Wilderness Survival
Part 1
By: Jim Carter

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© 2002 Jim Carter

I just finished the last of my homework and sprawled across my bed. Only one more week of school and summer vacation is finally here. Just think, I am practically a high school freshman. I don't really know why I am so excited; my dad has all kinds of projects set out for me. My first and biggest is to clean and organize the garage. Why can't my dad ever find some fun project?

As fourteen-year-old minds tend to do, my mind sorta fuzzed out and I started thinking about my best bud. Butch and I have known each other all our lives and do everything together, well, most everything. I know he is straight and has no romantic interest in me, but I can't help but fantasize about making hot delicious love to his beautiful body. I had one of the best orgasms of my life with Butch the center of my fantasy. I had just made it to my bathroom and was starting my shower when the phone rang. I heard someone come upstairs looking for me, but didn't say anything.

After my shower, I threw on some clean boxers and started to logon to my computer when I heard my dad knock on my door. I knew it was my dad; he has a very distinct knock. I can't explain it, it is almost like he rolls his knuckles and each one makes an individual sound. Anyway, I told him to come in and he came in all smiles.

"What's up pop?"

"Not too much, I just got off the phone with Tim Fortner. He and I are old friends and we had a few laughs, but he was calling to ask a favor of you and wanted my permission before he asked. I guess really his call was to pave the way for Jimmy to ask you a favor." He didn't say any more.

"So are you going to tell me what this is about?" I didn't really know what this could be about, Jimmy and have never been close friends. We have grown up living fairly close to each other and were what I would call friends, we just weren't buddies. I don't know why, I like him and I guess he must like me, but we have just never been together much except with other guys. Now that I think of it, he is cute and has a great body; I wonder why I have not paid closer attention to him before. He is also a great baseball player. Baseball is my favorite sport. He plays for the Indians and it their best player in my opinion. I guess Butch has always been the center of my attention and I didn't have room for anyone else to be more than a friend. Butch has always filled my best bud slot.

"It seems Tim is a member of some wilderness group and Jimmy wants to be a part of it. Tim said in order to become a member you had to hike into the wilderness and more or less live off the land. No guns and only a couple of days dried food. If the camper makes it the full seven days, he can become a member. If he comes out early, he has to wait a year before he can make another attempt. Seems it is best done in pairs and Jimmy wanted to do it with someone his own age. Tim remembered you were a good camper in scouts and his words not mine 'Jim has a head on his shoulders'. Anyway as an incentive to join and make this attempt with Jimmy, Tim said he would give you a hundred dollars a day if you guys stayed the whole seven days." Dad paused to let this sink in a little, then continued. "Tim said he would borrow a satellite phone to keep track of you guys and he would consider it a personal favor if you would think about making the outing with Jimmy. Because of Jimmy's baseball schedule he wants to do it the first week after school is out. Since the Indians and the Cardinals have a practice game scheduled, he thought it would probably work with your baseball schedule too." I play for the Cardinals and Jimmy plays for the Indians. We are not league teams, these are traveling tournament teams. We play tournaments almost year round. We beat the Indians most of the time, but they are a pretty good team too. Jimmy is a great pitcher, almost as good as me. I don't like to brag, but I do have a wicked curve, super fastball, nice slider, and the best change up short of high school. Guess I got a little side tracked, we are talking camping not baseball.

"Sounds like fun to me. I get seven hundred dollars to spend anyway I want?"

"Well, within reason, but yes, it sounds like it to me."

"Is it okay with you and mom if I go?"

"Yep, why don't you call Jimmy and you guys work out the details?"

"Okay, thanks dad." Dad kissed me on the forehead and left.

I picked up the phone to call Jimmy. I could feel my cock starting to get hard. It must be the seven hundred bucks getting me all horny. I had to look up the number, I am sure I have called him before, but I sure didn't remember the number. The phone started to ring.

"Hey Jimmy, Jim here. What is this I hear about us playing Daniel Boone?" I asked with a laugh.

"I was hoping you would want to go with me, it will be easier with a friend and also the only way my dad will let me go." He said with a chuckle.

"Why did you pick me?"

"Hmm, I don't know a definite reason. I remember you being good at scouts and you were always best at finding ways to improvise and stuff. Mostly though, the more I thought about a week of having to catch or trap our food and deal with being isolated from everything, the more I thought of you. When I mentioned you, dad agreed with me that you would be a great partner and a welcome addition to the club."

"The more I think about it, the more I want to do it. I would probably do it without the money, and I don't know what I would do with that much money anyway."

"Me too, dad is going to give me the seven hundred too."

"Now, if we can just get this week of school over with, we have it made."

"Great, you want to come over after school tomorrow and work on our plans and decide where we will set up camp?"

"Sure, sounds good to me."

"Okay, see you at school."

"Later, dude." I hung up the phone and flopped back on my bed. I couldn't help but grab my swollen cock. Was it Jimmy or the camping trip that had me excited?

On the way to school the next day, I told Butch about Jimmy and I going on a wilderness camping trip. He looked at me hurt and said. "You mean you guys aren't going to invite me?"

