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Whole Hearted




From the previous chapter:

Turning a serious look on my face I asked Aaron "Why was everyone staring at me tonight?"

"Are you sure you want to know what I am about to tell you?"

"Yes, now spill it!" I exclaimed.

Onto the story:

Aaron clammed up. He got this really concerning look on his face. It was a look I was not happy with. I could see the emotional turmoil this was causing him.

"Jare, I want you to know that I love you very much. The reason people were staring is that all the local news stations were doing reports on this shooting. Even the national stations such as CNN, Fox News, MSNBC have all picked up on it. They found out I was your boyfriend and have been calling non stop since Wednesday night."

"Aaron, you still haven't told me why people were staring" I clamored.

"Jare, I gave the TV stations interviews over the phone. I outed us to the whole world. I emailed them pictures of us."

"Hey babe, you did the right thing. You are only 15, but you stood up for our rights. You took a stand against violence. It took guts to do what you did."

"So you're not mad at me Jare?" said Aaron.

"Not in your life!"

Just then the phone rang. Picking up on the second ring...


The voice on the other end asks "is this Jarryed Christoff? My name is Bonnie Carter, I'm a reporter with ABC News."

"I think you need to talk with my Dad" I said as I told Dad to get the phone from the top of the stairs.

"Hello, this is Tom Christoff, with whom am I speaking?" says as my Dad picked up the phone.

I didn't hang up the receiver as I wanted to listen in on the conversation. She repeated the same thing she had said to me. She also stated that she would like me to be on the morning show for an interview in Washington D.C.

"Ms. Carter, my son just got home from the hospital this morning. Don't you think he needs more time with his family instead of being hounded by reporters wanting to bolster their careers?"

"I'm sorry you feel that way Mr. Christoff, but it is my job to report the news to the people. We are offering five thousand dollars for Jarryed's appearance on the show."

That was all that I could take. I immediately stood up and started to speak.

"How dare you offer me money! I got shot, my life got turned upside down. And you want to pay me to be on your show. You must be kidding. I will do this show for nothing. I want to tell my story. We are not a disease, we are not degenerates. The only thing I want you to provide is airfare and lodging. It must be first class all the way. Treat me with the proper dignity and respect that I deserve!"

"Jarryed, all our travel arrangements and hotel stays are first class. We would like to schedule your appearance on Tuesday, September 10. We will have tickets for you, your family and Aaron also, if he would like to come along, waiting for you at the airport. He gave us a very good picture when we talked to him last week."

"It's a done deal. When will our tickets beat ready?" I asked.

"We have your flight scheduled for Sunday evening, leaving Buffalo International Airport at 7pm. This will give you all day Monday to do sightseeing around Washington, compliments of ABC TV of course. We will need you to stop by the studio sometime on Monday so we can set things up, how we will go about the introductions, where people will be seated, and all that good stuff so it looks good on TV."

"Ms. Carter", my dad butted in.

"Yes, Mr. Christoff?"

"I want to apologize for my crude remarks earlier. I am a little testy when it comes to my son."

"No need to apologize. Contacting families when something like this happens is no easy task. I want to thank you, and your family for letting ABC News for having the opportunity for Jarryed to tell his story."

"You're welcome, and we will see you on Monday."

We both hung up the phones. I'm sure Dad went to tell Mom about what was going on. Meanwhile, I looked back at Aaron.

"Hey babe, were going to D.C.!"

"Jare, you sure you are not mad at me? I thought for a second there you were going to bust a blood vessel in your forehead. You have so much emotion."

"Baby, if I ever get mad at you I won't be able to stay that way. Our love is something that can be broke apart right now. Since the day I saw you, I get giddy each and every time you are near me."

It was getting late. We were still in our suits and I needed to get the damn thing off. I removed my shoulder brace and slowly took off my suit jacket. I, of course still needed lots of help since my right arm is still useless. Aaron knew what to do as he pulled up on the dress shirt untucking it from my pants. He slowly undid the tie and unbuttoned my shirt. He removed the shirt from my shoulders and off my chest and back. Looking at my bandages, he said that we should change them. We needed Mom to help with this so I had Aaron call her up to my room.

"Hi honey, how are you doing?" Mom says as she walks into the room.

"I'm tired and want to go to bed, but we need to change these dressings."

"Aaron, will you go into the bathroom and get the gauze pads and tape. Just bring in everything the hospital gave us."

"I will be right back Mrs. Christoff."

Aaron ran to the bathroom as fast as he could as Mom took off the tape and was peeling back the gauze pads. There was a little yellowish seepage that had soaked through on the front. The back was worse as the exit hole was bigger.

Mom washed down the area with a damp washcloth and patted the area dry making sure not to touch the stitches. Aaron helped out by taking care of the front. Both applied anti bacterial first aid cream and covered my wounds with gauze and taped them down to keep the dirt out.

It was nearly 10:30pm as they finished. Mom cleaned up the packaging and soiled bandages with her as she left the room.

We still needed to get my pants off and get me into some shorts. I could see this was giving Aaron a hard on as his suit pants were tenting quite noticeably.

After sliding the shorts onto my legs, he held me close and he leaned in and planted a soft kiss on my ever waiting lips. I returned the kiss with a lot of passion.

Tomorrow was going to be a busy day. Aaron stripped down to his boxers and grabbed a pair of shorts from my dresser draw. They didn't fit him quite well as they were a tag saggy on the waist. But none the less, he was cute as ever.

The weekend passed by quickly. We got a lot done. We were also informed by Detective Schultz that Jon's preliminary hearing was going to be on Wednesday, exactly one week after the shooting.

It was Sunday afternoon. We were all getting our suitcases packed for the 2 day trip to Washington D.C.

We left the house at 5pm. We had no trouble getting to the airport and getting the luggage to the drop off location. Dad went and parked the car in the short term parking area.

We all then proceeded inside the terminal over to the United ticket counter. Just as we were told, our tickets were waiting for us. We double checked the tickets and found everything to be in order.

With tickets in hand, we then went through the TSA checkpoint without problems. They used those metal scanners on everyone. With our baggage in tow we headed for check in.

We handed the person our tickets were told what gate we were going to board at. Our baggage was checked in.

We boarded United Flight 1103 and took our seats in first class.

As we pulled from the gate, we got the usual flight instructions. The captain came over the speakers and said "Welcome to United Flight 1103 to Washington D.C. We will be flying at 35,000 feet today at an airspeed of 375 knots. We should be in Washington in little over an hour."

We pulled onto the runway as the jet fully powered its engines as we rocketed down the runway.

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