Wilderness Survival
Part 10
By: Jim Carter

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© 2004 Jim Carter

"I didn't even notice them looking. Did you Jim?"

"No, I was just worried about Nathan. I forgot we were naked. Anyway it wasn't mine that would have impressed them. It had to be Jimmy big boy." I teased.

"Enough boys!" Sally to the rescue.

Seems like a good time to move the conversation to a different direction. "We forgot to ask about the practice game while we were gone. Who won?"


"It was a really close game, but the Cardinals won five to four."

"That close and Jim and I weren't there. We'll kick their butts for sure when we play them again."

"You'll never guess who hit a home run."

"Hollis!" I shouted.

"What made you guess Hollis?"

"The kid had some power and Jimmy and I worked with him on triggers to start his swing. He can pick up change and curves pretty quick now. I think Hollis is going to surprise some people. Cameron has put a spark into him wanting to play. He was good enough to make the team not really wanting to play."

"I think you're right. He had to play a couple of different positions and he didn't make an error at all."

"Well, tiger, knowing you, you know more about this place than our parents. Are you going to give us a tour?"

"Sure, that will be ten bucks for the very personal very professional tour de Nat."

"In your dreams little dude, now show us around OUR house." We all chuckled as Nathan didn't miss a beat just got up and started pointing out features and areas and he slowly walked into the indoor pool area.

The house did have some unique and different areas about it, but that was not really much interest to us kids. Then Nathan took us to the garage where we noticed only the Fortner's vehicles were in the garage along with a couple of golf carts. "Where are the Carter's cars?" Jimmy asked before I did.

"In their garage silly. There are three garages, one for each section."

"Cool, that means we have a garage Jimmy."

"Yep, but no cars in it."

"Well, we are too young for cars just yet. It is still cool to have a garage even if it is empty."

"I didn't say it was empty."

"What's in it? Where is it? Come on Jim, let's go find it."

"Might be easier to follow me! I know the way!" Nathan shouted as we took off. We did stop and let him lead, although we went the same direction we started in.

When we got to the garage Jimmy and I both just dropped our jaws. We didn't have a clue our parents had us another surprise. We found two beautiful dirt bikes and two four-wheelers. They had all sorts of riding boots, helmets and even leathers.

"I talked John and Kathy into buying me of each too, so you can't get out of riding with me. They wouldn't let me ride over today because it would spoil the surprise for you. But I needed to take my Jet Ski back anyway."

"Where is your Jet Ski?"

"Down by the dock with yours."

Tim stuck his head in the garage from the house. "You boys better get ready for the press conference. You can ride over with Nathan and we will bring you some clothes to change into."

"You guys going over now?"

"Yep, we are taking the boat though."

"Cool, let's go change."
"We could always go naked, it's a private lake." Nathan offered.

"No wear something. I know you have your Speedo on underneath your shorts; John warned me you would try to get the boys to ride naked. He told me he checked to make sure you had it under your shorts."

"He's always doing that! What's the use of a private lake if you can't be naked?"

"Well, in this case the press might be there already. Wouldn't want to flash the cameras now would you?" Tim said.

"Why not? It pays to advertise." He said as he ducked away from Tim's play at swatting his butt.

Jimmy and I had both been on Jet Ski's before, but we were both excited about having our own skis and a place to play in our back yard. We got changed and Nathan showed us all the features we put on our vests and mounted up. I had my kill switch in first and my ski started before the others. In my haste to get away from the dock first, I killed it. "You need to let it warm up a little first DUMMY!" Nathan shouted over the engine noise.

I guess the little guy had spent a lot of time on his ski because he was really good. He didn't mind showing off for us or the parents when they joined us in the boat. I guess we have a boat now too. I haven't seen it up close yet, but it is much faster than our skis and our Dad's made sure they gave us some wakes to play on. We had a good time and they let us play for a while before saying it was time to go. Of course, we will find out soon enough, but my guess it is only like three or four minutes by Jet Ski from our house to Nathan's, so in a lot of ways we have a little brother now.

The press conference was anticlimactic. They wanted to talk to us when the story was new and hot, but now we were just fulfilling the obligation the Jamison's stalled them with. All the local media was there, but when we refused to let them call us heroes they lost interest in a hurry.

We were sent off to play on the skis while the adults talked. We were to have dinner with the Jamison's tonight and they said to make sure we were back by seven. John fixed some wonderful steak and shrimp on the grill and Kathy had plenty of baked potatoes and salad with some fantastic homemade dinner rolls.

