"Honey, are you ok?"

"Sure mom, I just got a lot of stuff to think about right now."

"Has this all got to do with school?"

"Kinda, yeah. I'd prefer not to talk about it right now." I hate it when my parents stick their noses in my business! Especially right now. I didn't wanna have a conversation about school, I just wanted to think about James. How lucky I was to find someone like him, how good he felt in my arms and how perfect his lips felt against mine. And just thinking about that made my body respond in a way that were I not in the car with my mom, I wouldn't hesitate to deal with. When I got home, I thought I might just have to.

"Well, ok, if you're sure."

When we got back home, I went straight down to my room, slipping "Dirt" by Alice In Chains in my CD player, scanning through to Down In A Hole, laying down on my bed, closing my eyes and letting all the memories flood back in. The feel of his hands on me, the feel of his soft lips against mine, the feel of his bare chest against mine...

You'll never guess what happened then! Down boy! I closed my eyes, my hand going down to rub my cock through my pants, letting my body respond to my caress. I dunno, though, as good as it felt, it made me feel bad pleasuring myself thinking about him. Usually, I never hesitated jerking off thinking about the person I was with, but in this case, with James, it just felt wrong. Like he wasn't someone that I wanted to objectify that way. Sure, I found him almost breathtakingly beautiful, but he wasn't a sex symbol to me. I wanted him to be far, far more than someone I beat off over.

Mmm, well, I promised I'd phone him, didn't I? How long was it since I last talked to him and I missed his voice already! I ran upstairs, grabbing the cordless from the hall. I walked down the stairs, shutting and locking the door behind me. I dialled the number that James had written on the back of my hand. One ring and he answered.

"Hi, who's there?"


"Hey babe."

"Howya doing?"

"Not bad. Looking forward to school tomorrow?"

"Oh yeah, totally, James man... I loooooooooove school, you know that."

"Well, I get to see you again, which is a good thing."

"Sure is. I can't wait."

"You really wanna get Chinese takeout tomorrow?"

"In detention?"


"I dunno... I think we could enjoy it more in my room... "

"Sounds good to me, then."

"Cool. You wanna come over tomorrow too, then?"

"Sure. That'd be great."

"Christopher!" Oh for fuck's sake... what is it with my mom and interrupting me?!

"Sorry, babe, I gotta go... mom wants to talk to me."

"Ok, see you tomorrow, Chris."

"Bye baby."


"Coming, mom." What the hell? I only just got away from her! I climbed the stairs, finding her standing just outside the door to my staircase.

"Chris, I just want to have a word with you about what happened earlier today." WHAT? How did she know? "When I came back, you and your friends were drinking."

"Well, we've gotta drink, or we'll shrivel up."

"You know very well what I mean, Christopher. I don't want you drinking alcohol in this house again, ok?"

"But mom... "

"Is that clear?"

"Yeah, whatever. Is that all?"

"No, I want you to go and sleep now. You look real tired and I don't want to have to drag you up those stairs tomorrow morning." What would be new about that then, exactly? Well, sleep would feel pretty good, anyway. I mean, technically I have homework, but we all know exactly what that means!

"Ok, night mom."

"Goodnight, Christopher."

"Night, dad."


I went to bed pretty much immediately after that, lying there for a bit, just thinking about James. If I shut my eyes, I could see his face just inches from mine, those beautiful blue eyes fluttering shut just before our lips met...




Why is my fucking life ruled by bells? School bells, that fucking doorbell, and now my alarm clock. For the first time in God knows how long, though, I rolled straight out of bed and got into the shower. Ok, so I wanted to get up and go to school so I could see James. So sue me! I showered quickly, before spending a bit longer than usual in front of the mirror, checking that everything was as near to perfect as I could get for my beautiful boyfriend. I put on my favorite Blazers shirt (Leave it! They're my nearest team, ok?) and some CK jeans. I went upstairs, my mom acting all surprised that I not only was up about 10 minutes before my usual time, but I had a smile on my face. I ate breakfast quickly, just some cereal and OJ, and before my mom was even properly ready, I'd been ready to leave for the previous 5 minutes, sitting in the passenger seat of the Eclipse (I wanna buy this car off my mom when I get my license!).

