Wilderness Survival
Part 7
By: Jim Carter

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© 2004 Jim Carter

He burst into tears and said. “They tried to kill me.”

“Who tried to kill you? Why?”

“They put me in the back of the Bronco and brought me to the woods. I could hear them talking; they were going to make it look like I was lost and fell down a cliff. When I heard them saying that, I surprised them when they opened the back door and ran off. They came after me, but not for long.”

“Who would do such a terrible thing?”

“My mom and step-dad. The people that were paying them to take pictures of me said I was over exposed and wouldn’t be paying them anymore. I heard that too.”

Jimmy and I were shocked to say the least. The boy looked to be nine or ten years old and very cute under the dirt. “What is your name?”

“Nathan Williams.” The boy said.

“How old are you Nathan?”

“Twelve, almost.”

“How long have you been out here bud?” I started to rub his back. He was still coiled in a fetal position.

“I think I remember six nights, but I am not sure. Do you guys have anything to eat? I’m really hungry?”

“We do back at the camp, but that is several miles away. We need to get you something to eat and have someone look at you before we can make it back there.” He just put his arms around my neck and hung on for dear life.

“Don’t leave me. You are my angels, don’t leave me now.” Jimmy was dialing the phone.

“We need to move into that clearing we passed a few minutes ago.” He helped me to my feet with the boy in my arms. “Hello, dad. We have a problem.” I couldn’t hear what Tim was saying, but only had Jimmy’s end of the conversation to know about what was being said. Jimmy told him the story, as we knew it. He was on the speakerphone and talking with the State Police and said they had our position and were sending a helicopter to pick up Nathan.

“Don’t leave me!” He did his best to shout.

“We can’t come with you on the rescue helicopter, but we will make sure you have the very best care and will be safe. You trust me don’t you?”

He nodded. “I guess.” I took the phone from Jimmy.

“Tim, this little guy has been through a lot and I am giving him my promise that everything will be alright or we will be fit to be tied. You will make sure I can keep my word won’t you?” I gave the boy a big smile and held the phone to his ear for Tim to talk to him. It must have helped because he was smiling.

I took the phone back. “Tim, the GPS stuff is awesome. That helicopter is making a beeline right to us. I can’t believe how quick they got here. I hope they have something for Nathan to eat.” I nodded my head. “I guess it makes sense it will take awhile before they can introduce too much into his system.”

When I handed Nathan to the paramedic on the copter, I expected him to ask us not to leave him, but he knew he was in good hands by the way the guy was treating him. “Thanks guys, you are my angels.”

“We don’t get called angels very often, but we will see you in about a week and I expect to see you under better circumstances.”

“Me too, your dad said he would make sure my mom and dad never got near me again. I guess they are in a lot of trouble. I don’t understand.” I could see the tears were back, but he was holding them back as best he could. “I tried to be a good boy. I didn’t eat much and I did all that stuff they made me do. Why did they want to kill me?”

“I don’t know bud, but we won’t let them hurt you ever again. We all promise and that is a promise we will all fight to keep. Now you get some rest and we will see you later.”

The copter took off and Nathan was on his way to exactly what we didn’t know, but with our dad’s behind the promise, I felt comfortable he would be okay and when we next saw him everything would be in good shape.

When we got back to camp, we had a fish in our trap. I guess a fish was better than nothing, but I am getting tired of fish. We cleaned the fish and cooked it. We both just picked at our dinner. We cleaned the campsite and got ready for bed. The clouds were starting to move in and as we guessed, it was another awesome sunset. We again captured the sunset and our enjoyment of watching it on film.

We got in some extra firewood, knowing that we were going to have rain tomorrow. We decided to call it an early night. We sixty-nined for a long time, just enjoying pleasing our partner. We had all the time in the world and we enjoyed bringing our partner to the edge and then letting the sensation subside for a little while and then start the climb to ecstasy again. We finally came almost together. It was wonderful. We kissed for a few more minutes. Then Jimmy asked. “Think we should call and check on Nathan?”

“I was hoping you would want to call.”

We called and were told that Nathan was doing marvelous and had all the nurses wrapped around his finger. His parents were arrested and were going to be put a way for a long time. Seems the FBI had been investigating them and the people they were working with and with the help Nathan gave them had made several arrests.

They said the news people were everywhere trying to find our location so they could get a story from us. It was driving them wild they couldn’t find us and yet we were the talk of the town.

It turns out that a couple had been bugging the police about Nathan being missing. Nathan was always coming by to check on them and when he didn’t for a few days in a row, the couple was very adamant that something was wrong, but the police were hesitant to do more than ask his parents were he was. The parents said he was at his grandparents so the police dropped it. That didn’t stop the Jamison’s from still calling everyday. They were both crippled in a car accident and both are in a wheel chair. Nathan spent a lot of time with them and they love him. We called judge Kirby and he has approved them for foster parents and will be finalizing the adoption as soon as the state and county get their acts together. So it looks like Nathan has found a loving home.

We were glad we called and got the good news. We snuggled into each other and sleep soon took over.

I awoke just before dawn with an urgent need to piss. I untangled from Jimmy and headed out of our tent. Dawn was just breaking. It wasn’t exactly raining, closer to a mist than a rain. I took care of my morning functions and felt great after brushing my teeth even if it was sprinkling. It wasn’t cold and the dampness was more pleasant than not. Not easy to explain, but not a bad morning at all. I got back to camp just as Jimmy was sticking his head out. “Morning sunshine, come on out, the water is fine.”

