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Whole Hearted






I was released from the hospital on Saturday morning. I am guessing that the nurses wanted to get rid of me since I had so many visitors.

I arrived home about 10am. Out front hanging on the banister of the porch was a banner that read `Welcome Home Jarryed!!!'

I was in complete shock. It's not like my injury was life threatening. Why did they have to go and do this. I was in the hospital for a whole whopping three days. I felt the anger boiling up inside me. I was doing my best not to let any of this show.

As we drove into the driveway, I expected to see everyone come filing out of the house to make a big scene that I was home. That didn't happen though. I unbuckled the seat belt and climbed out of the front seat.

I opened the front door to see the living room all decorated up. "What the hell" I am thinking to myself. When I finished looking around and seen no one in the house, all of a sudden, people from everywhere in the room jumped and scared the living daylights out of me by screaming "WELCOME HOME!!!"

The first one to greet me was Dad. He gave me a hug and said "Glad you're back son."

"Thanks Dad. Did you do all this?"

"No Jarryed, I didn't and neither did Mom."

"Well if it wasn't you two, who could have done this?"

"I did" said a disguised voice from behind.

I turned to see the biggest smile on anyone's face I have ever seen. And who did this smile belong to? None other than my boyfriends of course.

"Aaron!!!! How are ya babe?" As I leaned in and planted a big wet kiss on his lips totally forgetting about being upset. Well matter of fact now, I guess I forgave him as soon as I saw him.

"Just great now that the love of my life is back home where he belongs."

"I'm glad to be back home. No more hospital food that makes you want to barf it back up as soon as you eat it. What is everyone saying at school?"

"We'll talk about that later, but it's time to get down and party." Aaron said as he walked over to the home theater system.

He pushed play and Usher's Yeah started thumping. The living room in an instant was turned into a dance floor as my friends from school all started dancing.

I was pulled into the middle of a huge group hug as we all danced. Everyone was trying to talk to me at once. There was "Yo Jarryed" coming from all over the place.

After we danced to a couple songs, I had to sit down. Aaron went to grab us a couple of sodas. While he was getting those, Zack came over and sat down.

"Hey man."

"Sup Zack."

"Nothing dude. I am sorry man. I said that I had your back and I let you down."

"Zack, you need to chill for a few man. We don't even have the same lunch period. There is nothing that you could have done."

"Yea there is. I coulda beat the hell out of that asshole before he even got to you. There were rumors going around that Jon had a gun. I didn't believe them. I was like how in the hell he get a gun past the metal detectors?"

"I didn't hear any of that. But that makes me wonder about the metal detectors. Wonder if they were working. It wasn't that long ago that they were installed."

"I am like totally sorry that I let you down man. We've been friends for a long time and I don't want that to end. I feel so terrible."

"I am never going to stop being friends with you Zack so don't even go there. We've known each other a very long time and friendships like ours just don't end."

"Thanks dude, you're the best."

Zack got up and walked away as Aaron sat down beside me with our drinks.

"Anything there I should worry about?" Aaron said with a chuckle.

"Get your damn mind out of the gutter Mr. Maxwell. Do you even know what head to think with anymore?" I declared laughing.

"Umm, yea I do. I can only think with one and that is the one that is between my legs." he said while waggling his eyebrows.

"Well I guess I can take the hint that someone is extremely horny. I would love to have you all to myself but the party has just started. How about we go dance some more?"

"You want it, you got it babe."

I must have impeccable timing as the next song started out with "Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on, I want to dance with my baby."

Madonna's Music jammed the house for the next 4 minutes.

The living room was again full with everyone dancing. We had a huge laugh as my dad tried to impersonate some Madonna moves which we're not even close. I blushed profusely. I must have been red as a lobster. Not that I cared since I was surround by friends. Everyone had a good time and before we knew it, lunch was ready.

Steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, corn on the cob...there was anything and everything out back that you wanted. Each one of us ate to our stomachs were full.

