dodged through the new sprogs sorting themselves out and burst into Robert's bedsit. There was a tearful new boy sitting on Robert's desk chair while Robert sat opposite him on the edge of the bed.

The boy rubbed his eyes and tried to smile as Robert introduced us. Robert explained the quirk of my birth date that meant that I'd be playing rugby in the same "Under 14" division as Guy, the new boy, even though I was in the Fifth Form and had actually only turned 14 the day before.

We chatted briefly, with me struggling between fellow-feeling for a sad little boy and frustration that I couldn't snog Robert.

Robert finally asked if Guy felt up to returning to his unpacking and saw him out with a friendly hand on his shoulder.

As soon as the bedsit door closed, I embraced Robert in a tight hug and fierce kiss. My cock was already hard and there was soon an equally hard ridge in Robert's trousers.

"Got yourself a little hot sprog from the new bugs already, eh?" I mocked.

"He's not been away from home before. He was a day boy at his prep." countered Robert.

"There's quite a few pretty ones to choose from." I said.

"I'm the monitor in charge of their dorm; I'm not going to start bumming them, am I?" said Robert.

"Yet!" I said.

I tried to get Robert's cock out of his trousers but he wouldn't let me.

"Wait 'til tonight! What dorm are you in?"

"Still South, but over the other side: last bed on the right, by the window."

"I'll come and get you after this lot have cried themselves to sleep."

Frustrated, I wandered off to do my own unpacking. I gave Guy a smile as I passed him. He was indeed very lovely, but the boy who had the bed next to him was somehow more striking. He had fairly short brown hair but his fringe was a curly mass that stuck out in waves to one side. It actually was auburn, and although I didn't realise it right away, gave him the look of a prince in a pre-Raphaelite painting. I had always happily joined in gossip about the prettier Junior boys (even if they were actually my age) but I had never had such a conscious acknowledgement within myself that a boy younger than me actually seemed sexy merely because of his looks.

When Robert came to wake me and I followed him back to his bedsit we were rather unceremonious in getting naked, taking off our own pyjamas quickly. I embraced and kissed him quickly, then pushed him down on the bed so that I could kneel and start sucking his cock. He came in my mouth very soon and I came on the wooden side of his bed-unit. I wiped up my spunk with my pyjama bottoms and we crawled into bed together.

I told Robert about Demang and he said something about me even being queer at home in the holidays. I told him that I thought that I was queer all the time, anywhere. Robert spoke about some girls in his home town and I asked if he'd fucked any of them. He hadn't - just snogged and copped a feel. I wasn't as nice and well-behaved as his 'girlfriends at home' and Robert barely hesitated in continuing to make up for his period of abstinence.

We'd barely come for a second time when there was a tiny knock on the door. I tried, rather ludicrously, to hide under the sheets as the door opened. It was the boy from the bed next to Guy.

"Guy's crying again," he said.

"Thanks, Andy. I'll come and see to him," said Robert. Andy stood there, apparently waiting for Robert to get out of bed and follow him. He looked at me and smiled slightly.

"Back to bed, Andy, I'll be along in a minute." Robert got out of bed and put his pyjamas on.

We discussed what I should do and decided that I should just go back to my dorm as Robert might need to bring Guy into his bedsit to talk him through his homesickness. I followed Robert out and, as we came to Guy's bed I saw Andy sitting on the edge of it, talking quietly to him. There was enough light from the bedsit doorway for me to see Andy's broad grin at me as he gave up his place on Guy's bed to Robert. I kind-of gathered that this probably wasn't Andy's first night at boarding school.

After rugby practice the next afternoon, Andy walked with me back to our House. He was fairly direct.

"Robert's a nice guy," he said. "We all did stuff at my prepper. I even had a little friend when I was Senior Prefect."

"Robert's a House and School Monitor, not Senior Prefect," I said. "And I'm not little."

"Yeah, but I know what you were playing at in his bed last night."

I wondered whether he actually did.

"It's not just playing!" I said.

Then he grinned at me and I realised that somehow I'd let myself be irritated when Andy was only teasing.

I was still assigned to the Junior Changing Room and so was able to have a good look at Andy in the shower-room. He had a lovely wiry body; thin but lightly muscled. When the bathroom got crowded boys would share baths and so as more boys came in from Games, Andy and I ended up sharing a tub.

