Wilderness Survival
Part 6
By: Jim Carter

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2002 Jim Carter

We dressed for dinner and went back down stairs. "Are you boys finally ready for dinner? We heard you 'thinking' and weren't sure you would be back down in time to eat or not." My mom teased

"Well, sometimes thinking can get loud. I guess we should apologize, but we got a little carried away."

"Yeah, and besides this guy is awesome and I know I shouldn't shout, but I couldn't help it." Jimmy was so embarrassed; I just tried to look innocent. Both sets of parents broke up laughing.

"We were young once too and to tell you the truth, we all were jealous. I have a feeling we will be more passionate tonight than we have in a long time. We haven't forgotten how to make loving a partner special, but we forget to take the time sometimes. You guys are definitely going to spice up our love lives. Thanks boys."

"Let's go eat, we're starved."

Dinner was good. We ran into Hollis and his family at dinner. Before our food arrived he asked Jimmy and I if we would go play video games with him, he said he wanted to apologize for what he said yesterday. He goes to a different school, so we hadn't seen him since. As we were playing Hollis said. "I really am sorry for what I said. I can't really hate gay boys. I'm one too. It was an easy way to quit the team; I knew I was not good enough to play. When I talked to coach Wilson and explained the truth. He suggested I stay on the team even if I didn't play much. He said I was welcome to stay if you guys were okay with it. I was going to apologize at Wednesday's practice, but when I saw you guys I didn't want to wait."

"We didn't hold it against you. We would like to have you back. Right Jim?"

"Yeah, Hollis, I was looking forward to you leading those chants and songs you led for rallies. You have a great voice and were so looking forward to being on the team that could sing the parts the rest of the team sings. You don't know how hard I used to struggle wanting to sing with you guys."

"Really? I love doing that. You really like my voice?"

"Yep, you have a great talent there. Jimmy and I will help you work on your game too if you want, but that is up to you."

"You would do that for me?"

"Sure man. Besides you're really cute too. Right Jimmy?"

"Yes, he is, but you keep your eyes and hands off him. You be mine."

"Yes sir, I wasn't looking to switch, just appreciating the scenery."

"I wish I had a boy friend. You guys look really good together. I just wish I had someone to talk to and go to movies and stuff like that with."

"You're welcome to hang with us, but I know you mean you want someone of your own to share things with. I wouldn't normally say something about someone else being gay, but he said so in front of the whole team Sunday. Cameron is cute and seems to be a super guy."

"He is cute and I like him a lot, but I think he is dating someone from his neighborhood."

"Well, think about it. It wouldn't hurt to ask him if he wanted to go to a movie or something. Hell, ask him to help you work on your fielding or hitting too. That will make him feel good and give you a chance to get to know him better."

"Great, I will. I won't get my hopes up too much, but it's worth a shot. That boy is hot."

"Then there is Cory too, he is cute too."

"Yep, he is cute, but I think he just wants to play around. I don't know how to explain it, but I never felt like I wanted to be with him and I thought he and I were the only two on the team. We must be really weird if we have this many gay boys on the team, but who is complaining?"

Our parents called us back to eat. Hollis went to finish up his meal. We finished our meal and were waiting on the check when Hollis' dad came over. "Hi Carter, Fortner, ladies." Our parents said hello back. "Boys I wanted to come over and thank you for letting Hollis come back on the team. He loves his music more than baseball and I will be more supportive of his music from now on, but he really does want to be part of this team now that it looks so much stronger. He said you guys wanted to help him too. That was very nice of you and I appreciate it. He told us he was gay about a year ago and I had a lot of trouble dealing with it. When I realized I loved my son and I was the one with the real problem, he couldn't help being gay anymore than I can help being tall, I got some help. I just wanted to thank you boys again for my boy."

"He sings like an angel and he is a pretty cool dude too. We can't have too many friends and Hollis is a keeper. There was no need to thank us, but you're welcome just the same. You guys coming to the parents meeting after practice Wednesday?"

"Yes, Hollis is looking forward to the pool party for you kids while we adults talk. I understand we are having burgers afterward."

"Yep and we adults might even have a beer or two." Tim said.