The ride to school was pretty quick, and was pretty much in silence, although every now and again, my mom did look over just to check that I was ok.

I waited out front for James to arrive, and when his car pulled up outside, I think my smile must have covered most of my face. Dressed in light blue jeans and a white shirt, he looked absolutely stunning, and I think the goofy look on my face told him that I thought exactly that.

"Hey James."

"Hey baby," he mouthed, that beautiful smile on his face.

"Howya doing?"

"Not bad."

"I missed you."

"I missed you too."

"I was thinking about you, just before I went to sleep."

"You did?"

"Sure I did. I haven't stopped thinking about you since we dropped you off."

"I wanna kiss you, right here and now, you know that?"

"I know. I wanna kiss you so much."

"Well, if it isn't the first couple." Oh, now this we could really do without.

"What do you want, Mark?"

"For you two to get your dumb little faggot asses out of my way." Enter the school cretin...

"Mark, get out of my face."

"Ooh, little gay boys want some time alone, do they?"

"No, we're just talking about how we don't think your mom can handle us both at the same time, so I might have to wait til James is done. Don't ya think?"

"Yeah, I mean we might rupture her... Don't want that, I mean that's our Fridays ruined forever."

"Hey, you little motherfucker, shut up!"

"Now, now! Temper, temper... dumb meathead jocks can get heart attacks too, y'know?"

"Robinson, get your little faggot boyfriend's mouth under control before I shut it for good."

"First amendment, Mark. See, it means I can call you an asslicking son of a 2 dollar slut if I want."

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't break your neck right now, Robinson."

"Cause you can't do it, you never could, and you know it, Mark."

"Oh no?"


"Wanna try me, Robinson?"

"Any time you want."

"How bout right now?" I what was it that I said about all my macho shit getting me in trouble. Well, I guess this is when it does.

"You wanna go now?" That's right, play for time... that's really gonna work, isn't it!

I handed my bag to James, him looking at me quizzically. "It's ok," I mouthed, before turning back to Mark. He was looking a little less sure of himself, now that I was actually standing up to him, but he was still at least two inches taller and twenty pounds heavier. He looked it, too. Still, bigger he might have been, but face down and horizontal is how he's gonna end up. Maybe.

"Last chance to save yourself, Robinson."

"What's going on here?" Randall... I'm really not sure if this is good or not. Sure, I don't get my face smashed in, but I get my balls chewed off by everyone's favorite principle.

"Nothing, sir."

"Really, Mr Masters?"

"Yes, sir."

"Mr Robinson?"


"What's going on here?"

"Oh, not much. Numbnuts here wants to kill me, but nothing actually new or special."

"Inside, Robinson. Masters, my office now." Ok, now somehow I got away with that. Mark's going to be pissed. Me and James walked to homeroom, sitting down next to each other. No Luke, which was hardly a surprise at this time in the morning.

"Were you really going to fight him?"

"If I had to."

"You think you could have won?"

"No idea. Don't see why not. I mean, he's not stupid, by any means, but he's slow."

"Just don't get hurt."

"I'll try not to. Though I'd far prefer it to be me rather than you."

"Well, how about neither of us."

"I'd prefer that."

"Hey guys!"

"Hey Luke," we both said, in unison.

"Oh God!"

"What?" Again, completely together.

"Oh God!"


"Oh, you guys are so pathetic! I'd swear you were joined at the hip already"

Then Gallagher came in, and sent us off to classes pretty much straight away. Classes went very slowly, but eventually it was lunch, and I met up with James outside the canteen.


"Hey James. You seen Luke anywhere?"

"No, but I talked to Kath. She said she'd see us inside."

"Ok, cool. Well, why don't we go in, get something to eat. Luke can find us somehow, I'm sure."


