By Paul Jamison

Chapter – 6

Liam’s viewpoint…


When I came down to breakfast the following morning, Will was nowhere to be seen. Rick’d already left for work and Paul was getting the car out for the school run. I went over to the worktop and shoved a couple of slices of bread into the toaster and after checking the water level in the kettle, started to make myself a brew. As soon as the toast popped up, I spread it with butter and jam and sat down with my tea. After a few seconds Will flew in through the kitchen door looking as if he’s just thrown his clothes on and rushed downstairs. 

“Overslept?” I queried, grinning at him from my seat.

“Yeah, I dozed off again after the alarm. I haven’t had time for a proper shower or anything. Is there any tea?”

“I’ll do you a tea. The kettles just boiled anyway. Get yourself some toast,” I grinned back, as I rose from my seat and made Will a brew. “How come you overslept? You weren’t up especially late last night.”

“No, I’m still a bit tired from last week, I think,” Will said, as he spread jam on his toast.

“Here’s your brew,” I replied, as I handed him a mug of tea and went back to my own breakfast.

A few minutes later I heard Paul toot the car horn and we shoved the dirty crocks into the dishwasher as quickly as we could and with Will still stuffing toast into his mouth, grabbed our backpacks as we hurried from the kitchen out to the car just when Craig and Jamie arrived.

“Hi, Paul,” we both said as we belted up in the backseats.

“Hi, sleepy heads just made it?” he laughed back.

“I was up okay, just not as early as usual,” Will remonstrated as Craig and Jamie got onboard and we set off for Justin’s.

“Oh, I see,” Paul replied knowingly and grinned at us both as we eased out of the drive and into the roadway.

“I’ll be a bit later tonight too,” I said.

“Is it tonight you’re seeing the social worker?” Paul asked.

“No, that’s tomorrow,” I replied. “It’s swimming practice tonight.”

“Oh yes, I remember you saying,” Paul replied just as we arrived at Justin’s.

Within seconds of our pulling up, Jus had cannoned out of his front door and with a backwards shout of “bye, Mum,” climbed in next to Will and we set off again.

I turned to Craig and asked “I’m still not sure why you can’t manage to come with us on Sunday to the twins’ place for lunch?”

“It’s ’cos I’m with you on Saturday, so I need the time on Sunday to study.”

“You’ve forgotten that I’m working on Saturday, haven’t you?”

“Um… Oh, yeah I have. What time do you get home from work?”

“Not till half five or a quarter to six.”

“Oh, so, I’ve most of Saturday to catch up. In that case, yeah, I’ll come as arranged. So that’s okay, I guess.” Craig grinned.

“Does that mean you’ll be out on Sunday?” Jamie asked Craig.

“Yeah, looks like it. Why, have you plans then?”

“May have… may have,” Jamie replied, with a mysterious look in his eyes.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s no good asking when he goes all mysterious. He’ll never say till he’s ready,” Craig interrupted.

I grinned at Jamie and Craig and as we’d just got to school, I unfastened my seat belt and hopped out onto the pavement. After waiting for the others to do the same, we all headed to the pupils’ entrance and our locker corridors.

Amazingly, that day and most of the following day passed completely without incident. We attended classes, went home, we ate, we did homework, all just normally. It was as school was coming to an end on Thursday that my thoughts turned again to meeting up with Mr Robinson at the café after school. I was going over in my mind the things I wanted to say and ask Mr Robinson. As soon as the final bell went on Thursday I hurried to my locker sorted books out and without a word to anyone shouldered my backpack and hurried out of school, crossed the road and headed for the shopping precinct and the café where I’d arranged to meet up with him.

I arrived at the café just before four o’clock and nervously entered. As I glanced around the busy tables, I spotted Mr Robinson already seated at a table for two by the window in a corner. He’d been watching the door for me to arrive and nodded me over to join him. As I made my way to his table he stood to greet me.

“Liam, it’s good to see you again,” he said, as he offered his hand.

I shook hands and as I sat down replied “Hi, yes, thanks.”

“What’ll you have?”

“Oh, umm…  Just a mug of tea and a teacake please,” I replied. “If that’s okay,” I added.

“Sure,” he replied. He signalled for the waitress and after giving her the order, sat back down facing me.

