Wilderness Survival
Part 4
By: Jim Carter

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© 2002 Jim Carter

"Thanks for warning me. Hey, that gives me an idea. I have to go by my house before we go to practice." We got ready and went to my house, towing our equipment. Both Jimmy and I are catchers and we have an equipment bag for our catching gear and a bat bag for bats and other stuff. We both used those luggage trolley things for our bags. If you ever had to carry both bags, you would know how important that little trolley is."

Our parents were surprised to see us when we showed up at my house. They were laughing and having a good time, so that made us feel a little better about 'the talk' later. Then dad said. "Is something wrong boys? We didn't expect to see you until after practice."
"No, nothing's wrong. Jimmy said coach West usually shows up at the Indian's practice and I got an idea of how to get my money back for my uniforms." I had paid for my uniforms myself this year. Something I have never done before. "I forgot to ask, did you get the initiation fee back yesterday?"

"Yes he did." Tim spoke up. "I went with him. Your old man had West so mad he could shit nickels. When West started complaining about his nut being swollen, your dad said. 'You ever raise your fist to hit my son again and you will have more than sore nuts to worry about. You brought this upon yourself. If you are looking for sympathy it is in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.'" That caused the adults to all laugh.

"What is syphilis?" Then it dawned on me. "I remember now from sex Ed class." That triggered Jimmy's memory too and we got to laugh.

"He was so mad, he told us to 'get the fuck out of my house'." Dad did a pretty good imitation of coach West. "So he may not be very receptive to your request. I will give you the money you paid for the uniforms."

"No dad, I don't really care that much and I'm not going to ask for the money back. I'm going to make him want to get them away from me."

"That sounds like a pretty slick trick if you can pull it off. How are you going to do that or do I want to know?"

"You know how anal retentive he is about the precious Cardinal uniform? Right?" They nodded. "Well, I am going to an Indian practice in mine."

"I am not sure that will bother him enough to want to buy them back."

"We'll see." I said as I led Jimmy to my room.

I guess it had been a long time since Jimmy had been in my room. He was looking everything over. He was looking at all the junk in my trophy case. I was down to my socks and jockstrap when he asked. "Wow, you've pitched three no-hitters?"

"Four, there is one that is not in the case. I handed him the ball that was not in the case."

"Shit, I remember this one, it was against us last year. I was so pissed and to make it worse, I made the last out."

"Yeah, but you tagged the ball pretty good and I was worried until Sheldon caught it. I can't take much credit though, we were smoke'n. Everything just clicked. Hell, we turned three double plays and Daniel was like a vacuum cleaner. He made some awesome plays. Hell, everyone did. You guys played great too. We only scored two runs. It really was a great game. That's why junk like this bothers me. I got the credit for a no-hitter and the real credit belongs to the guys diving for balls and doing all the work."

"All I can say is, I think I'm a pretty darn good pitcher and I haven't even had one no-hitter. So four says, the pitcher deserves some of the credit."

"Maybe. I still don't like individual honors for a team sport. I don't care how good you are, you can't do it by yourself."

"How many no-hitters have the other Cardinal pitchers thrown?"

"Well, none."

"So now, how is it you figure the pitcher doesn't deserve the credit?"

"Shut up, I don't want to argue and besides I'm loosing this argument and I want to change the subject." I grinned.

"Okay, but you better put something on besides that jockstrap or I may have to rape you before we go."

"It's hard to rape the willing." I challenged, but started putting on my old team uniform. I grabbed the other two uniforms and we went down to the adults.

"Dad where is that gray tape that will stay stuck?"

"You mean duct tape?" He asked getting up find the tape.

"I need one of those thick markers too." My mother looked at me like I was nuts. "I just need to put a little lighter fluid on the fire." She looked even more confused. "Just trust me, he will squeeze those nickels so hard they will be pennies."

"Son, you have lost me, totally now."

"Remember Tim said West was so mad he could shit nickels? Well, I am going to make him so mad his pucker will squeeze them into pennies."

"Just be careful son. I don't want my baby hurt."

Jimmy piped up. "He is my baby now, and I won't let anything happen to him." That got all the adults laughing. I couldn't help but grin.

