J. H. P. Cash, 367

When I Were Nowt But a Lad 8

"I reckon Mike's better at it than Iain, don't you?" asked Dab.

"What? Um, the bumming, or...?"

"All of it, you spaz. He's much more, uh, manly, kind-of."

"Um, yeah, I 'spose." I said. Even if I could have expressed it, I wasn't going to share, even with Dab, the sense of surrender I'd felt when Mike had bum-fucked me on my back, holding my legs wide. Nor could I, or would I, at that point, have expressed my confusion and fascination with the apparent contrast between Iain's tenderness and kindness and the aggressive element of his sexuality, or between Mike's friendly, cheerful personality and his domineering sexual persona. All I think that I really understood back then was that I wanted both of then to do me again.

"'Kinell," said Charlie, "Listen to you bumboys: 'Ooooooh, Mike's much more manly! He makes my little bum so sore!' Can we please get on with this letter?"

It was "Choice" and we were supposed to be pursuing improving extra-curricular activities or reading quietly in our study. Instead we were writing a fictional account of a public school boy's (hetero)sexual adventures with the school nurse. This was wildly extrapolated from my experience earlier in the year when I'd had my appendix removed at the local hospital and spent a week or so recovering in the school "Hos". On one occasion, when the nurse had been checking my wound and dressing, I'd gone "on-jack". The nurse had simply ignored my stiffy - I don't suppose that I was the first little boy to react that way to being asked to lower his pyjama bottoms. In our letter to Mayfair magazine, however, the nurse had done, well, what all nurses do in soft-porn mags and teenagers' imaginations.

We upped the age of the fictional schoolboy and claimed it as a true account. It got published too.

When Charlie went off to post the letter I said to Dab, "Mike's sort-of more manly, but Iain's sort-of nicer."

"And Iain can spunk six times in one night. Supposedly!" said Dab.

"have you ever done it with them both? Together?" I asked.

"You must be fucking joking! Shit, that'd just be greedy!"

"Hmm, yeah." I agreed.

One night when Iain and I were next in bed together, our spunk drying and sticking our tummies together, I asked him if was was true that he'd told Mike that he wanted us all to do it together.

"Only if you want to. It'd be fun though, don't you think?"

"Yeah. It would be alright."

"You do like doing it, don't you?"

I nodded against his chest.

"It's OK to like it, you know. It's not bad or anything."

"No, I know. I want to. It'd be smooth. Two Big Boys all to myself!"

I wondered briefly whether it wasn't bad to like it quite as much as I did.

They'd both been to the Senior Club and Mike had been a little noisy coming into the dorm to wake me. By the time that I got to Iain's bedsit both he and Iain were sitting by the window smoking. They'd got a good "vop" going - a draught that would carry the smoke out of the window. Creating a "vop" under different wind conditions was something of an art, involving the opening or closing of specific windows on one side of the House in order to get a good draught going out of a specific window on the other side. The vop that night was so good that they could sit back relaxed and still be sure that the draught would drag their smoke away quickly.

Iain offered me a drag and I took a shallow one. I'd not really got into smoking at that stage, but I enjoyed the illicit frisson associated with smoking in collusion with monitors before or after having sex with them. Up after midnight, dick stiff, smoking in front of supposed authority figures - how much more naughty could it get?

I coughed and Mike laughed.

"Take your top off," he said.

"You sure about this?" Iain asked me.

"He's OK," Mike stated.

I took my pyjama top off. My stiff dick was sticking out of my flies. Mike leaned forward and pulled on the cord of my pyjamas. They slipped down to my feet. Mike took hold of my cock.

"He's OK. He wants it. Don't you?" said Mike, pulling me towards him.

I looked at Iain, perhaps embarrassed to admit it in front of him. He smiled at me. Before I could reply, he reached out and put the palm of his hand on my lower back, pushing me between Mike's legs. I stepped out of the puddle of my pyjamas.