“So, how’ve things been since we last talked?” he asked.

“An awful lot better actually, but, my mother hasn’t quite stopped hassling me yet though,” I answered.

“Yes, I know. I’ve been sent a copy of the information from Mr Masters and Mr Frost’s solicitors…”

“Oh, Adrian, yes, he’s their friend and he’s been advising me all along. He’s sent my mum a strong letter on my behalf about the texts and stuff she’s been sending. Adrian says it’s definitely against the law. I only want her to stop really. I don’t actually want to go any further, you know,” I explained.

“Well, let’s hope that you don’t need to then?” Mr Robinson replied and continued. “You seem much happier than when I last talked to you?”

“Yes, I’m very much so. School’s fine, my friends are great… and… um… well, I’m not going back home if that’s what you want and I’ve got a close friend now, that’s all.” I mumbled the last bit of my reply.

“No, I’ve no intention of suggesting that you return to your mother’s, unless you’re completely happy to do so and all the reasons for you’re leaving in the first place are no longer valid. It would seem that this is far from being so?”

“Yeah, that’s true,” I replied quietly.

“Oh, I can take it that your new close friend’s over sixteen?” Mr Robinson queried, raising his eyebrows a little, but smiling broadly at me.

“Yeah, he’s pretty much same age as me, same year group and everything,” I answered, blushing a little. “Is that a problem?”

“No, not usually, unless he’s under sixteen and you’re over. There might be a problem in those circumstances, but as it doesn’t arise, we needn’t concern ourselves further.”

“Oh, so that’s okay?” I replied.

“Yes, all’s fine. Now, d’you think you’ll want to stay with Rick Masters and Paul Frost until you reach eighteen? That’s assuming they’ll have you for that long a period?”

“Yes, I think so. They’ve said their home is my home now and I really believe them. I’ll work as hard as I can to get to uni, get qualified and then find my own way, hopefully with my friend…” I blushed again. “But that’s a bit of a way off yet,” I added.

“Yes, of course, but its good you can see your way forward and have positive plans for the future. Have you made any career choices yet?”

“I’m pretty certain I want to get a degree in sports sciences and teach sport. In particular, swimming in a school or college… that’s the plan anyway,” I replied.

“I wish you well with that. Is there anything else you’d like to talk about or to let me know about?” Mr Robinson asked.

“Yes, I’m going to try to look for my father and get in touch with him if possible. It’s been about six years since he left and I really want to know what his side of the story was. I mean, I got my mother’s version… but now I know what I do now, I’m not so sure hers is as accurate or as truthful as perhaps I thought it was back when it happened, you see,” I explained.

“That might be some task. Didn’t you tell me you thought and I think your mother confirmed it to me, when I last spoke to her, that your father left for New Zealand, with someone he’d met, or worked with?”

“Yes, that’s the story I was always told. I think some of it’s true… I mean I did get presents and cards from New Zealand for a couple of years till my twelfth birthday in fact,” I replied.

“That makes it somewhat harder. I mean it’s sometimes possible to check if someone who’s British is still alive and in the UK by accessing tax and national insurance details. There’re agencies that specialise in that sort of tracing. New Zealand, though, isn’t as easy. It’s a huge distance away for a start and although not a huge population, it’s two quite big islands. Have you any idea where he might have gone?”

“Yes, possibly. Both the birthday cards seem to’ve been posted in Christchurch. Adrian, Paul and Rick’s solicitor, is arranging some local paper adverts in that area to see if we strike lucky and get a contact. They reckon if he’s there and doesn’t mind being found, then perhaps he’ll simply get in touch,” I replied

“You could try that. It sounds like a very reasonable way of starting the search. I wish you well with that. Do you have all the info you need to begin? I mean your father’s details in full and that sort of thing?” Mr Roberts asked.

“Yes, I got my father’s full name and everything from my birth certificate and I’ve sent for a copy of Dad’s certificate just last week. So I’ll have all the details we need Adrian thinks.”

