By Paul Jamison

Chapter – 7

Craig’s viewpoint…

As soon as Liam had disappeared into the bathroom to change into his Speedos, I stripped off my clothes just as quickly as I could and lay lengthways on the bed, facing the bathroom door. I really wanted the first thing he saw to be me, naked for him. I quickly propped myself up against the headboard with a pillow and was just lying there to one side of the bed as I heard the bathroom door open and Liam came back into the room carrying his clothes. As soon as he saw me his eyes widened and I grinned at him in what I really hoped was an inviting way. He just let his clothes fall to the floor and with a quick flick of his hands his bathrobe followed them to the floor. There he stood in shiny red Speedos with a very pronounced bulge that made me wonder how he’d got into them at all. I licked my lips slightly and seconds later Liam had launched himself at the bed and landed effortlessly alongside me, quickly snaking his arms around me he pulled me to him and we thrashed around the bed kissing deeply and running our hands over our bodies revelling in the sensations that were so new, but had been dreamed of for weeks before.

Eventually, we parted long enough to look into each other’s eyes and Liam broke the silence with

“I asked you to wait for me. I wanted to see you undress… that was naughty,” he said, and with a wicked glint in his eyes, he gave me a well aimed spank on my bare bum.

“Ow…! You sod,” I remonstrated, but couldn’t stop the giggles rising.

After a few seconds I felt Liam move down the bed and then after deftly rolling me over he kissed me on my bum and then grinning right at me said

“I’ve kissed it better. So that’s all right now.”

I laughed back and put my arms around his neck and pulled him into another deep kiss. Then in as deft a movement as he’d shown I rolled from under him and landed a spank of my own across his stretched red Speedos and giggling shot up and bounced off the bed and sat on his computer chair laughing back at him. He pointed at his bottom and said

“Kiss it better. Now!” while giggling back at me.

I dropped from the chair to my knees and shuffled across to the bed and did as he’d asked me. Then I slid down his snug Speedos and tossing them over my shoulder took Liam’s hard cock into my mouth. Trying to recall all I’d read that afternoon before coming over and from our first encounter I gently stroked the shaft with my tongue, but greatly underestimated the effect this would have as a second or two later Liam was writhing and moaning as I gave my full attention to swirling my lips around the head of his cock, tonguing the head as I did so. I felt his hand against me and then a strangled voice say

“Wait. It’ll all be over if you go on like that.”

I stopped and grinned at him resting my arms across his torso. Then getting up from the floor where I’d been kneeling said

“That was okay, was it?”

“Okay! You nearly had me exploding it was so sexy. Where did you learn that?”

“I didn’t. I just looked on some teen help sites earlier and saw some more positions and new ideas for foreplay, that’s all.”

We’d carried on looking at each other and caressing as we’d talked and I then got up and lay beside Liam on the bed.

“That was nearly the main event,” Liam said giggling a bit. “Well beyond foreplay… unbelievably sexy too. Wow, you are really beautiful, you know. Stand up, so I can look properly… since you did me out of the strip show I asked for, you can pose now!”

“Okay,” I replied, as I sprang to my feet and stood a little away from the bed and turning a couple of times for Liam to look, striking a pose or two as I did, but not succeeding in keeping back the giggles as I did so.

“Come here,” Liam spoke after a few moments of simply looking.

I got back alongside him on the bed, then he suddenly got off and turning on his bedside lamp, he hurried over to the door, turned out the main light, slipped the catch and came back to the bed. He opened the drawer and took out a large silk scarf which he put over the lampshade, throwing coloured patterns over the white ceiling and dimming the light a little more. He then sat down beside me on the bed pulling me to him again in a long kiss. He broke away again and shifting position began to caress me down my legs and up the insides of my thighs. I just made gurgling noises. The sensations were driving me almost wild. Liam carried on and then the point of no return had passed and I shot my load, three spurts of cum right into Liam’s mouth.

I lay back on the bed recovering from the strongest orgasm I think I can ever remember and raising my head saw Liam grinning at me.

“You swallowed it all?” I gasped at him. Liam just grinned back and shuffled up the bed and kissed me deeply again. I could taste the remains of it in the kiss.

“Was that the best ever?” he asked.

I nodded in reply and shifted my position onto my side and looked again at him as I ran my hands down his torso to his still very hard cock. Then I shuffled down the bed and took him again into my mouth, determined this time to see it through to climax. It didn’t take very long before a writhing Liam under my tonguing and swirling erupted into my mouth much the same way as I’d done to him a few minutes before.

“Was it good?”

Liam’s equilibrium returned to normal quickly and he grinned widely back at me

“Yeah, too right.”

I laughed, and then we cuddled into each other for a few minutes.

“Want a snack or a Coke?” Liam asked.

“Um… Haven’t we just had the ‘snack’?” I giggled back.

“Yeah, right, you got me there,” Liam laughed. “How about a Coke then?”

“Yeah, please.”

Liam got off the bed and pulled on joggers and a T. He left the bedroom and I heard him hurrying downstairs to the kitchen to return a few minutes later with a couple of Cokes and packets of smoky bacon crisps. I took one of the Cokes and a packet of crisps from him and pulled the can tab. I took a long drink and watched as Liam did the same before I opened the crisps and stuffed a handful into my gob munching away.