"Hands on head, so we can look at you properly," said Mike. Only once before had I been told to stand naked like this, but already it was immediately exciting.

"Turn around. Let me see your nice little bum," Mike said.

I turned and Iain smiled at me. Mockingly? Reassuringly?

"Spread his arse cheeks," Mike told Iain. Iain reached round and opened me to Mike's gaze. The smile was a leer.

"Bend forward a bit," Mike told me.

It was awkward.

"Bend your knees," suggested Iain. He then reached out and pulled me forward and down so that my forehead rested on his shoulder.

Mike thumbed my arsehole. Then his index figure was at my lips.

"Get it wet," he said.

I sucked on the offered finger. It moved back to my hole. I huffed, opened-mouthed, as the tip went in. Iain let go one arse cheek and cupped the back of my neck. Reassuring? Trapping? Mike's finger twisted inside me and I squirmed.

"Hold still," said Iain.

With my hands still on top of my head and Iain's hand on my neck I felt slightly off balance. I leaned harder against his shoulder as Mike's finger went further in.

The finger returned to my lips. I could taste myself on it. I wet it again with my spit.

As I loosened and Mike's finger entered fully, Iain pushed me up so that I stood straight again. Mike put his free hand on my shoulder to hold me as he continued to finger me. Iain took off his tie and shirt, kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks and then stood to remove his trousers and underpants. He sat down again and told me to lower my hands so that I could support myself on his thighs as he pulled my head down into his groin. He was sitting forward, legs wide.

"Lick my balls," he told me.

I did.

"And my cock."

Having a cock in my mouth and a finger in my arsehole felt so good.

My hands clutched at Iain's thighs. I enjoyed the smell down there.

"My turn," said Mike, turning me round. He had taken off his shirt and tie using just one hand and was slipping down his trousers and kecks. Iain's finger was held to my mouth and I coated it with my spit. As I leaned forward to suck Mike's cock, Iain's finger slipped into my hole. Right in. I started, my hips twitched slightly. Mike's dick tasted stronger than Iain's.

I felt so willingly in the control of the two older boys. I tried to take all of Mike's dick in my mouth, but gagged.

"Oh fuck!" grunted Mike.

Iain went to fetch the jar of Vaseline. Mike let me up and pulled me over to the bed. He sat with his back against to head of the bed and his feet planted flat on the bed in front of him. I was pulled down between his knees on all fours and set to sucking him again. Iain's finger, greasy with Vaseline, was pushed into my bum-hole again. I didn't twitch as it went in this time.

Mike told me to lick his balls. I lowered myself onto my elbows and did as I'd been told. Mike was wanking himself with his left hand. He lifted my chin and presented me with the finger he had used on my bum.

"Sniff it. It's been up you."

I looked up at his face and he smiled as he held his index finger under my nose. I breathed in the faint smell of my arsehole.

"Fuck! You little fucking sweetheart! You'd do anything we wanted, wouldn't you?"

I would, yes. Fuck, yes! I would. I wanted to be their sweetheart.

I took Mike's finger in my mouth.

Mike shifted and raised his legs, pushing my face down between them.

"Lick my arsehole."

I couldn't get to it, but then Mike rolled back further and I licked at him. I'd rimmed boys before, but never an older boy. Mike's crack was very slightly hairy. The smell was quite strong. He pushed my mouth in hard against him. I felt so dirty and so pleased with myself.

"Put two fingers up him now," Mike said to Iain. I felt another finger force it's way into my arse. It was fine. They'd fingered me for long enough now that I was relaxed. I wanted Iain to fuck me while I licked at Mike's arsehole. I felt Iain kneel up behind me and I arched my back to open my bum to him. Mike raised my head so that I was looking at him again while Iain's cock pushed into me. I gasped and Mike smiled again.

"Fucking beautiful. Fucking hot little sprog," he commented.

Then he held his dick for me to suck as Iain bum-fucked me.

