Wilderness Survival
Part 9
By: Jim Carter

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"I know. John and Kathy said the same thing. I am so happy I have a mom and dad that love me, I seem to be greedy and want a boyfriend too." Nathan went over to John and climbed into his lap. "I know it is not legal and all yet, but can I call you mom and dad?"

"That would make us very happy. Son."

We decided to leave at that moment and left the new family to their cuddle.


It did take us more than ten minutes to get home by road, so I guess it is not very direct at all. On the way over Jimmy asked. "Why didn't we get to see the house before we left?"

"We didn't say you couldn't, but you guys seemed to have other things on your mind. We just didn't say anything and you didn't either." Tim had a little smirk on his face.

"I know I thought about it a couple of times, but all I could really think about was Jimmy and getting to know him again."

"Me too, but now it seems like we should have wanted to see it."

"I'm sure you boys know each other better now."

"Yep, I have every inch of him memorized by touch." Everyone got a good laugh at that.

We pulled up to the security gates and Tim entered a code. Our code was our two baseball numbers combined so we could easily remember. "Does this mean we can drive now?"

"Only driving us crazy as usual."

"If we can't drive why do we need a code?"

"It works on the alarm and garage doors too. AND you might find a few surprises, but for now don't think about driving on the roads."

When we pulled up to the house it was something out of a book or something. It was beautiful and looked like it had been built for years. It was dark, but I couldn't see a hint of any construction scars. The grounds were lit with soft lighting and the front was lit well enough to see, but soft enough that it just looked warm and welcome. Some old guy in a butler's uniform greeted us. Of course, Jimmy and I were the first out of the car and he scared us as he opened the door.

"Welcome young misters; I am happy to meet you. I am Charles."

I shook his hand. "I'm Jim."

"I'm Jimmy." Jimmy shook next.

"The rest of the staff have retired, I will introduce you tomorrow. I have some cake and drinks waiting for you in the kitchen. This way please." He took off and we followed. Everyone but Tim, I guess he put the truck away.

"I didn't know the new house had a staff."

"Well now that we are one big family and this place is so huge, it is only practical besides, your moms are going to be busy. They realized that you boys didn't need your mommies anymore and they could follow one of their dreams. They are starting their own clothing business."

"Damn I knew too much was happening while we were gone. It is like one of those old TV shows or something. You leave and when you come back your whole life is different and aliens have taken over."

"No, no aliens, but your moms put their dreams on hold when you boys were born and now it is time for them to run with their dream."

"I agree with that, we can take care of ourselves. We proved that this week, but I'm just saying you guys hit us with this all at once."

"I guess we did and I apologize for that. I guess we knew some things that we couldn't share with you and still let everything happen naturally. If we had not waited on you boys to let nature take its course, we could have moved in almost a year ago. That explains the house. As far as us girls starting our business, we waited on you two as well. As long as you were single we still had a big place in your lives. Now that you're a couple, that changes. We have been patiently waiting and also dreading the day we had to cut the apron strings."

"Wow, I didn't think about that, but it does change things. We will be depending on each other instead of you guys most of the time. I see now what you meant when you said being in a loving relationship was wonderful, but also a lot of responsibility. It scares me, but I think it has to be."
"This week really was tough on us, but also allowed us to get used to the idea that you boys had matured into a couple and like it or not we couldn't baby you anymore. We will always think of you as our babies, but in everything but legal age you are young adults. We will always be here for you don't ever think differently, but we know with you boys together, we will need to take a supporting role now. It is so hard for us, but we will get through it. Our two sons still come first, but we realize that we can follow our dreams now."

We hugged our moms, and then we hugged our other mom. "It makes sense, and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with Jimmy at my side and in my arms, but until this moment I didn't realize how much it will change our family. I guess most people go through this when they go off to college. I'm sure glad we still have you guys for support. We are so lucky to have parents that love us enough to let us become a family."

