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Life is weird. This is probably the most amazing day in my 15 year old life. I may only be 15, but I've been told with my maturity and size, I easily pass for 18 or even 19 (mostly cause of the height thing). So here I am. With my boyfriend with his arms wrapped tightly around me. I've never have felt any emotions like I did right then. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. It was simply amazing. I started running my hand through his hair. It was like silk to the touch. I wanted this moment to last forever but I knew we couldn't fall asleep again on that couch, even though it would be nice.


"Mmm?", Was all I got for a response.

"We better get up, I don't want your Dad to catch us like this.

"Yeah...I guess you're right.", He said smiling at me. "You hungry or something?" Almost on cue my stomach started to rumble a bit.

"Well now that you mention, I could stand to have a bite to eat!."

"Cool, I'll go see what we have. And Jason...thanks.", he said looking back at me as he went into the kitchen. I smiled at his back as he left. This is surreal I thought to myself. If this is a dream, I REALLY don't want to wake up.

"Leftover spaghetti fine?", I head him shout from the kitchen.

"Yeah that's fine.", I shouted back. At the point he could have served cow head and I wouldn't have even noticed. I walked up behind him as I entered the kitchen. Threw my arms around his neck and let the drape on his chest. Then I gave him a little peck on his cheek.

"No, thank you."

"For what?", He said looking over at me questioningly.

"For giving me new hope in life. Dan, I know that we've been going out for what...20 minutes now, but you've given me a totally new perspective on life. I don't think I'll just be waking up, going to school, coming home, then going to bed anymore. And eating and doing homework in-between."

"Wow...and I thought I was the one with all of the problems. Guess I couldn't be more wrong."
"No, really it's okay. You didn't know. I'm still completely in awe that you even have interest in me."

"It's a lot more then just interest...I want to know you Jason. I mean EVERYTHING about you."

"When's dinner going to be done."

"Uh....about 10 minutes...why?"

"Good plenty of time." Dan started to giggle at this point. Man...he had a killer smile.

"Aww come on, there's got to be more to you then you think."

"What's there to know? I'm an outcast that enjoys reading, weird-ass music, and computers."

"Well I love music! Reading is cool, depends what I'm reading. And computers have always had a slight interest on me." At this point I was feeling pretty shitty. I mean, I thought he was just one of those skater guys that does nothing BUT skate and fuck any woman in sight. Guess we need to talk some more.

"What kind of music DO you like?", I asked.

"Mostly punk-ska type stuff...what about you? Well I know you're a barenaked ladies fan but what else?"

"I like a few punk bands...if Mxpx and Green Day count as punk. But I'm mostly into geek rock stuff."

"Geek rock?"

"Um Moxy Früvous, Harvey Danger, They Might Be Giants, See Spot Run...stuff like that."

"Jason, I haven't even heard most of those bands,"

"I didn't think so!", I said with a grin. About that time dinner was ready. Dan pulled out some plates and he served us both. He handed me another coke and we both started chatting about the usual again. But the subject of Mallory came up.

"Dan, how did Mallory find out that Bryan gave you head?"

"Well, I told Bryan that I didn't want a relationship with him and that him giving me that blowjob was a complete mistake and I guess he got a little pissed at me. So he sends Mallory an anonymous e-mail saying that someone named Bryan Richards gave me head. She thought it was some joke, but when she brought it up to me during lunch that one day, I got really quiet and I didn't answer anything she asked me. Finally she just asked me if it was true...and I told her yes. She thought I was joking at first. But it fell through and she knew I was telling the truth. She didn't take it very well obviously. But I'm not to terribly upset about it. Mostly embarrassed. Besides, I was hiding behind her. I mean, I'm not ready to tell the whole world that I'm gay...I just don't think they'd be ready for it either. I just hope she hasn't said anything to anyone else."

"Any chance of her doing something like that?"

"I seriously hope not. She is a really nice girl. The kind you could tell anything too. But something like this, I'm not sure."

"Well", I stopped then reached over across the table to grab his hand. "Whatever she does, we'll get through it...together.", I beamed a smile towards him. All of sudden he started to laugh. "What is it?", I said firmly.

"Y-y-you have a big blotch of sa-a-auce on your right cheek.", he said losing it again. I turned a very red hue at that point. Redder then the sauce itself. I laughed too then reached up to wipe off the sauce.





We finally finished dinner about 15 minutes later. After we cleaned up it was like one of those "now what?" situations. I walked back into the living room and started to glance at the pictures of Daniel and his family. It's amazing how Dan's older brother, Mike Jr., looks so much like him. It's actually quite uncanny. Hot brothers....heh.

"Dan, do you realize how much you look like your brother Mike?", I said to him as he came into the living room from the kitchen.

"Yeah, I get that a lot. People used to call his name towards me, but then I'd have to turn around so people would realize that it was me, it got annoying at times. But he's away at college now so I don't have to worry about it!"

"Aw, that's to bad. I was already thinking about ditching you for him.", I said with a playful smile.

"HEY!", he said "madly", "What about me?", he said fake pouting.

"What ABOUT you?", I said giggling.

"Ok, ok. Shut up", he gave another one of those killer smiles. "So what now? Wanna go up to my room and watch a movie?"

"Sound like a plan to me."

"Great lets go!", Dan said. I followed Dan to the stairway. We walked up the old creaky wooden stairs to his room. First door on the right. We entered and I was overwhelmed with the smell of vanilla. Vanilla candles EVERYWHERE. On the window sill, on top of his television, on his computer desk etc..

"Whoa! We like vanilla candles do we?"

"Yeah, kind of a hobby of mine. I just love the smell of vanilla. There's nothing like in the world. Good stuff."

"It smells good, I'll give you that. But could we PLEASE open a window. It's way to powerful right now."

"Haha wimp! Sure thing.", he walked over to the window. Grabbed it...and nothing. Tried again...nothing! He couldn't get it up (the window!)! Once again I was laughing

"WHO'S THE WIMP?", I exclaimed.

"Oh just shove it and help me.", he said giving me that "pissed" tone again. I went over to help him. After some straining from both of us, we finally got it open.

"There.", I said.

"So what movie you want to see?" I went over to his tapes and started to skim through them.

"Fargo ok?"

"Yeah sure. Good choice."

Dan put the movie in the VCR and we both climbed on his bed to begin watching. I leaned up against his wall with him sitting next to me. You could tell we were both nervous. We knew something was going to happen...we just didn't know what. About 20 minutes in the movie, Dan got brave and scooted even closer to me, then eventually I put my arm around him. He looked back up at me and smiled. Then put his head on my shoulder. I let out a little sigh of happiness.

"What's wrong?", Dan said

"Nothing at all, why?"

"You just seem all tense and...I don't know."

"Well of course I am...well a little bit. I mean I've never been in this position. Ever.", and with that, Dan kissed me. "What was that for?", I said with a grin.

"For being you." He is great isn't he? I shifted over and looked into his face. I leaned in and started to kiss him.

Screw think, I am in love.

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