I'd had little sex sessions with a couple of other guys at the same time before - in the changing rooms, showers or Drying Room. But it had never been like this. I felt at their mercy, and happy to be so. I had to consciously switch my mind between the feeling of Iain's dick working and hurting my arsehole and the taste, smell and feel of Mike's dick filling my mouth. The excitement was too much to take in all at once.

"I'm gonna come. Shit!" said Iain. Mike held my head still while Iain rammed his come into me. When he pulled out, Mike pulled me right up and told me to sit back against Iain, now kneeling back on his haunches. Iain moved his legs over the side of the bed and twisted his upper body to pull me back against his chest.

"Pull your knees up, Mike told me. I opened myself to him, leaning back more heavily against Iain. Mike dipped into the jar of Vaseline and coated his cock. I could feel Iain's spunk in the crack of my arse. And the ache of his cock. Mike pushed in and then took hold of my legs, bending me more. Iain took my left ankle and held me open for his friend. Mike still held my right leg. Iain's arm was around my shoulder and chest. I felt not trapped, but held wonderfully tight. As Mike fucked into me the bed creaked loudly.

"Let's get the mattress onto the floor," Iain suggested.

We decamped and set up again on the firmer base of the floor. Iain now sat with his legs spread and knees raised and I sat between his legs, rolled back as Iain held my legs open so that Mike could press his dick into me again. Now Mike could fuck me hard. He swore and grunted and I whimpered and groaned. It felt good to be pressed against Iain's chest as Mike's dick banged into me. I started wanking myself but Mike grabbed my hand away.

"Not yet, little boy. I don't want you to come yet."

I felt like I was coming anyway, just in a long, slow come all the time.

"Jack off into his face," Mike said to Iain.

Iain released my legs and I held myself behind my knees, spread wide. Iain lowered me right down onto my back and then knelt to one side, the head of his cock inches from my mouth. When his spunk started to shoot into my face I opened my mouth.

"Oh fuck!" said Mike. "Fucking little fuck!"

Iain knelt back and Mike moved in to kiss me. He held the kiss as he spunked into my hole.

He stood up and reached for some tissues.

Iain lay beside me and held me round my shoulders as I jacked myself off, loving the feel of spunk on my face and neck and spunk up my arse.

When I'd done, Mike lay on the other side of me with a handful of tissues. He wiped off my face and handed Iain some to wipe off my arse and thighs and my own spunk off my tummy. On the floor, the mattress seemed quite comfortable for three. I lay on my back between them. They were on their sides facing in to me. I felt that I was the centre of attention. Smiling, Iain brought the tissues with which he'd wiped my arse and spunk up to my face. I knocked his hand away and they both laughed at me. The bedclothes were all over the place. It felt lovely to lie there naked, secure with two naked older boys.

We rested. They talked. I just listened.

I badly wanted to snog Iain. But I'd feel bad turning away from Mike to do it. So I snogged Mike, then turned back to Iain and snogged him. Mike pressed his cock against my bum. I reached back to open my arse cheeks for him. That seemed right, kissing Iain and taking Mike's cock. And Iain had already come twice anyway.

But Mike hadn't put any more Vaseline on his cock or up my bum. I struggled against the pain, but Iain held me and kissed me hard and deeply. He had one arm round me, holding my right arm underneath me and he held my other wrist tightly.

"It's alright. It's alright," Mike hissed into my ear.

I whined loudly. It wasn't alright.

"Relax. Just calm down and relax," said Iain into my mouth. He let go of my wrist and smoothed his hand down my flank. "That's it, little bumboy. Just relax and take it." Iain could use the word "bumboy" approvingly, even lovingly. But this sounded a little mean. But then he was kissing me hard again and Mike's cock was finally all the way in me. He rested.

"You're OK. You're alright, Little Boy. You're alright," he breathed against my cheek. I finally did manage to relax, getting into Iain's tongue invading my mouth.