“I can tell you have been up long enough to brush your teeth.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Brushing your teeth is like coffee to a caffeine addict. Once you brush your teeth you are Mr. Sunshine, but before you can be a grump. I’m saying, I know you have just brushed your teeth and you are ready to take on the world.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “You got me. What can I say?”

“No need to say anything. My turn to get my morning started.” Jimmy ran off to take care of his morning business.

Jimmy came back all smiles. “I feel much better. I can’t believe we still haven’t caught anything in our snares. I was sure when we moved them we would have something this morning.”

“I know, but we do have a fish in the trap.”

“Well, let’s have some trail mix this morning for breakfast. I am hungry.”

“Sounds good to me.” We dug out the trail mix and had about a forth each. That only left us with one more serving each.

At about 8 am it started raining much harder. Jimmy took me by the hand and led me into our tent. We didn’t have anything on but boots and socks and we took them off at the door. We laid on top of our zipped together sleeping bags. Not a word was spoken. We slowly rubbed, massaged, caressed, licked, and kissed every possible inch or our partner and then would start over. Our actions were not sexual but highly sensual. Our cocks were in a constant state of erection, but not aching to cum. We were worshiping our partner. This was love making at its fullest. I can’t explain the feelings we were generating. I felt a part of him and I can tell he feels like he is a part of me. Our bodies were as close to merging as they possibly could be. We lost all track of time and where we were. We were one, my whole being seemed centered on my Jimmy and he seemed a part of me. Our kisses were so gentle and loving. Our touches so soulful and stimulating and at the same time relaxing. Only the alarm on Jimmy’s watch brought us out of our love making trance. We just shared a soulful kiss and moved into a sixty-nine position to bring our love making to completion. We were both so highly stimulated from over four hours of love making that it didn’t take but a few practiced licks and slides to send us over the edge. When our orgasm finally subsided and we were able to turn to kiss sweetly we both smiled knowing how deeply we were loved.

“Wow, do you realize we were in our own little love making world for over four hours?”

“Yeah, can you believe that. It didn’t seem like any time at all. Then all of a sudden it is time to make our call.”

“Listen, it sounds like the rain has stopped too.” We looked out of the tent and it looked like the rain had stopped and been stopped for a time. “As they say, time flies when you are having fun.”

We made our call and were told we were moving into our new house as we spoke. We got some more good news about Nathan. The people that want to adopt him own one of the three other houses on the lake were we are moving. Their house has been built and ready to move into for almost two years, but they stayed in their old neighborhood for Nathan. Now he will be moving with them to the lake. Our lives are so bazaar. Who would believe everything that is happening to us. It’s more wild and more plot twists than anyone could imagine. After we hung up with our folks, we shared another kiss. “Can you believe all this happening to us and around us all at once? No way we can even write this down and send it to nifty. Too unbelievable for anyone to find interesting.”

“First of all, we have a baseball team with eleven players and five are gay and two couples on top of that. Then while out in the wilderness, twenty-five miles or so from the nearest civilization, one of the couples finds a kid his parents tried to kill who is gay and ends up as their neighbor. Sounds believable to me. NOT!!!” We busted up laughing.

“Oh well, good thing we don’t have to try to tell our story and make it sound convincing. Let’s stretch our legs.”

Stretch our legs was like a code word for us to get a ball, and our gloves and head to the clearing where we played catch. We didn’t throw real hard very often, but we did keep our arms limber. When we decided to quit playing catch, we automatically put the equipment down and started to jog around the clearing. We had actually worn a path which made us sad in a way. We didn’t want to disturb this pristine place, but we needed to keep our legs in shape. We decided that our last day we would do our best to help let the path heal as best we could with just our hands and what few tools we had.

Walking back to our campsite holding hands Jimmy looked over at me and said. “Do you realize that we have said very few words this week?”

“Yes, I was thinking the same thing. It’s almost like words are a waste when we are together. I didn’t have a clue that two people could be this close. We seem to be so in tune with one another that we act as one. I seem to know what you want and expect of me and you seem to be the same. It’s so cool.”

“It might get spooky one of these days, but I love knowing what you are thinking and feel like you know what I’m thinking.”

“Quick test. What am I thinking.” I challenged.

“Your thinking. You can’t wait to taste my hot cock and you might just lay me down right here and suck me dry.”

“That’s no fair, I’m always thinking that.”

“I know, but I can’t wait another second to have you too.” Jimmy said as he went down on his knees in front of me taking my cock to the hilt in on smooth motion.

“Damn I love it when you do that.” I said as I ran my fingers through his hair. Jimmy played with my balls while he was sucking and bobbing his head on my cock. It wasn’t going to be long and I was going to give him my load. As the last of my cum filled his hot mouth, my knees buckled and I ended in a heap on my sweet lover. It took a couple of minutes for us both to regain some control of our breathing. Now it was my turn to take his hot cock. After all my practice, I can now take Jimmy’s big boy full hilt like a master.

“Man your good, I can’t hold out much longer.” Jimmy gasp as we lay there making hot sweet love. True to his word his first volley came without much warning at all. I love tasting my Jimmy’s cock and his seed. We didn’t say anything as we got up and started back to camp. We would occasionally exchange sweet gentle kisses. Not kisses of passion, but kisses of respect and love.

We sat at our campfire Jimmy in front of me with my arms wrapped around him. “I’m not sure I ever want to go home. I love being held like this, knowing you love me as much as I love you. Just you making me happy and me making you happy. It just seems so perfect.”

“It is perfect and it doesn’t have to end when we go home, we just have to find time to be intimate.”

“Yeah, I know, but with people around we have to rush and hurry it is like they have some control over us. Out here, we only have the pleasure on our mind..

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