Wilderness Survival
Part 5
By: Jim Carter

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© 2002 Jim Carter

We have three more days of school, well two and a half really and Wednesday will just be an assembly and making sure we get our lockers cleaned out. We will be dismissed before noon on Wednesday. As Jimmy and climb the steps together, we can see we are being watched by almost everyone. "Well, it looks like word has gotten around that the queers are coming."

"Yeah, I am glad this year is about over. Maybe we should have gone into the woods early and let them wonder where we were. I love you Jim and nothing they can say or do will change that."

"I love you too, big boy. The only thing that bothers me is that we don't any classes together except for PE. It may be a good thing that we won't be dressing out this week. You know it is always the football players beating the shit out of the gay guys in Nifty stories."

"Shit speaking of football players. Here comes Todd. If anyone is going to freak at us being gay it could be him, after all, you have your hands all over his butt every snap." Jimmy was giggling so hard he was starting to shake.

"Hey Todd, what's up dude?"

"I just thought I would be the first to kick your ass this morning. Since you have been playing with my ass for three years, seems I should have first shot." His monster smile gave away the fact that he was teasing.

"Todd, I don't know how to break this to you, but your ass doesn't do anything for me, but now that I know you really like it, I might start giving it a pinch every now and then."

"Don't even think it little buddy. Seriously, the whole team had a little meeting without you." Football practice is over; throwing me off the team won't help much at this point. "All of us on the line have been protecting your sorry ass for three years now and we aint about to let somebody get to you know. We will watch over your boy too. The whole team is watching your backs."

"Really, I figured there would be a couple that would want to be first to rearrange my face."

"Nope, we had to work to convince one of us, but we are solid now. We are solid. Right guys?"

Everyone said they were solid. I notice Rich had a couple of bruises and a cut over his eye. "I wasn't real keen on the idea at first, but the guys convinced me that hate was bad and tolerance was the only way to get along. I really do like you and I don't know why I was so hateful about you being gay." Rich stuck his hand out. I took it and we shook. "I mean it, I'm sorry I was about the throw our friendship away because of a label. You can count on me."

"Thanks Rich. I am sorry the guys had to rough you up."

"Oh that. They didn't do that. I took a tumble on my motorcycle this weekend." They all thought it was funny that I thought they had pounded Rich into submission.

"Thanks for watching out for Jim, I know you're his teammates and it is great to know you care enough to protect him, but why did you say you would watch my back too?"

"We know our Jim. Since you are his boyfriend, your welfare is more important to him than his own. So to protect him, we don't have a choice but to protect you. We all like your skinny ass anyway, so it was an easy decision."

"Thanks Todd, I would say I like your fat ass too, but that might not be a good idea."

"Hey man, you going to let your boyfriend call me a fat ass?" Todd turned to me trying very hard to keep from laughing.

"Naw, Todd, I can't let him talk like that. Jimmy, don't talk about Todd's fat ass like that. Or when you do, at least smile." Todd couldn't hold it any more. Because he was our center he always had to put up with ass jokes. If anything, he enjoyed the kidding. We really were a close bunch of guys.

The rest of the morning went by without much happening. Several people told me they thought Jimmy and I were a cute couple. I had a few talk about me getting kicked off the Cardinals. This morning seemed to drag on forever. It is amazing how much difference one weekend can make. Last Friday, this same schedule wasn't a big deal. Today, I was miserable being separated from Jimmy.

Lunch finally rolled around. I waited for Jimmy in front of the cafeteria. When he saw me he burst into a giant smile. I grabbed him and took him around the corner and gave him a big kiss. It had to be quick, but I couldn't wait any longer. "Thanks man, I needed that. I didn't think this morning was ever going to get over with."

"I take it you missed me too."

"Did I ever. Oh, before I forget. I have Butch in my third period History class and he asked me to ask you to meet him after school."

"What does he want? Why didn't he just ask if he could meet us after school?"

"I think he wanted to talk to you alone."

"Isn't going to happen. I don't mind talking to him, but after being separated all day, I'm not giving up a minute to be with you after school."