We turned to go inside, but just before we got into line, "Hey guys, wait up." It was Luke, of course, but this time he had that girl he chatted up yesterday on his arm, Rhiannon. "You guys were gonna go in without me!"

"Would we ever?"


"Good point. Oh well, c'mon, I need to eat."

"Guys, this is Rhiannon... babe, these are my dumb friends. The tall ugly one is Chris and the weedy southern boy is James."

We all said hi, and while we were waiting to be served with the culinary delight of the day, James, Rhiannon and I got talking a bit. Ok, she was blond, but she was far less vacant than the kind of girl Luke usually went for.

When we were done with eating and Luke and Rhiannon had gone off wherever, James and I went round the back of school, just sitting on the wall.

"Well, he's done worse."


"Luke. Mostly he goes for the blond cheerleader type, you know, the ones with less brain than a football player."


"Well, she seemed capable of stringing a coherent sentence together, so she might be good for him."

"Yeah," James said, a little smile on his face. "So, when do I get to go out with someone who can do that?"

"You got a death wish, Jamie-boy?"

"No, I just like teasing you." Well, that sounds like it might be fun for later!

"Hey... you said Kath was around, but did you actually see her?"


"Hiya Chris." What is it with people turning up whenever I speak their name?!

"Hey Katherine."

"What you guys doing?"

"Not too much. Just hanging out really."

"Oh, Chris, while I remember, Coach Falzon was looking for you. Well, you and anyone else on the team. You got your first practice after school tomorrow." Ooooh, goody. Another 5 months of having that idiot Falzon shout at us for about 8 hours a week. Will the fun never end? Don't get me wrong, I love to play, and I think Falzon actually likes me, I just have a serious problem with his way of coaching

"Thanks, Kath."

"Where's Luke?"

"Off with that chick he was talking to yesterday."

"Oh, great... we've lost him for another 2 weeks or so, then."

"2 hours more likely, but yeah, he won't be around for a while."

It was weird having to watch what we said around Kath, since she didn't know about us, but we managed until classes started again somehow.

Classes went slowly, especially since I only had one class with him, after lunch, English. And then detention. But thanks to James' company, the time passed quickly, even if we couldn't really do much but talk.

We walked back to my house, the weather still surprisingly hot, even though the wind was picking up a bit.

"What ya wanna do when we get back?"

"I dunno, you got any ideas?" he said, winking at me.

"Oh Jesus do you have a one track mind or what? I meant, ya wanna shoot some pool or something?"

"Sure, that'd be cool." So that's what we did. And just like on Playstation the day before, he absolutely kicked my ass. His eye for shots was unbelievable. It was like he was seeing how he was going to sink the 8 ball before he'd even sunk his first color. And he didn't miss. Well, not often, anyway. About 10 games to one, I think it was in the end.

"Oh I hate you... how did you get so good?"

"Lots and lots of practice, babe. Not that much to do back where I came from on a Friday night, so I used to go down the pool hall all the time."

"Well, maybe you could give me a few hints on my cueing action... "

"Chris Robinson, are you propositioning me?"

"No, it was a perfectly innocent request for pool advice."

"Yeah, sure it was," he said, pulling me down so that our lips met. I pulled him in closer, wrapping his body up in my arms. I guess we must have been playing pool for longer than I thought, though, cause just as he was sliding his soft slick tongue into my mouth, I heard the door open. He froze absolutely still and then backed away.

"Don't worry, babe, it's just my mom." And it was. She ended up cooking us both dinner, and fussing over James like he was her own son (well, my mom's usually like that, but this was a little extreme, even for her!). My dad came back during that time, and me and him had a long talk about how we thought the JV basketball team was going to do this year.

After that though, I think we both wanted to get away, so we took a few drinks and I grabbed a sweater and a hooded top for James and we walked off out of town a bit. There's this little wooded area about two and a half miles out of town that Luke and I had found about five years back that we always used to ride our bikes to when we wanted to be alone. And James and I wanted to be alone, so it just seemed logical. It was about 8 when we got there, it was just getting dark and the stars were starting to become visible.