When dad brought the tape and pen I went to work. It didn't take but just a minute. One of the shirts has 'Red Birds' instead of Cardinals. I put tape of the 'Red' and wrote 'Dead', so now the shirt said 'Dead Birds'. I put on the shit with the tail hanging out, which was something coach West couldn't stand. The cap not being worn properly was his biggest pet peeve. "So should I wear the cap to the side or backwards?" I asked as I modeled the two versions.

Tim said. "To the side, definitely. It draws a lot more attention." Everyone nodded his or her agreement.

I transferred everything from my bat bag to my equipment bag, but needed more room so I put my first baseman's mitt and the clothes I would need if my plan worked in Jimmy's bag. Now, the only thing in my bat bag was the other Cardinal uniforms. "The bat bag has your name on it, are you going to give that back too?" Jimmy asked.

"Yep, actually the team paid for those and it says Cardinals, I'm an Indian now. I don't want any Cardinal shit around. Oops, excuse me Sally, mom." They just laughed.

We grabbed our stuff and headed to the field. When we got to the fence, Jimmy looked at his watch. "We are still early and the last ones here. These guys must really want to impress the new guy." Jimmy teased. I just grinned and got my fielders glove out.

Coach drew me off to the side. "I am really happy to have you on this team. My number is in the book and don't hesitate to call if you need anything. We will go down and get you measured up for uniforms as soon as practice is over. Mind if I ask why you chose to wear that to practice and why your cap is not straight?"

"Well, coach, I am going to be honest with you. I heard that West comes to most of the Indian practices and I want to make him so mad that he will pay me back for the cost of the uniforms. I paid for them out of my own money. He will go wild over the cap sideways and the shirt tail out, but when he sees the 'Dead Birds' he will go ballistic."

"Okay, I just wanted to know. Now let's go introduce you to the rest of the team." He called everyone to huddle up. "Guys, you all know Jim Carter. He is an Indian now. Make him welcome guys." Everyone said hi or welcome or something like that.

I decided I needed to make sure everyone knew why I was there. "Guys, I won't lie to you why I am here. I got in an argument and lost my temper and admitted I am gay. Coach West acted like he was going to hit me with his fist and hit him in the nuts with a bat. He kicked me off the team. I promise you, I won't try anything sexual with you guys, I just want to play ball." Everyone more or less said no problem.

"What if I want you to try something sexual?" Cory joked.

"He is taken and I am very jealous, so don't even think it." Jimmy piped up. I heard several gasps and then everyone started talking to their neighbor. This was news they weren't expecting.

"Damn, three fags on this team. I can't handle this." A guy named Hollis shouted.

"With that attitude, this team doesn't want you. Bring your uniform by my house. Get off the field." Coach Wilson said. "Is there anyone else that can't get along with people that are different?"

"No, coach, Jimmy just caught us off guard. None of us had a clue. We have played with Jimmy forever and didn't know.

"Okay, take a couple of laps and then warm up your arms."

As we were taking our laps, Toby jogged up beside me. "Man, it's great having you on our team. I hated you when you were a Cardinal. Well, not really, but I mean, I am really glad you are on our side now."

"Thanks Toby. I like the way you play, you are all over center field and you get a piece of the ball most of the time. I'm going to enjoy playing with you. I'm sorry I caused one of the guys quit."

"Don't worry about Hollis. He didn't get to play much anyway. He knew his butt was going to have splinters from riding the pine. I don't think he is really a bigot. I think it gave him an excuse to quit. He and I are friends and he is really a nice guy. Music is his thing and he only played baseball because his dad made him."

"He must have some natural talent then, cause to make one of these teams is hard enough to do if you are committed. A lot of guys with all kinds of desires can't make this team. Tell him no hard feelings when you see him if you still think he didn't really mean it after you talk to him."

"Yeah, tell him no hard feelings for me too." Jimmy added. Our laps done we started tossing the ball to warm up our arms. After five minutes or so, coach told us take the field. I didn't know where he wanted me to go, so I just stood there by the coach.

Coach Wilson saw Butch and his dad walk up on the third base side. "Jim, you will be playing first, catching or pitching normally, but I would like to see what you can do at third too. Why don't you take third first?" Coach Wilson purposely hit a pop just out of bounds on third so that West had to look at my shirt. I caught the ball and threw it back into home.