"Sounds good, we will be there."

"Well make sure you vote to for going to the World Series in Orlando."

"Well, I don't know about that, but we will see."

"Okay, but I am counting on your support."

"I was told you were a real leader and looked like a kid, but sounded and acted like an adult. I think I am seeing some of that." We all laughed.

"Yes, fourteen going on thirty, but he can be all kid when it suites him." Dad chimed. We said our goodbyes. Back at home, Jimmy and I stripped down to our boxers and went downstairs to watch some TV with our parents.

I think they were hoping we would stay in our room. I guess I am getting a little possessive. We were back at Jimmy's house and I am calling his room OUR room. Oh well, I like the sound of 'our room'. Jimmy and I were sitting on one couch at each end playing with each other's feet. I love the feel of his feet and his toes look so sexy. Everything about the boy is sexy. Tim said. "You boys have big feet. You know what they say. A big foot means a big dick."

"That is bull. Our feet are the same size and Jimmy's dick is way bigger than mine. His is huge."

"Shut up! You know I like your size better." Jimmy was so embarrassed.

"You're not complaining are you?" Dad asked.

"Nope, I'm bragging. My man is hung and he is all mine." I got a little embarrassed over that one. Jimmy and I were both hard. "I think it is my bedtime." I said as I got up and turned quickly. Jimmy was right behind me.

"Me too."

"I am afraid we are in for another loud night." Tim said as we hit the stairs.

We pulled our boxers off and climbed into bed. Our kisses were powerful and full of passion. This was not going to be a slow loving night, we were stoked. "I can't believe you told our dad's I was hung and all yours." Jimmy said between kisses.

"Well, its true and I love my babies love log." Jimmy's hands were all over me.

"I'm glad I can finally believe you really do like it. I was so afraid for a while that it was too big and you would rather have someone more normal."

"I would love your cock if it was as small as gherkin or as big as ... something real big." I couldn't think of something big. "It is perfect and I wouldn't change a thing about him." I moved around into a 69 position and started rubbing Jimmy's cock all over my face. "I love the feel of him all over my face at once. I'm glad he is mine to love." I licked around the head before taking his beautiful cock in my mouth.

"No, this is the perfect cock." Jimmy said as he took me into his mouth. We were both hot and were ready to shoot after five minutes of loving our mate. Jimmy was first and I let go just as the first shot hit my tongue. I love the taste and texture of his cum. We turned to embrace and share a kiss. We fell asleep with our lips still touching.

Jimmy and I woke up to the alarm clock screaming at us. Jimmy slammed his hand down on the snooze button. He groggily turned to me and kissed me gently. "Damn, I hate waking up before I just do it. At least I have someone to wake up with, that does make it some better."

"Yep, at least after tomorrow we get a break. Come on get your pretty butt up. We need a shower and I don't like taking them alone anymore." We had a great kiss.

"Hang on a second. Let me hit the off button on this squawking piece of crap." Jimmy turned off the alarm so that it wouldn't go off while we were in the shower. "I can never find the off button without getting out of bed. I guess mom did that on purpose." We laughed. It didn't take long to eliminate our morning erections in the shower.

Tuesday was an easy day, nothing happened at school and all was routine at home. Jimmy and I did work on catching each other. Jimmy's curve ball is now something to be feared. I am sure glad I don't have to try to hit him anymore. I almost hate missing this practice game against my old team, but Jimmy and I will be playing nature boys. Both teams are in the same tournament the weekend we get back. I am sure we will meet soon enough. I hope we are in separate pools, so we have a chance of meeting in the finals. This is one of the World Series qualifiers the Indians were scheduled to play before I suggested some changes.

Wednesday was a short day, a couple of my friends were moving out of state after school was out and I won't ever see them again. We promised to send each other emails, but when friend moved away in the past, after a few months the emails got further and further apart. We didn't make a conscious decision to stop our emails; they just slowed to the point of not happening. I have a couple of teachers that were really good and I will miss them as well, but that is the nature of things.