"It's a beautiful night... "

"Sure is, babe. I love it out here. Me and Luke found this place a few years ago."

"Kinda cold, though." I handed him my hooded sweater, and he pulled it over his head. Ok, it was a little big for him... quite a bit big for him, but I still liked the way it looked on him. Having said that, he could wear a sack and I'd still find him sexy!

"That better?"

"Yeah, thanks, babe." He suddenly turned his head, as if he's seen something out of the corner of his eye. "You know you said you and Luke found this place?"


"I think another couple of guys did too."


"Over there. By that tree." Yeah, he was right. Although I'm pretty sure that the two guys, whoever they were, hadn't seen us. They seemed a little too preoccupied with each other's lips. Ok, now we probably shouldn't be watching, but I think curiosity had got the better of both James and I. We inched closer, and as we did, James whispered to me, "Chris, both those guys go to our school."

"You sure?"

"Positive, babe. The blond one against the tree is in my biology class. Cameron something... "


"Yeah, that's the one." Cameron's cute. A bit shorter than Luke, with blond hair that framed his face nicely and the most piercing emerald eyes... ahem... I haven't stared at him that much. Well, not recently anyway.

"So who's the other one?"

"He's in my class too. His last name's Kennedy, I think."

"Oh, Matt... " He's not bad either. But I wouldn't have thought either of them were gay.

"You knew those two got together?"

"No, I didn't even know they talked to each other, but I guess that doesn't mean much."

"No, suppose not." I guess we'd been talking a little too loudly, cause suddenly they both froze, Matt looking around slowly. James dived behind a tree, but I was too slow. I could plainly see the worried look on Matt's face from here.

"Who's there?" Well, now that they'd seen me, I might as well have a little bit of fun with this.

"Well, well, well, what have we got here, boys?" I said, while stepping closer so they could see me clearly.

"What's it to you, Robinson? Mind your own fucking business," Matt snarled, his face twisting with anger.

"Well, I was, until I heard this kinda slurping noise coming from over here. So I walk over, and what do I find, but you two trying to swallow each other's tongues?"

"You're not gonna tell anyone, are you?" Cameron burst in.

"It's ok, baby, he's not telling anyone, unless he wants to die," said Matt, holding his boyfriend tight.

"No, I'm not gonna tell anyone."

"You're not? I woulda thought that a jock like you would be dying to tell your dumb meathead friends every little detail, how you caught the faggots making out." Jesus, was he angry...

"No, I won't."

"Why? What do you want?"


"Come on Robinson, if you didn't want anything from us, why were you spying on us?"

"I wasn't."

"So what were you doing up here?"

"Same as you."

"I don't see that Gallagher whore with you."

"Mainly cause her and me are through."

"So where's your bitch of the week?" I walked behind the tree were James was, taking his hand and leading him back to Cameron and Matt.

"He's no bitch, and I think this one's for more than a week," I said, flashing them a broad smile. I think it's fair enough to say that shocked them just a little bit. If Matt's jaw had dropped any further, it would have hit the ground.

"You're... "

"Just like you guys. Yeah." I leant down, brushing James' lips with my own, before returning my gaze to Matt and Cameron.

"How... just how can you be gay, I don't get it. Jocks are not gay."

"Why not? Just cause I'm on some basketball team, does that mean I gotta be hetero?"

"Well, I guess not, but... "

"It's not normal, right?"


"Well, no one said Chris was normal," James said, with an evil little grin on his face

I slipped behind James, wrapping my arms round him, and leaning down to graze his ear with my lips, whispering, "Just cause you're my boyfriend doesn't mean I'm not gonna get you for that."

"Mmm, sounds promising."

"Ooh, you... "

"Sexy wonderful guy?"