"We don't plan on just letting you boys run wild and free, but by the same token, we trust you and need to let you take on the responsibility and accountability where it fits. We want to be as much a part of your lives as you want us to be, but we also want to let you get used to the idea of being adults. You have entered into an adult relationship and I am so proud of you boys, but right now we have to try to find a compromise between treating you as children and adults. We know your not adults yet, but if we treat you like children, you will soon rebel from that. You have each other and we know how strong your love for each other is, but always know we are here for you. Now and for as long as we live. Just help us so that we don't give you too much responsibility too soon. We have made sure we won't smother you, but in so doing we fear that we may let you get in over your heads before you are ready. We actually started last week, but even more as of now we will try to treat you boys like adults except when you need to be our boys. We love you so much."

Now it was time to hug our dads.

"Thanks, I think. I think we have a lot of thinking to do."

"Sounds like another loud night." Tim said and our parents had another laugh at our expense, but we couldn't help but laugh too.

"Don't worry; we can't hear you unless you use the intercom. You boys basically have a house to yourselves. Connected, but still self-contained. We will show you around in the morning, but come with me now and I will show you your rooms."

Were we in for a big surprise. We had a monster house for ourselves with a kitchen and everything. We even have our own outside entrances. The house is basically built in a big triangle with the pools in the middle. I say pools because there is an indoor and outdoor pool. There is a glass wall that separates the pools and you can swim under the glass to go from one to the other. The indoor pool is surrounded by all kinds of plants. I am sure our moms had a ball picking out all those.

We had four bedrooms in our part of the house. Our bedroom was gigantic and the bathroom had a tub that will hold six easy. The shower is separate and has all kinds of options one is to make it feel like rain. There are lots of jets, but we have not had time to check out all the features yet. This shower was definitely designed with gay boys in mind, lots of built in benches and seats.

The bed was a huge and built into an area almost to itself with all kinds of mirrors for our enjoyment. We had two stereo and TV areas one that was in the area of the bed and the other in an area designed more for less intimate enjoyment. We didn't have time to really take in the place because we were both worn out. I did open the drapes and saw that we were given what had to be the best view of the lake. From the lights we could see that we were maybe fifty yards or so from the lake itself, but much higher than ground level. I don't know how much higher, but I can tell we are higher.

I wrapped Jimmy in my arms as we looked out over the water. "This is something else. I knew we were not poor, but I had no idea we had this kind of money."

"I asked my dad once if we were rich. You know what he said?"

"No, what did he say?"

"Son, you are really asking if we have plenty of money and yes we do, but the man that measure his worth by his bank account is a fool and very poor. You and Sally make my life rich beyond anything money can buy. Yes I am very rich. Son, we probably have more money than most, but that doesn't make us better. Money is a tool. You are a little too young yet to understand, but just remember that and one day it will make sense."

"I must have been about six or seven and it didn't make much sense at the time, but I always remembered what he said and I know now that I am very rich and I guess our parents have a lot of money too."

"Yep, I have everything I could possibly need in my arms and I can see now that we will never have to struggle to put food on the table, but we know we can go into the woods and live if we have to."

"Yep, but I for one want a quick shower and cuddle up to sleep in that nice soft bed."

"Last one in the shower has to scrub the other ones butt."

"We do that anyway."

"I know but I couldn't think of anything else to say."

We managed to finally find a setting for the shower that fit with quick and loving. We have developed a routine to wash each other such that it is easily adjusted to the amount of time we want to spend in the shower. I love having my hands all over my Jimmy, but tonight we both knew it was get the job done and get into that nice soft bed.

We found there is an area that has air-dry jets too, but we used towels to get the job done quicker. We climbed into the softest most comfortable bed I had ever been in. I don't know how much that was affected by having slept on the ground for the last week, but it was so wonderful we both let out a soft moan as we lay down. We were in each other's arms and kissing softly.