Jimmy and I had a wonderful afternoon swimming and playing in the pool. We had to be careful not to tire ourselves too much. We had practice and then a pool party afterward. Sally and mom were working hard to get everything ready for the parents. Tim told me coach Wilson was happy with the planning I put together and was really looking forward to the World Series. Coach West would always ask me to help him put the schedule together, but then he would make some changes to say it was HIS schedule. I didn't really care, but I started leaving off tournaments that I knew we would play in so that he could put those in place of some silly tournament I would put on the schedule. That might have been cheating a little, but I could make sure he didn't throw out a really good tournament just to change the schedule. I guess they are correct. I'm manipulative, but I tell myself it is only when absolutely necessary. I usually believe me. Hehehehe

We left for practice in plenty of time to be the first there, but as we approached the field we could see Hollis and Cameron working on grounders. We watched for a few minutes before we got close enough for them to notice. They took a break. Then we saw it; they were stealing quick kisses. Those two had managed to hook up. "Let's not let on that we saw anything. If they don't come out and tell us, let's pretend we don't have a clue no matter what they do."

"Cool, I like the way you think Jim Carter."

"That's good cause I'm not sure I could change if I had to."

As we got to the dugout, we put our bat bags on the fence, got our gloves and started warming up our arms. Jacob got there soon after us and wanted to work behind the plate. He said he needed some time to get used to my curve before he had to actually try to catch me in a game. I told him he better work with Jimmy too. He said he had caught Jimmy since they were 8; he had Jimmy's pitches down pat. "Well, I am willing to bet a pizza and movies Friday night you miss 2 out of his first 3 curve balls."

"What're you going to do throw them so far outside I can't possibly catch them?"

"Nope, if they are not strikes, they don't count as a pitch. We have a bet?"

"Okay, you got a bet." He had his gear on and went behind the plate.

"You better have a cup on." I warned. He looked at me funny, but went to his bag and got his cup and slid it in.

Jimmy warmed up with fastballs. Hollis went behind Jacob to call balls and strikes. "Hollis, you might want to go stand behind Jimmy. Don't argue, just take my word for it."

He went behind Jimmy and all was set. Jimmy's first curve Jacob missed so far, he didn't even get a glove on the ball. "Shit, man, that's wicked. Your curve has never broke close to that much. What did you do"?

"It just happens when you sleep with Jim. He can take the straightness out of anything." Everyone laughed.

Jacob missed the next one but at least it went off his glove this time. "Man, it is worth buying you guys pizza and the movies. We are going to kick some serious ass." Jacob got to where he could catch Jimmy and I both before the coach made it to practice.

Jacob filled the coach in on Jimmy's curve. He watched Jimmy pitch 3 or 4 curve balls; his smile was from ear to ear. "We are going to kick some serious ass." Everyone laughed. "What was so funny, we really are going to kick some butt."

"Jacob used the exact same words just before you got here."

Practice went quickly and we headed to Jimmy's for the meeting/party. Jimmy and I had avoided commenting about Hollis and Cameron. Finally in the pool, they cornered us. "We wanted you guys to figure it out without us having to tell you, but Hollis and I are going out. He came over last night and asked me to help him work on his fielding. We worked for a little while and then he started singing to me. He asked me out in a song. You wouldn't believe how beautiful it was. He is spending the night with me tonight, I'm not sure we will sleep much, but I think I am going to enjoy it. I understand I have you guys to thank for him asking me out. Thanks."

"You're welcome, I hope you guys have a lot of fun together. You look very good together by the way."

"As if you noticed."

"We noticed. We saw you kissing before practice. We were just pulling your chain pretending to not notice."

"You guys did a good job. I was getting so frustrated trying to get you to notice."

During the meeting all the parents had been excited about the new schedule and the trip to the World Series. Everyone except Cameron's parents who had plans for a second honeymoon to Europe that week. Cameron was going to stay with his grandparents, but Hollis' parents said they would be more than happy to take Cameron not only the week of the Series but the week before as well. Both sets of parents seemed to already know about the new couple and all was set.

