Wilderness Survival
Part 10
By: Jim Carter

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"No, sorry Nat. I didn't even think about how you might be feeling badgered about the HIV thing."

"It doesn't scare me as much as it did when I was in the hospital. I could hear the doctors and nurses talking when they thought I was asleep. They thought I had AIDS because I was so weak. When I came back negative, I was mad because they had treated me like I was sick or something. Tom hugged me and explained that the doctors and nurses have to be very careful and they didn't mean to treat me like I was damaged or anything it just has to be done for their own protection."

"So now you know that Nathan and I are not planning on having sex can we go to sleep? "

"Sure, good night guys."

Everyone said good night and Jimmy and I snuggled into our bed. I rolled over to turn out the lights and could see Sam and Nathan snuggled together and looked to already be asleep.


I feel asleep quickly and the next thing I knew it was morning. I was the first awake and I got out of bed to take my morning pee. I saw Sam and Nat were still locked in each other's arms like they had not moved all night. As I was taking my pee Jimmy joined me. Followed by Nathan and Sam. We didn't say much just went downstairs to breakfast. I guess all baseball teams go to hotels that have free breakfast as everyone ambles in and out to get their day started. Sam's dad was just finishing up his breakfast when we got there. "Did you talk to the boys?"

"Well, yes and no. I think they are a little smarter than we give them credit for. They are becoming friends and they are looking out for each other. They let me know pretty quickly they were not spending the night together to have sex. Nathan has confided more in Sam than almost anyone else. They seem to watch out for each other like good friends should. They seem to be a lot more mature than I was at eleven."

"I just thought they were moving awfully fast."

"I think they have become friends quickly, but we assumed sex to be an important part of that friendship and they haven't."

"Don't you think it will become important to them though?"

"I can't answer that."

"I know I am being over protective. You're right Sam has always amazed me at his maturity and ability to think for himself. I guess I should trust my little wonder boy."

Before long it was time to get ready for our game. Coach Wilson came up to me and asked. "We have to win this game to play for the championship. I would like to save you for the championship, but we have to win this one first. What do you think? Should you start this game or should we try to save you until the championship?"

"Coach, you have at least three pitchers that can pitch either game. Everyone has plenty of innings left. I know you do, but these guys need to know you have confidence in all your pitchers."

"You're not suggesting that I not pitch you at all today are you?"

"Coach, I will try to pitch both games if you ask me to, but I think we can beat either of these teams with any of our pitchers."

"I do too."

"I was just saying that it might be a team confidence booster if you started the other guys."

"I see your point. I'll think of something."

After our initial warm-up coach gathered us around. "Boys I have a little problem that I never thought I would have to face." He had our undivided attention with that statement. "I have too many great pitchers." That caused a few sighs of relief from the team and some parents too. "I have so much confidence in our whole pitching staff that I could pitch any of them today and feel confident we would win. It's a coach's dream and also a nightmare cause I have to decide whom to pitch. I think I will stay with the strategy that we started the tournament with and the same rotation. The only difference is I am going to swap Jim and Jimmy so that Jim can catch the second game. Cameron will pitch the first three innings, then Jim. In the second game Brandon will start and Jimmy will come in after three innings. We have Toby and Aaron if anyone gets tired. Jacob you catch the first game and Jim will catch the second. Jim you will be the extra hitter in the first game until you come in to pitch so you will be nice a fresh. Brandon I want you to rest this first game. Jimmy, I will probably pull you in the forth inning to rest you too."

Everyone was nodding with understanding. Coach West would never consider talking over his game plan with the team. I really liked that he shared his thoughts with us.

"Thanks for sharing your game plan with us coach. I am not used to that and I want to say thanks."

"I should do that more. It helps me to think it over too. I want all you guys to feel free to talk to me. Of course, I don't want my decisions on the field questioned, but you boys are reaching the age where you support more than instruction and everyone on the same page is a good thing. Now hit the field we have a game to win."

