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When Nothing Goes Right

Chapter 14

He'd been waiting outside his mom's home office, waiting for the patient she was now seeing to come out. When said patient finally did come out, he grabbed him and led him to his back yard.

"Come with me."

"Oh and where is it that you're taking me?"

"We need to talk!"


"Stop being fuckin smart aleck for once, you know what we need to talk about?"

"Does this have anything to do with a certain someone?"

"Don't play dumb, I want you to stop whatever it is you're planning with my boyfriend, Kyle."

"Why would I be planning something?"

"Cause I know you." Zander said crossing his arms.

"You don't know anything about me, you're just a stuck up little brat who pouts and gets all red faced when he doesn't get what he wants."Kyle said for the first time showing his anger instead of his cool mask of indifference.

"Kyle, you took everything from me a longtime ago, it took me forever to get over that. Now things in my life are finally turning out great and you come along and destroy it all over again. Why can't you leave Sky alone? He's mine, why can't you accept that?"

Kyle gave a big yawn, and then started clapping, "that was an awesome performance." He said sarcastically, "Now let me ask you something, what exactly make you think that someone like you deserves someone like him."

"He definitely doesn't deserve someone like you!" Zander said getting really mad.

"Maybe your right about that, one thing's for sure he shouldn't belong to any of us, he's better than that, I still believe he can do way better than you."

Zander was seeing red, "I have no idea what your deal it, but if you think for one second that you're going..."

"Are we finished, I kind of have better things to do...Sky is waiting, we have that weekend trip tomorrow you know." Kyle gave a smile as he turned to leave.

Zander stared at his retreating back in shock.


"I didn't know you were coming over, I thought we were meeting up tomorrow morning when we leave for your vacation place." I said surprised to see Kyle at my front door.

"Well I thought it would be better if I just picked you up today and you can spend the night." Kyle said with some eagerness.

I gave him a weird look as we headed for my bedroom. "Kyle..."

"It just so we can get an early start tomorrow, that's all." He said rolling his eyes. I gave him a pointed look. "I'm just excited, can you blame me?"

"I guess not, well I'm pretty much packed. Just let me change." I said going to my closet.

"Ok no problem." Kyle said with a smirk as he made himself comfortable on my bed.

"So how did your session go today?" I said still in my closet picking out something to wear.

"Boring as usual, I really don't think I need to go there anymore. I keep getting new medication to help with my disorder but you know I'm thinking I'm fixed now."

"Kyle if you were fixed they would keep changing your meds, obviously you still need them. You have been taking them right."

"Of course mom, it's just each new batch has a different side affect and I'm tired of feeling like a guinea pig, you don't know what it's like to be in the control of these things." Kyle said pulling out his new prescription he got that day.

"Well I don't think you should stop taking them, I really don't plan on seeing the consequences of you not taking them this weekend." I turned and looked at him.

"Yeah, yeah get dressed already, there's only so long I can stand being in this dump." He said looking around disgusted.

I shook my head at him with a smile, long since being offended by anything that Kyle said anymore.

I got dressed and I put my bags in Kyle's car. I told my parents where I was going and then we left.


Kyle stared down at his new medication sitting on the counter. He was truly sick of all the medication he was required to take for his Mania. He thought to himself he hasn't had any symptoms in a very long time, he must be cured. So he decided to leave his meds as he packed his toothbrush and deodorant.

"Come on Kyle let's go." I called from his room. He was currently packing up all his stuff in the bathroom that he didn't pack the night before since he needed them in the morning.

"I'm ready, let's go." He said coming out his bathroom with his bathroom case packed.

"You didn't forget anything right." I asked him as we started walking out his room and down the long hallway.

"Don't worry I got everything I need." He said as he went down the stairs ahead of me.

"You ok?" I asked following him down the stairs, he seemed a little weird at the moment.

