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When I heard the school security guards yell gun I instinctively, from watching movies, dove towards the ground. What I didn't know, was that fifty feet behind me was Jon pointing the gun at my back.

I looked behind me and seen Jon's eyes full of anger, pain, and hatred. I quickly scurried under a table and got to a kneeling position to start running out of the cafeteria.

"Hey Christoff, it time for you to eat your lunch" I heard Jon say.

The security guards were closing in fast on Jon. I darted from under the table. It took only a second, but in that second, I heard the sound of the gun being fired. I was so high on adrenaline that I didn't even feel the bullet enter my body. Being shot finally registered as I fell to the floor. I was hit just above my right shoulder blade. The bullet passed completely through and came out the front. Luckily no one was around me or they might have been hit also.

I rolled over onto my back to see where Jon was. He was right above me pointing the gun at my head. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Aaron was running full steam at Jon. The school security guards were still closing in but Aaron beat them to the punch. Next thing I saw was Jon flying up five feet in the air and landing flat on his back which sent the gun out of his hand. By the time Jon landed, Aaron was standing over him. Aaron bent down and starting beating the hell out of him. He was screaming at the top of his lungs.

"You shot my boyfriend, you asshole. You have to shoot the one person I deeply care for you fucking homophobe. Why you moron, why?

I was still lying on back listening. I started crying. The pain was immense. I couldn't move my right arm one bit.

The ambulance was called and so were the police.

Next thing I know, Aaron is beside me. He leans me upwards. He applies pressure to both the entrance and exit wounds.

"The pressure should stop the bleeding, Jare."

I looked at him with my watery eyes still flowing. I didn't know what to say. Here he was, a gay boy just like myself, having been through hell from where he lived. How he was a hero as he saved my life.

"The ambulance is on its way Jare. It should be here any second."

I just nodded my head as I knew speaking would be a little hard at the moment.

The EMT's arrived. I was quickly loaded onto a stretcher and stabilized for transport to the hospital. I was given an IV. As I was being loaded into the ambulance, Jon was being hauled off in the back of a police cruiser.

At the hospital, I was wheeled into the emergency room. Blood was drawn for a transfusion to replace what I had lost. After the bleeding was completely stopped, I was taken to the CAT scanner to see how much damage was done.

No extensive damage was what I heard the doctor telling my parents. There are no broken bones. But Jarryed needs surgery to repair muscle and nerve damage.

My parents signed the consent forms needed for surgery as I was prepped. Just as I was being wheeled out of the ER, Aaron came running up to me. He kissed me on my forehead.

"I am so sorry Jare, I never thought that this would happen."

"I am sorry too Aaron. I let you down. I knew full well what Jon was capable of but never thought he would go through with it."

"Dude, you need to stay calm. Don't go getting yourself all worked up. Doc told me you have to go in for surgery. I will be in the waiting room and when you wake up, I will be at your side."

Aaron kissed me goodbye knowing full well that I will never be the same person I was.

I was rolled into the surgical suite. I remember the room being a pale green with all sorts of equipment. I was given oxygen. I was also given anesthesia through my IV and before I knew it, I was gone.

Five hours later, I woke in the recovery room calling for Mom.

"Honey, open your eyes." a voice called.


"No, I am Nurse Geibel. I need to take some vitals. Glad to see you're awake Jarryed.

She took all my vitals then called for the transport department to take me to my room.

"Your vitals are good Jarryed. We are going to take you to your room. You have some friends waiting for you there."

As I was being wheeled out of the recovery room, I could barely keep my eyes open. I was going in and out of sleep. Must be some damn powerful anesthesia they gave me.

When we rolled off the elevator, I could hear a lot of people talking from a room that I was heading for. I was taken into that very room and was met by my boyfriend, parents, and the police.

Aaron rushed up to me and kissed me quickly on the lips.

"I am so glad to see you baby!"

I replied "The rumors about my death are greatly exaggerated."

This got a quick laugh out of all those in the room.

"Jarryed honey, this is Sergeant Schultz from the police department. He needs to ask you some questions about what happened."

"Mom, I really don't feel like talking to the police right now. I just want to be with..."

Sergeant Schultz interrupts me saying, "Jarryed, I know what you have been through is very traumatic, but I need to ask you some questions about Jon Davis. He shot you. We don't want him to get out of jail on bond. We want him behind bars until his trial. As of right now, were are indicting him on attempted murder, possession of a firearm, resisting arrest, and other charges.

"Can't the murder charge keep him behind bars?"

"Yes it can, but also the judge can set a really high bond hoping that his family won't be able to bail him out. We don't want the latter just in case his family can." Sgt. Schultz says.

Sgt. Schultz continues "Did Mr. Davis threaten you at all before this?"

"Yea, he has. Back on July 4th. He tried to hit me with a baseball bat but some guy grabbed it from his hands. Aaron was a witness to the happenings of that day."