“You seem to have everything covered then. Good luck with the search and I hope it brings the sort of news or results that you’re hoping for.” Mr Roberts said and continued “I don’t think there’s anything else I need to know. You seem to be settled in okay at Mr Masters and Frost’s home and we’ll check with them that the situation’s still acceptable to them as well, of course. I don’t see any reason for me to be further involved unless you need my help, or an emergency arises. In which case, you know where I am and you mustn’t hesitate to get in touch with me.”

“Yes, I’ve got your card and I’ve put your number into my mobile,” I replied. “So, is that it then? It’s okay for me to stay where I am and carry on?” I asked.

“Yes, as I’ve just said. As far as we’re concerned, you’ve made your own arrangements and because of your age we needn’t get too concerned or get involved any further,” Mr Robinson explained.

I sat back in my chair and smiled inwardly to myself while finishing my drink. Mr Robinson then looked at his watch and said

“Well, I’ve got to go. It’s nearly half past four and I’ve another appointment to go to before I can call it a day.”

“Okay, and thanks for all you’ve done,” I said as I got up and shouldered my backpack. Mr Robinson shook my hand and said

“We’re happy with the arrangements, Liam. I wish you well for the future and hope that your search for your father goes well. Don’t get your hopes too high in that respect though, will you? Things like that have a habit of turning out very differently sometimes to what you expect, or perhaps hope for.”

“Yes, Adrian, Paul and Rick’ve already warned me about that,” I replied.

“Well, as there’s nothing more to discuss now. Goodbye Liam,” he said, and made his way to the counter to pay the bill. I waited and then followed him from the café and we went our separate ways. I headed for the bus stop and waited for the bus home.


* * *


Jamie’s viewpoint…

I’d been very pleased when Chris told me in the lunch queue that he’d been asked to try out for swimming again.

“Liam told me just before I came in. He’s talked to Mr Wellings and he wants me at the pool straight after last period. I’ve called home to say I’d be late so… um… here’s hoping.”

“That’s great,” I replied. “I’ve been meaning to ask you. Are you doing anything in particular on Sunday?”

“Don’t think so, no… not really, tend to just mooch, or read, or homework and stuff. Why d’you ask?”

“Want to come round and hang? Craig’s out with Liam so there’s just me, Mum and Gran at home.”

“Um… yeah, sure, I’ll just have to ask the Ps, that’s all. Shouldn’t be a problem, though. Can my mum talk to your mum? She might want to check where I’m going and stuff,” he replied.

“Yeah, course, here’s my number,” I said as I scribbled them down on the back of an old homework sheet I retrieved from my blazer pocket.

“Got a mobile number?” he asked.

“Nah, next birthday, I think, ’cos I’ll be as old as Craig was when he got his first one. So my mum won’t really be able to say no when I ask for one for my birthday. I’ll have to get a job or something to pay for the calls and texts, I guess. I’ve plans for that anyway. I’ll tell you more on Sunday, okay”

“I haven’t got one either. Mum says they’re just too expensive for now, but perhaps when I’m a year older… still there’s always IM. Have you a computer at home?”

“Yeah, Craig and I got new ones each when we got our rooms all set up. It was just after we moved here a couple of months ago,” I explained.

“What’s your ID then? I’ll add you to my friends list tonight,” Chris said.

“I haven’t actually set up one yet. This is the first computer I’ve had of my own. I haven’t used IM before. So you can show me what to do and we’ll get it all set up on Sunday when you come round, okay?”

“Yeah, okay,” he replied and gave a few moments’ attention to getting some food. When we’d both done that Chris followed me across the dining hall to the table already occupied by Will and Liam. As we walked over Chris added

“Um… think of a nickname or screen name okay and we’ll get it all sorted.” Chris said.

“Okay,” I replied as we both sat down.

Chris looked over to Liam and said

“Thanks for putting in a word with Mr Wellings. I’m very keen to try again.”

“I told him you’d be okay and it was just an off day ’cos of nerves or something. He sorta agreed, but did say nerves could be even worse when it’s a real competition. Anyway, you’ve got another chance, okay?” Liam replied.

“Thanks,” Chris said. “I’ll try not to mess up this time,” he grinned.

“Where’s Craig and Jus?” I asked.

“Craig’s doing something in the auditorium and I haven’t the faintest idea where Jus is,” Liam said looking at Will.

