Wilderness Survival
Part 3
By: Jim Carter

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© 2002 Jim Carter

"I know, I felt the same way. I felt cheated or rushed or something. I am so glad we both wanted to stop until we could make our fist time special. It may happen tonight or it may not, we know we are completely in sync and when it does happen it will be the right time. Our love has to be stronger than our lust; neither of us can doubt that. Let's go get a shower."

The shower was unbelievably sensual without any sexual activity other than kisses and caresses. As I washed him, he would be kissing or caressing me. Then we would reverse roles. Our hair we washed at the same time. We managed to maintain some form of embrace during the whole process. We were both hard the whole time. It is hard to explain, but it wasn't the type of hard cock that needed to get off. Our erections just verified that we were excited about being together it felt natural for our dicks to be in constant contact. I can't imagine anywhere I would rather be. When we ran out of hot water, we still stayed under the spray. The chill just made us hold tighter and rub more. When we did finally get out of the shower the drying process was as equally loving. We went in the bedroom to change still holding hands.

"I didn't bring any clothes nice enough for Delton's (the restaurant)."

"You can wear some of my clothes. I know exactly what I want us to wear. Will you wear what I pick out for us?"

"Sure, do with me as you will."

"No, that is AFTER dinner. Now I am just dressing you. First we wear these, no boxers tonight." Jimmy pulled out two of the skimpiest bikini briefs I have ever seen.

"Damn boy, I don't think this thing will even hold me, let alone that meat your packing."

"You can't imagine all the times I have fantasized about having you in one of these. Well, more truthfully getting you out of one of these."

He held out the bright red pair for me to step into. As he pulled them into place, he adjusted my cock and balls so that it looked just as he wanted them. "Wow, this is so much sexier than my fantasies."

I pulled the white pair up his shapely legs and adjusted him five or six times. I played with his butt for a while in the silky material, and then adjusted him again. "I can't believe it, but it does cover all your beautiful goodies. Although, I think the red would look better on you."

"No don't, you just want to pull them off and put them on again. I can see through your sexy plot. Besides, the white pants are a little shorter than the black pants, so I have to wear the white pants. The white will show through a little, you can imagine what the red would look like."

"Cool, let's switch. That will be so sexy looking at your bikinis all night."

"Just get it out of your mind pervert. Now step in these." He said as he swatted me playfully on the butt. He kissed my belly button as he bent down to work the black pants up my legs. The pants were just a tad too short, but not enough anyone would notice. I guess I am almost three inches taller than my blonde boyfriend.

He didn't fasten the pants just pulled them up to my waist. I took the white pants and bent to allow him to step in. I kissed his belly button just has he had mine but continued to work my tongue and kiss him there. He gently slapped me behind the head. "Stop you sex fiend." I looked into his deep blue eyes and we shared another embrace with just our eyes. I left his pants open as he had mine.

From what he had out for us to wear, I assumed I was to be in all black and he was to be in all white, but when he held the white silk shirt for me to put my arms in, I could see the boy's plan, and I have to admit, what my minds eye could see was sexy as hell. He left the top three buttons undone. He tucked the shirt in and fastened and zipped the pants.

I held the black silk shirt for Jimmy. The shirt didn't just fit him, it seemed to embrace him. I too left the top three buttons undone. The black shirt gave his blonde hair a golden look. My outfit was finished with a black belt and black shoes and his with a white belt and white shoes. Him black on top, white on bottom and me the opposite. We stood together and looked in the mirror. We were one hot looking couple.

We had been so caught up in our preparations that we didn't even know when his parents got home or when mine arrived. They must have come to check on us while we were in the shower. "I am surprised our parents haven't come to hurry us up."

"Let's go down and surprise them by not making them come get us."

We went down stairs holding hands. I swear I heard more than one gasp.
"You boys are breathtaking." Mom said.

"Stop right there! Let me get the camera." Sally added.

They had us taking pictures from every angel you can imagine. We could tell even our dads thought we looked great.

"If you boys were trying to keep your relationship low key, it's not working. You will turn every head in the house." Tim commented.

"Yes sir, you boys will definitely cause a stir." Dad added his observations.