"Anything that he said he was going to do to you or to Aaron?"

"No, nothing. Just that he said this wasn't over."

"I have gotten the information that I came for Mr. Christoff. Rest assured that Mr. Davis will not be bothering you again. With what you had just told me, it leans towards premeditation. With that information, the judge will surely deny him bail. Thank you for your time."

"You're welcome."

"If you remember anything else, here is my card with the direct number to my office and my cell number." he says to me while handing the card over.

Even though I didn't want to talk to the police, it felt better that I did knowing that Jon was no longer going to be a thorn in my side, nor Aaron's, for quite a long time.

"How you feeling babe?" Aaron asks me.

"I'm tired and that damn anesthesia is some powerful stuff. The nurse said I was out for a few hours after surgery. But other than that, I feel like I can go home."

"Jarryed, the doctors have mentioned to your father and I that they should keep you here a few days just in case there are any problems with your shoulder."

"Do I have to Mom?" I said pleadingly.

"Yes you do. I know how much you are going to hate it, but it in your best interests to stay here for now. Aaron has already said that he will bring your school work home."

"School work? Ick, that's what I want to think about the least right now. What I really want is something to eat, I am totally starving."

"I'll be right back and see what the nurse says about you getting something to eat." Mom says.

Dad went with Mom as Aaron was not going to leave my side. As soon as they stepped out of the room, he leaned down and planted a big wet kiss on my waiting lips.

"Mmm, I miss those."

"I did too. Can't stand that we're not going to be together for a couple days."

"I already know I won't sleep in here, well maybe tonight I will since I am still feeling drowsy."

"Just wait and see what the doctors have to say. You know you might therapy to use your arm again?" Aaron asks me.

"Yea, but I don't want to think about it right now. All I want to think about is you."

My parents came back into the room just as Aaron was leaning in to give me another kiss. He continued as he didn't feel the need to hide himself from my parents.

"Cough, cough." was the noise my dad made.

"Aw Dad, you always have a way of ruining life's most treasured moments."

"Hardly son, but the nurse says you can have something to eat. Anything in particular you want. I know you don't want hospital food."

"I could go for a Philly Cheese steak from Pizza Junction."

"Anything for you Aaron?"

"I'll just have Jare."

This got a chuckle from my parents as they laughed along with Aaron and I.

"No seriously though, a Philly Cheese steak sounds scrumptious."

"All settled then. I will call in the order." my Dad stated.

My parents went and picked up the food. While they were gone, all that Aaron and I did was make out. Some people walking by the room gave us temper mental looks like what we were doing wasn't supposed to done in a hospital room. Too bad for them. I don't care where I am at. I love Aaron and know full well that he loves me just as strong.

Mom and Dad rejoined us with the food. Since I hadn't eaten since 7am, I had the cheese steak gulfed down in no time. And these are huge. Piled high with steak, lettuce, tomato, onions, mayonnaise, anything that you wanted on them. Aaron did have trouble eating all of his though. He couldn't eat the last fourth of his sub. Now me on the other hand, I was still hungry.

"Are ya gonna eat the rest of that?"

"Nah, I'm stuffed."

"Pass it over then, I'm still hungry."

I finished the rest of Aaron's sub. It was getting close to the end of visiting hours. Since I was in the pediatric unit, I was allowed visitors as long as one of my parents was present.

It was 9pm. Visiting hours were over was announced on the hospital pa system. Aaron had school the next day. I was getting tired. The nurse came in and took my vitals and changed my dressings.

"The doctor will be in to see you in the morning Mr. Christoff. Get a good nights sleep if you can. My nursing staff will be a few times to check on you throughout the night and to keep your IV going.

"Aaron, come here will ya please."

Aaron got up off the recliner that he was sitting in.

"What did ya need babe?"

"Oh nothing, just this." I said as I pulled him into me kissing him.

"I'm getting a little tired babe and you have school in the morning. You really should go home and get some sleep. But I know you won't because you are worried sick about me. There is nothing to worry about. I am out of danger and the doctors and nurses are some of the finest in Western New York, so for me will you go home and get some sleep?"

"I will go home, but I don't know about sleeping. I will try though. I will be here tomorrow after school."

"Ok babe, make sure that you try for me."

Aaron kissed me goodnight. He left with my parents. Once again, the nurse came in and asked if there was anything that I needed. I told her no. I was stuffed like a pig from eating.

"Try to get some sleep Mr. Christoff. I'll be in later to check on you."

The night dragged on and on. I must have woke up about 10 times. I usually sleep on my right side, but I couldn't. Any pressure I put on my shoulder caused it to ache. Even pain medication really didn't help. It took the throbbing out of it. My arm was as limp as a wet noodle.

Slowly, 8am came around and breakfast. Just what I was looking forward to. Cold, runny eggs, toast, and bacon. How can anyone stand to eat this crap day after day. Think I will ask for some cereal. I pressed the button for the nurse.