“I haven’t a clue either. He shot out after last period and… talk of the devil…” Will said, as Justin suddenly appeared with a tray of food seemingly out of breath. “So, where’ve you been getting all hot and bothered?” Will asked him.

“Um… had to ask the twins some stuff about Sunday. ’S okay. I’ll tell you later,” and with that Justin set to consuming his lunch as quickly as he could.

Will shrugged his shoulders and carried on with his food. A few minutes later the bell went and we all headed for registration and afternoon periods.


* * *

Craig’s viewpoint…

The rest of the week went by without anything major, or out of the ordinary happening, which was pleasing and it was Saturday before we all knew it. I got up as usual and after seeing Mum and Gran at breakfast went back to my room to get as much of my homework out of the way as I could before going round to Liam’s at about six thirty. I managed to get a lot done during the morning and when I heard my mum calling me I realised it was after one and time for some lunch. I hurriedly finished the chapter I was reading, slipped my bookmark in and followed Jamie downstairs to have some lunch.

“When’re you going over to Liam’s” Jamie asked.

“Oh, not before six as he’s not home from work till around then.”

“Right, that’s good and you’re not coming back till tomorrow evening?”

“Yeah, back around seven I guess. It depends what time the twins call it a day, I s’pose. I’m not sure exactly when. Why d’you want to know, anyway?”

“I want Chris to come over on Sunday, that’s all,” Jamie replied, grinning back at me.

“Oh, so that’s what you’ve been plotting then is it?” I asked.

“I’m not plotting at all, just arranging things, that’s all,” he answered.

“Now you two, don’t start arguing, please,” Mum said.

“We’re not arguing, just discussing plans, that’s all,”  Jamie replied.

“As long as that’s all it is,” Mum replied, then continued. “Though, I must say you’ve both been a lot less argumentative since we moved here, so something must’ve been good about the move.”

“New school, new friends. We were very worried about that before. It’s all been just fine in the end,” I said.

“Yes, I’m glad you’ve made friends and now Jamie’s asking for a friend round on Sunday. So all in all thing’s are looking up, I think,” Mum reflected.

“I think so now, Mum,” I said, and carried on eating my soup and roll.

Just then the phone rang and Jamie went to answer it. The house phone at Gran’s was still in the hallway on an old oak table with a small chair alongside. Gran had not yet joined the digital age with walk around phones about the house. After a few moments he came back into the room.

“It’s Chris’s mum on the phone, she wants to talk about Chris coming over on Sunday and stuff,” he announced.

Mum got up and went out to the hall to take the call and after a few minutes of chatting came back into the kitchen and said,

“Chris wants to chat to you, Jamie,” she said.

“Thanks Mum, but I so need a mobile of my own. I mean the hallway’s so public,” he answered.

 “I can’t imagine whatever you two’ve got to say to each other warrants us all signing the Official Secret’s Act, but you might have a point and we’ll see what next birthday brings, all right?” she said, smiling at Jamie.

“Oh! Cool, Mum, Thanks,” said a smiling Jamie as he went out to chat to his friend.

“You’ll have to cover the running costs on your own though, Jamie,” Mum said to his disappearing back as he left to chat to Chris.

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” he called back.

He came back after a few minutes and sat back down to finish his lunch without saying a word.

“So what’s with Chris?” I asked.

“He’s fine and’ll be over here for lunch tomorrow and then he’ll stay till you lot get back from the twins’ place, okay?” he replied.

“Okay by me,” I grinned back.

“Yes, that’s fine, Jamie,” my mother added. “I’d already arranged with Chris’s mum that he’d have lunch with us tomorrow,” she added.

I nodded and then as I’d finished eating by then I got up and put my crocks in the sink, turned to go out of the kitchen and back to my room to carry on working and then to get ready for going over to Liam’s later, and said

“When can we get a dishwasher, Mum?” I asked. “It’s a right pain doing it all by hand these days. Machines are much better at it you know.”

“Funny you should say that Craig. We intend to have the kitchen modernised after Christmas. Your gran and I were discussing it only last week that now things are settled and we’re certainly staying here for the foreseeable future. We’re going to modernise both the kitchen and bathroom and also create another shower room for you boys from the little boxroom on the first floor as well. But it’ll all have to wait until the new year when we know how the money side is going to work out,” Mum finished.