"It is all his fault. I think my sexy man wants to make a statement." I said nodding at Jimmy.

"Only statement I want to make is: He is mine, eat your hearts out."

Tim said. "I could see they loved each other this morning, but it looks like now they want everyone else to know."

We rode to the restaurant in the Fornter's Suburban. Jimmy and I climbed into the back so that we could kiss and cuddle while the adults talked about whatever they talked about. They didn't even try to include us in the conversation. We were not back there making out like bandits either. We did kiss some, but mostly without tongue. We were comfortable together and holding hands seemed to be enough for us to communicate all we needed to.

Once we were parked and everyone was out of the truck Tim said. "Boys, you make a very handsome couple. Your attire leaves little doubt you are together. I want you both to know we are all proud of you. We can see already that we are all going to have to make some adjustments. We will probably make some mistakes; that last we includes you two as well. We have talked and we will talk some more tonight and tomorrow, then all six of us need to sit down and work on some ground rules. One thing before we go in to eat. One day I pray that you guys can walk hand in hand down the street anywhere without a care about who sees you. That everyone sees only two people in love. That is not reality here today. I won't tell you not to hold hands, but I do want to caution you about public displays of affection like kissing and holding hands. There is a lot of hate and prejudice in this world."

"We understand Tim. I think we both know that it isn't a good idea for two boys to hold hands and kiss and stuff in public, but this couple stuff is so new to us that we didn't think about it. We know you are trying to protect us and we appreciate the reminder. We have noticed that you guys are bending over backwards trying more than politically correct and supportive. You can be yourselves. We talked about how lucky we are to have you guys for parents. The fact that both of us told you before anyone else we were gay is unique in itself. We might take it for granted most of the time, but thanks guys for being there for us and loving us unconditionally. We love you too." We all made a big group hug.

"We better go in before we are late for our reservations."

I almost reached for Jimmy's hand as we started walking through the parking lot. I am going to have to watch myself. I can't seem to keep my hands off him.

As we were waiting to be seated, Brandon from my old baseball team and his family were just leaving. "Hey Jim, sorry about this morning. I hope you still consider me one of your friends."

"Thanks and I do consider you a friend."

"Cool." He lowered his voice were only Jimmy and I could hear. "You sure did a number on coach's nuts. You still might have trouble with Butch he has totally lost it."

"What do you mean?" Jimmy asked.

"He was saying we were a better team now. Jacob said 'how do you figure losing our best player makes us a better team?' and Butch said 'we don't have to listen to that fag tell us what to do and besides I am a better player than he ever was.' Several people laughed and he stormed off. Jacob said after he was out of hearing range. 'Yeah, you are a legion in your own mind'. That got us all laughing and Butch came over raising all kinds of hell. I am sure he knew we were all laughing at him."

"I will miss most of you guys. You're still a good team. By the way, I am an Indian now, and we plan on kicking some Cardinal butt when we play you guys next."

"Damn! Already? How did you get on their team so fast?" He looked over at Jimmy and said. "Oh, it helps to have connections. Huh?"

"Coach Wilson called and asked him to join the team before I had a chance to call and tell them he was available. Seems coach West called coach Wilson to warn him that the fag might be wanting to try out for his team. I think your coach got an ear full and we got the best catcher in the state, maybe the best pitcher too."

"Yeah, he is. What we will miss most is his leadership. He kept everyone on their toes and focused on what they were supposed to do." I couldn't do anything but blush. "Who is going to do that now? Butch sure can't."

"Jacob can. People will listen to Jacob and he'll do a good job. When I pitched and he caught, he knew he had to take control."

"Butch will never let Jacob take that role."

"I am not sure I should be helping you guys this much anymore, but YOU talk to Jacob. Tell him to be cool about it. Don't challenge Butch, just be subtle. When you need to move someone a little bit one way or the other, whistle to get his attention and then use hand signals where he wants them. You guys always could tell from my eyes who I was moving. Making sure everybody knows how many outs is the only other thing to do on every batter. Some pitchers have to be reminded to cover home on a pass ball. Sometime first and third to watch for bunts. Every once in a while I would remind Taylor when he had to cover the bag and sometimes which bag." We chuckled.