"Get that damn uniform off! And wear that fucking cap correctly or not at all." Coach West shouted at me."

"This isn't a uniform anymore, I paid for these rags I can practice in them. Oh, and by the way, I don't care what your opinion is about the way I wear my cap anymore."

"Boy, I can't stand to see that uniform defiled as you're wearing it."

"Unless you want to buy them back, I'll wipe my ass with them if I want."
"Okay, I'll give you fifty bucks for all of them."

"I'll take two hundred and not a penny less."

"They're only worth one sixty, one eighty max."

"Yes, but that was new. Now they have had my sweet ass in them, they are worth much more. Two hundred might be too little. I like showing off my 'Dead Birds' shirt."

"Okay, I'll give you two hundred, but I don't have my checkbook with me. I'll give you a check later."

"Nope, I don't want your check. Cash only." I know he carries a wad of cash around to try to impress people, so I feel safe he has the money on him. "Sorry to hold up the game coach, this guy is all talk. Let's play ball."

"Wait, here take the cash. Now go take that uniform off!"

"Jimmy get the bag for me will you." I put the money in my sock and started stripping right there. I was down to my jockstrap and socks when Jimmy brought the bag and my other clothes. Everyone was whooping and hollering. Everybody gathered around as I gave the uniform and bat bag to Butch. I put the cap on his head. He just stood there with his mouth open.

I started dressing again. Coach West said. "Why don't you act civilized. We don't want to see you strutting around half naked."

"If you don't like it quit looking."

Then someone, I think it was Cory said. "Looks like someone likes what he sees. Look at that tent Butch is pitching. He is drooling too."

"God damn, my own damn son. Get the fuck home!" Coach West shouted at Butch. Butch covered up his face and starting running.

"Don't forget your uniform coach." I said, as he was about to go after Butch without taking the uniforms.

After all the excitement, practice went about the same as any practice goes. Nothing much happened until we had batting practice. Coach told me to grab my helmet and bat. I was to bat first. One of his assistant coaches that I didn't know was going to pitch to me. His first pitch was almost lobbed over the plate. I didn't know what to expect, so I planed to bunt the first few pitches anyway to get the timing down, so I bunted few. "Come on Jim swing away another assistant said."

I stepped away from the plate and walked toward the coach. "Coach?" I said letting him know I wanted to talk to him. When he met me about half way so that only he could hear, I said. "Coach, he is throwing the ball so slow, it will mess my timing up if I swing at those pitches. You guys hit too well, for this guy to be throwing batting practice."

"You're right, he is not the only one that throws BP. All three assistants and myself do at different times. I don't know why he is throwing so slowly, but believe me by the end of your turn, he will be throwing some heat. I'll go talk to him." Coach went out and talked to the guy pitching and just winked at me on the way off the mound.

I bunted another one to get a feel of the new speed. It was a good pitch and was excellent for BP. "How was that? A good speed to start with?" He asked.

"Yes sir, that was excellent." I shouted back.

"Please, call me coach or Bill, but sir makes me feel too old."

"Okay, thanks coach Bill." He couldn't help but laugh.

He kept throwing the ball at the same speed and once I got the timing, I started smacking them over the fence. I wasn't trying to be a show off, but he kept throwing the same speed right down the middle. No curves or anything and it made hitting easier than a batting machine. "Think you're pretty good, don't ya kid?"

"It's pretty easy when every ball comes down the middle same speed. Since you said that, I gotta feeling you're about to make me look silly." Sure enough the next pitch was right down the middle but close to ninety miles per hour. I swung so late; I heard the ball hit the mitt before my bat moved at all.

"Shit coach, I can't catch those." Jimmy said as he fanned his hand trying to cool it off.

"You just did." Bill said.

"Coach Bill was a minor league pitcher and has to be a show off sometimes." Jimmy said to Bill and me.

Since they were pulling out all the stops to tease me, I knew I was going to love playing with this team. "Thanks guys, I love the teasing. You have made me feel welcome."