"This is so soft and comfortable I may just fall asleep any second."

"I know what you mean, but I think our dicks have other ideas." We were both rock hard.

"Yep and I am so used to having my Jim cream for sweet dreams, I think I would wake right back up and need my nightly fix."

We fell into a sixty-nine position. It just seems perfect to have my mouth loving Jimmy's lovely balls and big cock. I also have to have a taste of his hot hole too. Tonight I decide to work on his boy hole first. I just love to make him squirm when my tongue starts to cause his pucker to slowly relax. Once I can feel it relax enough, I let my tongue push its way into him. Of course, he has to moan into my hole as he is doing the same to me.

On queue we both let our tongues travel down to the lovely set of balls that we both love to suckle and lick. I can tell it is time to shave again as I can feel some stubble, but I love the feel. I love sucking Jimmy's balls but tonight I am so hungry for his hot cock. I love licking his cock like a big juicy popsicle. As I lick his crown and start to take him into my throat, I wet my finger and enter his love hole. He is doing the same to me, we are very much in tune and the music is so fantastic. As he hits my magic button, I know I am not going to be able to last long in his loving mouth. I sense that he is not either. I feel his orgasm start and move to the top of his cock so that I can taste and enjoy every drop of his sweet cum. We both cum like we have not had a one for a week instead of just a few hours. As we slowly come down from our blissful high, we come together in a loving kiss. I guess we both just went to sleep mid kiss. I woke up the next morning with the brightness from the lake in my eyes and we were still in the same position from last night. Jimmy was still asleep and I was awake and we were still basically still kissing. You would think our breathing would wake each other up, but my baby was sleeping the sleep of the just. I had to get up and take a leak. I closed the drapes so that the brightness wouldn't wake up Jimmy.

I went into the bathroom. I had not noticed all the choices last night in our haste to get into bed. We had a regular toilet, a bidet, and a urinal. Not the kind you see in school and public men's rooms, but one that was designed for a home. I saw a note.

When I was your age, I swore if I ever built a house of my own I would have one of these because it is so hard to piss with a morning hard-on. I hope you enjoy my dreams come true.

Jimmy came up and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the neck. He squeezed beside me and started to piss too. "This is cool." I showed him the note.

"I bet our dad's still have pretty stiff dicks in the morning. I wonder if their bathrooms have one of these too."

"I bet it does. They are both still studs. I know you have checked them out too."

We both giggled.

"I wonder who is sleeping where? I am pretty sure the clothes and stuff are Fortner's on one side and Carter's on the other but I don't know about the sleeping arrangements."

"Yep, I wonder too, but let's not get too nosey all at once. We know they love each other and might switch back and forth. I don't want to put them on the spot, but I hope they feel free to love and kiss openly around us."

"Me too, but I don't think it will happen, at least for awhile."

We showered and got dressed to go find some breakfast. We looked out and everyone was by the pool. We went out and joined them. We were introduced to Charlotte and Mary.

The ladies hugged us both. Charlotte said. "You boys are so cute; I have been dying to meet you. But you're wearing clothes. We were told you have been so used to being naked that you might give us a show." She hugged us tighter to show he was just teasing us.

Mary pulled us into her arms and said. "Don't you boys ever worry about me and Cluck (I would see how the nickname fit soon enough)? You can just be yourselves. We have seen it all before. Just so you know we are partners too, so don't you worry about not understanding. We were even teens once upon a time too." Everyone had a laugh.

Charlotte's laugh turned into a clucking sound. We all burst up laughing then including Cluck getting louder. "See I come by the nickname honestly. You may call me Charlotte or Cluck, but ma'am just won't do." We all hugged her.

Charles came out and said "Excuse me, but young mister Nathan is on the phone and wants to talk to anyone except "the old dude". We laughed and I took the phone.

"Old dude Jim speaking."

"Tell him I didn't mean anything. All I said when he answered was "hi old dude, let me speak to someone else."