“That’s great, but couldn’t we have a bathroom upstairs like the one in Paul and Rick’s that the guys have all to themselves?” I asked.

“Well, that would mean spoiling your rooms to create that sort of bathroom. We didn’t think you’d want that sort of disruption now you’ve both got those rooms sorted how you want them.

“Well, Will’s dad had it done in their place. It only took a week and according to Will there wasn’t any mess left at all afterwards?”

“Again we shall see what can be done. Would you boys prefer a conversion of the old toilet and a bit of your rooms to make a shared bathroom then?” Mum asked.

“I definitely would. I think Liam and Will’s bathroom’s great… It’s right next to their bedrooms so it’s so easy for in the morning and getting ready for school and stuff without having to come downstairs to use the main bathroom,” I explained.

“Definitely better if it’s on the same floor as our rooms, Mum,” Jamie added. “I don’t want to have to go up and downstairs to use the shower either,” he added.

“Well, in that case boys… I’ll talk to Rick and Paul and see who they used, get a quote to see if it’s affordable…”

“That’s easy,” I butted in. “Theirs and Commander Barnes’s place was done by Darren Clarke’s dad. They’re in the yellow pages. Urrrrggghhh… that might mean Dazzer working here with his dad if you have them in to do the job.”

“Is that a problem?” Mum asked.

“Nah, not really. Dazzer was more of a loud mouth than bully, but he seems to’ve quietened down an awful lot since the bike crash incident,” I said.

“Oh, what’s all that about?” Mum asked.

“Best ask Will’s dad or Paul and Rick. It happened before we moved here so I don’t know all the facts really,” I replied as diplomatically as I could.

“All right then, I’ll see what we can come up with and then we’ll all have a family chat about it,” Mum finished.

Jamie and I headed back to our rooms to carry on with schoolwork.

“Do you know how to set up IM?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah, sure, it’s easy” I replied. “I’d’ve thought you’d’ve already done that by now though.” I added.

“Nah, had no need to chat to anyone from my old school… too far away really so never sussed it out. But I need it now though,” he replied.

“Well, all you do is go to the Windows Live® or the Yahoo Messenger® sites and download the software. Then follow the onscreen instructions to get yourself set up. It’s not hard, but if you get problems let me know and I’ll see if I can sort it for you, okay? Oh , it’s a good idea to set yourself up a Hotmail® or Yahoo mail® address first, though, rather then use the proper ones that we’ve got already just in case you need to dump the identity and start again you see,” I explained.

“Smart idea, thanks for that,” Jamie said as he went to his room and I to mine to carry on with homework.

I spent the next couple of hours working and then after I’d finally finished my English essay I tidied my books away and switched on my computer. I wanted to do some looking up of gay sex and see what I could find out from a short time browsing.

Once up, I put a few trial phrases into search to see what I could find and soon found my way to some teen help sites. There were pages and pages of help and advice available. I did some reading for a bit, then as I was getting very aroused by the descriptions and help sheets on the site, I decided I’d better go and have a shower before getting dressed and sorted to go down the road to Liam’s. I undressed, got my bathrobe on and thought that it’d be so good if we could have our own bathroom up here as Will and Liam did. I rather self-consciously eased my door open to see if anyone was about, as I was in a high state of arousal after reading and looking at all the stuff I’d found. Luckily, there was no-one on the landing, so I scooted down to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. After an enjoyable shower where I had to be really strict and not mess about and release my load over the shower floor. It was thinking about seeing Liam and wondering how much of what I’d read we could put into practice, persuaded me to ‘save it’ till later.

Once showered, I scooted back to my room and got some of my better clothes out. I just so wanted things to be right that evening and that we would make love properly for the first time. I was sure in my own mind that I wanted to go all the way with him and felt sure that Liam too felt the same way. I was as sure as I could be though, from everything we’d talked about and the things he’d said to me, while we were away on the boat holiday.