We had another practice on Sunday afternoon and the team was really starting to jell. I told coach Wilson we would work out new signs for him when we got back from our wilderness adventure. He wanted to know why, I got out my book and showed him all his signs and told him that I had shared them with coach West. He was shocked. I told him that any coach that didn't vary his indicator or his signs made it easy to pick up. Since he would be using his old signs during the practice game, we would use that to our advantage the first time we played the Cardinals in the next tournament. We also found out the Cardinals had picked up Nathan Chambers from the Mets. Of course, Butch told us Nathan was the best pitcher in the state. He is a good pitcher, but I think Butch is even better than Nathan and I know that Jimmy and I are better. The rest of the year is going to be very interesting.

By the end of the weekend Jimmy and I had packed almost everything we were taking. It has to be light enough for us to carry on our twenty-five or so mile hike and still contain everything we will need to survive. The only things we are bringing that are not a necessity are a couple of balls and two gloves. We can't just ignore our arms the whole week. At least that is the excuse we used to add that weight to our packs. Jimmy was taking a bow and some arrows and I was taking my slingshot with small blowgun darts for ammunition for it.

Our dads had picked the worst time of the year for us to attempt this "wilderness survival" attempt. It was too early in the year for nut trees to bear fruit or even black berry bushes to have fruit. We would only have what we brought with us and fish we caught or meat we trapped or killed. We had to plan for it so that our bodies wouldn't just totally be shocked. One thing we packed early was plenty of vitamins. We might be roughing it but science could help keep us from wrecking our bodies. We had to bring the sat phone and solar charger, which was a required necessity to keep us safe.

Since we were leaving at 4:00Am Tuesday morning Jimmy and I turned in early Monday night. We would stop at Denny's for a big breakfast before we left town. Hopefully it would give us the energy to make the hike without too much trouble. We got to the drop off point well before first light. We decided to check our packs one more time. Tim handed us a deck of cards and said we might find them something to occupy our minds. We checked our lights to make sure they were working. One thing they asked again if we had a first aid kit with a snake bite kit. Of course, we did. We both knew exactly where it was in my pack. As the sun started to lighten the sky, we bid our parents goodbye and headed out. We were following an old logging road for the first few miles. This part of the hike was fairly easy and we spent a lot of the time holding hands walking side by side. The roadway soon became less and less defined until we came to the ridge where we found the hiking trail that would take us over the next couple of mountains. Well, not mountains exactly, but big hills anyway. They seemed like mountains as we made our way up them.

We took our first real break on some boulders that overlooked a vast valley. It was a magnificent view. Jimmy set between my legs and leaned back against me. I was wonderful feeling his body next to mine. I had the privilege of watching his beautiful butt all morning. "This view is spectacular, don't you think?"

"Yep, it is wonderful, but watching your butt all morning was an even better view."

"You horny toad."

"You got that right. Watching that pretty butt all morning would make anybody horny." I wrapped my arms around him and started kissing his neck. He turned and we started our tongue duel. We were both hard in an instant. We didn't have a choice, but to get our pants down and take care of each other. Nothing was said; words were not needed. We didn't waste time; we just swallowed the cock in front of us and started to please our mate. Our fingers found our pleasure spot within and we were cumming quickly. After a little more kissing, we were back on the trail.

It wasn't long before we saw the lake where we would be camping. We have about three miles before we will get there, but it is mostly downhill. Of course, we had to make a couple of detours where we couldn't just follow a straight line to our destination. Jimmy got us right back to where we wanted to be. We were close to the lake and also a beautiful stream that had fresh flowing very cold water. We could see where the water came out of the rocks and down a small waterfall. The spring must be somewhere inside the mountain. The water tastes so different to city water. We set up camp such that this water was almost in our camp. We cleaned the area of pine needles and used them as a mattress under our little tent. We also started gathering wood for our fire. We had plenty of wood to last us a couple of days. We built a little shelter over it so that we would have dry wood even if we got the rain that was expected on Thursday. One of the three streams that were close was deep enough that we could build a fish trap, which proved to provide food for dinner tonight.

We called in on the sat phone to let the folks know we made it to the campsite and had everything set up and had already caught dinner. They were surprised and pleased that we were already set up and had dinner caught. They told us they were moving into the new house starting tomorrow.