Cameron pitched three flawless innings giving up one walk and one hit. We had two men of base twice but failed to score. I went in for the fourth inning I knew I was in trouble on the first batter. This umpire wouldn't give me a call with my curve. I ended up walking the first batter and was behind two and 0 on the second batter. I called time and went to the sideline and called Cameron over. "I can't seem to find a place this guy will give me a break on. I tried to watch while you were pitching, but he seems to be calling them pretty good. Did you notice anything?"

"Your curve breaks a lot more than mine and it's coming faster. Maybe if you let him get used to your fastball, he will come around. He did a good job behind the plate for me."

"Cool thanks." The umpire came over to break up our little meeting and I took the mound again.

I threw two straight fastballs and a changeup to strike out the batter, but my confidence was still shaky. One the next batter I started him out on a fastball that he fouled off. It was time to test the waters again. I decided that maybe the umpire was just using the catcher's mitt to judge the strikes. I threw a curve that ended up with the mitt clearly in the strike zone and he called it a strike. The pitch was actually a ball when it crossed the plate. Now that we know how he is going to call them we can adjust accordingly. I called Jake to the mound to talk it over. He said he was pretty sure he did that for all pitches not just curveballs. Jake also reminded me that the guy on first was really fast and I might want to throw over a couple of times to keep him from getting a big lead. I threw over to first with a lazy move to first and the guy got back easily. I didn't know this kid but he did look fast. I made another lazy throw to first and the guy didn't have any trouble getting back. Jake called a pitch out, he was pretty sure the guy was running. I signaled the infield so they would be ready for the throw. We almost caught him, but his first base coach called him back as soon as he saw Jake move to take the pitch out. The next pitch was a swing and a miss for two outs. I had a feeling their coach would try to make something happen and with a rabbit on first, he might try a steal with two outs. I called for a pitchout. It was a lucky guess on my part, but we had him cold. Jake made a perfect throw and their half of the inning was over.

I had a shaky start, but took care of business and we came into the dugout excited and ready to make some runs. As luck would have it, I was up. This guy has a great fastball, but his other pitches are weak. He has had excellent control so far and we have struggled for hits. I took the first pitch for a called strike. I thought it was low, but it was called a strike anyway. I fouled a couple off and had to guard the plate. His next two pitches were balls and off the plate enough that I didn't have to swing at them. His next pitch was a fastball inside. It was close enough I was afraid to let it go and managed to foul it off. His next pitch was a great pitch outside but close enough I couldn't let it go. I just tried to put a bat on the ball to foul it off but it turned out to be a hit just over the first baseman's head and right down the line. The right fielder was playing deep and our first base coach was waving me on to second. I slid into the bag well ahead of the throw. Jimmy was up next. Since Jimmy is a power hitter and batting fifth, the last thing they expected was a bunt. Jimmy laid a perfect bunt down the first base line and was easily safe on first with me on third. We were going to steal Jimmy on the first pitch, but coach didn't give Jake the take sign. Jimmy took off with the pitch Jake connected with the pitch and slammed one over the left field fence. After those first three runs they seemed to fold. We ended up winning the game eleven to nothing, but that is not really a true indication of hard they had fought the first three innings. I'm sure we will see them again if the first three innings are any indication.

The Cardinals scored five runs in the first inning of their game and breezed to a fourteen to two win. To give the Cardinals a breather before having to play again, the tournament director delayed the game start for thirty minutes. I went over to talk to a couple of my friends. We were laughing and kidding around when coach West came to me. "You are in the wrong dugout boy now get your ass out of my dugout."

"Chill dude, I was just saying hi to my friends. I'm going."

Just before game time I started putting on the shin guards to get ready. Coach West came over and said. "I see you're too chicken shit to pitch against us."

I laughed as big as I dared without it sounding fake. "Not hardly, we just stayed with our pool rotation. That's how confident Coach Wilson is in his pitching."

"Bullshit." Coach West was fuming. "The Indians are a great second place team, always was always will be."

"I guess we will see in seven innings. I think you better get used to eating our dust. Remember I have seen both teams. We better pitching, better fielding, better hitting and much better coaching." He was so mad he was gritting his teeth.

