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When Nothing Goes Right

Chapter 15

Kyle was driving fast after Zander and Sky. He couldn't believe what he had done. He wasn't kidding himself any more he needed help. He had hurt the one he loved. He couldn't control himself. He had seen the logic in what he did to Zander's car, he figured if his car was broken then they wouldn't be able to leave right away. He didn't think they'd jump into the car and take off before he got a chance to tell them the car was unusable.

He had snapped back into logical thinking after Zander had smashed the glass bottle into his head. He had been too dizzy though to speak clearly to warn them of the danger they were getting into. After they had driven off, Kyle had taken after them in his car but they had already had a good enough head start. When he finally caught up to them, their car was driving crazy. He realized they found out the brakes didn't work. He was really worried that they wouldn't make it off the cliff. They seemed to be doing well though, besides not being able to slow down they were almost off the cliff.

Suddenly the car took a swerve and right before Kyle's eyes, the car went straight through the metal railing and flew off the cliff.

"Noo..." Kyle screamed as he pulled over and threw himself out the car and ran towards the broken railing.

He looked down the fall wasn't that high but the car was a twisted mess. He was really scared at that moment. He thought he could see a figure lying on the ground near the car. He quickly turned away from the scene with tears in his eyes. Everything seemed so surreal. He knew he was in big trouble. Cars started parking and people got out to see what happened. Kyle looked around at them, they had their cell phones out calling 911 and he cursed himself for not thinking to do that. He just felt so numb like he couldn't think or do anything.

"Are you ok sir?" a bystander said looking at him. "Did you see it happen?"

Kyle just turned and walked to his car. He got in and started driving. His mind was a swirling mess of mush. He wasn't sure if he was even driving in the correct lane. He couldn't concentrate on anything. It was almost like he didn't know who or what he was. The sounds of sirens broke him out of his dark confusing thoughts and he pulled over as the ambulance flew by.

Kyle turned off his car and just completely broke down. He was lost and didn't know what he was doing. His condition was seriously warping his mind as well as his guilty conscious. He needed help. The only person who he could even think of to call was his doctor. Kyle took out his phone still crying so hard that he couldn't even see straight.


         Janet Daniels was sitting in her home office having just seen her last patient for the day and wrapping up some paperwork. Even though she worked from home she was becoming swamped with work as people were always being referred to her by others that she helped. Not that she minded but doing all the paperwork herself was getting a little tedious. She was seriously thinking about getting herself a secretary.

         As she was finishing up, her work line rang.

         "This is Dr. Daniels office. How may I help you?" yes a secretary would definitely be a good idea.

         All she could hear was someone sobbing on the other line.

         "Hello, is someone there?" She asked beginning to worry.

         "Doc...I-I I messed up...b-big time." It was Kyle. He sounded terrible, she never heard him like this and that's what scared her.

         "Calm down Kyle, tell me what's wrong." She soothed, knowing that she needed her patient to be calm if she was going to get anywhere near being able to help him.

         "I-I don't k-know what I'm doing? I-I can't...think."

         "Kyle, where are you?" she was trying to keep calm for his sake, but seemed like Kyle was going off the deep end.

         "I'm...I didn't mean to."

         "Kyle, what's going on? Have you been taking the new medication I prescribed?"

          "I... just wanted... to prove I was cured...I...I didn't mean to hurt them."

         Mrs. Daniels sat there in stunned silence before she realized she needed to speak, "Kyle, who did you hurt?"

         "I just wanted... everything to be perfect."

         "Kyle, this is important. Where are you? Who's hurt?" she was beginning to panic.

         "I promised myself... I'd never hurt him again. Now I killed him... I killed them both... I didn't mean to." There where ambulances sirens in the background. "The hospital...I need to...make sure....bye."

         "Kyle? Kyle!" the line was dead.

         Mrs. Daniels was definitely in a panic now. She knew that Skyler and Kyle had become close in some way, and that Zander had some past with her patient. She hoped to God that he wasn't talking about them.

