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A/N: Oh, uhm, this is a SHORT story. ONE CHAPTER, okay? I'll explain why at the bottom of this page. Suffice it to say that I'm doing a little experiment and my own Wi-Fi device brought me my inspiration :P

kkrimson Oran 2014

~wifi for a kiss~

Robin's POV

It first appeared in my long list of available connections one quiet evening. Way at the bottom of the list, along with several others with equally suggestive and intriguing names, was a new Wi-Fi connection that I could probably connect to. If I knew the passphrase, that is.

wifi for a kiss, it spelled out. Not in italicized letters, but all in small ones. The italics are merely for emphasis' sake.

The SSID wasn't so absurd that it could beat another available connection baptised as shout penis for password. The absurdity of that. It actually made me want to shout penis inside my bedroom and be blessed by someone's voice echoing the passphrase.

We had our own Wi-Fi, but it always has been my pleasure to steal from others. Not that I was stealing technically. I'd ask for their passphrases and not hack into the connection. How hard was it to ask nicely for a passphrase anyway? Surely, it wouldn't have me shouting penis over and over again.

As I stared at this new connection, wifi for a kiss, I wondered to which of my neighbours it belonged to. Probably, that person only wanted to have some fun if people actually came knocking at their front door and giving them a kiss on the lips or wherever it was that they wanted the kiss to be placed.

Not in my lifetime, I thought. My kiss is reserved.

Yeah. My precious first kiss already has someone waiting for it. Although, that someone didn't know that he was waiting for it. I didn't mind though. He was on my reserved list and he was the only one there.

I shook my head and connected to my best friend's Wi-Fi. At least, his didn't have any absurdity in its name. Simply called, wifi for the poor, he actually gave his passphrase freely to others. It was charity he was doing, he told me. Limited charity, perhaps, what with the limitation of gadgets that can connect to it.

The passphrase was simple, of course. My mom had always been fervent in teaching me good manners and I definitely knew how to say please.

I went over my nightly routine of Facebook, Twitter and some stories I shouldn't be reading at the tender age of 12. That's what I like about my best friend's connection. It didn't have any parental controls to forbid me from fantasizing over stories on the web. My nightly dosage of love, silliness and heartaches.

When the final tear for the night was shed, I disconnected and established yet another connection to my dreams.

"You saw it, too, didn't you?" my best friend asked the following morning while we rode the bus to school.

"Saw what?"

"wifi for a kiss," he said, giggling at the SSID. "I swear, it belongs to a poor old soul craving for their first kiss."

"Yeah. I guess so," I whispered and he looked at me curiously as if he was undecided whether I was in a good or bad mood.

"You okay, Robbie?"

"Swell, Mark," I told him and smiled reassuringly. He shrugged and looked out the window.

At school, my phone was always connected to Mark's. Like how we were inseparable, the fidelity of our wireless connection was two peas in a pod. We all had the same classes and laughed at the same jokes, sniggered at rude comments and fell asleep in the same classes. Mostly in math.

As uneventful as any day at school could be, we went home on the same bus in the same sitting position. Him by the window, me by the aisle. Way at the back of the bus. It was a routine, but it didn't feel like it. It just felt...natural.

"How `bout we hack that connection?" he asked as we got off our stop and walked the short distance to our homes which stood beside each other.

"wifi for a kiss?" I wanted to make sure. "How `bout we just give them a kiss?"

He laughed and his cheeks blushed the usual way it did when his emotions took over him. It made me giggle and soon, we were at the front door of his house. I always dropped by their house before going home. Like I said, it was a routine. Some snacks and games afterwards, I was finally ready for dinner at home.

And that night, scanning through the available connections once again, wifi for a kiss evolved to something more suggestive and alluring.

wifi for a kiss, u knw u wnt it

I giggled in disbelief. Whoever it belonged to, they were really desperate for a kiss. It wasn't me who wanted the kiss. It was them on the other end. I shrugged and double-clicked the SSID, only to be blocked by a box asking me for the passphrase.

"And here I thought you only wanted a kiss," I mumbled. "Why the freaking passphrase anyway?"

I left it hungry for a kiss and connected to Mark's. We chatted and talked about the desperation behind wifi for a kiss. He cracked a joke or two about it and I laughed my heart out. It was our routine. He always made me laugh.