He waited for me at the bottom of the stairs. When I reached him he looked at me with a smile on his face, "Of course, never better." He put him arm around my shoulders. "We're gonna have soo much fun."

"Can't wait." I said sarcastically, feeling a little bummed out about not being able to spend the weekend alone with Zander.

The whole two hour drive to Kyle's vacation house was a little tense. I stared out the window as I only half paid attention to Kyle's babble. There was only one thing on my mind and that was my relationship with Zander.

"Are you even listening to me, Sky?" Kyle said to me as I turned to him, his face in a frown.

"Sorry what was that?" I said to him.

Kyle frown deepened and he turned his eyes back to the windy road. "Never mind...where almost here." He said and then just stayed quiet.

I stared at him awhile feeling guilty that I put him in a bad mood. "Listen Kyle, I'm sorry... I know this trip is supposed to be about us but I can't stop thinking about..."

"Please don't finish that sentence I really don't want to hear it." Kyle snapped.

I gave him a hurt look but as he continued to ignore me, I looked out the window. We were going up some cliffs now. Kyle seemed to be fuming and I noticed it was affecting his driving as he made sharp turns along the narrow road. Each time he did that he had my heart thumping and I grabbed on to whatever I could to keep me still.

"Kyle, can you slow down a little." I said as I saw how dangerous it could be if we were to accidently drive off the cliff.

"What scared of heights?" he said as his driving was becoming a little more reckless.

"KYLE!!!" I screamed as his car scraped against the side of the metal railing and he lost control of his car for a little bit.

He slammed on the brake and the car skid to a halt. I was catching my breath while Kyle just looked pissed

"Shit!" he said banging on his steering wheel. He got out the car to survey the damage. When he saw what he did to his car he kicked at his front tire.

"How bad is it?" I asked from inside.

Kyle ignored me as he looked at the side of his car again. He got in the car and took off again this time slower but still in silence. The tension seemed to be really high and I reverted to my old self and kept quiet.

It was another 20 minutes before we got to the house. Kyle parked the car and we sat there a few seconds before he turned to look at me.

"Look Sky, I'm sorry about all that back there. I don't know what came over me. Can we start this trip over now that we're here and pretend that that never happened?"

"Um, ok ...I guess." I said to him with a bit of a hesitation, before he gave me one of his Kyle smiles and I smiled back, "Okay then let's go."


"Look at this!" Angie said slamming down some papers excitedly onto Zander's desk.

"What is it?" Zander said rather gloomily as he turned away from Angie on his bed, intent on staring at the wall to keep from think about what Kyle was doing to Sky.

"Oh come on, enough with this." Angie said as she went over to his bed and threw the covers onto the floor.

"HEY!!!" Zander said turning to look at her in anger.

"No Zan, after what you told me that Kyle said to you, I can't believe you're just giving up like this." Anger said matching his glare.

"What can I do about it? Sky doesn't listen to me when it comes to his best friend Kyle. I only make things worse for us." Zander said as he drew his knees to his chest.

"Sky loves you, I know you know that. If you love him so much you'd do anything to protect that, to protect him. If you're so sure of Kyle's intentions then you need to be there for Sky. It's time you put your relationship back into your hands instead of playing into Kyle's hands." Angie said running her hand across Zander's hair on his forehead.

"How do I do that? I don't even know where they are?" Zander said trying hard not to shed his tears.

"Well that's what I came to show you. I did some research and I found that Kyle's family owns a vacation house in Stoneshore Cliffs. It's about two hours from here. I brought the directions for you." Angie said pointing to the papers on his desk.

"You think I should go up there?" Zander asked her.

"I think you should fight for what's yours." Angie said

"Then I guess I'm going to Stoneshore Cliffs." Zander said getting up and ready to go. "Thanks Angie." He said to her.

"Hey, it's what I'm here for." She said with a smile.


"So what is there to do here?" I asked Kyle once we were settled into our rooms.