"Can I help you?" the voice stated.

"I'm in room 215, would I be able to get some cereal. These eggs are all watery and everything else is freezing cold."

"Sure, I'll get it for you."


About 9am the doctor strolled in to see me. My parents walked in the door just behind him so I am guessing they were talking in the waiting room.

"Good morning Jarryed." said the doc.

"Is there really anything good about it? I mean, I didn't sleep a wink at all last night, I was shot yesterday, tell me what is so good about it being morning?"

"Jarryed Matthew Christoff!" my mother boldly stated to me with a very stern look on her face.

"It's ok Mrs. Christoff. I would be a little edgy too if I had been shot."

"I'm sorry Mom. I know we had a talk a long time ago about my attitude when I don't sleep."

"Just don't let it happen again young man."

"So Dr. Whitmore, how is my son doing?"

"As you probably know, there are no broken bones, but there was a lot of nerve and muscle damage. We corrected the nerve damage in the operating room. The muscles were also sewn together and will heal completely. The nerve damage, I'm afraid will take a little longer to heal. He may never completely regain the use of the arm the way it was before yesterday morning."

"What about physical therapy?" Mom asks.

"Jarryed will definitely need to see a physical therapist. How long before he will be able to use his arm in a normal fashion is unknown."

"Jarryed, can you move your arm at all this morning?" the doc asks me.

I tried to move my arm with all my energy. It just sat at my side limp. It was like being weighed down by a ton of bricks.

"No, I can't."

As soon as the stitches are out from your surgery, we are going to have you start your physical therapy. That will be in 7 - 10 days."

"How long before he can be released Dr. Whitmore?" mom asks.

"We would like to keep him one more day for observation and to make sure there are no signs of infection."

"I guess I can deal with that Mom."

"Any other questions for me?"

Neither my mom nor I had any so the doctor excused himself.

Mom and I were all alone.

"For now it's just you and me mister until school lets out." mom tells me.

"What did you want to do?"

"How about we get you out of this bed and get cleaned up. I brought some clothes with me so you don't have to stay in that awful gown."

"Mom, I can stand on my own. I don't need you giving me a sponge bath."

"Nonsense Jarryed. There is nothing that I never have seen before on you. Remember, I used to change your diapers and give you your bath.

"Mom, that was a long time ago."

I tried arguing with her, but it was to no avail. I have grown some in my private departments. I am not the little boy she used to bath.

Mom went and got the wash basin and a wash cloth. She closed the door behind here and came over to the bed. I sat up so she could untie the back of the gown. The gown was removed and there I was sitting naked on the bed. My face was as red as a cherry. She started with my face and proceeded downwards. She skipped over my private area and washed my legs and feet. After she was done with my legs, she told me that I could do my own private parts. She walked out and pulled the curtain around so she couldn't see. I then washed my dick and balls really well with my butt included. I told her it was ok to come back in. I got out of bed. She held open a pair of boxer briefs for me to step into. God, this is so embarrassing I am thinking. But with one useless arm right now, I don't think there would have been a way for me to pull them up. She finished dressing me. We ended up talking all day long and watching soap operas.

Four o'clock came around and my friends starting to come in. Manda, Zack, Chris, Nate, Jordan, Jessica...everyone. The one that I wanted to talk to the most was missing though. Where was Aaron at?

"Yo Zack, where is Aaron at?"

"Principal Tuebner wanted to talk to him after school. He should be here shortly."

"Guess the shit hit the fan at school today didn't it?"

"Nah, not really. Everyone was wondering what the hell had happened. A lot of the school seen Jon in the back of the cruiser, but no one knew who was in the ambulance with the exception of the ones who were in the cafeteria. There were a lot of rumors about a teacher being stabbed, someone dying, etc. Everything is cool though. All of Jon's friends went up to Aaron and said they were sorry for what had happened."

"So, the school is cool with me? I mean it's not everyday that everyone finds out that Jarryed Christoff is gay."

All of my other friends started to chime in the conversation and we had a really good time. I got a lot get well cards and flowers.

It was 7pm and still no sign of Aaron. I was beginning to worry when I thought I heard his voice down the hall. I was right. That was his voice I heard as he came through the door followed by his parents.

"Hey babe!" I said.

"Jare, I missed you!"

He leaned in and kissed me right in front of everyone. All of my friends. I started to blush incredibly red when Manda says "Get a room you two."

"We already got one." Aaron and I stated at the same time.

Everyone started laughing. The nurses even had to come down and tell us to keep the noise down. The evening went quite well and 9pm came and visiting hours we're over once again. Just one more night I told myself then I would be back home where I am more comfortable at.


Think that is a good place to end this chapter. The info on the charges against Jon were pretty much made up from what I have heard from all the tv coverage of murders and such. The same goes for the hospital stuff from watching Trauma: Life in the ER. They may not be real to life. More to come. Email welcome at See you in the next chapter.