The following morning, we talked about it some more. We just couldn't get it out of our heads and just when I was about to connect my phone to his, a surprise waited for me down at the bottom of the list.

wifi for a kiss, u knw u wnt it

"Hey, Mark?" I said and he sounded his concern. "I think it's following us."

"What is?"

"Here, look."

He looked down at my phone and wondered the same thing I was wondering about. We exchanged glances before turning our gazes to everyone else on the bus. Everybody looked innocent, giggly and not wanting any kiss at all. So how the hell did the connection follow our bus which was probably a mile and a half away from our houses right now?

"Who do you think it belongs to?" he asked.

"I don't know. Maybe...maybe my phone is just acting weird?"

He took out his phone and scanned his available connections. There it was again, down at the bottom of his list.

"Nope," he said. "Unless our phones are acting weird together."

I giggled and ignored the SSID for the rest of the morning. It wasn't until the last period before lunch that I bothered to check my phone again.

"Weird," I said and Mark agreed with me. He sat at his own desk, but his body leaned toward me and he was looking down at the phone on my lap. "It's still following us."

"Yeah and the signal is strong."

"Too strong."

That was when our beloved teacher interrupted our little conversation. Thankfully, she didn't confiscate my phone or had me walk to the front to solve for the hypotenuse of a badly drawn triangle.

At lunch, sitting at our usual table with another couple of kids from our class, Mark and I still wondered how the connection maintained its full strength. It must be near us, I told myself.

We exchanged glances once more before looking at the two boys in front of us.

"Ahem," Mark sounded and the dark haired boy in front of him raised his brow. "Can we borrow your phone for a bit, Ty?"

Tyler shrugged and gave his phone to Mark. We scanned it and found the same thing. wifi for a kiss, u knw u wnt it was as strong as ever.

"Yours too, Dex," I told Dexter who sat in front me.

Same thing, same strength and same puzzled expressions on Mark's face and mine.

We decided to ignore it for the rest of the afternoon until the bus ride home. It was still on our tails and we couldn't narrow down to whom it belonged. Tyler and Dylan's phones weren't broadcasting that signal. We checked. Perhaps, we should've checked the whole class. Or maybe, the bunch of phones from everyone riding the bus with us.

When we got off the bus and headed toward our homes, the signal finally died.

"It belongs to someone on the bus," Mark said.

"Yeah. But how can it still reach our houses?"

"Who lives in our neighbourhood and rides the bus with us?"

We stopped in our tracks and thought for a moment. And, like the two peas in a pod we were, we got struck by the same idea at the same time.

"Russell!" we both shouted and started running toward the far corner of our street before turning and heading to the houses that lined behind ours.

We met Russell who was walking toward their house by the sidewalk. He got off on the next block, as he always did. We took our phones out and checked if we still got the signal. Surprisingly, it wasn't there. Maybe the battery died out.

"wifi for a kiss?" Mark asked suspiciously. "C'mon Russ, we know it's yours."

"Mine what?"

"That SSID." I told him.

"No, it isn't."

"Yes, it is."

"I don't even have data on my phone," he argued. "And I don't carry a modem with me."

"Are you sure?" Mark asked.


Russell handed to us his phone and we checked it. No data connection, only a long list of available Wi-Fi connections. He made us look in his backpack and pockets. No modem, either. He was clean. Definitely clean and innocent.

"See?" he said. "Not mine, but I was wondering who it belongs to as well. I mean, I'm getting the signal from my bedroom."

"Same here, Russ," Mark and I said.

So it wasn't Russell's. We went home disappointed and chatted about it once again after dinner. Whoever owned it probably recharged the battery since it was on the long list of available connections once again. This time, it evolved to a shorter version.

wifi for a first kiss

"What the hell?" I cursed loudly. It felt like it was directed to me who still had my first kiss reserved for someone else.

On Facebook:

Mark: first kiss?

Robin: yeah, dude. this guy's hopeless

Mark: hahaha! we should totally kiss him/her

Robin: no thanks. my first kiss is already reserved

Mark: reserved? like, there's someone waiting for it?

Robin: yeah

Mark: who?

Robin: can't tell you

Mark: we're best friends, Robbie! tell me!

Robin: you'd tell on me

Mark: I won't. promise

Robin: no

Mark: aw! but you said there's no secret between us

Robin: can this be an exception?