"Okay three more and your running." He threw three curve balls I got a bat on all three, but right at the third and second basemen, who made the routine play. "He's running this time guys. Don't let the new guy get on base." I figured he would throw a good fastball, not his big one, but better than those earlier. I knew to hit it, I would have to commit way early and if it was anything but a fastball, I would look silly. I made up my mind, I would rather look silly than let him throw the fastball by me. He released the ball and I swung. I got all of it and nailed it over the center field fence. As I touched second, I looked at Bill. He touched his fingers to his tongue, then raised his leg and brought his fingers to his butt, and then shook them like his butt was hot. "SMOKE'N" He shouted.

All the team ran in and pounded on my when I crossed the plate. Coach Wilson said. "We set you up a little bit as sort of welcome to the team joke, but you turned it around on us."

"Coach, I did figure you guys were teasing with me and I like it. I think I am going to love being an Indian." That got a lot of cheers and shouts. "Oh, and coach Bill. Connecting on that last pitch was just blind ass luck. I committed to fastball and I swung as soon as you released the ball. Nobody was more surprised than me when the bat hit the ball."

"Well, maybe so, but that was going to be another one of those that Jimmy was going to cuss me if the bat missed it. Blind ass luck or not, I am still impressed."

"Okay boys take another lap and let's go home."

"Nobody else taking BP?" I asked

"Not today. Jimmy's dad is the one that suggested Bill should play with your mind." Coach Wilson said. "Just in case you want to extract revenge."

After our lap, Jimmy and I loaded our stuff into coach's truck and we headed to The Sports Stop. It didn't take long. The guy had the uniforms in stock and so he said they would be ready as soon as my number was sewn on. The Indians weren't using my number 34 already, so I get to keep my number.

"Why 34?" Jimmy asked.

"Nolan Ryan. Need I say more?"

"Nope, gotcha. Well you already started collecting the no-hitters."

"There is a whole lot of difference between my no-hitters and a no-hitter in the majors."

"Actually, no-hitters are pretty rare here and in the big leagues. The one you threw against us last year was an awesome performance. The whole team played like major leaguers. Don't discount it just because you were thirteen year olds." Coach Wilson said.

"He has four of them coach!"

"Wow, I didn't realize that. How old were you when you got the first?"


"State Championship game. I watched that game. I had forgotten. Tim Fortner watched with me. I told him then that if you didn't hurt your arm, we would be watching you in the major leagues. I still remember what Tim said after that. He said. 'He is a great kid too. Jimmy just loves him.' I think he meant it as literal as it turned out. Do you boys?"

"Probably not back then, but he has known for a couple of years though. Jim didn't know, and it wasn't mutual then, but I have loved him for a long time."

"I am glad it worked out boys, I guess we better go." The guy that ran The Sport Stop told us that he was mistaken and he would need to order the blue shirt, but had the others in stock. He gave me an Indians cap and said you will need this until we get your number sewn into the other two.

On the way to my house, we hatched a plan to get back at Tim or trying to play that joke on me. We had coach let us off around the corner from the house, just in case someone happened to be looking out the window. I blew in first, slammed the door and dropped my equipment bag right by the door. I ran up the stairs to my room. Jimmy came in dropped his bag and came running after me. Then I came back down stairs with Jimmy almost crying. "They said it was just a joke, they didn't mean anything bad."

"They made me look like an idiot and a loser. I hate them all. I can't believe I wanted to play for that damn team." Tim came over and hugged me. I tried to struggle away.

"Jim, son, I'm sorry. It's my fault. I told coach you would enjoy a good teasing. He wanted something special to make you feel like part of the team. I guess I screwed up royally. I'm sorry, don't blame them, it's all my fault."

He looked up. I grinned and pointed. "Gottcha!"

"Yes you did. You really had me worried that not only had we lost you from the team, but also I was afraid we had caused you some real mental anguish. I am so relieved everything is cool."

"We better all worry." My dad added. They looked at him expecting more. "We will have to watch these two pretty close, they were so convincing. They worked too well together. We are going to have to watch them very closely or they will play us like a fiddle."

"Awe dad, we just caught you by surprise. You don't have to watch us closely. We are good boys; you can trust us. We would never try to pull anything over on you guys."