"Well, yeah but... "

"That's all I needed to hear," he said, smiling sweetly at me. I want him. Right now. I ran my hand over his chest, feeling him move back towards me, pressing his sexy, slim frame tight into me.

"Uh, guys... It's cool that you guys are together, but if you're gonna do that, you mind getting a room or something?" said Matt, a mischievous little smile on his face.

"Mmm, sounds good to me, baby... wanna go?"

"Sure... "

"Ok, well it was cool to see you guys... see you in school tomorrow, I guess."

"Yeah, sure."

"Yeah, see ya," Cameron chipped in.

"Yeah. Have fun, guys... "

"Be safe!" smiled James, sliding his arm round my waist as we walked off.

"Well, that was weird."

"Yeah, but it's cool too. I mean, I knew we weren't the only two guys going out in the whole school, I mean, we can't be, but it's just cool to know, right?"

"Yeah, I know. It's kinda easy to feel isolated sometimes."

"Well, we've always got each other," he said, leaning up and kissing me softly. I stopped walking, turning towards him, wrapping my arms around him. The kiss deepened gradually, his tongue caressing the inside of my lips, my teeth, the tip of my tongue. I felt his hands slide up inside my shirt, caressing my back gently, sliding his fingertips over my spine. I moaned softly into his mouth, moving my hands to his beautiful, rounded bubble butt, feeling him grind his body even closer in to me. He pulled away, giving me that wonderful smile. "Babe, I'd love for this to go on, but I'm not so sure about the place. We could go back to my house, I think. It should be ok."

"Cool. You sure your mom won't mind?"

"Well, she probably will, but hey, I have my own room."

"As long as it's cool. Does your mom know about... you?"

"Um, kinda, yeah, she does."

"Oh, ok, well, as long as she's not gonna walk in on us and flip out."

"Oh, she'll probably flip out anyway, but let's go back, I don't mind. My place is closer anyway." Now what the hell is that? If his mom knows he's gay and he's still in the same house as her, she can't mind that much, right? I dunno, maybe that's a bad assumption to make. I mean, I don't think my parents would throw me out, even if they knew I was gay and disapproved, but his mom sounded, from what I'd heard, a little harsher than my parents. We walked back, in silence, me trying to put what he'd said out of my mind, trying to just enjoy being with him on a night that was as warm and beautiful as this. We got back to his house not much after 9:30. His house was pretty much in darkness apart from one light upstairs. "My brother's room," he said, opening the front door, taking my hand and leading me inside.

We walked up the stairs, moving towards his room when a woman's voice shouted out, "is that you, James?" By reflex, he let my hand slip from his, jumping half out of his skin.

"Yes, mom," he said, walking over to another door, opening it and stepping inside, beckoning me after him. I followed him in, finding his mom sitting at a desk, reading through some papers. "Mom, this is Chris."

"You go to the same school as James?"

"Yes ma'am."

"He showed me around yesterday, mom, made sure I knew where I was going."

"That's nice of you. You're a sophomore too?" It might have been an innocuous little conversation, but her tone of voice was cold, and I got the feeling that she was suspicious of me in some way.

"James is JV Basketball this season."

"What position?"


"Winning team?" Ok, she doesn't like me. Sure, she was asking all the usual questions, but I really don't think she could have sounded much less interested if she tried!

"About a .700 last season. So not too bad." A little smile, completely lost on her, no doubt.

"Hey, c'mon Chris, I'll show you my room."

"Cool. Nice to meet you, Mrs Daley."

"Yes, nice to meet you too." Like hell...

We went into his room, shutting the door behind us. His room was pretty cool, even if most of his stuff was still in boxes against one of the walls. The walls were a light blue, with a matching carpet and a comforter of the same color on his single bed. I didn't have much more time to look around though, cause his arms were around me and his lips pressed against mine. He walked backwards, pulling me after him, still wrapped up in his arms until we were right next to his bed. He lay down, pulling me on top of him.

