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**I woke up and felt Wills arm was still around my waist. I slept good, I thought. Will woke up about 15 minutes later.

"Were you staring at me?" he asked

"I cant help it" I said "You're just so damn gorgeous" I kissed his nose and then his lips. I got up and Will followed after me. We heard a knock at the door.

I went to peep hole and didn't see anyone. So I opened the door the tiniest bit and saw an envelope on the floor. I reached out and picked it up there was a sticky note and it.



I opened the envelope and found pictures they were of me and Will in the parking lot last night. On the back of one it said "DIE FAGS!"

I looked at Will and he shook his head.**

He looked at me and I saw his face go red.

`oh shit' I though `he is pissed the hell off'

Seeing the picture and the writing on the back, I didn't blame him for being pissed. I left Will at the door, to go and pack our bags. I packed the bag and when I came back, I saw Will on the couch with his head in his hands. I walked over and knelt in front of him. I put my arms around his waist and rubbed his back.

"It's ok" I said "We'll find out who did it"

Will stood up, releasing himself from my grasp.

"You're damn right we will" he said

We walked out of the room after first making sure that we didn't forget anything.

We got in the elevator with a man that looked to be in his late forties, he scowled at us, since we were holding hands.

"What?" Will asked "Do you have a problem with gay people?"

The man snorted.

"How about this?" Will asked. With that he pulled me toward him and kissed me!

"Sickening" the man muttered.

I broke the kiss.

"Oh HELL NO" I said, I backed that guy in the corner and gave him a quick punch to the gut.

"Drew!" Will said "What the fuck are you doing?" he pulled me away.

"Sir" he said "I am so sorry about that"

"I'm sorry to sir" I said

The man looked at me and said "DIE FAGS!"

Will punched him in the face then, in the gut.

"Did you leave the pictures?" he asked

The man didn't answer.

"Huh?" Will asked again, jerking the guys collar.

"Yes, I did" the man muttered. Then the doors opened and people started gathering immediately. Will took my hand and we pushed through the crowd.

We got to the front desk and told Tiffany about what happened. We gave her the picture and she made a copy of it for her to keep in case the police were to come buy and ask questions. She gave us each a hug and we said good-bye, after giving her the key card. We walked out to the parking lot hand in hand. I leaned over and kissed Will on the neck. He leaned over and kissed my cheek. We got to the car and he cranked it up.

We set off down the road and got to a stop light, but when Will tried to press the brake it wouldn't work.

"Oh God" he yelled and I saw what he meant. A car was head towards us!

I grabbed his hand and the car hit the rear of our car. We spun in a circle, when we finally stopped and looked and Will, his cheek was cut pretty bad but that was it. I wasn't hurt.

"Oh, Babe" I said "Are you okay?"

"Yeah" Will said "I'm fine"

I leaned over and kissed him. His cheek was really starting to bleed now so I took a shirt out of our bag and pressed it to his face.

The person in the other car, got out and rushed over to us. She was a business woman, very professional looking.

"Is he ok?" she asked me

"He'll be fine" I said,

"What happened?" she asked

"Some one cut the brake cable and we couldn't stop" Will said.

"Really?" the woman asked.

"Yeah" I said

"Why would they do that?" she asked

"Because" I said "We're gay"

"That is horrible" she said "By the way, my name is Caroline"

"Hey, I'm Drew and this is Will"

"Nice to meet you" she said "Although the circumstance is not all that nice"

I heard sirens, the police must have arrived.

When the policeman got out of his car, I saw that he was rather cute. Blond hair, nice build. He walked over to us.

"What happened here?" he asked

"Some one cut their brake cable and they couldn't stop so we collided" Caroline said.

"Any idea who?" he asked

"Nope" I said, though I did, I didn't know the guys name.

"Well" the officer said "Do you want to file charges?"

"No" I said, pressing the shirt on Will's wound "But can we get him to a doctor?"

"Sure, I'll take you, and get the cars towed" he said

"Thanks" I said. Then Will and I got out, on my side, and got into the back of the policeman's car. The officer told us that Caroline said she would ride with the tow truck man. Then I looked at Will, the bleeding had stopped.

"Sir?" I said

The officer looked at me in the mirror,

"his bleeding has stopped can you just take us home?" I asked

"Sure thing" the officer said and smiled.


About 10 minutes later we arrived at Will's house.

"Thank You officer" I said

"No problem" he said "And we will get your car towed back to you when it is fixed."

"Thanks" I said, then once inside, closed the door.

"Are you okay Baby?" I asked Will

"Yeah" he said "I'm good"

"The boxes in the back of the car, we fine, and I had them dropped of at our house" I said.

"How did you manage that?" Will asked

"I just asked and gave them the address" I said

"Then why are we still here?"

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Lets get home!" he said. I smiled and agreed, but I put a bandage on Will's face, to keep it from starting to bleed again.

"Are you ready?" he asked

"Yep" I said "And lets take my car"

"That's the only choice we've got" he said smiling.

I leaned over with my arm around his waist and kissed him and the lips, softly.

We got outside and got in my car.

"Let's Roll" Will said. I couldn't wait to get home.