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Authors Note: This chapter is going to be great. I really hope that you like it. Oh, I almost forgot. This is kind of embarrassing. In the second chapter(I think) I told you that Wills car was an SUV, then in a later chapter I told you it was small, just to set the record straight, it is an SUV. J
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*****"Are you okay Baby?" I asked Will
"Yeah" he said "I'm good"
"The boxes in the back of the car, were fine, and I had them dropped of at our house" I said.
"How did you manage that?" Will asked
"I just asked and gave them the address" I said
"Then why are we still here?"
"What do you mean?" I asked
"Lets get home!" he said. I smiled and agreed, but I put a bandage on Will's face, to keep it from starting to bleed again.
"Are you ready?" he asked
"Yep" I said "And lets take my car"
"That's the only choice we've got" he said smiling.
I leaned over with my arm around his waist and kissed him and the lips, softly.
We got outside and got in my car.
"Let's Roll" Will said. I couldn't wait to get home.*****

I was psyched about seeing our new house. I talked the whole ride, being so excited.
"You know what" Will said
"What?" I asked
"I never noticed how country you sound!"
"Is that good or bad?" I asked, smiling.
"Neither" he said "Its sexy"
He leaned over from the drivers seat and gave me a quick peck on the lips. I smiled at him and put my hand on his. He can drive really good with one hand. Then Will took the exit off the bypass and we ended up in very nice neighborhood. I was sure the house was here. But Will went right through. Then I saw the campus of UNC. It was beautiful! Will slowed down so I could look more. The lawns were neatly manicured and the buildings were beautiful, with vivid red brick and ivy crawling up it. The trees provided shade on the outside, it would the perfect spot to lay down with the man you love.
When we had passed the campus, we ended up in yet other nice neighborhood. Then I saw it. It was two story, white, so white it almost hurt to look at it in the sunlight. The windows took up half of the front of the house. I loved it. There was even a gate, which hand W on one side and D on the other. There were Willow trees in the front also. I loved willow trees. Will got out and pushed the gate open, then got back in the car and drove through. Will and I pulled into the garage and saw the boxes. They were stacked up against the back wall. Will got out and went down to close the gate and lock it. When he came back up, he unlocked the door and pulled me inside. I walked in and almost had a heart attack. It was amazing! The room we walked into from the garage was the laundry room. Then there was the kitchen. It was all titanium.
`Very Nice' I thought. I let go of Will's hand and walked around the kitchen. I opened the fridge and that reminded me that we needed to go shopping. Both for clothes and food. I walked from the kitchen into the living room. I saw that it was bare also.
"Hey Babe" Will said, coming up behind me "Do you like it?"
I turned around and kissed him. I mean I kissed him. I had never kissed him like this. It was heaven. Then Will broke the kiss.
"I have to bring the boxes in" he said "You go upstairs and look around."
"Okay" I said kissing him one last time. I went off to explore some more. I walked over to the stairs and turned around, I looked at the windows in the front. I saw that they had curtains.
`Good' I thought. That would have bothered me at night. I continued up the stairs and saw six rooms. I went into the one on my right it was HUGE! I saw that it had a bathroom, I waked into it and I was in love. It was baby blue. Two Sinks, Huge Mirror, A huge tub, then a walk in shower. I walked out of there and went into the next room. It was small but not too small. I assigned this room to be the office. I went into the next room this was another bathroom. I looked out of the window and saw a POOL!
"DAMN" I said to myself. I walked out of the bathroom and into the fourth room. The room was slightly smaller than the first one I went in, but I loved it. This was going to be the room for all of my books. It just looked like a book room to me. The next room was a half bath. Then the last one was the room I designated as the "Carolina Room".
I was walking back down the stairs and I heard the door-bell.
I skipped down the stairs and ran over to the door. I opened it and saw two men.
"Howdy Neighbor!" one said sticking out his hand. I shook it.
"Hi" I said "I'm Drew"
"And I'm Will" I heard from behind me. I turned my head and saw Will coming to the door. He stuck out his hand to both of them.
"Come on in" I said, moving aside to let them in.
"Thanks" they said
Once inside, I found out their names, Paul and James.
"So" said Paul, a tall athletic looking man, who looked to be in his late Twenties, he had black hair witch was kept short and spiked. He was very tan and sexy. "You two are new here?"
"Yes" Will said "We are"
"Are you too..." James, a tall, muscular man, who looked to be in his early Thirties, He had Blond hair which was kept very close cropped, like Wills.
"Yes" I said "We are gay"
"I'm taking it you two are too?" Will asked
"Yep" Paul said "Been married three years"
"You are a very cute couple" I said
"Look who's talking" James said, winking.
Paul and James stayed for about 15 minutes before they had to leave.
"It was nice meeting you" Will told them as they left
"The pleasure was all ours" James said. Will and I said good-bye and closed the door.
"Babe?" he said
"Huh?" I said
"Would you be ok here by yourself for a couple of hours?"
"Why?" I asked
"I have some things reserved at the furniture store and I have to run an errand or two"
"Sure, I guess, I'll be fine" I said.
"Be right Back" Will said. A few minutes later he came in with a huge box.
He laid it on the floor and took out a TV. He plugged it in the wall and to the cable outlet.
"There" he said "To keep you company till I get back"
"Thanks" I said "I love you"
"I love you more" he said, grabbing my belt loops and pulling me to him. He kissed me and then said he had to leave.
"Okay" I said "Be careful"
"I will babe" he said, then closed the door.
I sat on the floor and turned the TV on. The news was on. Then I saw a picture on the screen, it was of the man from the hotel!
"Fred Waysnor" the anchor-man said " a man accused of hate crimes against the gay community, escaped from police custody after harassing a young gay couple at a hotel."
"Yeah" tiffany said, she was being interviewed "They were really sweet and nice. I am so glad to have met them. I cant see why anybody would want to hurt them."
Then, I heard something. It was outside.
`Oh shit' I thought. I ran over to the window and closed the curtain.
It was now dark outside. I heard the noise again. I saw the boxes Will had brought in, sitting in the kitchen. I open them all until I found a gun. It was one that I had got for my birthday one year. It was a small handgun. I went around and closed all of the curtains and blinds, and locked all of the doors and windows. Then I set the alarm system. I sat back down in front of the TV. I turned the channel until I found "Will & Grace". I loved this show. It was half through when I heard the alarm go off. Someone was upstairs. I ran and hid under the stairs. I heard footsteps. STOMP, STOMP, STOMP coming down the stairs. I took my gun, I was ready to shoot. The person was at the bottom of the stairs. I saw their feet, black boots.
`Of course' I thought. I took out my phone and texted Will "GET HOME NOW"
The my phone beeped.
The person started walking towards me. I was still hiding. I saw his face. It was him. It was Fred Waysnor.