I noticed his fist were clinched. "I should knock some respect into your sorry little ass."

"Careful your nuts might need a body bag next time."

I think he came over to try and get me rattled. If anything, he had to opposite effect. I felt all the pressure off as far as I was concerned. I had said those things about us being better to piss him off, but I realized they were all true.

"Hollis give us a song bro!" I shouted.

Soon we were all singing and relaxed. We won the toss and were home team. Brandon too the mound and West looked shocked. I guess he had not considered Brandon as the starting pitcher. Brandon was nervous his first few pitches and let the first batter get to a full count on him. I went to the mound to settle him down. "I know just you and me, bro." He said as I got there. Him saying it was what he needed to settle down and just to focus on me. I gave him the signal for his slider. He was a little hesitant but didn't shake it off. It was perfect. Call strike three. The next two batters swung at the first pitch the first grounded to short and the second hit a popup. I threw off the mask and zeroed in on the ball. Butch was on deck and didn't make much effort to get out of the way, but I managed to catch it. "Lucky catch." He jabbed.

"Naw, pretty routine actually. Don't judge everyone by your ability."
"Asshole." I just laughed and ran into the dugout.

"Son, I won't have that language on my playing field. I'll throw you out in a heartbeat."

Butch was pitching for them. He is a good pitcher, but we will find a way to get on base and put some pressure on him. He was pitching good and got us out three up three down. I bat fourth and was on deck, but I had kept my shin guards on so I would be ready pretty quick, but coach Bob was warming up Brandon until I was ready. "He is throwing great, just keep him focused. If he looks like he is trying too hard especially against players like Butch, just go half way and say focus. He will grin and do it."

Sure enough first pitch to Butch he tried to put a little extra on it and threw it in the dirt. I walked have way to the mound but didn't have a chance to say focus. "Nice stop catch. Bet you want me to focus." He was grinning like crazy and I knew he would be fine. Butch is a good and patient hitter and he worked the count full.

I went to the mound. "Brand, it's okay to walk him. We have a whole team backing us up, but if we give him one down the middle he might just knock it over."

"What do you want me to throw."

"Slider inside corner. If you miss make sure it's a ball."

"Gotcha boss."

It worked to perfection. It was a little inside, but the call could have gone either way. As it was Butch was looking fastball all the way looked foolish he missed the ball so bad. I need to remember to warn Brandon that Butch might throw at him. Routine grounders to third ended their second inning.

Now it's time for my first at bat against the Cardinals. I know his dad was making him and it was killing Butch, but they intentionally walked me. I took my base then I remembered something. "Coach Bob call time." We got time and I huddled with my team. "Guys I forgot, but Butch always pulls on his sleeve when he throws fastball. Watch for it." I went back to first and got a good lead.

I know Butch's move to first better than my own. I got a lead that just dared him to throw to first. Of course he did. After his fifth or sixth throw to first without ever throwing a pitch the fans started heckling. Of course, it was all coach Bob could do to keep from yelling at me, but he trusted me to not get picked off. It was getting to Butch, he was about to go ballistic. His dad went to the mound to settle him down. They were trying to be quiet but I could hear Butch. "I should have struck him out, now he is going to steal second."

I heard coach West say. "If he steals he steals. Just get his little boyfriend up there."

Sure enough Butch pulled on his sleeve, he was going to throw fastball first pitch to Jimmy. I took off as he made his delivery. Jimmy connected. I could tell by the sound it was gone and just slowed to a trot. When we got to the dugout I said in a stage whisper. "Dang it I had that base stolen." That got chuckles from everyone but Cardinals. We scored another run that inning and two more in the fifth. Brandon pitched three innings and only gave up one hit. Jimmy came in to pitch in the forth inning and didn't allow a base runner.

It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut and not remind coach West who was second and who was first. Being the good sport that I am I told each player and coach good game.

That was a small indication of how our season would be that year. We had an amazing season. I think we lost 3 game total that season, but none when it mattered. We were awesome and unstoppable, especially when we faced the Cards. That season was magical, that is the only way to describe it. We were state champions, regional champions and national champions.




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