"Hot tub, sauna, skinny dipping in the lake..." Kyle said with a suggestive smirk on his face.

"Anything that involves clothes?" I asked him.

"Come on Sky, this is our weekend to just let go."

"I'm not having sex with you Kyle so you can get that out of your head right now." I said giving him a look.

"Don't worry I'll behave, but this weekend is all about letting loose... clothes and all." Kyle said with his clothes coming off.


"Come on, you only live once, Sky. We'll do a sauna then hot tub. So get those clothes off." Kyle said as he headed for the Sauna room towards the back, leaving a trail of clothes.

"Oh, whatever." I said as I followed him. It's not like I haven't been naked in front of the guys on the team.

We relaxed in the Sauna and true to his word he behaved. Though he did keep looking my body up and down like I some tasty treat he couldn't wait to get his hands on. It was making me really uncomfortable. I was thinking that maybe I was being too hard on Zander when it came to Kyle.

"Come on, we've been here long enough, hot tub time." Kyle said getting up and snapping me out of my thoughts about Zander.

I followed him out, and we walked out the screen door to the hot tub on the patio out back.

Kyle got into the tub and I hesitated seeing how small the tub was.

"Come on, Sky get in already" he said yanking my arm as I slipped in and fell on top of him in the water.


Zander finally made it up to the house. Hoping he wasn't making a big mistake by coming up here to crash the weekend. He didn't know what his plan was but he figured he'd work it out after he found Sky.

He knocked on the door but found it open. He stepped inside and shut the door. The first thing he noticed was the trail of clothes leading to the back. Trying not to let his emotions get the best of him he followed the trail.

"Sky." He called out, to let them know he was there so it didn't seem like he was there to spy, "are you here?"

Zander looked down at the end of the trail and saw two pairs of boxers next to a door. It was getting harder not to let his mind wonder to what Kyle and his boyfriend were up to. He put his hand on the doorknob. He took a deep breath to slow his heartbeat down, then turned it and slowly opened the door. The room he walked into seemed to be some sort of stream room, but it was empty. His breath was starting to even out again.

Then he heard talking towards the screen door leading out the back.

"Come on, Sky get in already" then there was a grunt and a big splash of water.

Zander walked to where all the commotion was coming from.


I was naked and completely on top of a naked Kyle, faces inches apart in the hot tub. Oh god, this is not happening. He looked up at me seeming to be caught up in some moment that I didn't want to be in. He looked behind me for a second before he gave a huge grin and attacked my mouth. I yanked myself off of him and punched him in the face. At the same time I heard a gasp and I turned to see Zander standing behind me.

"Zander, this is so not what it looks like." I said getting out the tub completely not caring that I was naked.

"I'll wait for you inside, I'm going to hear you out, just put some clothes on ok?" Zander said like he was trying to keep his calm.

"Okay, thank you." I said to him getting a towel as he turned and walked inside leaving me alone with Kyle.

"You did that on purpose asshole." I turned and glared at Kyle who seemed to be smirking.

"I have no clue what you're talking about."

"Whatever" I said going inside.

I picked up my clothes seeing how badly this look in front of Zander. As I got dressed Zander watched me silently. I was wondering what he was thinking, but he didn't say a word as I put my shirt on.

"Zander, babe, look..." I started but he put his hand up to stop me.

"Can we talk somewhere private?" He said glaring.

It took me awhile to realize he wasn't glaring at me but behind me. I turned around to see Kyle watching us with his usual smirk and I glared too.

"Sure let's go to the room I'm staying in." I said as I led Zander up the stairs and up to my room.

"I hope you guys know you are guest in my house, just so that we're clear." Kyle shouted at us.

"Not for long," Zander shouted back as he slammed my door.

Kyle was fuming again as he turned toward the bar he was standing near. He took the bottle of scotch and downed it, then knocked all the glasses down with a crash. The loud noise brought him back to his senses and he took second to get his breathing down. He needed to focus, he was ok. He needed to prove to himself that he didn't need medication to keep himself in control; he could keep himself under control. Though all the alcohol he just downed didn't help at all.