There was often a fair amount of "messing around" in the baths and showers, but Andy was a new boy and I felt a little strange as we sat facing each other, our toes playing with each other's dicks. There were one or two comments when we stood up to soap ourselves and other boys saw our stiff cocks. But a stiffy in the baths was hardly a rare event. When we sat back down, Andy sat between my legs with his back to me. I reached round and jacked his cock. A few more comments were made and we stopped. I introduced Andy to the Drying Room, but it was too busy and he was too shy for me to be able to go any further with him in there.

When I went to see Robert after Junior Dorm Lights Out that evening, to arrange for him to wake me later, I found Guy in his bedsit again. "Oooops. Sorry." I said and quickly withdrew. I went to sit on the edge of Andy's bed. Andy told me that Guy was going to swap with another boy so that he and Andy could share a study.

"He's OK really: he's just homesick. I mean, I've been boarding since I was seven, so it's no problem." He leant closer to me and whispered confidently, "His Dad's a vicar: I think they're quite poor probably."

I put my hand on Andy's hip, above the bedclothes, and started stroking with my thumb where his cock should have been. He moved my hand directly over his cock and reached for my groin.

"Fuck, you're still dressed!" he said.

"I'll get into my pyjamas and come back". I said.

When I returned Guy's bed was still empty and Andy and I started feeling each other's cocks straight away. I undid his pyjama cord so that I could get my hand in and feel his balls. His cock was very hard and bent back against his belly in a tight arc. All too some he gasped, "I'm going to come!"

"Go on then, it's OK." I said.

He gripped my forearm as he spunked, tensed and grunting slightly. The tightness of his wiry body seemed so exciting. I brought myself off a few seconds later.

"Thanks!" Andy said.

"Thank you!" I echoed.

I told Robert about my session with Andy later that night and tried to persuade him to allow Andy and I use his bedsit sometime when he wasn't there.

"We could come in here when you're at the Senior Club or watching telly or something."

Robert initially refused, but I nagged at him. As the new boys settled in and even Guy started mucking about and enjoying life a bit, Robert's mothering urges relaxed. Andy and I had wanked each other off on a couple of occasions, with me sitting on his bed again, but Andy would not let me get into bed with him. It would be great to get him into the privacy of Robert's bedsit.

Finally, a few weeks into term, Robert came to tell me at Lights Out in my dorm that he'd be watching a film on the telly in the House Room with most of the other monitors and I could take Andy into his bedsit.

It was lovely to able to be in bed totally naked with Andy. He got very excited during sex and his excitement was reflected in his whole body. He seemed to love every touch. He let me cuddle and stroke him, but not kiss him. I slid down to suck his cock and his hips bucked. I tried to push a finger into his arsehole but he knocked my hand anyway and said, "Oh no! You're not going to bum me. No way."

I lied and told him that I didn't want to bum him, but that, "It feels great having a finger in your bum when you're being sucked."

"Maybe another time," said Andy.

As he got close, his hips thrusting away as my lips moved up and down on his cock, he pushed and then banged on my shoulders with his hands, hissing, "I'm going to shoot! I'm going to shoot!"

I lifted my mouth off him and jacked him a couple of times, bringing him off. His spurts fell mainly on my face.

"Fuck, I nearly spunked in your mouth!" Andy exclaimed.

"So?" I said. "I like it. Robert spunks in my mouth all the time."

"Urgh! Doesn't it taste nasty, though?" I scooped some of his spunk off my face and licked it off my fingers:

"Nope, it's great!".

"Fuck! You actually let him spunk right in your mouth and you eat it?"

"Yep. Sure. I like it. Really"

"You don't let him bum you do you?"

"Of course! He's really good at it now: now that he's had some practice!" I laughed. "Didn't you used to bum your 'little friend' at your prepper?"

"No way!" objected Andy. "One or two boys were supposed to do that sort of thing, but it's really queer. We just messed about, really. He did suck me a bit. That was best. But I never spunked in his mouth."

I described to Andy how most boys in our House didn't really do that much either - just "messing about" too: wanking, a bit of sucking, a bit of cuddling if you were lucky.

"Some of us do a lot more, though, and there's nothing wrong with it. It's great."

I told him some of the stories and he began to rub his re-erected dick against my thigh. I described how Robert wouldn't do much at all when we first started, but how we, "Really have proper sex together now."