"I knew that is what you would say, we are already thinking alike. I told him we were going to be throwing after school. He said he would be there."

"He won't stick around long. If he does hang around and we get tired of him, we will start talking about the Indians. He won't stick around after that."

"I think he is jealous. When I mentioned throwing he had to tell me about helping you put in the mound and the plate. He told me you guys had spent a lot of hours pitching and catching on your mound."

"Sounds like he was blowing smoke. The only times he and I worked out there, he pitched and I caught. He wouldn't catch me."

"Maybe couldn't is a better word." Jimmy couldn't help but grin.

"I admit, I made him work behind the plate until he finally just refused. I kept telling him, if he was going to catch me, he better wear a cup. Oh and also, he didn't do anything as far as helping to get it set up. His dad did give me the backstop, but that was way back when we pitched at forty feet. Anyway, I have a real throwing buddy now. We are going to kick some ass. I even hate we will miss the practice game against the Cards while we are in the woods. Not enough to want to miss being in the woods alone with my baby though."

Just then the bell rang. "Shit, I guess we forgot to eat." Jimmy said as he looked down and we both had full trays of food. We both downed our milk and took everything else to the conveyor. "See you in PE."

"If you can, get a bathroom pass and meet me in the third floor bathroom at 1:10. I'll see you later."

"Sounds like fun, shouldn't be a problem. Tests are over. Ms. Minton shouldn't be a problem now." We had a quick hug and went to class. Class was dull and it was all I could do to wait until close to our rendezvous time. When I got to the restroom, I could see Jimmy had gotten there first. To be cool, I was going to surprise my bud, so I forced the door open and rushed him. "AAAAWWWWWWW WHAT THE FUCK!" To make a long story short Jimmy hadn't beat me there. I scared the shit out of Tommy Bowman. I mean literally. Tommy was in the bathroom because his stomach was upset and I scared him and caused a terrible accident. The good news was Tommy's clothes managed to avoid the mess, the bad news was that was about all that was spared. Tommy was crying, so I was trying to settle him down before a teacher came to investigate. Jimmy came in about that time seeing me holding a crying kid with his pants around his ankles.

"What the fuck?" I could tell Jimmy was upset. I opened my mouth to explain and then he saw the mess. He didn't know what happened, but he saw enough to know it was he shouldn't be upset.

"I am sorry I scared you Tommy, we will help you get cleaned up." I turned to look at Jimmy. "I thought it was you in the stall and I blasted through the stall door and scared Tommy. I guess he has an upset stomach. Can you see if the janitor's room is locked and if not get the stuff to clean up?"

"Oh I see, you want me to mop up your mess while you play with Tommy's butt." Jimmy teased.

"Here you help Tommy and I will get the mop."

"No thanks, I was kidding. I will take the mop detail gladly. You owe me big time too buster." Jimmy gave me a look that said he wasn't pleased, but would help me clean up my mess. I took Tommy into a clean stall and got his pants socks and shoes off to make sure they didn't get messed up. I could hear Jimmy using the mop on the walls, so I figured the janitor's room was unlocked.

"Hang on a second Tommy, let me go see if I can find some towels." As I walked by Jimmy he just shook his head and laughed. I found some towels and wet one to wash Tommy using hand soap. I used another one to rinse off the soap and a final one to dry him.

"Thanks for helping me. Most people would made some shitty comment and left me."

"I'm sorry Tommy, I shouldn't have scared you like that."

"I know you didn't mean to scare me. Jimmy, you didn't do anything to contribute to the mess and you mopped it up. I don't know how to thank you enough."

"No problem, but we better get a move on, we have three minutes before the bell."

The bell rang as I made it to the classroom door. Not that I really needed my backpack, but I went against the flow to retrieve my backpack before next class. Maybe someone was trying to tell us that romantic rendezvous' are not a good idea on school time.

The school day finally ended. Jimmy and I were almost to his mom's car when Colton caught up with us. "Hey guys, can I talk to you a minute?"