He needed a clear mind if he was going to prove himself to the one he loved now that he had him here, even if they weren't alone.


After Zander had slammed the door, I stared at him nervously wondering when I was going to be ripped a new one for what he had just witness.

"Zan..." was all I got out before I was cut off by a sudden blonde boyfriend's body wrapped around mine.

I quickly wrapped my arms around him and I could feel him shaking.

"Babe, I'm sorry I didn't believe you. You had every right to be paranoid." I said drawing him closer.

"Look I don't care about that. I just...I love you so much and I don't want anything to come in between us. I'm sorry too babe."

"You have no reason to be sorry, I ..." I tried to reason

"No babe don't... you don't have anything to feel guilty about, plus it does help that you hit him pretty hard and that was before you knew I was there. Look I know Kyle well enough by now that he can manipulate anything to his advantage. I fell into it before and even more recently, and if I've learned anything from my past mistakes it's that I need to trust my heart. Right now my heart tells me that I should have the upmost faith in you, and that you'd never do a thing to hurt me." He said as he looked into my eyes.

I stared at him in awe before I leaned down kissed him.

"I love you babe, I would die before I hurt you." I said as I hugged him tightly to me with his head on my shoulder.

"That's all I need to here Sky."

We stayed like that for awhile before I thought of Kyle and what to do with him.

"Do you want to go, we can leave?" I asked him.

"It's a long drive and it's already late. Let's leave first thing in the morning." Zander said tiredly.


The next morning Kyle was in a weird state. He couldn't seem to focus as clearly and he wasn't sure if it was the after affects of too much alcohol or the lack of meds. He was currently sitting in the corner at the kitchen counter. He was thinking of how to win the heart of his affection while getting rid of the other one.

He was suddenly snapped out his thought by the sound of his fridge opening. Zander was currently going through his fridge. He didn't seem to notice he wasn't alone. He got up and stood behind him.

Zander turn around and his heart leapt up his throat. "What the hell is your deal?"

"You're beautiful you know that?" Kyle said to him in awe.

"Huh?" Zander said at a loss for words.

Kyle cornered him against the fridge reached up his hand and ran it along Zander's cheek. Zander flinched and drew his head back.

"Now don't do that, I know...I know it never seemed like I appreciated you b-but I always did." Kyle was flustered. He didn't seem all there at the moment.

"Kyle what are you doing, are you crazy? Get away from me!" Zander tried to move away but Kyle slammed him up against the fridge. Zander looked at him in fright, old memories resurfacing.

"S-Stop being that way, I know you f-feel the same as me... You love me, I-I know you do." Kyle said with spit flying out his mouth.

"I don't. I love Sky..." Zander started.

"NO! NO! NO! He's too good for the both of us, but you and me; we're good together, weren't we. Don't you miss us?" Kyle was really acting crazy.

"Kyle let go of me. You really are crazy aren't you?" Zander said looking for some way to escape.

"Don't call me that...don't you ever call me crazy I'm not." Kyle leaned in to kiss Zander. Zander turned his face away.

"I could never love you Kyle." Zander said as he sent his knee to Kyle's groin. "You never learn do you?" He said as he ran to Skyler's room. It was definitely time to go.

Kyle groaned; things were definitely not going his way at all. He needed more time. He had to keep his love here longer. He took out his pocket knife and went out the front door to the cars parked outside. He wasn't thinking things clearly at all.


"Sky, we need to leave now." Zander said bursting into the room. "Grab your stuff."

"What's going on babe?" I asked sitting up in the bed, rubbing sleep out my eyes.

"Kyle's gone crazy, that's what." He said pulling out clothes for me to wear.

"What are you talking about?" I asked confused.

