Wilderness Survival
Part 8
By: Jim Carter

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© 2004 Jim Carter

We sat at our campfire Jimmy in front of me with my arms wrapped around him. “I’m not sure I ever want to go home. I love being held like this, knowing you love me as much as I love you. Just you making me happy and me making you happy. It just seems so perfect.”

“It is perfect and it doesn’t have to end when we go home, we just have to find time to be intimate.”

“Yeah, I know, but with people around we have to rush and hurry it is like they have some control over us. Out here, we only have the pleasure on our mind..



Friday morning when I awoke, Jimmy looked like he had been watching me sleep. "Good morning sexy." I said to him.

"Good morning your beautiful self." Jimmy said. You look so awesome and peaceful when you are asleep. I love just watching you sleep."

"Okay, but waking up to your big baby blues staring at me could be spooky if I didn't love looking into them so much." I giggled.

Jimmy and I shared a tender but passionate kiss. As we were both still sporting morning wood, we were both extremely hard, but our need to relieve our bladder was too much to ignore any longer. We took care of business without much needing to be spoken between us. A look and a smile was all we needed to communicate this morning. We cleaned up and walked back to camp arm in arm.

We still had not caught anything in our snares and traps except fish. "Jimmy, I want something different today. I am sick of fish."

"Me too! Are we going hunting this morning?"

"Sounds good to me." He got his bow and went one direction. I got my slingshot and darts and headed the other. I didn't walk but about half a mile before I saw a couple of squirrels. I sat next to a tree to give them a chance to get closer so that I could get a good shot. It took about twenty minutes before I got a great shot at a squirrel. I got him clean with the first shot. Three minutes later another big red squirrel was in range. With my two squirrels I headed back to camp. Jimmy was not back yet, so I started to clean the two squirrels for lunch. When I had them clean, I put them on sticks and had them over the outside of the fire to slow cook them.

Jimmy came in with a monster rabbit. Even cleaned this rabbit looked monster sized. "Man that thing is a monster."

"Yep, I think we better boil him all day to tender him up. Then we can add one of the freeze-dried soup packets later to make a stew. Sound good to you?"

"Sounds good to me. These squirrels should be ready in about another hour or so."

"You got both of them right between the eyes. Good shoot."

"You too, but where did you find that monster."

"Oh, about a mile up the stream I saw a lot of rabbit signs. I saw several this morning. We can have rabbit again if we want."

"Same with squirrels, but maybe this will be enough to satisfy us and we can make it the rest of the time on fish." For the first time I noticed that Jimmy had brought some wild onions into camp as well as the rabbit. "Where did you find the onions?"

"They were in a little clearing on the way back and I thought we could boil the rabbit with the onions to give it a little extra flavor."

"Sounds good to me." We got the rabbit and onions in the pot and put the pot next to the fire to simmer. "I think we can eat the squirrels right after our daily phone call to the folks."

"They are looking good."

We got our daily call out of the way. We were both just looking at the squirrels not wanting to be the first to rip into the meat. I pulled one of the sticks out of the ground and handed it to Jimmy. "May I offer you a freshly roasted squirrel?"

"You may." He gently pulled a piece of meat away from the bone and fed it to me. "Here my love. You did all the work you should have the first bite." It was wonderful, but I didn't give any indication as Jimmy took his first bite. "Wow, this is melt in your mouth good."

Soon we had picked both squirrels to the bone with nothing left but bones. We were well satisfied and we both headed for the tent together. We were both full and need of a nap.

I awoke from my nap needing to pee. I looked into the beautiful eyes of my bud. "I know you need to pee, me too, but I love watching you wake up so much I couldn't leave until you made it awake."

"We may be weird but we have each other to thank for it. I love watching you sleep too. Now let's go pee before I burst." We made a mad dash for the tent door.

I looked at my watch we had slept for almost three hours. We kissed and held each other's dicks as we pissed. Jimmy broke the kiss. "Man, it doesn't get any better than this. I love pissing with you holding my dick."

"You must he always gets hard as soon as you're finished." I said as I gave his dick a shake. We were both getting hard.

"Look who's talking."