After choosing a nice pair of cords and a shirt I dressed in a new pair of boxers and then put the rest on. After checking my hair in the mirror and wondering if I looked as good as I could, I gave my hair another quick go with the dryer and brush and then putting them away got my shoulder bag which I’d put a few CD’s and some of the print offs I’d done from the sites I’d been reading, in case Liam wanted to talk through stuff first. I got up and went downstairs to the kitchen to see Mum and Gran getting the meal ready. I looked up at the clock and seeing it was almost six thirty, said

I’m off now. I’ll see you tomorrow evening, okay?”

“Okay Liam, be careful, won’t you?”

“Yeah, I will,” I smiled back at my mum then picked up my bag and went off out through the kitchen door and down to Liam’s home.


* * *

 Liam’s viewpoint…

I scooted home from work just as soon as I could and rushed into the house. I said a quick “Hi there, guys,” to Rick and Paul who were sat at the kitchen table.

I just caught a “Something important happening this evening, Liam?” from Paul, followed by a laugh from Rick, as I shot up the stairs to my room to change from my shop clothes to something more suitable for meeting my boyfriend to stay for the weekend, or what was left of it. I dumped the uniform clothes into the linen basket and shot through into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I could hear Will listening to some music in his room and grinned to myself at the thoughts that had occurred to me several times during the day about the possible outcomes for the night ahead. I was so hoping that Craig was thinking the same things as I was and that we could enjoy each other that night in ways we’d dreamed of and talked a little about, but as yet hadn’t experienced for real.

I dressed in some smart hugging cords with a loose shirt and having done my hair went back down to the kitchen to see Craig just coming up the driveway to the back door. Before he’d had time to ring the bell I’d opened the door and he smiled a luscious smile back at me and said

“Hi, I’m not too early, am I?”

“No, no way. I’ve been home a little while and had time to shower and change. Bring your stuff up to my room, okay?” I replied.

“Hi, Paul, hi, Rick,” Craig said, then continued. “Mum was wondering about a conversion for Jamie and me of our rooms to include a shower like you’ve got here and was asking who did it and what sort of cost was involved?”

“Well,” Paul replied “It was Mr Clarke’s firm that did that conversion, and also the one next door for Will’s dad too. He was reasonably priced and he does work carefully with as little mess as is possible considering there’s re-plastering to be done when the new partition walls are up and the old toilet walls to be pulled out too. I’ll look up the details and send your mother an email this weekend, okay?”

“Okay, thanks for that. I’ll send Mum a text to say you’ll be doing that,” Craig replied.

Craig then smiled again at me and we both went out of the kitchen and up the stairs to my room.

“Is Will home this weekend?” Craig asked me.

“Yeah, he was in his room earlier listening to his CD’s and doing his schoolwork I think? Why d’you ask?”

“Oh just wondering if he’d be off to Justin’s or something?” Craig replied.

“No. He hardly goes there except during the holidays. He told me that Jus’s dad is not at all keen on Jus being gay and Mrs Naylor said that to keep the peace, it was best if Will and Jus got together round here so’s to avoid any confrontations. He’s over there during holidays a lot though as Jus’s dad works away during the week and is home at weekends.”

“Oh, I see,” Craig said.

“You were hoping he’d be out for the weekend, weren’t you?” I said grinning widely at Craig.

He blushed furiously back at me before admitting “Wee..ll, yes. I’d sort of hoped he might be, that’s all.”

“Hey, no worries, we’ll be fine. No one’s going to disturb us or say anything, okay?” I said, as reassuringly as I could.

Craig smiled back at me, his blush receding. We got to my room and went in. I closed the door quietly behind us and taking Craig’s bag from him turned and put it down on the floor by my bed. As I bent down I felt Craig’s arms snake around my waist and pull my bottom into his crutch where I was sure I felt a rock hard boner pressing against my cords. I excitedly straightened up and turning round placed my own arms around Craig and pulled him in to me. Our lips met and a ferocious kissing session began. When we’d come up for air after what seemed like ages, but could only have been minutes. He looked right at me and said

“I’m ready, you know,”

“Ready?” I queried.

“Yes, I’m sure… I want you to make love to me tonight… you know, all the way if you want…”

“I would love to, I’m ready too and I’d like you to make love to me too. I’m as sure as I can ever be that I love you,” I said quietly into his ear as he rested his head on my shoulder.

“Me too, I love you Liam,” Craig replied.