"Sure Colton, what's up?"

"I heard you guys were together. There are not a lot of us gay guys around. I am sure there are more than we know about, but anyway what I wanted to say is Christian and I would like to hang with you guys sometime."

"How long have you and Christian been together?

"About a year now. We know a few other gay guys, but they just want fuck buddies. We don't share, so we don't fit well with them. We can tell you guys are committed, so we thought it would be great to have some pals to hang with."

"Sounds cool to us, maybe we can do something this weekend." I was speaking for Jimmy too, but I knew that is what he was thinking. As Colton trotted off, I had a guilty feeling about speaking for both of us. I took Jimmy's arm. "I got it right didn't I? You were thinking this weekend. Right?"

"Yep, that is exactly what I was thinking."

"I felt guilty after I said it. I'm going to have to watch that. I'm so comfortable with our relationship, I was just sure you thought that was a good idea. Slap me up side the head to get my attention when I do that crap."

"I'll let you know if I want to talk about something before we decide. I want to be your mate and partner equals in everything we do, but to be honest, you turn me on when you just take charge. I can tell by how you look at me that my opinion counts. We are both pretty independent people. We are both extroverts and meet people easily. My dad thought it might be an area of contention for us, but I don't think so. I feel confident that either one of us is capable of speaking for us as a couple when the need arises. It is like I told my dad, when we are together there is no doubt Jim is the alpha male. When you were eight years old, there was no doubt who was leading your team when you were behind the plate. Dad said you were a natural leader. I know I am a little prejudice, but I will follow you anywhere."

"I don't always have to be the leader. Take our wilderness adventure, you are leading that."

"Yes, I am making the decisions for our adventure, but if you remember, you said. 'Jimmy, you are the one that knows this stuff, pick the spot and layout our route.' So yes, I guess I am leading, but my leader told me to."

"I'm sorry man, I didn't even realize. That is not being a leader; that is just being bossy. I am going to need your help. Please don't let me be a bossy asshole."

"I don't want to change a thing. I have never thought of you as bossy. I'm happier than I have ever been. You will most always be our spokesman. I think we are perfect together."

By this time we were at my house. We went in and changed clothes. When we were both naked, Jimmy got the jock I wore yesterday and put it to his nose. "Hmmm, I like the smell of my man." Then he slipped the jock up his sexy legs.

I got his jock from yesterday and sniffed it. "I kinda like this one, but it has been so stretched by Jimmy's big boy, I am not sure it will hold little ole me." He grinned as I put it on. It was pretty loose in the pouch. "Well, I could always carry my wallet in there too."

He laughed, but was also thinking. "I know I'm a little bigger. Does it really bother you?" I could see some fear in his eyes.

"No, Jimmy. I love your big cock. I'm sorry if I teased too much. I might be teasing to make up for my little dick. I'm proud he is big and he is mine. He might be attached to you, but I'll be the one to have him in me. Let me see that cup." He was going to catch first, so he had the cup on. He took it out and gave it to me. I put the cup in the stretched jock and it snugged up nice. "See with the cup, it's perfect, but just knowing my man's cock and balls were in it last makes it special even if it didn't protect anything." We both laughed. I took the cup out and gave it back to Jimmy. He put the cup back in and you couldn't tell he had a monster cock.

Just then the door opened and Butch walked in. "Isn't this a sexy sight? Well except you should buy little boys jocks Carter, you look lost in that thing."

"Don't worry about it. Jimmy big dick wears one of these and after that us little guys seem dwarfed."

"He can't be that big."

"Let's just say he keeps a smile on my face."

"Let me see." Butch reached for Jimmy's crotch.

"No way. Don't even think it." Jimmy pushed his hand away.

Butch came over to me. "I need to say I am sorry for Saturday. I guess after Sunday, everyone figured out that I was an asshole to cover up for that I am into guys. I wanted to say I'm sorry, but I wanted to play around too." He reached for my crotch.

I knocked his hand away. "That is private property and there is no trespassing."