"Yep, and the really cool think is that we can love each other anytime we want out here."
We had another quick kiss. "We better go check on that rabbit we left cooking and the fire needs tending a little too."

"I can't believe this; my Jimmy is saying he had rather cook than play with cock?"

Hahahaha. "You know better, but I don't want to worry about some damn rabbit when I have a snake in my mouth." Jimmy laughed as he took off toward the fire.

The rabbit was cooking nicely. We added a little more water and put some wood on the fire. In a couple of hours we would add the dried soup to let it cook with the rabbit and have stew.

We played awhile in the lake just being kids and enjoying the cool cleansing water.

It was almost eight o'clock when we finally set down to our rabbit stew. It was wonderful. Maybe it is because we had to work for it or maybe it was just a wonderfully tasty rabbit but we both ate until we were about to pop.

"That was the best rabbit I have ever eaten."

"Have you eaten rabbit before?"

"Yes, once in a weird little restaurant. Dad said that is what they were famous for. It was good, but this was better."

"I have had it a couple of times before, but it was fried. I like this better too."

"I think one reason is because we only had fish for a couple of days and also because we are in the woods, surviving on our own."

"Yep, and because we did it together. In some ways I will hate to go back to civilization. In others, I can hardly wait to get back."

"I know exactly what you mean. I feel so close to you out here. I feel like we are the only people on the earth. God, I love being with you."

"Me too, but I miss our parents and friends too."

"I know what you mean. Look up at all those stars. Yet with you in my arms I feel complete and nothing else in the entire universe matters."

"I like the way you put that. I think I am ready to brush my teeth and go to bed."

We took care of our nightly business and settled down in each other's arms and soon we were fast asleep.

The rest of our time in the woods sped by. We did a lot of hiking swimming and taking pictures of this beautiful place. We shared our bodies often, but it wasn't a constant love fest. We just loved each other when we felt like it. Hey, we're fourteen, so we felt like it a lot, so what? Now it was time to go and we did our best to leave this beautiful place looking like we had never been here. A well-trained eye could see someone had been here, but we didn't leave any visible scars. We were leaving with mixed emotions.

We put on our shorts that had seen very little use in the past week and helped each other into our packs. We filled our canteens from the fresh stream and started our hike back to where our parents were to meet us.

Our first few miles were uphill. When we got back to the bluff where we first saw our high meadow we stopped to take in its beauty for the last time. At least for this trip.

"Jimmy. A couple of weeks ago you made me whole and complete. Everyday it seems to get better and better. I don't know how to say it any better, but I can't imagine my life without you near me constantly."

"I know, it's almost unhealthy we are so needy for each other. Have you noticed we even go talk to each other when we go to the bathroom? I think we might need to work on that a little. Don't want everyone thinking we are perverts. We may be, but that doesn't mean we need them to know for sure." He was squeezing my hand as we looked over our meadow.

"I think we will be just fine. We were in the wilderness with nothing but each other, but back in civilization we will have to adjust to some time apart. Not much, but some. We did fine when we split up to go hunting."

"We did, but I was thinking about you the whole time."

"I know, lets not worry about such things. I have a feeling our parents will help to make sure we stay close to normal."

We both laughed and as if on queue started our hike again.

As we neared the park where we were to meet our parents, we slowed our pace. Not that we didn't want to see them, but it was like we were afraid to give up the feeling this week together had provided us. We knew the park was just over the ridge about a quarter mile away.

We stopped and just held each other. We kissed like two lovers saying goodbye. I don't know why, it just seemed like the thing to do.

"No wonder! We have been waiting on you guys for hours!" We heard Nathan scream as he ran and jumped between us. We managed to grab him and he hugged and kissed us both.
"Hi little buddy, we didn't expect to see you this soon."

"I had to come get my angles. I have new parents and they love me!" He was so excited.

"We heard."

"Just wait until you meet them. You'll love them too." He was a bundle of energy. "Come on everyone is waiting for you. I knew you would be making out instead of walking. So I came to get you. I'm probably in trouble when we get back."

Sure enough we heard Nathan's name being shouted as we got closer. "I'm here and I found them!" He shouted back.

