Will and Me Part 19

Authors Note: Hey! I'm almost on part 20! YAY!!!!!!!!!! This chapter might be a bit incorrect, being that I have never done what Will and Drew are about to do, I read about it in another story, and loved the idea. If you have any corrections just tell me, no offense will be taken at all, and I will address it the next chapter. Once again, and comments, questions, or criticism just email me at dogkid509@yahoo.com I might not get to reply to everyone but I will definitely try my best.

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Drew B J

Dedicated to Mindy, whose understanding and kindness, heloed me start back writing. I love Ya Mindy!


"What Babe?" Will asked, arching his eyebrow.

"I cant tell you, just come on" I said, smiling and taking his hand and leading him out to the car.

We got in and I started the car and we were off!


"Drew? Where are we?" Will asked looking around, we were in the city and I pulled into a tattoo parlor.

"No Drew, absolutely not" Will said.

"Come on babe" I said "Please?"

Will looked at me, rolled his eyes and got out of the car.

I took his hand and we walked into the tattoo parlor.

We walked up to the counter and told them we would like a tattoo, the man behind the counter was very hot, muscular, brown hair, spiked up, green eyes, and a tank top on, he also had 3 tattoos on his arm, a star, a crescent moon and another start on his wrist.

"What would you like?" he said, looking at me.

"Ummmm, can you give us a minute?" I asked

"Sure" he said "Here is a catalog you can look through"

He laid a huge binder on the counter.

"Thank You" I said.

After much deliberation, and staring and the guys star tattoo on his wrist we decided that is what we wanted.

"We've decided" I said, the guy came over.

"We both want a tattoo like the star on your wrist" I said, pointing to his wrist.

"Great choice" he said, and led us to the back "What colors do you want?"

"I want Blue and he wants...green?" I said, looking at Will, he simply nodded his head "Are you ok?" I asked rubbing his arm.

"Yeah, just nervous I guess" Will said.

"That's understandable" the guy said "Most people are really nervous about their first tattoo's but it wont hurt really bad, maybe not even at all" he said "I guess it depends on the person"

Will looked a bit more relaxed after that, so without further ado we both went back and got our matching tattoos.


When we were done, the guy told us to let them scab over and to put Neosporin on it, and to avoid pools and lakes and such. We paid him and walked out admiring the art on our arms.

"I love it" Will said "It very cute, I'm glad I changed my mind about getting green"

Will was referring to his sudden epiphany to get a star with the rainbow in it. I laughed when he said it but it did look very cute. I stuck with blue, because that is my all time favorite color.

I looked at mine and then to Wills, it really didn't hurt that bad, it was a bit of an strange feeling.

"We going home now?" Will asked

"You wish" I said smiling,

We got in the car and I drove to "Piercing palace"

"Damn Drew!" Will said "Just many heart attacks do u want my mother to have?"

I smiled and said,

"This is for me, if you don't want to you don't have to"

"What are you getting pierced?"

"My upper ear" I said

"Ok that's fine" Will said smiling,

"Since when do I need your approval?"

"What Babe?" Will said, his smile fading

"I'm joking babe" I said, kissing him quickly.

I walked into the Piercing Palace and told them exactly what I wanted, they sat me down and it was done in a minute, I only wanted a simple, thin, sliver ring in my ear. They were very obliging and nice. I told Will to wait while I went to the bathroom.

When I came out I saw Will with a gold hoop through his ear, exactly like mine!

"Oh my god!" I said "Will! Your mom is going to kill you!" I was smiling.

"Yeah Yeah, I know" he said smiling. Any guy with an earring turned me on BIGTIME, now Will had one! I was hard before we got out the door!

"Are we going home now?" Will asked,


"Where are we going then?" he asked

"Its only 5 o'clock" I said "I thought that maybe we would go out to dinner"

"Awe, that's sweet babe, I would love that"

"Good, because you didn't have a choice" I said sticking my tongue out at him.

"You little shit" he said, laughing.

"Aint I though?" I said, grinning.

I turned into a restaurant that was wasn't really fancy but it wasn't like a fast food place either, I had never been here, so I had no idea, who we would meet. The one person I was not in the mood to see. Mando.