"Yeah, right, nice try son. I was born at night, but it wasn't last night." All the adults thought that was funny. Jimmy and I just tried to look innocent. I don't think it worked.

"Okay boys, get that equipment in the garage and go upstairs and take a shower. We will have our little talk then we are going out to eat. We are just going for barbeque, so you don't need to dress to impress tonight."

We put the equipment up and went to take our showers. Once we were naked, Jimmy asked. "You think we should chance taking our showers together?"

"Why not? I am sure they know we have done more than shower together. Come on lover, let's get that beautiful body wet."

"Ah, I like that. The lover part I mean."

"Well, we are and I love having your naked body next to mine."

"Me too. You know, I don't think I can possibly sleep by myself now."

"I know, me too. I can feel your love when I am in your arms. All I have to do is close my eyes and I am asleep. It's like total peace."

"Shit Jim, what are we going to do if they try to separate us. I don't think I can take it."

"I don't know babe. I know we shouldn't worry about it until we have something to worry about, but I can't help it either."

"Damn, we ran out of hot water." At least we were clean we had washed, but nothing else except for a few kisses and squeezes.

"Well, let's get dressed and face the music. They have been super cool with us so far. I don't think any of the kids in the Nifty stories have had it as good as we have and those are fantasy. My parents have always been super, I guess yours have been too."

"Yep, and I think your right, we shouldn't worry. I know they love us and all indications are they like the idea of us being together." We had a quick kiss and went down to get this meeting over with.

We came downstairs and plopped on the couch. We were sitting as close as we possibly could without one of us being in the other's lap. "Boys, I am sure you have not been looking forward to this little meeting. I bet our choice of words didn't help when we called it setting some ground rules. What do you say, are you nervous?"

"We don't know what to be yet. You did scare us for awhile, but we chose to think positive and hope you understood how close we have become."

"That is well put and it shows a lot of maturity for a couple of fourteen year olds. We are all proud of you and we do know how close you have become. We might even be more aware of just how close than you boys are."

"What do you mean? Sounds like something you are not telling us."

"All in due time. First let me ask you? Do you see how close you boys are sitting together?"

"Yeah, real close. It feels good to be close and touching."

"With all that room on the couch, you boys are sitting like your trying to occupy the same space. I think you realize that not many people would be sitting that close. Your sitting so close it almost looks uncomfortable. Before you say it's not to you, I know."

Jimmy and I looked at each other. "So what do you want us to do?"

"Just hold on for a minute. You boys might have noticed that we were not surprised that you were close and had become lovers so quickly. You might have notice that we have even been helpful in allowing your relationship to blossom."

"I guess now that you mention it you have given us plenty of private time, and left no doubt that you knew we were loving each other. So please quit stalling and talk to us. It is easy to see, you are leading up to something."

"Okay boys, I will start at the beginning. About sixteen years ago, we were neighbors. The Carter's lived where the Jackson's now live. We were the best of friends. I have never known any other couples that were as compatible and got along as well as we did. We took vacations together, we did everything together. Well, not everything, we didn't swap wives if that might be what you're thinking. The girls got pregnant at about the same time. We all went through natural birthing class together. You boys were born ten hours apart."

"I knew our birthdays were close, but not that close."

"When we were little, our birthday parties were not on the same day."

"No, we went to some effort to make sure of that. We always had the parties a week apart on the weekend and you boys never really found out."

"I remember now, I did ask one time why I never had my party on my birthday. Dad said this way was like having two birthdays and I bought it."

"Me too, I remember having almost that same conversation."

"Yes, we never had your parties on your actual birthday or that might have triggered one of you to figure out your birthday was the same day."

"So what was the big deal if we found out we shared the same birthday?"

"Okay, let me continue with the story. We were the best of friends so, of course, you boys sent a lot of time together. It didn't take long to notice that when you were together you were happy and content babies, but when separated you were more restless and not near as content. This was as infants. We all joked about it but weren't worried at all about the bond that appeared to be between you. We actually thought it was the over active imagination of new parents. When you boys started to crawl, this bond became more apparent. We couldn't separate you boys without both of you raising all kinds of hell. You had to be touching. We couldn't keep diapers on you either. You would work them off as quick as we would put them on. Of course it was nothing sexual, you just had to have that physical skin contact. It didn't matter which house you were in, if you were together, you were happy, playing and normal babies. Let us try to separate you and it sounded like we were killing you both."