"Dude, you hate camping. Besides this isn't just sleeping in a tent with all the comforts of home. We will be miles from nowhere and have to catch or find our food. Now, think about it. Does that sound like a Butch West kind of week?"

"Well, no, but I hate to be left out. Besides Fortner is a dork."

"No he's not. Why did you say something like that?"

"I know, he's okay. He would be better if he were a Cardinal though."

"You couldn't stand that. Then there would be two of us that were better pitchers than you."

"Shut up asshole. Jim and Jimmy, sounds like a perfect couple to me." He punched me on the arm and took off running toward the rest of our friends.

My little group of friends consisted of four Cardinals, three Indians and three other guys. I group us like that because we tend to have friendly rivalry on and off the field. Well, there is nothing friendly about on the field when it comes to tournament play.

Being Friday made the day seem to creep by. With only one week of school left and finals behind us, even the teachers were ready for vacation to start. Since I didn't have any homework, I decided to start cleaning out my locker. I had my backpack loaded with junk I had accumulated during the year. I sat backpack on the floor and arranged the stuff still in my locker a little neater. Jimmy came by, looked at my backpack and said. "That thing looks like it about to give at the seams. You don't have that much homework do you?"

"Hell no, I just thought I better start dragging some of this shit home before the last day."

"Good, idea, but I am going to wait until next week before I do the clean up thing. Maybe if I forget it long enough, the junk will just walk home on its own."

"You're a dreamer dude."

"No, just a master at procrastinating."

"Does that make you a master Procrastinator? And is that any kin to a master masturbator?" I asked with a giggle.

"I don't know about master, but I practice ever chance I get."

"I am sure you do, I would have called you a liar if you said you didn't." I teased.

"Sounds like the voice of experience to me."

"Yep, I always said, it takes one to know one." I put my arm around his shoulder and we headed off to his house for our planning session.

When we got to his house, Jimmy opened the door for me and motioned me inside. "Mom, we're home!" Jimmy shouted.

"So I hear." She grinned as she came around the corner. "Hi, Jim, did he burst your ear drums with that big mouth. I have some sandwiches and cokes on the table for you boys." She was teasing her son, but her grin gave her away.

"Hi Mrs. Fortner, I think we teenagers have immunity to loud and obnoxious, which is why we all enjoy it so much."

"Call me Sally, please. I have missed that quick wit. Why is it I have not seen you around in awhile?"

"Thanks Sally, I don't know about the not being around. I guess being on different baseball teams and all, our times just didn't fit or something. I forgot how much I love your snacks." Just then she sat down a plate of brownies that had been warming in the oven. "You might have trouble getting me to ever go home with goodies like this."

"You're welcome anytime and compliments like that will get you everywhere." She said as she kissed me on top of the head. "Jimmy have you asked him about spending the weekend yet?"

"I haven't had a chance yet. Mom and dad are leaving in the morning to visit my aunt. They said I could stay here if I have someone else stay with me. You interested in spending the weekend?"

"I have baseball practice in the morning and I promised coach I would print a calendar with our remaining schedule, but I can come right after practice. Will that be okay?"

"That will be fine. Just remember no swimming until he gets here." She said to Jimmy as if he had not followed her instruction in the past.

"Yes, mom. I understand mom. I had rather wait on Jim anyway. Come on let's go up and work on our camping plans before you have to head home."

"Okay, let's go."

"Spending a week with no bathroom and looking forward to it. I will never understand the male of the species. Oh, Jim, are you staying for dinner or are you leaving before?"

"What you are cooking smells divine. I will stay for dinner but need to leave right after if that is alright with you."

"That is fine, but it is just spaghetti and meatballs."

"Great, my favorite." I smiled as we turned and went upstairs.

Jimmy's bedroom was much like any other fourteen year old with the one exception of his maps all over his walls. We talked about where we wanted to do our stint in the wilderness and I told him that with as much thought and planning that he had obviously put into finding a good place for us, I would bow to his superior judgment. He grinned and said. "I could get used to you bowing to me."

"Don't let it go to your head and don't get used to the idea, but I put myself in your hands. At least on this wilderness thing."

"Cool. I can feel the power." He said rolling his hands together in a sinister fashion.

"You really are looking forward to this adventure. Aren't you?"

"Yes, I don't really give a flying fuck about my dad's club, but I want to do this just to prove I can. Just doing the planning and all makes me feel really good about myself. I am glad you want to take this adventure with me."

"You know, I had almost forgotten how much fun you are to be around. All of us used to hang around together and had so much fun. Then we just kind of drifted apart. I wonder why."

"I mmm, huh, well, Jim, I huh.."

"Boys, dinner is ready." Sally told us. I really wanted to know what Jimmy was trying to tell me, but I suddenly remembered how hungry I was.

Dinner was lively and fun. Jimmy's dad, Tim was always trying to get me to leave the Cardinals and join the Indians. He tried again a dinner. He was countering every argument I made, but I think he knew he was really stroking my ego. Then Jimmy got in the act. "It would be awesome to catch when you pitched and have you catch when I pitched." He said this with a sly smile.

"Yeah, that would be nice. Of course, you could always join the Cardinals."