"I remember the time your thinking about." He turned to Jimmy to relay the story. We were playing in the championship game of the Firecracker last year. We were tied at 3 in the bottom of the sixth. Butch walked the lead off batter. Jim hollered at Taylor that he had the bag. Meaning first because I (the first baseman) would be charging the bunt. Well, the kid laid down a good bunt, but I got to it in plenty of time. I picked it up and threw it to first. Guess what, Taylor is nowhere around first. Good thing Blake (right fielder) was backing up first or it would have been over. To make matters worse Taylor blindly went to cover second knocking Daniel on his butt and falling himself in the process. Somehow out of the rubble someone threw the ball to Jim. He tagged the lead runner, but the guy bowled Jim over. Jim managed to hold on to the ball and got up in time to tag the second runner. Jim got a big gash on his catching hand out of the deal and they made him leave the game. He wouldn't go to the hospital until after the game. We got the next batter out and Butch hit a homer in the top of the seventh and we held them in the bottom. Good thing we only went one extra inning. Jim was looking a little pale."

"How many stitches?" Jimmy asked.

"Twelve." I held up my hand to show the scar.

"So that is how you got that."

Our little pow-wow was over when Brandon's folks were ready to leave. Our parents had already been seated. The hostess pointed us in the direction to find our parents.

Jimmy asked. "Is the Taylor on the Cardinals the same Taylor that Butch was accusing of being gay?"

"No the Taylor that is gay is about seventeen."

"Okay, I thought maybe West was going to kick someone else off the team."

We saw a couple of other families we knew. It was definite, the word had gotten out that I was gay. Both families chatted and laughed with us. They asked if we were a couple and Jimmy proudly said we were. Both families made comments along the line that we made a handsome couple. One of the kids was one of the biggest guys I played football with said not to worry, he would help watch our back.

The food was wonderful. Since we hadn't eaten since breakfast, Jimmy and I were both starving. We both polished off our surf and turf and then finished what our mothers left of their chicken something or other. Of course, we still had room for cobbler with two scoops of ice cream.

When we got to Jimmy's we had another surprise. "Boys, we are going to spend the night with the Carters. We parents need to talk through some of our feelings and issues. Tomorrow we will all discuss our new family dynamic. But for tonight, we need some time to ourselves. Since you guys were prepared to take care of yourselves when we were going to be out of town, we assume you are still comfortable with taking care of yourselves until tomorrow afternoon. Are you?"

"Yeah, no problem."

"Sure dad, we can handle it."

"Okay, we will see you tomorrow boys and get SOME sleep. Remember you have practice at 2:00."

"Yes sir, we will." We headed in the door and waved to our parents. "GOODNIGHT!" we both shouted. We locked the door and started a very passionate kiss.

"Come on let's go up stairs and get naked."

"I need to piss and brush my teeth too."

"We'll do it together. We do everything together tonight."

We were naked in front of the mirror in the bathroom. We were trying to put toothpaste on our brushes, but we couldn't take our eyes off the mirror long enough to complete the task. Looking into his eyes in the mirror was hypnotic. We finally had a kiss and managed to get paste on our brushes. "I was just wondering something. Why do people not want to use someone else's toothbrush even if they swap spit all the time kissing?"

With a mouth full of paste, but the brush removed Jimmy said. "Don't know, I guess because your mouth gets used to the same brush in it all the time." He made a few brush strokes and added. "You can use mine anytime you want or need to." Then he did something totally unexpected. He took my toothbrush out of my mouth and put it in his. Then he handed me his toothbrush. We locked eyes in the mirror and smiled. Don't ask me why, but we both went from fully soft and dangling to rock hard and pointing instantly. That silly act of swapping toothbrushes seemed to have strengthened our bond. Simple things seem to keep bringing us closer and closer together. I know it is sudden, but I knew at that instant, I was totally and hopelessly in love with Jimmy Fortner.