"And you let him bum-fuck you?"

"I make him bum-fuck me!" I giggled.

And then Andy uttered the classic line: "Could I watch you sometime?"

The idea was incredibly arousing. I immediately flashed on a scene of me on my back taking Robert's cock as Andy stood by the bed, watching closely and jacking himself off.

"I'll ask him," I promised.

A week or so later Robert told me that he thought that Andy had been good for Guy as they were both on House Parade the following morning for some misbehaviour in Prep.

"So I guess that Guy's really feeling at home now, if he's getting into trouble."

"Andy's a really great lad." I said.

"All of six months younger than you, lad!" Robert commented.

"Do you fancy him at all?" I asked.

"Oh fuck, yes, of course. You've made me a bad, bad person!" Robert laughed. "I fancy the lot of them. Well, nearly."

"Andy doesn't believe that I let you shoot your spunk in my mouth and swallow it," I said. "And he wants to watch you bum me."

"You talk to him about us?" asked Robert.

"'Course! Remember he saw us in bed together the first night of term!"

"Hmmm... He's quite hot," commented Robert.

I pushed myself against Robert's body.

"I think it would be really sexy having him watching. I don't know why. He is really sexy, isn't he? You should see him when he spunks! It's lovely! He's got a really lovely little bod!"

"Lovely little bod!" Robert mocked. "You just want him to watch us so that then he'll let you bum him."

"Well, yes. Of course. But it'll be fun anyway, won't it? We could put on a great show and he'd end up begging for it,"

I fantasised wishfully.

Andy was lying asleep a few metres away from where we were in Robert's bedsit.

"Can I go and get him now?"

"No, let me think about it a bit. I'll talk to him. 'Sides, we've already come once."

"That's OK, you'll last longer up my bum the second time, won't you?"

"I want to think about it when I haven't got you shoving your little dick against me. Then I can think properly."

The next morning Robert, as Duty Monitor, gave Andy the House Parade chore of making him a mug of tea. When he returned with it Robert asked him about wanting to watch us at it.

"He's definitely up for it," Robert confirmed at breakfast.

Later in the day Andy told me that Robert had "made" him wank him off as an extra Parade duty and a dare he had to fulfil in order to watch us.

"His prick is huge, isn't it? And he's so hairy down there."

I just nodded and smiled.

"Fuck, you let him put that thing up your bum? You must be really, really homo," Andy marvelled.

"You'll see!" I said.

Dab was intrigued by my attraction to Andy.

"You're still only a sprog yourself," he said. "And I've always thought you liked a Big Boy doing you more than you being the Big Boy."

"Oh, God, I don't want him as my little sprog boy or anything like that!" I said. "It's just, well, he's really hot, don't you think?"

"Even I can tell he's not a hot sprog," said Charlie, "and I'm not even queer."

"Well, he's not your usual fair-haired little bumboy," I acmitted. "But he's really sexy. And his hair is so smooth."

"Oooooh, yes! Lovely riah!" camped Charlie.

"There's much prettier new bugs," said Dab. "That little one who hangs around with Andy..."

"Guy," I said.

"Guy. I'd do him," said Dab.

"You'd probably burst him, the poor little lad" said Charlie.

"I'd really prefer a Sixth Former," mused Dab, "but they're all taken or they've given up queering."

"What about Nick Davies?" I suggested. "He's always in the Junior Dorm soothing the new bugs worries and cares."

"House Captain's duty, isn't it," mocked Charlie, "tucking the little ones in at night?"

"Nah. Nick's got his hands full with Roger," said Dab.

"Oh, I'm sure you could wriggle your way in, Dab. Roger's got a very busy schedule, you know. Nick can't have him every night," I said.

"I think he's into the new sprogs. Just like you," Dab responded.

I flicked him a 'V' sign and got on with my Prep, only briefly thinking of Robert, Andy and I together naked.

Robert set it up very quickly. Just a couple of nights later I turned up in his bedsit shortly after he'd woken me to find Andy already there, sitting in the armchair looking very excited and a little smug. There main light was off, but the desk lamp and bed-head light were on. Robert had decided to put on a bit of a show and stood me in front of Andy saying, "Now, you're going to be a good boy aren't you? Let's show Andy what a good boy you can be."

This was somewhat embarrassing, but I just nodded as Andy grinned.