"You boys used to love to pee on each other too. You would do it and just laugh up a storm. Poop was another matter. Neither one of you could stand it when either of you were dirty."

"I have been dying to ask you if we could pee on each other, but thought you would think I was nuts." Jimmy whispered to me.

"Me too, we will try it soon." I whispered back.

"What are you whispering about? Does a pee party spark something?"

"Nothing, never mind, just go on." Jimmy said turning as red as I have seen him.

"By this time, we were becoming very concerned. We didn't know what to do. We went to every sort of expert you can imagine. Finally, the only explanation that made any sense, and we were groping at straws at that, was that you were soul mates. Destined to be together by forces still unexplained. We found people that claimed they could remember some of their past lives. We tried to discount this as bullshit, but as hard as it was for us to believe, we saw documented proof in more than one case. We finally had to accept reincarnation or just blindly reject all that proof. If we reject the proof these people can remember other lifetimes, we also reject the only plausible explanation for your mutual dependency on each other. If you were not soul mates in a past lifetime, then what was the attraction two infants could have before they even really bonded with their parents? Without any other options, we took their advice. We had people wanting to observe you, study you and then write books about their findings. We wanted our beautiful babies to have normal lives, not be some research project. Nobody seemed to know what to do, but they most all agreed that if we continued to let you stay together, you would never develop individually at all. The consensus was that it might take awhile, but once you got over being separated you would both develop and grow into healthy independent boys. They also agreed that one day you would renew your bond. We followed their advice and separated you, after about a week, your searching and crying started to subside and after a month or so, you were normal healthy and happy boys."

"We were still great friends, but we couldn't spend time together for obvious reasons. The Carter's moved far enough away that you wouldn't run into each other. We even had you in separate schools until the third grade. By then we knew you had been playing together with other kids and no unusual consequences of just being kids and friends. We still talked regularly, but didn't dare renew our friendship to the levels of before. We were content to let nature take its course and would try to deal with whatever came up. Do you boys know you told us you were gay on the exactly the same day?"

"No, that is too weird."

"When Jimmy told us he was in love with Jim, we knew the bond had been renewed in Jimmy, but still didn't want to interfere. We were way over our heads here, but were still confident that if you were really soul mates then nature would find a way to bring you together. After two years of trying to help Jimmy deal with his emotions, we could tell he was getting more and more depressed. I reached a point that I felt I had to do something. I wanted to tell Jimmy that Jim was gay and just go for it, but that seemed to much like betraying Jim. So when the wilderness thing came up. Jimmy said he wished he had nerve enough to ask Jim to go with him. I offered to help by talking to Tom. Anyway, the rest you know. I knew Saturday morning in the kitchen that the bond had been rekindled. It was easy to see the emotional link was back and it was only a matter of time before the physical link would develop."

"So, you guys are not going to try to separate us?"

"We were trying to explain why we don't think we could if we wanted to."

"One more thing you need to know. Way back when you boys told us you were gay, we started making plans for the day you would be reunited. We didn't know when, but the three experts that seemed to offer the best explanation of how babies could be closer than brothers, all agreed that as soul mates one day you would find your mate again. With that in mind, we knew you would want to be together constantly, just like as babies, when you did find one another. We can't separate you boys and both families want you around, so we had to find an unorthodox solution. We spent a lot of time toying with ideas and plans without much success until one day Sally said it was too bad the communes of the sixties didn't last. That triggered us all to thinking it might just work for these two families. Finally almost a year ago, we bought the land and hired a contractor to build a special house. It is actually a single house that if we should not get along after all could be two monster condominiums if something should happen. The house should be finished while you boys are on your wilderness adventure. We will be a six-member family. Talking about breaking new ground, but we have such a unique friendship, we think it will be a wonderful opportunity to share our lives."

"The pool should be filled and ready by the time you guys get back."

"Man, I don't know what to say. I want to stay with Jimmy and for us to be together, but this is way too much to comprehend all at once. I need some time to think and Jimmy and I need some time to process all this information."

"Okay, but let's go eat first, then you guys can talk this out."