Seen 20:41

Robin: Mark?

Mark: ok

Robin: thanks! :)

Thus, it became an exception to the whole no-secrete-between-us that I told Mark long ago. An exception I was glad to have been accepted by him. Just thinking of who waited for that kiss made me blush and dreamy.

I disconnected my laptop, but before I turned it off, I checked my available connections once again. Could this guy be more serious?

wifi for a 1st kiss, truly yours

I sighed, turned off my laptop and went to dream about my own first kiss.


Mark's POV

Robbie, oh, Robbie...why can't you just let me kiss you?

My frustration soared like an eagle, my desperation skyrocketed to the moon and my longing for that kiss, for Robbie's kiss, went to infinity and beyond.

For years, I have longed to taste those pink lips that I never failed to incite a smile and urge a laughter from. The smile was picturesque; the laughter, an orchestra flowing through my veins.

I could be a poet, I once told myself. Being madly in love pulled the words out of my heart just as easily as Robbie could make me blush as I giggled. I wasn't blushing from the emotional overdrive when I laughed. I was blushing because I could see Robbie's lapis lazuli eyes reflecting my smile.

It was recently that I decided to capture that kiss. Perhaps, indirectly and discreet as it could be. Suggestive, otherwise.

My mom bought a new Wi-Fi modem that she didn't even find any use for. Her phone already had a data plan and so did mine. I asked her for it and she graciously gave it to me. Thinking for an SSID wasn't that hard. Robbie always connected to my phone, wifi for the poor. Maybe, he would try and connect to this one.

wifi for a kiss, I baptised the little modem. Now, I was hoping for the magic it would bring, for the connection it would seal and for the fidelity it would entail.

I asked Robbie about it the following morning after I named it, but he seemed to be thinking of faraway stuff and was less eager to find out about the available connection. I should be stressing available.

The signal I broadcasted was strong and available. There.

When I suggested hacking the connection and he retorted about giving the owner a kiss, he made me blush once more. This time, though, the blush wasn't from how he looked at me. It was because of me thinking about that kiss.

I went home that night and decided to extend the name of my little modem.

wifi for a kiss, u knw u wnt it

Robbie told me that the person holding the modem was overly desperate and dying for a kiss. If only he knew that he was telling the truth. I was dying for that kiss.

Next morning, I decided to bring the modem with me. I hid it in my jacket pocket and waited for Robbie's reaction when he started scanning his phone.

"Hey, Mark?" he said, "I think it's following us."

Following you, I thought. Only you.

Instead, I asked, "What is?"

He made me look at his phone and at the available connection that broadcasted its signal from my pocket. No one else connected to it, so it didn't feel warm at all. I played along when Robbie started spying on everyone on our bus, looking for the guilty person amongst a bunch of chatty kids.

He told me that his phone may be acting weird, but when I showed him mine which listed the same available connection, we both agreed that our phones were acting weird. After giggling and such.

I let it follow us for the rest of the morning and afternoon until the battery died out on its own as we got off the bus. It was superb timing, I told myself. That way, I wouldn't be suspected as the poor old soul craving for their first kiss.

We narrowed down the suspect to Russell, a kid who lived in a house that stood behind ours. We rushed to the innocent boy and asked him all sorts of questions, only to establish his given innocence. I sent him an apologetic look, but he didn't notice anyway. I doubt anyone noticed how my eyes conveyed what I couldn't say.

And that night, after dinner, I changed the SSID to something more suggestive.

wifi for a first kiss

Robbie and I chatted about it on Facebook. He connected to my data like he always had. And it was then that I found out that his first kiss was already reserved for someone else.

On Facebook:

Seen 20:41

Robin: Mark?

Mark: ok

Robin: thanks! :)

And how stupid I was to agree to that exception. I wanted to know who it was waiting for Robbie's kiss. Who was it that deserved that kiss more than I do?

When Robbie disconnected from my phone, I changed the SSID once more on the modem.

wifi for a 1st kiss, truly yours

Robbie, oh, Robbie...can I be truly yours?


Robin's POV

Saturday came and so did I. I mean, I practically spilled my seed onto my sheets while I was dreaming about my first kiss. The dream seemed so real and the feeling of when our skins touched was damn near heavenly. I couldn't believe I had a wet dream just because of a simple kiss. A reserved and special kiss.