"I'm sure you let him play with it, what's he got that I don't?"

"I don't need to name but one thing to explain what he has that you don't, and that is my heart. Jimmy owns my body, mind, and spirit and everything that goes with it. We haven't even talked about sharing ourselves with others, but as far as I am concerned, I have everything I could possibly want."

"Me too, we have a bond that I can't explain to you. Just take my word for it; we are not just fooling around. Sex is only a very small part of our relationship."

"Where am I supposed to find other gay guys? You two are the only two I know."

"I don't know, but if I just wanted to get laid, I would hang around the skateboard park. Some of those guys are really cute. I have had a few come on to me, but I was too chicken to go for it. There is also that guy that you were spreading rumors about Saturday."

"You think he is really gay?"

"I don't know, but he likes to hang around you a lot and another good thing; he's older."

"What's so special about him being older?"

"Wheels dummy. He has wheels. Duh!"

"Damn, why didn't I think of that? I gotta run, see ya tomorrow."

"Go easy dude, don't be stupid."

"He is going straight to Taylor Jackson's and try to get in his pants." Jimmy offered.

"Sounds like Butch to me. Come on let's go throw some."

We spent a lot of time getting used to catching each other. Jimmy showed me a trick he used that made his slider more effective. I was going to take me awhile to get used to it, but I think it will give me another good out pitch. I had him move his index finger a little on his curve ball and it improved his curve a lot. He was justifiably proud of how much his ball moved now. "Hey bud, I am sure glad I don't have to try to hit you now. You got it smoke'n baby."

We got in just before they were going to shout for us to come in and eat. Since we have lights bright enough, Jimmy was talking about coming back out to pitch some more. I finally convinced him he didn't want to wear his arm out. He was so excited about how much his curve was moving now he could hardly contain himself.

At dinner they told us we were going to have a meeting after practice Wednesday. They said Coach Wilson was thinking about going to the USSSA World Series in Houston. "No, not Houston. Orlando, we need to go to the Major division, which is held in Orlando. Much better climate and better teams."

Tim said. "We have always let the USSSA World Series intimidate us. It is hard enough to qualify for the AAA division, what makes you think we can qualify in the Major division?"

"The Indians were a good team before they got me. I wouldn't say this if anyone else was here, but it is true. On paper we should be awesome now. We have an abundance of pitching and catching which are the two areas that limit you in the really big tournaments like the World Series. There is no reason we can't go there and finish pretty high. I'm not saying we will win, you know how some of those teams are stacked dad, but unless we get really unlucky or choke, we should do very well. My guess is top ten anyway."

"Don't you think that is a little optimistic? After all this is the first year for the Indians to go. It will be a shock for them to see that many teams in one tournament."

"How many teams?"

"Last year there were 104 teams from 22 different states."

"How do they manage that many teams?"

"We played on 18 fields. They had 10 in one complex and 8 in the other. Every team had to play at least one game on the artificial turf. That was a trip in itself. Luckily we only had to play one pool game on turf and the rest were played on softball fields, but they had mounds. They were small, but still better than no mound at all."

"They grouped the teams by your USSSA points. We didn't play many USSSA tournaments last year, most of ours were AAU, and so we didn't have that many points. We were ranked like 6th in the state according to USSSA points. The Bandits were ranked like 2nd in the state. I don't think we have ever lost a game against the Bandits. Anyway, since we didn't have many USSSA points, we were like the 71st team. All the teams we played had points about like ours. I don't know about their record, but I think we played 5 USSSA tournaments is all we played, but we came in 1st or 2nd in all of them. Anyway pools are groups of 4 teams with around the same points. The top 52 teams after pool play go to the championship round; the bottom 52 go to the consolation bracket. The consolation bracket is single elimination and not where you want to be. Even if you win the consolation, it makes you 53rd anyway you look at it. The championship round is double elimination and the teams are seated by how they finished in pool play. Pool play is pretty hectic. The first 18 games started at 8:00 on Monday morning and all pool play had to be finished before 3:00 on Tuesday. We played our first game at 8:00 and our second at 2:00 on Monday. Our only game Tuesday was at 9:30. We won all three games and only gave up a total of 3 runs. I don't remember for sure, but I think we scored 29 runs ourselves. The top 12 teams got a first round bye and we were pretty sure we should be seated in the top 12, so everyone but Jim and I went to the water park. Jim was entered in the homerun derby which was held Tuesday evening."