"You guys go eat, I think Jimmy and I can handle sandwiches and talk this out. What do you think Jimmy?"

"I agree with you. I have so much popping in and out of my brain; I think we would be a lot better off staying here. You go on and let us think and talk a little."

"Okay, there is plenty to eat in the fridge. We should be back in a couple of hours or so."

We all said our goodbyes and then Jimmy and just looked at each other. Then we held each other. "I am sorry I just spoke up without asking you first, but I just didn't feel like going to dinner right now."

"It's okay, I feel the same way. What do we do now?"

"I suppose we shouldn't worry about it. They are not trying to separate us, we couldn't ask for a better situation, but something is fishy. I can't put my finger on it, but we need to find out some stuff for ourselves. One of us can use my computer and the other can use the one is dad's office. You find out all you can about reincarnation and I will try to tackle anything I can find about soul mates. I don't mean on Nifty either." We both laughed. "Oh, and we need to find out all we can about these people our parents talked with."

"Okay, sounds good, print everything so we can both read whatever we find."

After a couple of hours we had each printed a large stack of paper. We didn't read as we went, so now we had to read and highlight the areas we thought significant. We also used a neon orange highlight when we found something that needed more research. We had just started working our stacks when out parents came back. We didn't go back downstairs, but set about our task of filtering all this raw data. We were making stacks and highlighting and quickly had the floor almost covered with stacks. We were so busy; we didn't hear the knock at first, when we realized someone was outside the bedroom door knocking persistently. "Come in, but be careful where you step."

It was our mothers. Mom had a plate of sandwiches and Sally had a pitcher of lemonade and chips. "We saw you hadn't eaten so we made the sandwiches for you."

"What ever you are doing will keep until you have something to eat."

We knew they wouldn't leave until we started in on the sandwiches, so we got up and took the stuff from out mothers and took it back down stairs. We could have found room to eat, but without speaking we knew if we stayed, they would keep asking questions until we could get them out of there. We knew we had made the correct decision when they started in with the questions as we were eating.

"We hope you are not offended, but we need to do some research on our own. You guys hit us with some stuff that we can't deal with out of the blue. We want to understand as much as we possibly can. Some of these concepts are totally foreign to us and until we can build a frame of reference in our minds, we will stay confused and overwhelmed."

"We figured you boys would go into search and destroy mode. Well, not exactly, but your fathers both said they would bet you guys would be knee deep in research when we got back. Sally and I thought you would be cuddled up asleep when we got back. They said you were both too logical and independent to just blindly accept what we told you today without trying to understand the concepts fully. They knew you would be trying to fry the Internet. They were kind of beating their chests, figuratively speaking, saying their boys would keep at it until you satisfied yourselves that you knew enough to feel comfortable with the concepts. The really bad part about your father's being correct, is having to listen to them gloat about it for the next month or so."

We laughed. "I guess we better get back to our information gathering."

Dad and Tim came in with several binders in their hands. "We have a little more information that might help you. This is information we gathered back when you were babies. This is not the proof itself, but the descriptions of how the past lives were verified and also the reasoning each so called 'expert' used to justify his or her rationalization of why you boys were so connected."

"Boys, I don't need to tell you tomorrow is a school day and you need to get a good night's sleep. Don't let this stuff keep you up; it will still be there tomorrow. Do we have an understanding?" Tim didn't tell us when we had to be in bed asleep. Instead, we had to commit to taking responsibility for ourselves. Sometimes parents are just too slick and we kids don't have a chance.

"Okay, we will be in bed by 11:00."

"How about 10:30, your normal bed time on school nights."

"Yes sir." We both said together. We went back to work on our research. We had the information back into neat manageable stacks just before our bedtime. We were both ready for bed. I love the feel of Jimmy's naked body. With Jimmy in my arms, I feel so contented and loved that sleep comes naturally. Even with his penis nestled next to mine and my hand caressing his smooth bubble butt, we both drift into a peaceful sleep, content in our love and adoration.