Our lips brushed together again, his hands slipping up the back of my t-shirt again, his slim fingers caressing my back muscles. I leant down to kiss his neck, feeling his back arch as my lips slid over his smooth skin, my tongue flicking out, moistening the skin of his neck gently, then blowing on it, feeling him wriggle underneath me and letting out a short gasp. "Mmm, Chris... "

He pulled my shirt over my head, his hands moving over my bare skin slowly. His fingers circled my nipples, stroking and pinching gently. Now it was my turn to let out a little gasp as I felt his leg grind up against my hard-on too.

I think it was safe to say we were brought down to earth very quickly when someone knocked at the door.

"Shit, James... who's that?"

"I dunno, but I'd put your shirt on," he said, smiling apologetically at me. I pulled my t-shirt over my head, re-arranging my hard-on in my pants so that it wasn't quite so visible. James opened the door but it wasn't his mom like I was worried about. "Hey Robert. This is my friend, Chris."

"Hey Chris."

"Hi Robert." He walked into the room, and I managed to get a bit of a closer look at him. Shorter than James by a few inches, he had the same silky-looking brown hair and when he looked up into my eyes when he offered me his hand, I could see he had the same beautiful blue eyes. He seemed to have a slightly more confident air than his brother, though, even though he was obviously younger.

"What you guys been doing?"

James caught my eye and winked, making me laugh a little, smiling back at him. "Oh, nothing much... "

"No, just been hanging out, ya know?" I said, putting my hand on the small of James' back, rubbing gently.

Robert didn't seem that convinced though... he just seemed to keep looking at us weird. I'm pretty sure that he couldn't see where my arm was, but he had the strangest look in his eyes.

"Chris, you wanna play some guitar?" James asked, looking into my eyes, smiling sweetly.

"Sure, b... " Shit! Almost called him 'babe' in front of his brother!

He turned away, going to get his guitar from the corner of his room. Cool enough, but when he turned his back on his bro, I forgot to remove my hand from the small of his back. Robert's eyes widened as I snatched my hand away. I could almost see the cogs whirring inside his head, as if replaying everything that we'd said and that'd happened in his head.

"Um, James... " His brother turned, and I could see Robert mouth something to him, pointing at me, raising his eyebrows. James couldn't meet his gaze, and Robert flopped down on his bed, holding his hands over his face. "Oh, James, not again!"

What? What again? "Uh, James?"

"Robert, could you leave us alone for a bit?"

"Oh God... sure." He sloped out of the room, giving us both a very scathing look.

"James man, what was that all about?" He took my hand, leading me over to the bed, motioning for me to sit down. He laced his fingers through mine, resting his other hand on top.

"Chris, this is gonna take a while, but you need to hear it. I wasn't gonna tell you until later, but I guess now is a good a time as any. Look, back home, I... was with someone. Someone that I enjoyed being with a whole lot." When he saw how my face fell after that little announcement, he squeezed my hand a little harder, looking into my eyes. "Look, Chris, I know this is gonna be difficult for you to hear, but you've got to listen." Nod. "Well, me and Craig, we were going out for a few months without anyone knowing. One day, we came back to my house, cause we needed some time on our own... " No prize for what that meant, right?!? "Well, we were in bed together, and my mom came home early. She walked in on us, and... " he sniffed, "she... she threw him out of the house and told me never to see him again. I went round to his house the next day, but she found out about that too and said she wasn't going to let me see him ever again. About a month later, she just said we were moving. So we d

id. I felt so bad, Chris. I was sure I loved him, and he told me he loved me too. But when we got found out, he pretty much disowned me. He denied me. He said that everything we'd done was my influence. That it was my fault for 'turning' him gay."

At that, my arm slid around his shoulders, pulling him a little closer to me. "He told everyone that asked that I was the gay one and that he had sex with me just cause he was horny. For no other reason, just that he needed to get off and I was convenient. That he was straight and that I was just a way of him getting sex... " At this, he stopped and collapsed in my arms, small little sobs racking his body. I held him tight against me, until he looked up at me, as if he was ready to carry on.