We cleaned up in the lake and went back to camp. My feet were very tired and I was sure Jimmy's was as well. I took his boots off and started to massage his feet. His big feet were sexy as hell. Rubbing his feet and legs had me hard as a rock. I looked and Jimmy was hard too. "Man you know how to always make me feel good. My feet were killing me and my beautiful boy friend makes it all better." He started taking my boots off. "Let me show you how good it feels."

"It feels pretty good to be able to touch your sexy body. You turn me on mentally, emotionally and physically. I'm hooked on my Jimmy."

He was doing a wonderful job on my feet. The way he was rubbing a couple of spots, I thought I could cum if he kept it up. "When you were massaging me there, I thought I was going to cum. I can tell it is the same for you." He then put my toes in his mouth and started sucking one at a time. I started doing the same for him.

I looked in his eyes and saw all the love I could possibly imagine. Without a word, we let go of our feet and came into a deep passionate kiss. Our naked bodies were mashed together everywhere possible. We rolled around on the grass our lips never loosing contact. My tongue was polishing his teeth, and then his would take over the task on me. I love the taste of his tongue like all the rest on him, uniquely Jimmy. Our cocks side by side between us were generating enough precum to keep us very slippery. The heat was noticeable. We couldn't seem to get enough of the boy in our arms. I love the feel of his back, his taunt butt and his hot crack. He would roll us over so that he could have his pleasure of touching me the same way. We both knew it was time, our cocks ground together more urgently and I knew the inevitable was imamate. I fired my first volley and then I felt Jimmy fire his before my second erupted. It was an awesome love making session.

"I love you Jimmy Fortner."

"I love you more Jim Carter."

"I love you more."

"No, I love you more."

We both laughed. "It's okay, we both win." I kissed Jimmy sweetly. "Let's get cleaned up and cook those two fish. Then we can watch the sunset from our balcony."


"Well, that ridge does overlook the valley to the West. I thought it would make a nice place to watch the sunset and since it is so close to camp, I called it a balcony."

"Let's eat. I'm starved." We baked the fish and ate our fill. It was getting close to dusk and I set the camera Tim had sent with us. It could take short video and stills both. These new digital cameras are fantastic. I finally found the auto timer and set it so that it would take our picture with the sunset in the background. Our first sunset in our wilderness home was awesome. There were just enough clouds to make the sky many shades of orange purple red and gold. I could hardly wait to check out the picture to see how it turned out, but the beautiful sight, with Jimmy between my legs, his back to my chest I couldn't pull myself away. With our cheeks touching we were both content to just soak up the beauty of nature. When dusk gave way to night, we found the camera and went back to camp. We checked the picture and were able to relive the beautiful scene again. It was inspiring.

We built up the fire a little and snuggled up just watching the flames. Jimmy got up and went into the tent; he was soon back with a bottle of Wett. "I want you inside me. We wanted a romantic evening under the stars for our first times and I've waited as long as I can. Please make love to me."

"I couldn't refuse you if I wanted to." I started kissing his face. I moved down his neck and took my time pleasuring each of his excited nipples. I made my way down his belly his bellybutton is very sensitive and it had him humping into the air just kissing and sucking it. I licked where his legs join his torso, then his big beautiful balls. I took each one into my mouth and made love to each one with my tongue. I licked from the base to the crown of his hard cock. It was as hard as I have ever seen it. I took it into my mouth and tasted my sweet man. It was all I could do to move on.

I kissed down his left leg and up his right. I gently motioned for him to turn over onto his tummy. "I want to look at you and kiss you when you fuck me."

"Okay, we will. Just be lay on your tummy for a bit." I licked his shoulder blades and down the crease of his back. I came up his legs and kissed each cheek. I started licking and kissing his beautiful butt cheeks. I love the feel of his beautiful butt. I used my teeth to gently nip at his butt. From his moans, I assumed that this was as good for him as it was for me. I can't explain how wonderful it felt playing with his butt. When I couldn't hold out any longer, I started to work on his hot crack. I licked from one end to the other. Each time my tongue would go over his pucker, I could feel him twitch with anticipation. I couldn't stand it any more and I started to make love to his tight hole with my kisses and hard tongue. We had been working to stretch each other so that when we consummated out love, it wouldn't be any more painful that absolutely necessary. I could feel his pucker relax under my tongue assault. It is so exciting making love to his hole with my tongue; I can't seem to get enough.