Later on that afternoon, the party was winding down as I had said my hello's and had my conversations. Dinner was going to be ready soon. I didn't see Mom cooking anything so I wondered where we were going. I didn't have long to wait though.

There were still a couple of stragglers still around. I didn't want to come off sounding rude to my friends so I strolled up to them asking them to leave as we were heading out to dinner.

"No problem there Jarryed, we were just talkin' anyway." said Jessica.

Of course, it had to be the girls. Manda and Jessica. Those two could talk forever about nothing.

"Jarryed, go put on your suit honey?" affirmed Mom.

"Mom, do I need a suit to go to dinner?"

"Yes you do. This is a classy restaurant that were going to. Better tell Aaron to get on a suit also."

"Ok Mom."

I found Aaron in the house. "Better go get on your suit baby."


"You're coming with us to dinner aren't ya?"

"I guess I am. I will be back in a few."

In 10 minutes, Aaron was back over at my house. I yelled down for Aaron to come up as I was having trouble with a few things.

"What did ya need help with Jare?"

"Everything." I said as I was still in my clothes that I was wearing earlier.

"And my don't you look fine." and I stressed the word fine. I was boning up just looking at my boyfriend in his suit.

Aaron walked over and helped me remove all my clothing with the exception of my boxer briefs which were tenting quite noticeably. We together slipped on my dress socks along with the black slacks. In no time at all, we were in the bathroom getting my hair gelled up just right. It took a little figuring out with my commands, but we got me looking blistering hot as Aaron put it.

We walked down the stairs into the living room as was met by whistles and a flash bulb going off.

"Look at these 2 young, great looking lads we have Linds." alleged my Dad.

"You two are absolutely handsome." As Mom gave us another whistle.

"Mom Dad, you don't need to remind us how your sons are fine looking, we coulda told ya ourselves."

Mom and Dad chuckled.

"Ok boys and Lady, it's time to get going." Dad stated.

In no time at all, we were on our way. I had no clue to where we were going. We jumped on the I190 and headed east to I90. I knew there were some fine ass restaurants out this way. But which one were we going to. Soon my question was answered. Salvatore's Italian Gardens. I was holy shitting in the back seat to Aaron. That place is posh as hell.

We arrived right at our reservation time and were quickly seated.

Dinner went quite well but I noticed that I was being stared at because of something other than my arm. I'm sure the ones around were wondering what had happened for my arm to be in shoulder brace.

This went on all through dinner. The looks were making me uncomfortable. Then it suddenly dawned on me.

"Mom Dad, have either of you watched the news since Tuesday night?"

Mom answered with "No honey, we haven't. Why are you asking?"

"Cuz everyone around is staring at me. They aren't looking at my arm. It is something else. The looks are so weird."

Aaron turned and looked at his plate with despair. I had this feeling that he knew why they were staring. I looked at him and asked him "Do you know why they are staring at me?"

"Yea I do. But I am not going to ruin this evening. Let them stare all they want. I will tell you when we get back to your house ok." he said with pleading eyes for him not to tell.

"Ok" was that all I could muster up.

What did he mean by ruining this evening. The look that my parents gave him was one of concern. I couldn't dismiss what he was talking about. Our dinner conversation quickly became quiet. We finished up our meals and desserts.

When we go out, we are usually talking well after dinner has ended. Tonight though, we paid for the check and quickly left. We gave the Valet the ticket and the Navigator was quickly brought up. The Valet was tipped and we were on way home in silence.

We arrived back at the house around 9pm. I went into the house as fast as I could almost running up to my room. I knew why Aaron didn't want to tell me but now he knew I was going to press the issue and there was no avoiding it.

I laid on my bed and started to cry. The tears were flowing freely as the news he had was certain to be horrific.

Aaron had come into my room. He slowly took me into his arms as he tried to comfort me. I was going on like a little baby about how my life was ruined, that I will never be accepted for who I am, that society has it out for me.

Aaron was softly stroking my back and mussing my hair. He was trying his best to calm me down but it was no to avail.