"How did you do in the homerun derby?" Jimmy asked me. "Did you win?"

"No, I have been in every one of them since I was 8 and I haven't won any of them."

"You came in second twice." Dad piped up. "He was third last year."

"My hero!" Jimmy said is his best seductive voice as he felt my muscle.

"Anyway, we came out of pool play seated 5th and got a first round bye. We won a couple of games then we played a team from California that were the Indians by the way. We had them down 5 to 2 in the bottom of the 5th Butch was pitching and had walked one and hit one with no outs. The next kid laid down a perfect bunt down the 1st base line. They had the bases loaded with no outs. Butch struck out the next batter. Next batter hit a pop up behind the plate to make 2 outs. You know how Jim does he held up his fist with the middle 2 fingers down. 'Two outs! Any base! Get the easy out!' Then Randy said 'Get him at first! I don't want you screwing around!' The batter hit a grounder to short a routine play for Brandon, but he over threw first and Jacob just flopped down for some reason. Then he realized he better get the ball. Blake was asleep in right field and wasn't backing up the play either. By the time they got the ball the tying run was coming to the plate. They got the ball to Jim and he made the tag, but the umpire called him safe."

"I'm sure he was out, but the guy was coming hard. I had the plate blocked, but he was coming hard enough he moved me two feet. It was close, but I think we had him."

"We got the next batter out, scored tied top of the sixth. We had the bases loaded, but didn't score. Bottom of the sixth and their best player was up. Jim had been making Butch pitch around this guy all day. He was their best player by far; I mean it was that obvious. Jim had told Randy that Butch was tired and probably should be pulled while they were in the dugout. Randy said. 'You just worry about catching, I'll decide who is tired and who needs to be pulled.' Randy had always listened to Jim before, so his comment surprised Jim. I happened to be standing behind the dugout. Jim just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. He went out and warmed Butch up. When it was time to play ball that kid number 15 got up to the plate. What was it he said?"

"He looked at me and said. 'Pitcher must be the coaches kid.'"

"Yep, good pitcher too." I told him.

"Maybe." Was all he said. He knew Butch was tired. Anyway, I kept the target outside and low. I know this guy is going to bust one if we give him something to hit.

With the count 3 and 1, Butch calls me to the mound. "I'm tired of fucking around, let's get this guy out."

I try to calm him. "Butch this is their best player he's heads above any of their other players. It will be better to walk him than give him something to hit." About that time coach West comes to the mound.

"Don't let this guy get away. Now throw some strikes."

"Coach, since he is by far their best player, don't you think we should keep the ball away from him."

"God damn it, if you don't want to do what I say, get the off the fucking field and I'll find someone that will."

"Okay coach."

Butch waived off every sign until I gave fastball. I moved the glove outside, but Butch's pitch was right down the middle. He spanked it over the center field fence. He said 'Told ya' before he ever took his first step toward first. Game over.

"I was mad. It seemed like the coach was mad at me. He chewed us all out after the game. Well, I don't recall Butch getting any of the chewing. I had made up my mind that I wasn't going to play for the Cardinals this year. I was going to see if I could get the Indians to give me a try out. From Tim trying to get me to come play for the Indians every time he saw me, I figured it was a safe bet. Then we played so well in the Fall Classic series I forgot about changing teams. When we started practice in February, I was so ready to play ball, I didn't think about changing teams. Now I am an Indian anyway."

"How did you guys end up in the World Series?"

"We won another game, but we were just going through the motions. This was down to the point where all the teams were damn good. We lost our next game again by 1 run, but it was still our second loss. We ended up 10th. The team that gave us our 1st loss won one more game and finished 4th. The team that beat us our second game came 3rd."