As we climbed into his bed, I was flooded with desire. I wanted to kiss and lick every inch of his body. Every story I have read on Nifty came pouring into my memory. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do first. Of course, sucking his cock was primary, but I couldn't wait to lick his butt too. I finally decided to be honest. Between kisses I said. "Jimmy, I have never done anything with another guy. All I have done is read stories and dream about doing those things."

Jimmy chuckled. "I haven't done anything either. Have you read stories on Nifty?"

"Yeah, the high school section is my favorite cause it has guys our age in it. Man, those stories always make me so hot."

"Yeah, but I hope we can get by without as much trouble as some of those guys have to deal with."

"Me too, but let's not think about that now. Just think about us making love." I started kissing him passionately. Then without even thinking, I moved to nuzzle his neck. I worked my way down his chest and found his left nipple. It was already hard before even started sucking and nipping at it. Jimmy was moaning like crazy or it might have been me, I realized I was making noise too. I gave his right nipple equal attention. His chest didn't have a single hair on it. Of course, mine didn't either, but the Nifty stories always told if the chest had hair or not. When I worked my tongue around his belly button, he started bucking his hips. He has more of an inny than an outie, but it wasn't very prominent at all. It sure seemed to be one of Jimmy's hot buttons though.

I moved into Jimmy's pubic hair. I used my teeth to take a bite of wiry curls and gently pull them. I love the smell of being in Jimmy's crotch. His smell was driving me crazy with desire. His pubic hair was blonde and maybe even lighter than the hair on his head. It was bushy and his balls were fuzzy with little blonde hairs. I loved sucking on his balls, but could do without the stray hairs in my mouth. For some reason, I had to keep pulling them out of my mouth. I loved those balls and way my mouth was pleasing them. Suddenly Jimmy said. "Suck me! PLEASE! I can't hold it much longer! Your mouth feels so good. SUCK MY COCK!"

I wanted to suck it just as badly, but instead of sucking, I licked from the base to his beautiful head. I squeezed his dick head a little and seemed to open and close like a guppy. I stuck my tongue in the hole and tried to taste as much of his pre cum as I could. Then I licked around the head a few times before I took his cock in my mouth. As hard as I tried, I couldn't get it all in my mouth. I made myself smile around his cock at the thought of getting to practice until I got it right. Jimmy's cock felt wonderful in my mouth. Maybe I am a natural cocksucker or maybe I am just made to suck his cock. I love the taste, feel and sensation of power his cock and my mouth generated. I realized Jimmy was about to cum just as the first hot blast hit the back of my throat. I moved up on his cock so I could better taste and feel his cum. It was nectar and I couldn't get enough. Jimmy finally moved my head away. "Too sensitive." Was all he could say.

I moved up so that I could kiss and cuddle my man. I was careful to give him a chance to get his breathing back to normal. I could tell he was finally coming back to conscious state. Between kisses he said. "Awesome! In all my fantasies and dreams, I have never come close to how good that was."

"Me either. Man that was unbelievable. Your cock felt perfect in my mouth. I love sucking you. I can hardly wait until I can take all of you. I promise to practice until I get it right, even if it takes a lifetime."

"Oh, you have it right. You have it perfect, but now it is my turn." With that Jimmy made the same path down my body as I did his. I knew I wouldn't last very long. I almost dropped my load when he did. I managed to hold out longer than I thought I would before I spewed my seed in my lover's mouth. I was so excited and caught up in my orgasm that I was fucking into Jimmy's mouth hard. I don't remember anything after the first volley out of my dick until I realized that Jimmy was kissing my lips.
As I finally realized I was still alive, I said. "Fuck that was awesome!" I started kissing him back. "I hope I didn't hurt you. I couldn't stop myself. I was out of control."

"No, it was awesome for me too. I love your cock. I think my mouth and your cock belong together. Your cum is awesome, much better than my own."

"Matter of opinion babe. I think yours is much better than mine." Jimmy giggled.

"What's so funny?"

"You called me 'babe'. When I read stories where they used names like babe, darling, and honey, I thought it sounded stupid and fake. Now you call me babe and it makes me feel warm and special."

"I know what you mean. I swore if I ever had a boyfriend, I wouldn't use sappy names like that."