         She called her son's cell but it went straight to voice mail. Same thing when she called Skyler. She almost went into hysterics but then decided to look up Angie's home number. She was friends with the girl's parents.


"Hi Angie, this is Janet."

"Oh hey, what can I do for you Mrs. D?"

"Angie this is important. Do you know where Zander and Skyler are?"

"Um..."Angie stalled.

"Angie please this is really important." Mrs. Daniels begged.

"Well Sky and Zander sort of got into a fight, so Kyle took Sky on a weekend trip, Zander followed after them to make things right between him and Sky."

"Oh my God." Mrs. Daniels heart was pounding as she heard this.

"Wh...What's going on?" Angie said confused and worried.

"Angie, do you.... Do you know where they went?"

"Stoneshore Cliffs."

"Thank you, I've got to go." She hung up the phone in shock.

She decided she needed to call the police.


         Kyle went to the closest Hospital to Stoneshore Cliffs. He knew that this hospital was the one they would take Sky and Zander. He went up to the clerk to ask where he can find the victims of a car accident that were just admitted. As she typed into her computer to pull up the information, Kyle was getting antsy. He needed to know if he unintentionally committed a double murder. He hoped against all hope that somehow they would be ok.

         "One of them was stabilized and is on the second floor." She said.

         Kyle barely let her finish before he took off. He was glad that at least one of them was ok.

         He looked in room after room before he finally found the right one. It was Sky, he seemed to be sleeping. Kyle felt the sudden need to explain himself. He walked over to his bed and pulled a chair over. He sat down next to him and took in his banged up appearance. He couldn't bear to look at him while he said what he needed to say so he looked down.

         "This is all my fault. Sky, you didn't deserve this. I admit I had ulterior motives to being your friend. No matter how hard I try to change I can't deny who I truly am.....I'm evil." He looked towards the door to make sure he was still alone.

         "I have a confession to make, Sky. I had it in my head that I was in love......in love with your boyfriend. I really regretted how I treated him and I wanted him back. He wouldn't talk to me though, he couldn't even be in the same room as me." He gave out a laugh

         "Then when I found out about you, I don't know. I guess I can't seem to do things the right way. I never thought this could happen. I only meant to make him jealous. You know he's no angel either. I figured you could always find someone better than him if you guys broke up. I figured Zander and I deserved each other." His eyes were starting to water as he tried to hold back his tears.

         "I never meant to hurt you guys like this Sky, I need help. I know that now. I don't even know how Zander's doing. The thought that I could have killed him...." He wiped at his eyes, still not willing to look at Skyler.

         "I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry...." His dam burst and he couldn't control his sobs.

         "Kyle?" Kyle jumped in surprise at Sky's groggy voice.

         Kyle was wondering if he heard anything and was about to ask when the door suddenly busted open. It was the police. Kyle wasn't surprised to see them. He took a moment to compose himself as they came over to hand cuffed him. They were being rough with him, but he knew he deserved it as they took him out the room.


         "And that's the last thing I remember officer." I said as I finished my story. "Can I ask why Kyle was arrested?"

         "It seems your friend cut the brakes to the vehicle you and Mr. Daniels was driving."

         I closed my eyes at the realization that Kyle was the reason why all of this was happening right now. "He killed Zander." It was a statement.

         "You're friend is not dead." said a doctor coming into the room.

         "What?" I said hope suddenly blooming into my heart.

         "I'll leave the doctor to talk to you. Thank you for your report." The officer got up and left.

         "He's still alive?" my attention was only on the doctor as he checked my vitals.

         "Barely. He's in critical condition and we are doing our best to stabilize him."

         "Can I see him?" I asked hopefully.

         "You need to focus on getting better yourself. We called your family they're on their way." He said as he left the room, leaving me all alone.

         My parents showed up within the hour. My mother gushed over me making sure that I was ok. My dad, never one to show too much emotion, looked close to tears as he carefully hugged me.

         Zander's parents dropped in to see how I was doing, they put on brave smiles but I could see that they were torn up about their son.

         "How is he?"