"No, I won't let Jimmy play for Randy West."

"Why? Coach West has always been good to me."

"Let's just say we have a real different idea of how you should treat people. I don't want to say more right now. I don't like talking behind anyone's back. He has never done anything to me and I don't gossip. Let's just say we are not exactly friends. Now to more pleasant things like Jim Carter becoming and Indian."

"Don't give up, you know it gives me the big head. Since I missed our last practice, I am sure coach will make me run a few extra laps in the morning. Speaking of which, I better get moving to finish that schedule. Thanks for dinner and thanks for inviting me for the weekend and the hike."

"See you later, Jim."

"See you tomorrow." I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door. I guess I did leave rather quickly, but the switching to the Indians talk was making me uncomfortable. I really did enjoy being at the Fortner's and I can't believe how much fun Jimmy and I had together. Sure, he is awesome looking and from what I could tell has a monster cock, but just being with him was totally fantastic. I have to watch myself though, I keep imagining myself kissing his sweet lips or holding his hand and wrapping him in my arms would be so cool. That would blow my secret all to hell.

I got home and finished the schedule for coach West. It didn't take me as long as I thought it would. I put it in a folder for tomorrow and took a shower. My mind kept drifting to Jimmy and I couldn't for the life of me bring it back to anything else. I was as hard as I have ever been and even after blowing a monster load couldn't get Jimmy off my mind. I looked at the clock and it was only 9:45. I dialed Jimmy's number.

"Hey Jimbo, I finished the schedule and was wondering if you still wanted me to come on over tonight instead of tomorrow." I hope I didn't sound desperate.

"Sure, bud, come on over. Hang on a second." He was gone for about three minutes when he returned he said. "We will be right over to pick you up. See you in about five." He hung up without me getting to say anything more. I just grinned and started filling a backpack with what I needed for the weekend. With backpack, equipment bag and batting bag beside me I was waiting on Jimmy and his dad when they pulled in the drive. My dad came out to talk to Tim. I just realized that Tim and Sally were the only parents of my friends that ever asked me to call them by their first name. I didn't hear what dad and Tim were talking about, but they were laughing and sounding like old friends. When dad went back inside we headed to the Fortner's.

"You guys didn't have to come get me, dad would have brought me or I could have walked."

"Jimmy was so excited you were coming over, he insisted we come get you."

"Really! We did have a lot of fun this afternoon. Between baseball and this wilderness thing I was charged up too and I didn't think I would be able to wind down and just sleep."

"Maybe you boys should swim enough laps to burn off enough energy so you can get to sleep. Jimmy never does want to get up in the morning and I know Jim you have an early practice."

"That works for me." I said. We did swim laps. Jimmy is a little stronger swimmer than I am and was half a length of the pool ahead of me when I decided that I was worn out and I pulled myself out of the pool and started drying myself. As Jimmy got out of the pool and grabbed his towel, I couldn't help but notice how packed his Speedo was. Damn that boy has a dick on him.

As we headed up to his bedroom, he said. "I know you have to get up early, so you can shower first."

"Okay, where do you want me to sleep?" I was hoping we would be sharing his bed, but I didn't want to be presumptuous.

"The bed is king size and should be plenty of room, unless it bothers you, we can share my bed."

"Sounds good to me, which side do you usually sleep on?"

"It doesn't matter, take either side and you can set the alarm clock for when you need to get up. I know you won't, but don't expect me to get up early." He grinned.

I grabbed a clean pair of boxers and headed to his bathroom. I hung my swim suite on the shower curtain and took a quick shower to get rid of the chlorine. I dried myself and got into my boxers and went into Jimmy's bedroom. Jimmy was sitting on the side of his bed with a towel around his waist. As I came in he got up and grabbed his wet suite. As we passed, I couldn't resist and I raised his towel like I was trying to peek at his butt. He just giggled and took the towel off. His back was too me, and does he ever have a fine butt. I don't know how big is dick is, but it was enough I could see its head swing back and forth as he walked. Damn this boy is hot. I decided I better climb in bed and try to get some sleep before he got in bed or I might not be able to keep my hands off him.

Try as I might, I couldn't get to sleep. When he climbed into bed, I had my back to him and tried to act like I was asleep. "Jim?"

"Hmm?" I answered sleepily.

"Thanks for being such a good friend. Today was the most fun I have had in a long time, maybe forever."

"Me too, bud, me too." With that he snuggled up behind me and put his arm over my chest.

"Good night Jim."

"Good night Jimbo." I felt so at ease. All the tension drained out of my body and I fell asleep.

I woke the next morning before the alarm clock started singing. I was rested, well I was rested from sleep; one part of my anatomy was far from at rest. Jimmy's was hard too and very big. We were facing each with our arms and legs wrapped around each other like lovers. I was afraid he would wake up and be freaked out. I know I should ease out of bed and get ready for practice, but this just felt too good to move. His head was on my chest and I thought I felt a small kiss on my chest, but when I didn't feel any thing else, decided it was just my imagination. My fear of Jimmy freaking out waking up in a lovers embrace overpowered my desire to stay in his wonderful arms. Just as I extracted myself, the alarm went off.

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