Our parents didn't know whether to hug him us first, so they just tried to make it a group hug. The parents decided to go easy on Nathan for running off to look for us and we all had a great reunion.

We loaded up and headed back to civilization. We called the Jamison's they said Nathan had been beside himself for the last two days wanting to go see his angles again. They said they couldn't wait to meet us when we got back into town. Nathan was so excited talking to he parents. He was so full of energy, nothing like the almost dead little guy we found in the woods.

We met Kathy and John Jamison when we took Nathan home. Their home was huge and very beautiful. Of course, everything was handicap accessible. Nathan ran from room to room showing us everything.

"We want to thank you boys from the bottom of our hearts for finding Nathan and bring him back to us. It could only have been divine intervention that led you to him. I won't try to explain it, but I am so thankful we have our little angle and you boys will always be angels to all three of us."

Kathy was crying as see poured her feelings out to us. Jimmy and I looked at each other and kissed. We stood arm in arm. "Ms Jamison, we didn't do anything. We were just in the right place at the right time. I can see why you love this little bundle of joy, but our parents can vouch that we are not angels by any means." We looked at each other then Jimmy said.

"We are just happy that this little cutie has you guys. He is something very special, we haven't known him but a short time and he is already very special in our hearts."

"Geez, stop with the mushy stuff." Nathan said as he hugged us again.

Tom spoke up. "Is the press still going to be here tomorrow to see the boys?"

"Yes, that was what it took to stop their feeding frenzy."
"Do we have to talk to the press?" Jimmy asked.

"You boys not being available to them and them not being able to find you made it important, but the story has settled down a little and it shouldn't be too bad."

"And with my old mom and step-dad ratting on each other, the state can't wait to give me to the Jamison's. They are so cool. If I had known they would let me live with them I would have run away a long time ago. I should have known though they always told me I could, I just didn't really know. Thanks guys, I love you both."

Everyone was starting to tear up. So I decided it was time to go home. "Well, I guess we will see everyone tomorrow. We're neighbors from what I hear. Jimmy and I have not even seen our house yet and I for one am ready to sleep in a bed for a change."

That caused a little laughter. "We live on the same lake, but we are not exactly neighbors." Nathan piped up. "You can't fool me you just want to get Jimmy in bed."

"Really we are dying for a hot shower and a bed to sleep in." Jimmy came to my rescue.

"I was just kidding you guys, but it is a long way by road to your house. I can get there on my jet ski pretty fast though." Everyone laughed except Jimmy and me.

John could see Jimmy and I didn't get the joke. "Nathan has been back and forth so many times these last two days between our two houses these last two days just waiting to go get you boys. We nicknamed him ski. You may have to put limits on his visits to have any time alone." Everyone but Nathan laughed.

"I just wanted to make sure they didn't forget me when they went to get them."

"We loved having him visit. We missed the boys so much it helped except when he was in twenty question mode." Everyone laughed again at Nathan's expense.

"Don't worry little dude, if they didn't love you to pieces they wouldn't be kidding you."

"Oh shit."

"Nathan! Watch your mouth."

"I just remembered. I left my ski at your house. How am I going to get over there in the morning?"

When the laughter died down. John said he would drive him over and he could show us the way back by Jet Ski for the press conference.

"But that is tomorrow afternoon. I mean in the morning."

"You will just have to make do with us. Besides the boys need some time alone with their parents. You little man have more than enough to keep you occupied here."

Nathan giggled. "I know; I have everything. You guys are going to spoil me, but I love it." He was all smiles. "I have internet and everything." He giggled again. He came to Jimmy and me and said. "Anything I want they get for me, but what I really want is someone I can love like you guys love each other."

"Give it time little man; you're too special not to have someone special in your life. You will find that special someone."

"I know. John and Kathy said the same thing. I am so happy I have a mom and dad that love me, I seem to be greedy and want a boyfriend too." Nathan went over to John and climbed into his lap. "I know it is not legal and all yet, but can I call you mom and dad?"

"That would make us very happy. Son."

We decided to leave at that moment and left the new family to their cuddle.


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