I awoke several times during the night. I wasn't having bad dreams or good dreams as far as I know, but always I would wake with thoughts about the report from The Institute for Past Life Studies (IPLS). One thing was standing out more than anything else. It was a discussion about how some souls became intertwined. One of the most fascinating tenets was that souls like people have traits that can influence whom we living breathing humans are compatible with. Also those souls that are compatible and have been together through several lifetimes are always in a search for that soul mate. They said that is why some people just can't maintain a relationship no matter how good and compatible the relationship seems. The soul is an old soul that needs its mate or it becomes restless, insuring its human will become restless in the relationship. Similarly, when the souls find their mates, those relationships could endure virtually anything.

Another interesting tidbit I found that was helping keep me awake was that some of the good people at IPLS can, according to this document, see a person's soul. The report says this visual indication that a very rare few can see can be thought of much like an aura. Most interesting is how when compatible souls are close they can blend together in places. One of the main reasons they wanted to study both families was because we were six very old, very compatible souls. We were an anomaly that couldn't be explained and further research and testing needed to be done.

Evidently our family was smart enough to insist we were not a research project. Since our families were planning to maintain a separation so that Jimmy and I could develop independently into individuals, the institute asked to be able to visit and test us briefly if we did reunite. So, I guess we have that to look forward to or fear.

This last thing I remember from my restless night was my own conclusions. I am not sure it is a conclusion, but I plan to treat it as such. I concluded that I don't need a label for it or a neat little bin to hold it. I don't need to be able to explain it; all I need is to enjoy it. The it I am referring to is the relationship Jimmy and I share. Who cares that immediately we found a bond that defies explanation. For some reason, I know this is a bond that will last until death. From what I have read, I am sure it is a bond that will last beyond this lifetime. I say restless because I woke up several times, but I wasn't tossing and turning. I was in the exact position when the alarm went off.

I had to release my hold on Jimmy to shut that damn alarm clock off. I am usually not so irritated at having to get up in the mornings. It must have something to do with the several times I woke up during the night. We must have been grinding our bodies together just before the alarm sounded. I was almost over the edge and from the moans from Jimmy; I would say he is about there too. I am surprised our lips aren't bruised from the intensity of our kiss. When I could hold it no longer, my fountain started spewing between us. I felt Jimmy's contribution almost immediately. Our kisses slowed and became gentle and loving. I looked into those beautiful blue eyes and said. "Good morning, sleeping beauty."

"Sleeping beauty? How can you call me sleeping beauty? I woke up four or five times last night and you were sound asleep."

"I woke up too and you were sound asleep. Were you thinking about the stuff from that institute too?"

"Yep, I finally decided I didn't give a fuck about any of that stuff. I am the happiest guy in the world. I don't need or even want to hear why. I know we have something very special and all the words and labels in the world won't change anything. I know we will be together beyond this lifetime. That institute did manage to convince me that loving someone beyond this lifetime is possible."

"Me too, I don't care what it's called. Just let me enjoy the love this lifetime has provided. When we get too old to physically love each other, we will either recycle or get new bodies that can physically express our love, or we will just continue to express our love on some other level. Let's quit talking and thinking so much. I want to take your horny young body into the shower to make sure the physical side of our love stills feels so fucking good.

We were both rock hard heading into the shower. We both needed to piss, but we are going to bend this wood far enough to come close to the pot. Jimmy pulled me into the shower, brought us into a loving hug and said. "Now piss! I have wanted to do this. When they told the story about us peeing on each other as babies, I got so hard."

"Me too. I am trying, but I'm too hard to pee."

Jimmy turned on the shower and got it comfortable. That was starting to work. It started as a trickle, but soon I was splashing his cock and balls. His flow started too, the more I peed, the closer I got to the edge of orgasm. We were both extremely turned on by this act of sharing bodily fluids. We seemed to slow down and stop at about the same time. I reached for Jimmy and begin to stroke his beautiful cock. He stroked me. Before we had twenty strokes, we were both blasting cum. Our orgasm was so intense; we had to hold on to keep from falling. We still ended up leaning against the wall to keep from collapsing.

We have three more days of school, well two and a half really and Wednesday will just be an assembly and making sure we get our lockers cleaned out. We will be dismissed before noon on Wednesday. As Jimmy and climb the steps together, we can see we are being watched by almost everyone. "Well, it looks like word has gotten around that the queers are coming."

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