After dinner we were playing in Nathan's room and we tried to get him to tell us a little about what he was forced to do by his old parents. He didn't want to talk about it, but slowly started to come around.

"Look guys, I want to tell you, but I just can't right now. I know you won't hate me for the things I did, but I am trying hard to forget all that stuff and I can't forget it if I have to talk about it."
"Nat, it is something that you really can't forget or at least that is what I am guessing. I am afraid if you don't talk about it that stuff will haunt you. John and Kathy love you very much and want to help you. Hell, even our parents love you to death. I know they want what is best for you and it seems the experts think it will be good to talk about it."

"I know that is why I have to go to see that shrink twice a week, but why can't I just forget about it and make it go away?" He was starting to cry.

I held him and Jimmy was rubbing his back. "It's okay bud, I was just wanting to help my little bud any way I could."

"My pictures are all over the internet. Movies too." He said between sobs.

"I know, I head that. You didn't do anything wrong bud. You were just doing what they made you do."

"I know, but I liked doing some of it. Some of those guys were really hot. The girls though I didn't like doing it with much. I had to think about one of the other guys and then I could fuck'em."

"You still were not doing anything wrong. I am glad you liked doing some of it so that you were not being beaten or something."

"I got some beatings too. I think that sells big time."

"I wish I could take all that pain away, but it will go away. I bet it will go away quicker now that you have started to open up. I don't know, but I bet your therapist will think you have taken a big step to getting this stuff behind you."

"Yep, she said almost exactly that. Mary is cool; I will talk to her next time. It does feel better now. Thanks guys, you're my angels again."

We were being summoned by the adults to go back to our house. They are going to let us ride our skis home, but we have to go slow and stay with the boat.

Evidently Charles had been watching for our return. I don't know how he did it, but he had steaming hot chocolate ready for anyone that wanted it. This guy is amazing. Jimmy and I were both tired and said our goodnights and headed to bed. We had a quick shower. I think I was asleep as soon as Jimmy was in my arms.

The next morning, I was having the most wonderful dream. I awoke just as I was about to cum. Then it happened, I had the most amazing orgasm. I was pumping my hot cum into Jimmy's hot mouth. Now that is the perfect way to wake up, wake up just enough to have the most wonderful cum then fall back under the influence of drowsiness. In a few minutes I did manage to come around. Jimmy was still holding and kissing me.

"Man, what a way to wake up." I said as I gently rolled him over on his back so that I could take care of him.

He must have been setting on shoot and just waiting for a target. His cock no sooner hit my throat before he was flooding me with his sweet juice. "Oh man, that was so good. I got so hot knowing I was getting you off in a dream. Then seeing you wakeup and go out again just made it hotter. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to hold it until you came around again."

"That was hot. You sure know how to make me happy."

We were giving little happy kisses the whole time, but our need for a morning pee soon had us both scrambling out of bed for the bathroom.

We were finally getting used to our new surroundings and freedoms. It really did take some getting accustomed to. Jimmy and I were both given cell phones as our new electronic leashes. This way our parents could keep track of us, but still allow us to grow into the idea of being treated as adults. We had not talked to any of our friends or the ball team since we got back. They didn't have our new numbers and we just hadn't gotten around to calling anyone. Of course, Nathan knew our cell phone numbers before we did and had his number programmed into ours. As we were being given our new phones both of our phones were ringing. You guessed it. Nathan was calling us both me on his cell and Jimmy from his phone in his bedroom. That little squirt seems to know exactly how to grab the center of attention in any situation.

It was time to leave for my first tournament as an Indian. Jimmy and I were packed and ready a good two hours before time to leave, I guess we were both a little nervous. We were laughing at ourselves and decided to go out and throw the ball around a little to take the edge off. For some odd reason we decided to go out front to play and wait for the folks. After only two or three minutes, who should drive up but John. Nathan pilled out of the car with a backpack almost as big as he was. John rolled down his window.

"You boys sure you don't mind watching the blond fireball this weekend?"

"We didn't know anything about it, but I think we can deal with monkey boy for the weekend."

Dad came out about that time. "Oh, guys, we forgot to tell you; Nathan wanted to go to the tournament with us."

"I guess we don't get much say in the matter." Jimmy's grin gave away that he was teasing.