"Let's take it one day at a time. If one of us uses a nickname that makes us uncomfortable, let's promise to say so."

"Sounds good to me." We were getting sleepy and we snuggled into almost the same position we woke up in this morning. "I love you Jimmy Aaron Fortner." Yes, Jimmy is his real name, not a nickname.

"I love you too James Edward Carter." We had one last kiss before sleep overtook us.

The next morning, I awoke to a hot wet mouth sucking my cock. I was not fully awake and wasn't sure it wasn't just a dream until I felt pressure on my lips and the erotic sent of my boyfriends genitals in my face. I soon realized I was being offered Jimmy's cock while his talented mouth sent wave after wave of pleasure through my cock. I don't know how long Jimmy had been sucking me, but was getting close to going over the edge. I love the taste and feel of his big cock in my mouth. I can feel the head of his cock banging on the threshold of my throat. From the build up of saliva in my mouth I was forced to swallow. As I swallowed more and more of his cock was going down my throat with each downward stroke. Now I can feel his pubic hair on my lips. I have taken it all. I don't know if this feat pushed me on over or what, but I reached the point of no return and started to shoot into Jimmy's mouth. I think I tried to say something but couldn't with a mouthful of Jimmy and I made the weirdest noise I ever heard. I felt vibrations from my throat, which must have stimulated Jimmy to shoot his load. I felt the first shot go directly down my throat. I wanted his cum in my mouth so that I could savor his taste, heat and force behind each shot, so I backed off until just that beautiful head was in my mouth. I can feel each hot shot as he unloads in my hungry mouth. When we settled down from our orgasm, Jimmy came up and kissed me lovingly. I didn't notice until then that I was lying on the bed sideways. "How did I get sideways on the bed?"

"You were sleeping so soundly, I just pulled you sideways so I could get my legs over your head. I don't know why, but I wanted for us to cum at the same time this morning."

"It was sure a nice way to wake up." Jimmy was on top of me with our genitals together. Each kiss seemed to send additional triggers to our cocks. The friction and warmth of our cocks between us was quickly building to another pleasure peak. I was massaging Jimmy's smooth buns and had to marvel at how much pleasure just holding those globes brought me. I was almost at the brink when I felt the warm spurts of Jimmy's orgasm. That was the final trigger for mine. We were both sending volleys of cum between our bellies.

"Wow, it just keeps getting better and better. I don't know what is going to happen after our ground rules talk today, but I don't ever want to go back to sleeping alone again. I hope you feel the same way, but I know they are not going to let us start living together."

"I have had some of the same fears, but we can't let it worry us until we know what they are going to say. I love you Jimmy and I feel in my bones they will try to let us be together as much as possible. They have been too supportive to think they won't continue to help us."

"You're right, they have been more than accommodating so far." Jimmy kissed me and then said. "I think my dad has always been worried that I would want to have sex with every kid that was willing. I think most of the stuff he read about gay teens and young gay men concerned him. He kept telling me that sex was so much better when it was with someone you loved. I was finally able to convince him that I read those things too. I told him I didn't want sex with just anybody, I wanted a companion to share my life with and then we would probably screw our brains out. I think when he accepted that I knew the difference between love and lust, he took it upon himself to do what he could to help me."

"It looks like our parents have built or renewed some old friendships too. So far, they seem to like being around each other, that has to help our cause too."

"Let's get cleaned up and get something to eat. I am starved."

"Me too." I guess we had been in this embrace for about an hour. When we tried to part, our bodies were welded together with dried cum. We slowly pried our skin apart with fits of laughter thrown in for good measure. When we got to our pubic hair, that was a different story. Matted together and dried, it was a painful process to say the least. "Well, I was going to ask how you felt about trims anyway."

"What do you mean?"

"We both have hairy balls. I love sucking and licking your balls, but I hate the stray hairs getting in my mouth."

"Me too. So you think we should shave our balls, don't you?"

"Yep, since I didn't have a lover to lick and suck them before, I didn't consider it. Now, I want to make them nice and smooth for you. I was thinking maybe you could trim my bush so that it wouldn't be so bushy while we were at it."