I tightened my arse muscles very slightly, very tentatively, just to feel how deep Mike was into me.

"Cut it out!" Mike demanded. "Don't mess about. I want to last in you." Iain raised my arms above my head, holding them straight up with one hand around my wrists. His other hand reached behind me and felt where Mike's dick entered my hole. He grinned at me.

"I'm their captive," I thought. "Their slave." That obvious word felt so good. Why hadn't it occurred to me before? With my arms held above my head and my bumhole full of cock I was glad that I'd surrendered.

Mike raised my upper leg and pushed in harder. He started fucking me. Iain was stroking my side, still kissing me, covering my mouth with his.

Mike came quickly. As he withdrew I felt spunk between my buttocks again. I liked the feeling.

Mike slipped on his underpants and lit a ciggie. Iain was casually fingering my arsehole, still kissing me. He let go of my wrists and I wrapped my arms around him, holding tight, grinding my dick into his belly.

Mike picked up the rest of his clothes and handed the remains of the fag to Iain.

"Night all. Gotta exam tomorrow."

"Only an oral!" sniggered Iain.

"Ha-fucking-ha," said Mike, leaving.

Iain sat up and leant back against his desk, by the open window. I lay on the mattress on the floor, looking at him. He offered me a drag but I just shook my head. I liked watching a monitor smoking. He squinted at me.

"Lie on your back. No! Legs this way, towards me." I did I as I was told. "Hold your legs up. Move closer." Ciggie in one hand, Iain reached out with the other and pushed a finger into me again as I caught myself behind my knees and pulled my legs up to my chest.

"I've never done you like this." he said, nipping out the fag and crawling over. He kissed me before his cock went in.

"Mike's left you all nice and slippy."

This time I was allowed to jack myself off while getting bum-fucked, although Iain told me that he didn't want me spunking 'til he was ready. He came quite soon though, and I wanked myself off as he knelt there, breathing hard, his dick still in me.

We slept together on the mattress on the floor, waking after a few hours. I helped drag the mattress back onto the bed and was sent back to my bed.

Iain and Mike were by now starting their 'A' Level exams. I was a little infatuated and wanted to be with them every night. Sex with Dab or Kemal seemed to pale alongside sex with the Big Boys. But they both took their exams seriously and, apart from that one night, neither of them would meet up if they had an exam the next day. Even if they did want a younger boy, I was not necessarily the boy of choice. They virtually had their pick of any of the boys (who enjoyed sex with other boys) in the Junior Dorm, my dorm and even the next dorm up.

I moaned to Dab one night when Mike had come in after Lights Out to arrange to wake him later.

"It's not like you can baggsie him, you know," he responded.

I wanted to ask if Iain would be there too. If the two of them were going to have Dab I'd be really upset. But I kept silent and took my revenge by thinking about another Senior boy in a different House as I wanked myself to sleep. He was on the swimming and water-polo teams and had muscles. That would show them!

Fortunately, there were a few weeks between the end of 'A' Levels and the end of the summer term. I never got to have sex with both Iain and Mike at the same time again, but they both made the most of that "lame duck" period before they left the school for good. Dab got Mike's home address before he left, but said that he didn't think he'd bother writing, given his experience with Steve. I wanted to ask him to give me the address, angry that neither Mike nor Iain had suggested letting me know their addresses and angry at myself for not asking.

And angry at Dab for being prettier and sweeter than me.

"Just 'cos he's got blond hair and blue eyes and I've got brown hair and brown eyes." I grumped to myself.

"Auburn hair and hazel eyes," I corrected myself, taking my cue from my mother.

I started writing my sexual memoirs at the request of an online undergraduate friend who had been to an all-boys private day school at which there was little sex between the boys. He was keen to hear about "what went on at boarding school".

Thanks to all those who have emailed to say that they are enjoying these memoirs. But I need feedback now almost as much as I needed cock back then... Email: spelchek@hushmail.com