"No you don't. I got the invite before you guys got back from your camping trip."

"How did you even know about the tournament?"
"It just came up and I made sure I got to go." Nathan was looking all smug.

"It might get a little boring."

"I don't think so, I'm playing too."

"What? Your not old enough."

Then we noticed his uniforms on a hanger. He actually had uniforms.

"Chill dude, I am just the bat boy."

"You never cease to amaze me. How did you manage that?"

"Coach Wilson happened to be over here when Nathan found out about the tournament. You know how charming he can be. Next thing we know, Nathan is the new bat boy."

John said he and Kathy would be up Sunday if we made it to the finals to see their little man in action. His ability to wrap people around his finger is truly amazing. We know it is happening but can't refuse him.

The tournament had sixteen teams entered. To play in the championship round you had to win your pool. In this tournament it was broken down into four pools of four teams each. Friday night and Saturday were pool play. Each team has to play the other three teams in their pool. The four pool winners will play in the championship round on Sunday. One bad game and a very good team can be out of the tournament. Believe it or not but Nathan did a great job as batboy. He was actually paying attention and took over the dugout duties as well as picking up the bats. As you might have guessed everyone loved the little turkey.

Jimmy and I had to share our room with Nathan, but despite our fears, he was a fun roommate. Of course, we were a lot less free to be intimate, but we didn't mind. He kept us entertained the whole weekend.

We won all three of our pool games and would be playing the first game on Sunday. The Cardinals won their pool as well and would be playing in the second game. If we both win we will play each other for the championship. This had worked just as I had hoped so far.

During our last game Saturday night Nathan pulled me aside and whispered in my ear. "Jim, do you think it will be okay if I ask Sam to spend the night with us?"

"Sam? Who is Sam?"

"Hollis' little brother Sam. I think he likes me and I like him a lot."

I had noticed Nathan talking to a cute kid about his age. Now that I know, I can see the family resemblance. I asked Jimmy and he didn't care. "Well, ask dad or Tim and if they say it's okay you can ask him if he wants to before asking his parents."

"Already did all that. Just had to get you guys okay." I should have known this kid knows how to work all the angles.

I had fit in with the Indians quickly and we all seem to get along. After dinner we all decided to swim. Now when you get that many boys in a hotel swimming pool, everyone else just seems to vanish. We were not unruly or anything, but soon we were playing a little too rough by some standards. It was coach Wilson that spoke up. "Indians, give me your attention." We all settled down real quick. "I told you this at the ballpark, but I will say it again. I am very proud of you guys. You played fantastic and were good sports too. I don't want to put a damper on your celebration, BUT you need to settle down a little. Your little brothers and sisters can't enjoy the pool with you guys throwing those rubber balls and stuff around. Now figure out a way that you can enjoy yourselves but let the little ones enjoy the pool too."

He was right all the kids under ten were in their parent's laps afraid to get in the pool with us. I noticed one of Adam's sisters had been crying about not getting to play in the pool. She was four or five and had little floaters on her arms. I grabbed her little float ring that I saw her dad playing with her earlier on. Then I held out my arms for her to come to me. "Will you come play with me in the pool?"

She literally bounced out of her dad's arms and into mine. She was giggling so loud that everyone noticed. When Jimmy saw what was happening, he went to get a kid too. Soon all the little people had a big kid to play with. Everyone had a blast. The little kids felt really special with all the attention of a big kid actually a couple of them had two big kids to play with. I think us big kids got as much or more pleasure out of the experience. No one wanted to get out of the pool, but it was time for it to close and the little ones needed to be in bed. We all got hugs and kisses from the little ones. The mom's hugged us to thank us too.

It was getting late and the parents started rounding up the troops for bedtime. Sam's dad came to me and said where Sam and Nathan could here. "I told Sam he was to listen to you and Jimmy and if he didn't mind and behave he wouldn't see the outside of his room for a month. Just let me know how he behaves."

"I'm sure he will be fine, besides it's his buddy over there we have to watch."

"I noticed. He already has every mom on the team falling all over themselves to see if Nathan needs something. He is one of those kids that everyone loves immediately."

Then he whispered to me where only I could hear. "I know Sam is gay and I gather Nathan is too. Will you talk to them? I don't want to see either one of them hurt. I tried to get Sam to wait and get to know Nathan before he spent the night, but they do seem cute together."

"I will talk to them and ask them to be careful."