Robert undid the buttons of my pyjama top and pulled it off. He reached down and pulled my cock out of the flies of my pyjama bottoms.

"That's it," he said."Now Andy can see your nice stiff dick. He's seen it before, of course, but he's not seen a monitor playing with it has he?"

I could only shake my head. This seemed somewhat humiliating and so very exciting . I was being shown off to a Junior boy. Even though it was a Junior boy who's cock I'd already sucked, the idea of being shown off as Robert's sprog was as arousing as it was shaming. Andy leant forward in the armchair had a good look at my dick. Robert told him to pull my pyjama cord and my pyjama bottoms fell to the floor. It was so exciting being naked like that in front of the two of them.

Robert told me to put my hands behind my back and stroked my cock again.

"We're going to show Andy everything we get up to, right?"

I nodded again. Robert took off his own pyjamas and then turned to Andy and said, "You strip off too." His tone with Andy sounded slightly gentler than with me.

Andy looked a little surprised but started unbuttoning his top. I watched closely as he stood and removed his pyjama bottoms. Robert sat on the edge of his bed and told Andy to sit beside him. I stood in front of them, looking from big stiff cock to little stiff cock. Well, littler.

Robert told me to kneel and lick his balls. I put my hands on his thighs as I did as I had been told, but Robert told me to put my hands back behind me so that Andy had a good view. Somehow any sense of shame had disappeared and it was only hugely horny to be lapping at Robert's balls as Andy looked on, gently tugging at his dick. Robert leant back on his elbows and told me to lick up his dick and start sucking. As I got down to it I heard Robert tell Andy to stop wanking and put his hands on his knees.

After some minutes of my exhibition-standard cock-sucking Robert lifted my face up slightly and told me to just lick while he jacked off. As he got close to coming Robert got me to suck him again. "When I spurt, don't swallow it all," Robert hissed. "Keep some in your mouth."

Very soon after I had the head of his knob back in my mouth he spunked. I swallowed most of his load, but knelt back with a little left on my tongue.

"Show Andy the spunk in your mouth," ordered Robert. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out slightly towards Andy.

"'Kinell! That's really dirty!" said Andy - but with excitement, not with disgust.

Robert ruffled my hair and smiled down at me. I swallowed the rest of his spunk and smiled back.

"Now do Andy," Robert said.

He put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me over between Andy's legs. I wanted to suck Andy's cock, but it felt so strange having Robert tell me to do it and having him there watching me. Andy was grinning his head off and wanking his dick. He was sitting slightly further back on the edge of the bed than Robert had been, and I had to lean further forward to get my mouth on his cock. I had to put my hands on the bed to keep my balance. Robert didn't say anything. Andy's cock had a delightful curve in it as it rose stiff from his light pubes up towards his tummy. It was actually awkward to get my lips round the head, so tightly was it poking against his belly. His body looked so taut anyway, even at rest, that when he was excited like this he seemed to tremble all over.

Andy's cock tasted lovely. I enjoyed the strong taste of Robert's dick - a taste that seemed to be there even immediately after he'd bathed - but the clean, light taste of Andy's dick was delicious. It reminded me that he was younger than me and I was aroused by the fact that my mood switched from enjoying taking Robert's orders to loving giving pleasure to a boy near my own age. If it was possible to feel caring and protective towards another boy whose dick you were sucking, then that's how I felt towards Andy.

He, I think, felt a little differently. His hands went to my head and he started thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth very fast. Robert told him to calm down and let me do him slowly. I lay my cheek against his hard tummy and licked at his knobhead. Robert told me to shift over on the other cheek so that he could see. I felt his hand cup my neck and immediately I felt again under his control. I licked Andy's balls, deliberately sticking my tongue far out to show off to Robert what I was doing.

"Good boy," said Robert.

That caught me so hard that I moaned loudly. I loved being called a good boy when I was being so bad.

Robert began jacking Andy and told me to get ready for his spunk.

"Keep some in your mouth again," he said.

Andy needed very little stroking before he spurted into my mouth. I didn't swallow any, but opened my mouth to show them a mouthful of Andy's spunk.

"Fuck!" said Andy.

I smiled and swallowed.

I started writing my sexual memoirs at the request of an online undergraduate friend who had been to an all-boys private day school at which there was little sex between the boys. He was keen to hear about "what went on at boarding school".

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