“I know. I’ve felt it and hoped I was right since about the second day on the canal holiday, I think,” I said.

“I think I fell for you when I saw you on the diving board in your Speedos actually,” Craig said with a giggle. “You looked so, so sexy when you bent over to take one of your dives,” he added.

“Oh, I did, did I?” I laughed back. “So, if I put them on after supper and pose for you and then dive into bed in them you’ll go wild with… um desire?”

Craig looked at me like all his Christmas presents had just arrived and then said

“You’d do that for… me?” he asked sheepishly.

“Yes, of course I would… So what would you do for me then?” I giggled back.

“Um… anything you asked me to, I think,” he replied looking at me from under his long lashes.

I took him in my arms and whispered in his ear

“I’ll think of something… don’t worry,” and kissed him deeply again stopping entirely any thoughts of further conversation until we both broke away to get our breaths.

“Right, we’d best go down and help with supper now. We can have as much fun as we like tonight, okay?”

“Yeah, sure” Craig agreed.

We left my room and went back downstairs to the kitchen to help with the meal.

As we came out of my room Will emerged from his also.

“Hi, any idea what’s for supper?” I asked.

“Paul’s doing a lasagne, I think,” Will replied. “So, what’s with you two then?”

“Oh, we’re okay, thanks,” I said. “What’ve you been doing today?”

“Solid schoolwork until just now. I had to get it all done or I’d not have the time to go over to the twins’ place tomorrow and I’m not missing out on that. So I started after breakfast and have only just finished my English, but it’s all done now. When’re you going to do schoolwork? I mean you’ve been at work all day and we’re all out tomorrow?”

“I got a lot done in a free period on Friday and I also did a lot Friday night. I stayed up till just after twelve to get some stuff finished. Luckily, though I’ve more time on other subjects middle of next week so no probs so far,” I replied.

We’d got downstairs and all went into the kitchen to see Rick and Paul sat at the table drinking a glass of wine each.

“Hi, guys, would you set the table for supper please?” Paul asked as we all came in.

“Help yourselves to a drink too,” Rick added.

We did as asked and a couple of minutes later we were all sat round the table having a drink before supper. Craig and I had wine, Will his preferred Coke.

“I’ve looked up the details about the upstairs bathroom and sent it on to your mother. Have you sent her a text yet?” Rick asked Craig.

“Oh, thanks a lot for that. No, not yet. I’ll do it now,” Craig replied.

We sat and chatted for a bit longer and then Paul got up and put out the plates and served up. We helped ourselves to salad and tucked into our meal. After supper and clearing away Rick and Paul went off to the sitting room to watch a programme on TV and the rest of us sat around the kitchen table chatting.  After a while Will got up and said

“I’m going to watch some TV for a bit. See you later.”

“Sure,” I said, then grinned at Craig and added when Will had gone “Shall we go up to my room?”

“Yeah,” he readily agreed with a big smile, and so we headed for my room again giggling a bit as we went. Once upstairs we went into my room and sat on the bed. Both of us waited expectantly for the other to say something to break the silence. I turned to Craig and our lips touched. On breaking away he sat quietly for a few moments and then said

“Would you put your Speedos on for me?”

I grinned and said

“Sure, but will you undress for me?”

Craig got up quickly and started to pull off his clothing. I stopped him with my hands steadying his and said

“No, don’t rush it, just one thing at a time. Let me sit down and watch in a minute okay. Now wait a moment while I go into the bathroom and change, okay?”

Craig sat back down and seemed a little deflated. I smiled as I took some red Speedos out of my wardrobe drawers and grabbing my bathrobe scooted quickly into the bathroom to change. As soon as I’d done that I returned to my room and was about to put my clothes down when I looked towards the bed and there was Craig totally naked smiling right back at me. I dropped my clothes to the floor and as quickly let my bathrobe fall off my shoulders and down around my ankles. Then with a quick movement I launched myself at my beautiful boyfriend on the bed.


End of Chapter Six.

Very many thanks for all the emails, it's always a pleasure to recieve them and I've managed to reply to them all. I did take a long summer break and  also an autumn one also. But I hope this new story, the sequel to William, is enjoyed as much as William seems to have been. 

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Paul Jamison - Autumn 2009

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