"That's all I can ask of you. Sam is so infatuated though. Every other word we have heard from him since Friday afternoon was Nathan this and Nathan that. He is very resourceful. He told us he was gay right after Hollis did, but he had printed all kinds of information out to help us cope. He said he knew his parents had abused Nathan and we would need to help him know that his past didn't matter to us. I don't know where all that came from, but I trust you know what he is talking about."

"Yes, he was abused and exploited. As I understand it a lot of his pictures and such are on the internet. He is seeing a therapist to help him through it."

"I don't know if we can be of help or not, but we are willing if we can be of help. My Sam is a special kid and if thinks this much of Nathan this quickly, he must be pretty special too."

"I will talk to them and yes we think Nathan is pretty special too. You just can't help but love that kid and I don't think he would ever hurt anyone, but this is different and the kind of hurts we are talking about can't be helped or controlled sometimes."

"Thanks Jim. You're one pretty special kid yourself you know."

I just blushed and he was gone.

Once we got in the room, I told Jimmy of our task. I wanted his help. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to handle the task. "I will be here to support you, but if we both try to talk to them at once it might make them think we are ganging up on them or something. I am right here, but you do the talking mostly."

"I guess you're right. We could seem to be ganging up on them."

They were just coming out of the shower laughing and giggling like the boys they are. They were naked as jaybirds and didn't seem to be in any hurry to put anything on or get into their bed.

"Guys can I talk to you for a minute."

"Sure what's up?"

"Sam your dad asked me to talk to you guys. He wasn't real sure that you guys spending the night together was such a good idea. I think he got the impression that you guys were pretty hot of each other and wanted to make sure neither of you got hurt in the process."

"He's right, I do like Nathan a lot. I think he is awesome cute, but the real reason I like him is cause he is fun to be around. We haven't had a chance to talk about being boyfriends or anything, but we are both gay and like each other. We want to be friends. I don't see the big deal."

Nathan was strangely quiet. "Sam, I think what your dad is worried about is that one of you might feel something the other doesn't or that you might be rushing things."

"We are sleeping in the same room as you guys, we were just spending time together. Who said we were going to be having sex? That's what you're getting at. We haven't done anything but kiss a little and grab a little. We are not planning on fucking like bunnies." Sam was getting irritated.

"I don't think your dad was thinking you would be fucking like bunnies as you put it. He asked me to be here for you guys to talk to you and to just be a friend. I don't guess I did a very good job."

"It's not your fault Jim. It's my fault. I told Sam that because of what my old parents did, I couldn't have sex for a while. He let me know real quickly that I was getting the cart before the horse. He wanted to be my friend and if we actually became boyfriends then we should worry about what we could and couldn't do. We settled that ourselves and now we have someone else wanting to help. I think we are both getting a little frustrated. I think we should just drop the subject."

"Okay, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to butt in; I just wanted to help."

Nathan came over and sat down beside me and hugged my neck. "I know and one of these days I am going to really be happy to have a bud that looks after me and helps me. I really do now, but right now I have everyone telling me how I should be feeling and what I can't do. So don't take it personal that I am quick to get defensive. Sam knows it bothers me and he was just taking up for me. I think he really does like me. Don't you?"

"Yes, I do. I am sorry boys."

"It's okay. You had no way of knowing, but your dads and John have been talking to me almost everyday about being careful. All my tests have come back negative and everyone is saying I am clean, but until some months pass they can't be sure so I shouldn't be having sex. They both said something to me like "You know it is too soon to be sure about your HIV status." When they found out that Sam was spending he night. I would never do anything to put all this crap on someone else especially Sam. I never tried to get you guys to do anything with me did I?"

"No, sorry Nat. I didn't even think about how you might be feeling badgered about the HIV thing."

"It doesn't scare me as much as it did when I was in the hospital. I could hear the doctors and nurses talking when they thought I was asleep. They thought I had AIDS because I was so weak. When I came back negative, I was mad because they had treated me like I was sick or something. Tom hugged me and explained that the doctors and nurses have to be very careful and they didn't mean to treat me like I was damaged or anything it just has to be done for their own protection."

"So now you know that Nathan and I are not planning on having sex can we go to sleep? "

"Sure, good night guys."

Everyone said good night and Jimmy and I snuggled into our bed. I rolled over to turn out the lights and could see Sam and Nathan snuggled together and looked to already be asleep.


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