I went over to Mark's and decided to have breakfast at their house. I found him on their porch sitting lonely and with a heavy atmosphere around him.

"You okay, Mark?"

"Swell, Robbie."

"You don't look like it."

He sighed and I knew from the look in his eyes that something was eating him. I knew what could cheer him up. Some jokes from the internet could probably help.

"Is your data on?" I asked.



Right before I connected to his phone, I gave in to the urge of scanning down to the bottom of my list. It seemed, overnight, the SSID became more suggestive and directed toward me.

wifi for a kiss, Robbie, please

I glanced toward Mark and saw him staring back at me...expectantly. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to say. Did he...? Was he...?

"Sucks, doesn't it?" he said. "Looks like the owner of that connection is the one waiting for your kiss."


"It's cool, Robbie. I won't tell anyone about your first kiss."

I looked stupidly at him. He looked to be more depressed than seconds ago.

"So...," he said, standing. "How `bout we go look for the owner and get that kiss of yours?"


"I'm sure you want to give it to her as soon as possible."


He smiled, but his eyes faltered at that simple gesture. Whatever was eating him, it took away his very soul.

For the rest of the morning, we went house to house down our street and asked about the connection. Two houses down, no one admitted to owning it. Five down the block where a few girls from our school lived, still no one wanted to give me a kiss. The strength of the signal kept changing. It was excellent one second then it died down the next.

We covered two blocks of our neighbourhood before returning to ours. Surely, the signal couldn't have reached the other blocks. We sat on the steps leading to the porch of Mark's home. It wasn't only him that looked depressed now. The heavy atmosphere around him surrounded me as well.

"We checked all houses," he said, "where the hell is it coming from?"

"Not all houses," I told him and he gave me a questioning look. Except for my own house and his, we checked everyone else's. Mine should be out of the question so I added, "I mean, we didn't check yours."

I loved it when he blushed shyly and pouted his lips. I smiled at him and showed him my phone displaying the excellent strength of the connection.

"It belongs to you, doesn't it?"

He was speechless. What little emotion his eyes recovered confirmed my suspicion. The poor old soul craving for their first kiss was Mark after all.

"wifi for a kiss," I whispered. "Really, Mark?"


I didn't give him the liberty of explaining himself. I stole his words from his mouth. The kiss I solely reserved for someone was finally received shyly, hesitantly and doubtfully. I pulled away and saw Mark's closed eyes.

"You can kiss better than that, I bet," I whispered.

"I'll try."

And we kissed for the second time. It was more participative this time, but the first kiss would always be special. What else should it be called if not the first? My first taste of Mark. His sweetness, my hands on his clothed chest, skin barely to skin...almost like in my dreams.

"So...," I mumbled and left an inch or two between our noses. "What's the passphrase?"

He smiled widely and whispered, "I love you."

~ End ~

This has been an experiment...and some sort of therapy for me. I had my cornea corrected last week and it improved my vision a bit, but the laser seemed to have zapped the soul from my eyes. Oh yes, that maybe why I feel so drained and unlike myself these past few days. Or that's just me recovering. Or whatever. Anyway, I decided to write a short to somehow bring back those lost emotions. I think...I really think I succeeded and it has brought a smile to my lips once more. Now, as to why this is an experiment, I would probably be doing a story with mixed POVs next time, as soon as Measuring Love is done. Tell me how that worked out in this story. And if you want a quick peek at the next one I'll have, here it is:

"So Kyler," I began as I looked for some dry clothes for him to wear. "What were you doing out in the rain?"




"On you own?"

"Nope. Cheddar's with me."

"Is he your dog this time?" I asked and handed him a shirt, a towel and a pair of shorts. He declined the clean underwear I gave him, telling me it was too big for his waist.

"He's a cloud."

I looked curiously at him. He didn't seem to get the confusion in my eyes and he just smiled back as he put the towel around his waist before pulling down his wet shorts and pulling up the dry pair I gave him. He took the towel off his waist and tightened the shorts with a knot. Next came the shirt that looked two sizes bigger than him.

"How old are you?" I felt compelled to ask because of the childishness in his voice and the apparent distance between our heights and body development.

* * *

Boot stomp, puddle jump.

Face flush, heart stop.

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