"I felt so... devastated. I tried to... finish it. I didn't feel any will to live, like everything that I lived for had been taken away from me. When I heard that from him, I took a razor and I tried to... I cut myself." He pulled back a bit, rolling his shirt sleeves up a bit, showing me his arms. Both arms were covered with cris-crossing scar tissue. It wasn't actually that obvious, you really had to look, which probably explained why I'd never noticed before. And why he always wore long-sleeved shirts.

"Bob found me, face down in the bathroom, covered in blood. He called 911... I went to the hospital, and they called my mom. She was so angry, I thought she was going to finish me off, I really did. She took me out of school, left her job, and she found this one. It took her a month or so, so I was left hanging around the house feeling guilty until she got accepted."

"And so you're here?"

"Yeah. Look, I'm sorry I took so long to tell you, Chris, I just... needed to get everything straight in my head." The weirdest thing was, I didn't really mind. I mean, I'd guessed that he'd been with someone else before, and I suppose that it only stands to reason that it was a guy. I thought it was kind of bizarre that I didn't really feel jealous of this Craig, I was just happy that I could be there for James to talk to if he needed me.

"James, man, you really don't need to be sorry about it. I mean, it's not like we've known each other forever, is it? I just feel kinda honored that you feel you can tell me that kind of thing."

"Well, I'd never told anyone outside my family before. I don't know why, you just seem so easy to talk to. You don't judge me."

I reached out and traced the line of his jaw with my fingertips, leaning in to kiss him softly. He covered my lips with his own, practically throwing himself at me. I let him come on top, kissing him back as he attacked my mouth. He was writhing around on top of me, grinding little James into me, kissing me deeply. We soon had each other's shirts off, our hands roaming all over each other and his hands were fiddling with my belt buckle when my cell phone rang. Dammit... that thing's like a fucking electronic chastity belt!

"Hey mom... yeah, I know what time it is. Aw man... it's only like 10:45. C'mon... " I shivered, trying to keep my voice steady as James' lips and tongue slid over my neck. "Yeah, ok." I shut my phone, looking at James, his head nuzzled into my neck. "Babe, I gotta go."

"Aw... "

"I know, my mom wants me back by 11, so I gotta run," I said, my voice heavy with disappointment, pulling my shirt over my head. James did the same, offering me my hoody back. "Don't worry about it. It looks better on you anyway." He smiled, reaching up to give me a quick kiss.

"See you tomorrow?"

"You bet. I got basketball practice, so I dunno when, but I could drop by your house, right?"

"Should be ok, yeah. What time you finish?"

"About 5, probably."

"Great, my mom won't be back by then," he said, a mischievous little twinkle in his eye.

"Cool babe. Anyway, gotta run."

"I'll come downstairs, see you out." As we left his room, I felt a pair of eyes boring into my back, turning round to see Robert staring at me with an unreadable look on his face. Ok, that's gonna be something that's really gonna need dealing with later.

As when we came in, the house was in pretty much full darkness, but we found our way to the front door without hitting anything too hard.

As much as I needed to go, and go quite quickly, we stood just inside the door for a bit, kissing gently. I had to pull away though, opening the door.

"Goodnight babe."

"Goodnight. I'll be thinking of you."

"Same. Always."

"Bye, Chris."

"Seeya, Jamie." Surprisingly he didn't seem to mind being called that too much, just blushing a little bit. I walked away from his house and when I was out of his line of sight, I broke into a jog. I needed to get home before my mom decided that she wanted to ground me for life. I mean, it wouldn't be the first time, but still, I could do without the hassle of having to sneak out of the house to go and see James. I dunno, but my mom could be really inconsiderate sometimes. I mean, I know she doesn't understand all that's going on in my life right now, but what she doesn't know won't hurt for now at least, right? I suppose she'll have to know sometime, but until me and James were comfortable enough with what we were doing to let her know, I suppose I'm just gonna have to face the music. But no dancing...

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