         "He's still unconscious, but he's stabilized, he needed a blood transfusion." Mrs. Daniels told me.

         "How are you feeling?" His dad asked.

         "I don't feel much with these drugs they're pumping into me." I said.

         Everyone grew silent for awhile. I sighed and looked down, avoiding their gaze.

         "I'm so sorry, this is all my fault."

         "What are you talking about, you didn't do anything wrong." Mrs. Daniels told me.

         "He kept warning me about Kyle and I wouldn't listen. If I had he wouldn't be.... He'd be..."

         "Stop it!" Mrs. Daniels interrupted me

         "This is not you fault. We don't blame you at all, so you shouldn't." Mr. Daniels finished.

          "I'm supposed to protect him. I promised him I'd never hurt him again, but it seems like that's all I do. I don't deserve him."

         "What is my son talking about?" My dad cut in. I had forgot that they were still in the room.

         Everyone in the room went silent, not knowing what to say as my parents digested what they were hearing.

         "Sky, are you....are you and the Daniel's son...are you together?" my mom asked.

         My heart was pounding and I thought I should lie, but I couldn't, I couldn't renounce my boyfriend while he was lying in a hospital bed because I was too stubborn to listen to him.

         "I love him mom."

         "WHAT?" my dad blew up. "That little faggot corrupted my son."

         "EXCUSE ME, that little faggot you're talking about is my son." Zander's Dad said to my dad.

         "I didn't raise no son of mine to be that way."


         "You are no son of mine, Don't come back home till you fix this behavior." He turned to leave.

         "Mom?" She was still in shock and hadn't move from her spot.

         She finally snapped out of it and looked at me. " I'll um.... I'll go speak to him baby don't worry."

         She took another look at me and she went after her husband.

         I took a deep breath as fresh tears fell down my face. Mrs. Daniels came over to my bed and held me in her arms as I broke down.

         "Shh, it's okay, everything's going to be alright."

         "Where am I supposed to go?"

         "Do you even have to ask that? Look your parents still love you, I know they do, they just need to get over the shock. Your mom won't let go of you that easily. Your always welcome with us, you know that."

         I didn't say anything I just sat in her arms.


         As I recovered from my injuries I wasn't good company for the many visitors from school, Angie, and Zander's parents who kept me updated on his condition. He was still in a coma. It had been a few days and my parents hadn't come back to visit. I was becoming depressed and nothing anybody would do could help me though they tried.

         The day came when I was to be released from the hospital. Mr. and Mrs, Daniels told me then arranged a room for me to stay at their house. I was getting dressed while they took care of the paperwork when my mother came in.


         "Hi sweetheart." She looked timid and unsure. "How are you feeling?"

         "Better... The Daniels are letting me stay with them...How's dad?"

         "I've tried to talk to him and I still am. Look he still loves you, and I want you to know that I love you too, no matter what. You're still my son. I think it will better to give your dad a little space for a while till h gets over it. So don't think of this as a permanent move ok?" she had ears coming down.

         "I love you too mom." I said giving her a hug.

         "Zander, he makes you happy right?"

         "Yeah mom, he does."

         "That's all I care about, that you're happy. Don't worry about your dad. I'll take care of him ok?"

         "Thank you mom." I said as we let go of each other.

         She walked to the door and took another look at me and smiled before she left.

         "Are you ready?" Mr. Daniels asked me a little later.

         "Yeah, I still don't get why I can't see Zander before I leave."

         "Let's get you settled at home first ok, and then we can talk about visiting Zander."

         I started to protest but all it took was for him to give me that look and I shut my mouth and followed his directions as he helped me dressed. My arm was still in pretty bad shape. When we got to Zander's house they surprisingly set me up in Zander's room.

         "We thought it'd be more convenient since it's the only available room with its own bathroom so you won't have to move around much. You still need rest." Mrs. Daniels explained.

         "Thanks Janet, I really appreciate you guys putting me up." I told them.