"Fuck me, please Jim. I need you in me now."

I reached for the Wett and started to work it into him. First just the one finger. His ring had quickly accepted the first finger and soon accommodated the second. I used some more lube and brought the third finger into play. When I thought he was relaxed enough, I lubed my cock. Jimmy turned over and brought his knees up to his chest. I noticed his cock was poking him in the lips. He can suck himself without even bending much. I have to really work at it to suck myself, but Jimmy's cock is so big, it is there for him as I prepare to enter him. As I pressed on his entrance with the head of my cock, I paused to let him take me in slowly. His inner muscle slowly let the pressing head in. I waited for him to adjust to the head, but Jimmy wanted more. He rose up and caused another three inches or so enter. "Now, fuck me now." I slid on in and waited again. "Oh, yeah, that feels great. It is so much better than those dildos we used. Your cock is so hot and I can feel it pulse not and then. Man it is feels awesome." I pulled back so just the head was inside him, and then slowly slid back in until I was in all the way. I was taking slow strokes for as long as I could stand it. Jimmy was getting impatient too. He was humping to meet my strokes and we gradually increased the pace. We would share passionate kisses. We both knew it was time and we couldn't hold out any longer. "Do it, fill me with your hot cum."

I saw Jimmy take his cock into his mouth and I felt his ass clamp down on my cock as his orgasm took over his body. His ass was clamped so tight, I couldn't move in him. But the pressure he generated pushed me over the edge and I started filling his hot ass with my seed. When he finally let up a little I slowly pumped out the rest of my cum. "Man, Jimmy, that was awesome." That was all I could manage to get out before every muscle in my body went limp and it was all I could do to get off Jimmy and let my body recover.

"That was so awesome. Your cock was so hot and every stroke it rubbed my prostrate which had me in fits inside. When your cock head would hit it, it was indescribable how it made me feel." We kissed and caressed until we had once again reached a peak of excitement. I wasn't at all sure I could take another orgasm like the last one, but what a way to go if it kills me. I love Jimmy's big cock, but I know this first time is bound to hurt.

"Did it hurt at first?" I asked Jimmy between kisses.

"Only at the very first. When your head popped in, it hurt some, but you let me get used to it and it was okay. After that, it was just getting used to being filled by your big cock." I guess he could see the uncertainty on my face. "You don't have to do this if you don't want to."

"I want to very much. It's just when you talk about my big cock filling you up, which gives me something to think about. You know that wild horses couldn't stop me from doing my best to take 'little Jimmy'. It's even hard to call him that. I do want him in me. I love my big toy." I was playing with Jimmy's cock all the time we were talking.

"You know he is not much bigger than 'little Jim' when they are both hard. Seeing him soft that makes him seem bigger."

"Yeah, I know, but he sure does look like a monster soft. I love to play with him when he is soft, but he just doesn't seem to want to stay soft very long. I guess he likes me."

"He likes you very much. Now he gets to show you how much." Jimmy broke our kiss and started to lick and suck his way down my body. He basically followed the same path I used before. When he took my cock in his hot mouth, it felt so good, I could have cum if he had continued sucking for another two or three minutes. When he turned me over and started to lick and tease my butt, I really needed to cum. His hot tongue started working on my hole and I was in ecstasy. Then he lubed up his fingers and started to work the lube into my hole. Jimmy continued to stretch my hole. "Turn over and show me how you suck your own cock." Jimmy worked my hole as I raised my ass in the air and had my feet on ground over my head. I could get about three inches in my mouth. Jimmy was still playing with my hole and helped me back down. He had me hold my knees and he started pushing his cock into my willing hole. It hurt like hell, but I wanted him in me. I let out a hiss and shoved back until I felt the head break through my sphincter.