"It really is a fun week. One of the best things is trading pins. We usually have 50 pins apiece. We usually designed and ordered our pins about now. Jimmy and I will put together a couple of designs as a start." I showed them my binder with pins from every year. Some are very elaborate some are unique other ways. A few had little silver baseballs dangling from them. Some teams go all out with their pins. "The Sunday before check-in and before the opening ceremonies are the best times to trade pins. During pool play you might trade a few, but after that the pins only come out in the hotels."

"Sounds like you have your heart set on going, what if the team decides to not go."

"Well, then Jimmy and I will let it be known we will go with another team. A lot of teams need to pick up players mostly pitchers. Some will probably even pay our expenses to get us to play for them."

"What makes you think Jimmy wants to go along with your plan?"

"Easy. He loves me."

"Oh, and love is enough."

"Yep, especially after I beg and plead. If he is still holding out, I will offer to be his sex slave; that will work. Told you love will prevail."

"I was ready to go, but the sex slave deal might get me to hold off."

We all had a laugh. I brought my book in when I went to get the pins. My book is just a binder with all the information I have accumulated over the years about the teams and players we have played. I took out the schedule I had worked up with the World Series as our end goal. I took out the pages Tim would need to present it to the other parents. "We have to qualify and within 300 miles we only have three tournaments left. We should plan to play in all three and we will need to come in first or second in one of them to qualify. I also found we could go to four AAA division World Series qualifiers and if we come in first or second in one of those we could go to Houston, but I am sure we can qualify for Orlando."

"So you think we should play in both divisions?"

"They are not divisions really, it is based on the number of tournament games. We will have plenty of games or I am assuming the Indians have already played more than 20 games. We will play more than 45 games so we qualify for major in games. We just have to place first or second in a qualifying major division tournament."

"So I guess you gave this information to me, expecting me to try to sell it to the parents and coach?"

"You are the only one that can. They wouldn't listen to a kid and my parents are the new guys so the parents wouldn't want them to come in and try to take over or something. Don't you think we need a goal?"

"Yes, I think we need a goal and you have selected an excellent one. Since your dad and I are the sponsors, we can use a little leverage. We will have the team and really us pay the hotel for all the travel. That takes away part of the arguments."

"Wait a second, you said you and dad were sponsors. When did dad become a sponsor?"

"He always has been. We run separate companies owned by the same organization. The Carter's and Fortner's own the parent organization. We already have plans for both of us to move to the headquarters."

"When is this supposed to take place?"

"Next week."

"Seems to me like a whole lot is happening while Jimmy and I are conveniently deep in the woods. You guys are hiding something else. What is it your still not telling us? I have never seen two families so intertwined. Tell us what is going on."

"Okay, we were going to tell you when you got back from the woods anyway. Several years ago, two friends went on a wilderness adventure, much like the adventure you guys have planned. These boys were older than you; this was the summer between their junior and senior years. Both boys were athletes and had been friends for basically all their lives. On the third night of their adventure, a cold front came through and it was unseasonably cold. The boys didn't have any warm clothes. They huddled around the fire until time for bed and decided to sleep together to keep warm. The boys had secretly lusted for each other for several years, but wouldn't risk their friendship to act on their lust. The cuddling to stay warm proved to be too much stimulation. A small kiss led to freeing a passion they had suppressed for years. Once that passion was allowed to blossom, the boys couldn't get enough of their partner. When they admitted to themselves and each other they were gay and in love, their relationship grew." Tim stopped to take a long drink.

"The boys continued to date girls during high school to keep up their macho façade. They were careful to keep their relationship a secret, but their need to be together kept growing. Surprise, surprise, the boys went to the same university and were roommates. They would still date girls occasionally, back then it was necessary to still keep their relationship a secret. In their first year, one of the guys met a really super girl that could actually turn him on as well as being great company. After a month or so, the guy was in a real dilemma. He was in love with two people. One was a guy he could never leave and the other a girl he was growing fonder of everyday. This situation was causing him so much stress; he was not very good company for either partner." Another drink was needed here.