"Charles, Nathan says he didn't mean anything and is sorry if he hurt your feelings."

"That little cutie would never hurt my feelings. He is a bundle of energy, but I have grown quite fond of him."

"Charles says no problem you little rat."

"Did not! I heard what he said. Everyone at your house loves me. So don't even try to tell me differently."

"Okay I won't tease you. What's up?"

"I want to come over, but dad says I have to wait until afternoon. I finally talked him into letting me call to see if your up and I can come over. See a pattern here, I always get my way." He giggled into the phone.

"Let me see what's happening."

"Guys, Nathan wants to come over, but John is making him wait. Anything going on? Want to let him come over?"

"He is welcome to come on over."

"I can go get him if you like." Charles offered.

"Old dude said he would come get you if you lost the old dude comment."

"I heard him smarty pants, but dad is already getting into the car. I will be there in about ten minutes."

"He said his dad was driving him over. How does he drive if he can't use his legs?"

"They both drive son. They have controls they can use with their hands. I have not ridden with either of them, but Sally says if you were not in the car with them you wouldn't know the difference."


"They got a very large settlement for the accident they lost the use of their legs in. I think they both realized that they were lucky to be alive from what I know. Anyway they are both computer professionals and so now they have their own company. Their office just happens to be their home. From what I heard their company is worth several time what they got as a settlement, so it is very successful."
"Cool, maybe they will help me and Jim set our computers up so we can share stuff."

"It is already done. They have the whole house set up for wireless networking, so we can all share if we want from any where we want in the house."

"We also hired them to audit what our networking people are doing at work too. They usually have one of their employees do the outside work, but they are personally taking care of us." Tim added.

"We want to pay them but they won't hear of it. They said like it or not when you brought Nathan back to them, we were family and family doesn't pay."

"They sound like great people. I hope Nathan knows how lucky he is."

"I think he does and he loves them very much. From what they have told us, they were bitter and feeling sorry for themselves after the accident. They were fighting with each other and mad at the world. Evidently, Nathan made them see things differently. I guess it took some time, but he got them out of depression and into taking care of themselves and re-kindled the spark in their relationship. A few times Nathan had it so bad at home that he stayed with the Jamison's and hid from his parents. As they started to learn about what was really going on they started to work on getting custody of Nathan. I guess that threw fear into the people Nathan's mother and stepfather worked for and the plot to get rid of the kid set in motion. Anyway, Nathan is safe now and they will be a family."

"What all were they making him do? From what was said I assumed a lot of child porno."

"I don't know all the details, but yes, let's just say that Nathan is all over the internet."

"Is he okay? Seems to me that would mess with a kid's head pretty bad."

"I agree son, but you have seen him. He is so happy to be alive that I am not sure what is going on in his mind right now. I understand he is going to therapy, but he sure seems to be handling everything on the surface."

About that time the little blond wonder came running on to the deck and jumped in my lap. "Miss me?"

"Like I miss a headache." I teased.

"Liar!" He kissed me and then got down and jumped in Jimmy's lap.

He kissed Jimmy and said. "I really did think you guys were angles when you found me. I knew heaven would be great if they sent you guys."

"Why is that?"
"You both were great looking and huge cocks. Oops, sorry ladies."

Everyone laughed.

"We didn't know you boys were naked when you found him. Did you put on some clothes before the rescue people got there?"

"Nope you should have heard them. They thought I was passed out I guess. Well, lets just say a couple of them very impressed. I heard one of them say he would give his left nut for one night with those two."

"I didn't even notice them looking. Did you Jim?"

"No, I was just worried about Nathan. I forgot we were naked. Anyway it wasn't mine that would have impressed them. It had to be Jimmy big boy." I teased.

"Enough boys!" Sally to the rescue.

Seems like a good time to move the conversation to a different direction. "We forgot to ask about the practice game while we were gone. Who won?"


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