         "It's not a problem Sky, we're gonna get some bedroom furniture for the guest room across the hall and when you get better we'll move you there. That will be your room to what you like with, even when you go back home." Mr. Daniels said.

         "If I even get to go back home." I said avoiding their eyes.

         "Hey listen to me," Mrs. Daniels sat on the bed next to me, "the fact that your mother showed up today proves they still love you, your dad too. He just needs time that's all. You know you're welcome to stay here as long as you need too. You're like a second son to us"

         She gave me a hug and I hugged her back.


         Over the next few days I went to visit Zander daily. I sat by his side and spoke to him constantly. His injuries were slowly healing but he still wouldn't wake up.

         "Do you remember our first kiss, babe?" I was holding his unresponsive hand in mine as I spoke to him. "Even back then, when I first met you and you caught me staring at you and ex breaking up, I felt some type of connection. Something drew me to you, something stopped me in that hall that day and I didn't even realize why that was.

"When you kissed me even though it wasn't for the best reasons, I swear my heart skipped a beat. I thought it was because you were a guy and I was really uncomfortable. But looking back on it now, it was because deep down I knew you were someone special, my soul mate. And that's where our connection truly formed."

I took a second to look him over. All four of his limbs were in casts, his head was shaved and wrapped in bandages, he had two black eyes, and a deep cut on his cheek that had to be stitched up. I thought how that might leave a scar. I knew Zander took pride in his looks, and the scar would probably be a blow to his ego. I knew I wouldn't care. I would still love him even if he was horribly disfigured and nothing would change that. I was just glad he was still breathing.

"Zan, that connection brought me to you. Maybe that same connection will bring you back to me. Wake up baby, please." I said kissing his hand, as I let the tears fall from my eyes

I jumped as I heard a knock on the door, I quickly wiped my eyes as I saw Angie come in. One look at her face told me that she heard at least part of what I was saying to Zander.

"I'm sorry to interrupt; I just came to see how you two were doing." She came over to give me a hug.

"I'm fine Angie, thanks for asking. There's no change with him though."

Angie went over to Zander's other side. And looked him over, then she looked up at me.

"Don't worry Sky, Zander's going to get through this, I know he will, you both will. You'll see."

As the days passed I fell into routine. I helped with the daily cleaning; give him sponge baths, changing his sheets, dumping his bed pan. The nurse showed me how to do all this and let me help them as a way to distract myself. I couldn't drive yet because my arm was still in a cast healing, so Mr. Daniels would drop me off before work. Sometimes Angie was there, sometime his parents, and sometimes I was there alone, but I never missed a day.

         About two months after the accident, I was having my usual one sided conversation with Zan, when all of a sudden he mumbled something and his eyes flickered open. As I stood in shock, his eyes were trying to focus in on me.

"Zan? Are you awake, baby?" I said trying to see if he was conscious enough to understand me.

He didn't answer but seemed to be taking me in before he turned his head and fell asleep. I shook myself from my stupor and went to get the near nurse. The doctors checked him over and they told me that he seemed to be showing normal brain activity and that he was simply sleeping now.

Zander's parents were quickly notified and I called Angie to let her know too, within the hour the three of them were in the room with me.


Zander woke up a little later to see a room full of people. It was hard for him to focus and he seemed have a major headache. Once his eyes were ok he heard a woman's voice close to him.

"Hey sweetie, you awake now?"

Zander tried hard to focus on her voice since his eyes seemed to be having trouble focusing. He knew that the voice should be familiar to him, but his brain was acting a little sluggish at the moment.

"We've been worried about you, how are you feeling?" the she said

"M-my head h-hurts really bad." He spoke softly not used to using his voice

Zander's finally got his eyes to focus and took in the owner of the voice, a woman, he look around the room. There was a man, a young girl, and the young guy that he saw earlier when he first woke up. The problem was he didn't recognize anyone of them.

"I'm sorry, who are you?" he said to the woman who was the closest.

He didn't miss the pained, shocked look that swam across her face.

"Am I supposed to know you?" He then thought about it and realized something, "Who am I?"

The room was filled with eerie silence.


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