Like I was someone else, I quickly lashed out and started throwing things that were close to me. Anything that I could get my good hand on. Pictures, clothes, my lamp all were thrown at the wall. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Illogical things. Things I would normally not say.

Just as fast as it started, it was over. I fell to the floor even crying worse than I was before. I had no energy in my body. I was exhausted.

With all the commotion coming from upstairs, my parents ran as fast as they could up to my room wondering what was going on.

Mom and Dad jutted around the door jam. I was on the floor and Aaron was sitting on my bed staring blankly at me, not even moving. It was like he didn't know who I was anymore.

"Jarryed? Are you ok honey?" Mom asked.

I didn't reply. Again Mom asked "Jarryed are you ok?" This time more sternly.

"Huh, what?" unsteadily replying.

I looked at Aaron and he was dumbfounded still. I remember my outburst but I don't know how I got on the floor.

"Mom, I'm so sorry. You have to know that wasn't me doing that. It was like I was possessed. How in the hell did I get on the floor?"

Aaron spoke up saying "You just fell. I didn't know what to do."

Dad finally spoke with his words of wisdom. "Jarryed, you have to understand a couple things. You are on an emotional roller coaster. First with the surprise party this morning. Then with all those people staring at you at dinner. It was too much for you to handle."

"Dad, I am really screwed up now aren't I?"

"No you're not. You just don't know how to handle something like this yet. It is a learning experience for us all. I don't know if I would be doing as good as you if we reverse the shoes. I don't want you to go back to school on Monday. I am calling the superintendents Monday morning. I don't feel it is safe yet for you to go back. That is only going to be more trouble for you. Until then, if they agree, you will have a home tutor.

"Ok Dad. But what about Aaron. They all know that he is my boyfriend. What if they harass him?"

"Were things ok for you on Thursday and Friday Aaron?" Dad asked.

"Yes sir. There were a few jokes but nothing that I couldn't handle myself."

"I am going to include you in this also. I don't want you there either."

"Ok sir."

Aaron helped me get up on my feet. I was sick of wearing this suit so I asked for him to help me get into something more comfortable.

"Sorry Mom and Dad. I think Aaron can help me out from here."

"Ok" they said in unison as they left my room.

Aaron wanted to hear a love song so I turned on my computer and loaded up Winamp. He quickly found the tune he wanted to hear. Play was pushed as the music started coming out of the speakers.


Oh, why you look so sad?

Tears are in your eyes

Come on and come to me now

Don't be ashamed to cry

Let me see you through

'Cause I've seen the dark side too

When the night falls on you

and you don't know what to do

Nothing you confess could make me love you less.

I'll stand by you

I'll stand by you

Won't let nobody hurt you

I'll stand by you

So, if you're mad, get mad

Don't hold it all inside

Come on and talk to me now

Hey, what you got to hide?

I get angry too

Well, I'm a lot like you

When you're standing at the crossroads

and don't know which path to choose

Let me come along

'Cause even if you're wrong...

I'll stand by you

I'll stand by you

Won't let nobody hurt you

I'll stand by you

Take me in, into your darkest hour

and I'll never desert you

I'll stand by you

And when...

When the night falls on you, baby

You're feeling all alone

You won't be on your own

I'll stand by you...

The Pretenders. Aaron was feeling those exact words. It seemed that the song was talking to me. Aaron knew how I must be feeling.

As the song was finishing up, we tilted into each other as our lips met. The fireworks were going off. My eyes were closed tightly and yet, I could still see his face as if it was broad daylight.

Turning a serious look on my face I asked Aaron "Why was everyone staring at me tonight?"

"Are you sure you want to know what I am about to tell you?"

"Yes, now spill it!" I exclaimed.



This chapter was quite a bit darker in Jarryed's life. So much to try to comprehend. Can Aaron help him out? What does the future hold in store? How is this going to affect their relationship? Email welcome at shadowman_26@yahoo.com