"Sky, he's acting like he did when he set fire at that party." Zander said.

I looked him over and he looked completely scared. I jumped out of bed and wrapped my arms around him. I frowned when he flinched at my contact.

"Are you okay? Did he hurt you, I swear if he did..." I said getting mad.

"No he didn't hurt me, he just shook me up a little. I just want to get out of here." He leaned into me.

"Okay let's go." I said getting my clothes on.

Zander helped me carry my things down the stairs. When we reached the front door Kyle was blocking the front door.

"You know it's rude to leave without saying goodbye." Kyle said.

I realized that Kyle definitely wasn't right in the head. He was sweaty, his hair was a mess, and his eyes we bloodshot. He looked like he hadn't slept the whole night, he blink rapidly, looking from me to Zander. I stood protectively in front of my boyfriend as I stared him down.

"Kyle, move out the way."

"You guys aren't going anywhere until I say so." Kyle said walking closer.

"You stopped taking your meds didn't you?" I said something finally dawning on me.

"They don't help me, why take them." He said.

"Kyle you need help. Look at you." I said backing Zander away.

"I feel better than ever." Kyle said coming closer.

"Kyle, let me help you. Come with us we'll get you help."

"You can't have him." He said. Looking at me and I was truly confused

"You're sick." Zander said from behind me.

Kyle looked like he was ready to kill so I decided then that I needed to take him down. I leapt at him and we both fell to the floor. He hit me in face and I hit him back. Both of us were rolling around trying to get the upper hand. Kyle being the stronger one got it and he really let me have it; pounding in my face and my body. I could barely protect myself and was wondering how long I would be able to hold him off.

Next thing I knew there's a sound glass breaking and the body over me rolled off to the side. Zander leaned down over me to help me up off the floor. I looked over to Kyle to see him holding his head in pain.

"Thanks babe." I said to Zander who still had a piece of the glass bottle in his hand that he smashed over Kyle's head.

"Let's just go." Zander said he was getting really pale.

"Okay." I said as we got my stuff and headed to the door.

"No... can't leave...car." Kyle said drizzly still in the same spot

"Yes it's a good thing I brought my own." Zander said sarcastically as we both headed out to Zander's car.

"No...don't." Kyle said finally getting up.

We both got into the car and locked the door as Kyle followed us.

"Don't..." Kyle said banging on the windows.

Zander stepped on the gas and drove off.

I looked over at Zander. He wasn't looking very well; he was getting paler as we started down the cliff at top speed.

"Are you feeling ok?" I asked him but he just nodded as he concentrated on getting as far away from Kyle as he could.

"Babe slow down, these turns are a little sharp." I said remembering Kyle's driving on the way up.

Zander nodded again, but then frowned as we only seemed to be going faster. He turned to look at me. He was now ghostly white with a look of terror on his face.

"What's wrong babe, we're going way too fast."

"The brakes don't work." Zander panicked as he kept slamming his foot on the brake.

"WHAT?" I shouted as we just kept picking up speed going down the highway on the cliff.

Zander was trying his hardest to stay on the road. I looked over him and I could tell just by just looking at him that he wasn't doing well at all. I suddenly remembered his condition. He hadn't had blackouts in a long time but it seemed that's where he was headed by the paleness of his skin.

"Zan, stay with me. Babe, fight it. Everything's gonna be ok." I said trying to calm both of us down. "We just need to make it off this cliff and hope no one's in the way. We'll be fine, we'll be fine." I was trying hard to convince myself too.

Zander's eyes were watering and it was all I could do not to hold him as he was trying to keep us alive on that curvy road. I knew all this stress was taking a toll on him and I cursed myself for not being the one to drive.

Zander suddenly slumped, knocking his head on the driver side window as we veered sharply to the edge of the cliff that we were more than halfway down.

"No!!!" I watched in slow motion, screaming as we drove straight through the metal railing and went flying off the cliff. Then everything went black.


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