"Give me some more." I said once I was used to the head. Jimmy made the painfully slow journey into me. It felt like I was being ripped apart, but when he stopped for me to get used to his thickness, it gave my insides a wonderful feeling of fullness. Eventually I felt his pubic hair on my ass. I knew he was in all the way. When he started his slow strokes, I felt those mini orgasms Jimmy told me about. It was fantastic. "Fuck me stud, faster baby, faster." Jimmy sped up his strokes. Oh how good this feels having his hot hard cock blazing into me. "Oh, oh, oh, I can't hold off. I'm ccccuuuummmming." I screamed. I blasted all over my chest, even up onto my face.

"Meeeee tooooooo. FFFUUUCCCKKK!" Jimmy roared. I felt his hot shots of cum filling my insides. After a few minutes, Jimmy started licking the cum off my chest and face. We kissed a very soulful kiss. "Man, that was intense." We were both leaking cum from our asses. It wasn't bad, but we didn't want to get too much on our sleeping bags or we would hear the kidding for months. We both knew this and got up as one to go wash off in the creek. Jimmy led with the flashlight. Washing in the creek in the dark is not the safest of things, but needed to be done tonight. Once we were finished, we headed back to our tent.

We had zipped the bags together when we first put them in the tent. At that time our tent was nice and neat, now it appeared to be an unorganized mess. We would have to put everything back in some semblance of order tomorrow so that we can find everything we need easily. Words didn't seem to be needed. We were both dead tired and we just climbed into the sleeping bag. I was on my back with my pack for a pillow. Jimmy was on his side mostly with his leg over mine. He scooted over more so that his thigh was touching my cock and his cock was touching my thigh as well. He had his arm across my chest and his head was on my shoulder. I bent down and he rose up for a goodnight kiss. "Good night Jim. I love you so much."

"Night babe. I love you more."

"Impossible." Jimmy said as he fell into a deep slumber. I was right behind him. Everything seemed so peaceful and so very right with the world.

Wednesday morning I woke with a raging hard on and needing to piss like a racehorse. How am I going to get untangled from my lover without waking him? I started to untangle myself from Jimmy and ease myself out of the bag. It didn't work, Jimmy woke up needing to piss just as bad and when he realized what I was trying to do, he quickly beat me out of the bag and started unzipping the tent. Since he had to work the zipper, I slipped past him and made it out before him. Our bladders were too demanding we couldn't even laugh until we had relieved a lot of the pressure.

After our meager breakfast, we went to check our traps and snares. We still have not caught anything in our snares. This morning we didn't have a fish in our trap in the stream either. It might be a long day; Jimmy and I are not accustomed to going without food for long. It was a beautiful day, but the forecast is still calling for heavy rains tomorrow. We decided to take our one tarp and stretch it over the fire pit such that we could have a fire if the rains continued for a long period. We made a shelter over our firewood from cane growing on one end of the lake. We plan to burn it in the fire pit before we leave so that we could leave the area as nice and pristine as before we arrived.

The day was so lovely and we needed something to take our mind off eating or not eating as the case may be, so we decided to take a hike. We were really enjoying the woods and our time together. We saw some areas that one would have to assume had had very little if any human contact.

We had walked five or six miles when we decided to take a brief rest. We were starting to get frisky, just as Jimmy's watch alarm let us know it was time for us to check in with our family. It was the thirty-minute warning. Jimmy set his alarm for thirty minutes before we were to check in so that we wouldn't have to call immediately. We had the phone with us, so we were prepared to make the call.

Then we heard it. We were not sure what we heard, but we both heard it at the same time. We stood to investigate. It was moaning or crying. We were not sure what we would find just beyond a thicket, but we were going to find out. We didn't see anything for a couple of minutes and were about to decide it was our minds or stomachs playing tricks on us. Then I saw something move. We got closer and found a boy. He looked to be dirty and had a few cuts and bruises. We couldn't be sure of anything else. When we got to him. I brushed the hair out of his eyes. "How bad are you hurt?" I tried to ask.

"Not hurt, just tired and hungry." The boy said in a very hushed voice. His throat must be dry and parched.

I picked up his head and held my canteen for him to drink. He tried to drink too much too fast and choked, but soon had some in him. "Is that any better? What are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere?"

He burst into tears and said. "They tried to kill me."

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