"Cool, I want you to trim mine too. Last night, I noticed our bikinis had wild hairs sticking out the sides and thought about a trim too. Seems we think alike. I think it will be fun too.

We decided that food was more important and headed to the kitchen. We have part of our morning planned out. First breakfast, then the now fabled trim/shave, and then a shower. We just had cereal and toast with orange juice for breakfast, but we worked together in the kitchen to put in on the table. We did a lot of touching, kissing and hugging in the process. It is a nice feeling to walk up behind your boyfriend and him a nice hug. It is even better when you're both naked. I don't think I have ever been happier.

After we ate and put our dishes in the dishwasher, we got two beach towels and Tim's electric razor and spread out in the den so we could trim our pubes. "You can do me first if you want babes." I told Jimmy.

"You are the creative one, you shave me first."

"Okay, grab your ankles and lean back. I want to do your butt hole first. I haven't licked it yet, but I want to."

Jimmy did as I asked and exposed his hole to me. "Cool, I am glad you don't think that is disgusting, cause I want to do that too. I did think it was disgusting when I first read about it, but the more I thought about it, the less disgusting it sounded. Then when I got a glimpse of your butt, I knew I would have to try that." I turned on the razor and soon had his hole as hairless as a baby's bottom.

On his ball sack, I used the trimmer first so the razor would cut the short hair and not pull. It seemed to work well. I trimmed and shaved the hair on his penis when he was hard. The last step was to trim his thick pubes to the number three level on his dad's moustache/beard trimmer. Then on the sides I shaved and shaped his pubes until I had a smaller patch that looked awesome, if I do say so myself. I held the mirror for Jimmy to pass judgment on my handiwork. "Awesome dude! It looks even better than I ever imagined." After he looked at his hole he said. "I love it. It was a lot of fun and we will have to keep doing it for it to stay this nice."

"Yep, I enjoyed it so far. See how you like being the shave-or so I can experience being the shave-ee." We laughed as Jimmy went to work on me. I think we both looked sexier and the odd part was that unless you knew, you couldn't tell we had done anything at all to change our pubes. The towels made for easy cleanup; we just dumped the hair in the trash and put the towels in the wash. I was astonished at the amount of hair we eliminated and still we looked to have a normal full bush. The shorter hair felt nice too. I guess Jimmy's felt better than mine, cause I wanted to feel his more. Of course, he wanted to feel mine too.

We were intending to shower and then play around some more, but in the shower, we just couldn't wait. I enjoyed my first taste of rimming and being rimed too. Jimmy's hot hole would clamp down on my tongue like a vise. It was so hot and sensuous.

After our shower, we made sandwiches for lunch. Neither one of us was very hungry, but we knew we would need the energy for practice this afternoon. I was starting to get a little nervous, my first practice with the Indians and all. I was starting to pace a little.

"You're not getting nervous on me are you?"

"A little, I guess. I just want to have a good practice, being my first one with the Indians. Plus, I am sure some of the guys will resent me for taking some of their playing time. Then there is the whole gay thing."

"Well, don't worry about the gay thing. Cory is openly gay, so the team has already accepted him. All the guys know you from playing against you. The bad news is they all hate you for always beating us. That hate will turn around quick enough now that you are on our side. Just play and don't worry about anything, you will be fine."

"Thanks, I feel better already." I laughed uneasily.

"I should warn you, so that you can be prepared for it. Your old coach usually turns up at our practices. It pisses off coach Wilson, but he says it's a free country and unless he comes on the field he can't even complain."

"Why didn't he show up at ou…huh…the Cardinal practices?"

"Coach said he wasn't going to stoop to coach West's level. At first, I think he thought if he ignored him, coach West would get tired of it and stop, but it is almost a given that he will be there now."

"Thanks for warning me. Hey, that gives me an idea. I have to go by my house before we go to practice." We got ready and went to my house, towing our equipment. Both Jimmy and I are catchers and we have an equipment bag for our catching gear and a bat bag for bats and other stuff. We both used those luggage trolley things for our bags. If you ever had to carry both bags, you would know how important that little trolley is."

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