"The guy finally decided to tell the girl the truth. He couldn't handle he stress without something changing. Come to find out the girl was also in a loving relationship with her roommate and was at about the same point. They decided to get the remaining two partners together and see if they might enjoy each other. The second girl wasn't sure she wanted to date a man at all and was hesitant to even give it a try. The good news was they got along very well and in the end she was able to release some of her demons she had been nurturing for years. She was raped as a young teen and had some emotional problems to deal with, but actually having a loving relationship with a man as well as her female lover of seven years gave her the incentive to work through her demons. The couples continued to grow together and became very close. All four of the people in the relationship loved and respected everyone else. In their senior year of college, they decided to get married. Although they were married most of the time the guys slept together and the girls slept together. When they graduated from college their parents went together and sent them on a two week cruise. Because the staff of the ship are always making up the staterooms and always around, the couples had to sleep as husband and wife the whole trip. As you might have guessed a month or so later, we found out both girls were pregnant. I am sure I don't have to tell you who the people in the story are."

"Well, say something."

"I don't think we know what to say. I guess that explains a lot, but raises a lot of questions too. Questions that I don't want the answer to just yet. I am glad you told me, but I need some time to think."

"Yeah, me too. I think I am happy knowing this, but I need some time too."

Jimmy and I went up to our room and flopped on the bed. I settled my body half on half off Jimmy and started to nuzzle his neck. When I shifted my weight my hard dick poked him in the butt. "Be careful where you put that thing. You know I want you in me and if you get me too excited, I might not be able to wait until our romantic deflowering under the stars. We have been stretching each other and I really want the real thing. I want my man in my hot hole." Jimmy wiggled his butt to make his point.

"Don't think for an instant I don't want the same thing. I can't wait for little Jim to claim your hot hole. More than that though, I can't wait until my hole is filled with your big hot log. I want you, big boy, in the worst way." I kissed down his spine with loving kisses and little tongue circles. I pulled his shorts down and started kissing and licking Jimmy's pretty butt. "Your butt is so smooth and so beautiful. I love having my hands all over it." I soon found his hot crack too tempting to put off any longer. I moved between his legs and let out a gasp when I could see his big balls between his legs. I started my slow trek down between his sweet cheeks. I went from the base of his spine to almost his hot hole. I stopped and licked and sucked his balls for a while. Jimmy and I were both moaning. I came up from his balls and slowly made my way to his hole. His butt smelled clean from our shower, but the musky smell of man was overpowering. I couldn't wait, I started to kiss and lick his sweet hole. He was trashing about on the bed. I was so hot; it was all I could do to keep from cuming while tonguing him. He was finally relaxed enough and I got my tongue pointed enough to enter him with my tongue. He and I both were ready to explode.

He shouted. "I'm gonna cum!" I flipped him over and took his big cock into my mouth. I took him into my throat and swallowed him to the base of his cock. I felt his first volley and moved up so that I could taste his sweet cum. He filled me so much I was swallowing like crazy to keep up with the volume. A little leaked out, but I got most of it. When he finally stopped erupting, I climbed up and shared the last of his cum with him. We were both spent, but Jimmy pushed me over and said. "My turn now."

"Too late. I couldn't hold it. I filled my shorts when you filled my mouth. It was a great cum. I love you so much my sweet prince."

He pulled my shorts off and started to lick me. "Well, clean up can be fun too. I love licking your hot bod." He had me cleaned and came to give me a kiss. "I love you, but knowing you love me enough to cum just giving me pleasure means so much to me. I can't believe how lucky I am to have you as my love and my lover. I want to spend the rest of my life just trying to make you feel as special as you make me feel."

"You do already. Life is good and sometimes it gets even better." We kissed and went to shower.

We dressed for dinner and went back down stairs. "Are you boys finally ready for dinner? We heard you 'thinking' and weren't sure you would be back down in time to eat or not." My mom teased.

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