Liam got up and opened his desk drawer and taking out a flyer came back to the bed and handed it to me. I took it from him and squinting at it decided it was upside down and after turning it right way up saw the local college’s film society was having gay film showings over the next weekend.

“Where’d you get this?” I asked.

“There were some students handing them out in the precinct this lunchtime when I went to get some food on my break,” he explained. Next weekend seems to be some sort of college open weekend and there’s loads of different stuff going on and the events are open to all. It’s just cheaper if you happen to be a student, that’s all.” Liam paused a moment, then continued

“Um… would you come with me to one of the films?”

“A date, you mean?” I asked.

“Yes, just us… and it’ll be a proper date, ’cos we’re going out for a meal after and then back here, okay?”

I giggled a bit, but then saw that Liam was being deadly serious. I straightened my face and said

“Course, I’d love to as long as we can do that and our school work too. I can’t risk getting behind in any of my homework.”

“I know. I plan to get as much ahead during next week as I can so I have as much of next weekend free as poss. You’d really like to go and see something?”

“Oh, yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual gay film as such ever before, so that’ll be my first date and gay film too,” I replied.

“Paul and Rick have quite a few on DVD. I saw Beautiful Thing just after I came to live here. I thought it was brilliant too,” Liam said and continued “No, it won’t. Your first date was to come to dinner that Saturday when we did a roast chicken for you and then we talked for ages in the sitting room,” Liam answered.

“Does that count? I mean Will and Jus were here too,” I replied.

“Oh, yes, that counts. Will and Jus helped me set that up, believe me. They knew I really liked you, especially Will. He guessed right back at swimming practise that first time we met. He’s pretty sharp, y’know.”

“They both are. Together they’re a wicked pair. I’ll never forget the ‘stern tube greasing’ joke,” I laughed.

“Yeah, that was a sharp one, wasn’t it?” Liam admitted wryly, then turning to tug off his joggers and T, lay down beside me and snaking his arms around me again hugged me to him, and then said “Let’s get under the duvet now and have more fun in the morning, okay? We’ve not to be at the twins’ till after twelve thirty, so should have plenty of time.”

“Yeah, sure, so where’s the meal after going to be?” I asked.

“You’ll have to wait and see, but you’ll love it, I know that,” Liam replied and we both snuggled up under the duvet. Liam put out the light and we drifted off into a comfortable sleep spooned together.

*  *  *

Liam’s viewpoint…

I awoke the following morning to find Craig’s behind pressed into my crotch and my morning stiffy was straining against his bum cheeks. I eased away and extricated my numb left arm from under my still sleeping boyfriend and ever so quietly, so as not to wake him, I climbed from bed and padded through to the bathroom. Once done, I returned to the bedroom to find Craig now awake, propped up on one elbow looking at me from the middle of the bed. He then did as I’d just done and then joined me back under the covers.

“Brrrrr… it’s chilly!” he said.

I glanced at the bedside clock and replied

“Yeah, it’s late November and the heating’s only just come on this morning so it’s defo a bit parky till the house warms up.”

“I could think of something that would warm things up a bit,” Craig said seductively from under the duvet. I felt his hand slide across and grasp my already stiff again cock.

“Uh huh, I bet you could,” I murmured in reply as I just let him caress my now, very hard cock.

“How about you warm me all the way up with this hot rod.”

I tensed as he said that and turned to face him and resting on an elbow said

“You sure?”

“Yeah, very sure I want you to... Y’know, fuck me,” Craig answered quietly.

I sat up and reached to the bedside cabinet and got out the supplies that we’d both bought some time previously, in hopeful anticipation of such an event as was about to happen. I carefully separated a couple of condoms from the strip of six and took the lube from its package and loosened the top ready for use. Then I turned again to Craig, by now lying on his back in the middle of the bed smiling anxiously back at me.

I knelt over him and kissed him gently, within seconds it became deep and passionate as we kissed like fury. My cock was absolutely throbbing with desire and I was raring to go… but I knew that there were things I’d have to do first, for this was both our ‘first times’ and well we were finding our way, I guess.

I sat back on my haunches and opened the lube tube squeezing a generous amount over my index and second finger. I then carefully eased Craig’s legs up and he rested them on my shoulders exposing his bottom fully to me. I knelt between his legs and began to stroke from his balls to his bum-hole gently stroking the entrance until suddenly I stroked and my fingers slipped easily in. I gently slid them in and out a few times until his hole became very relaxed and well lubricated. Craig’s cock was jumping to attention each time I inserted my fingers and he was making strange noises in the back of his throat that I guessed were pure enjoyment. That’s what the expression he gave me back looked as if he was saying, anyway. Then I got a condom and after taking it from the foil wrap eased it over my throbbing cock down to the base and then I liberally applied some more of the lube. I looked right down into Craig’s face smiled and said


His cock leaped from its prone against his stomach position and he nodded wide eyed back at me. I positioned myself again and gently placed the head of my cock to Craig’s lubed bum-hole. I gently pushed and then suddenly in it went to a gasp and a grimace from Craig as he tightened his grip on my arms, which were now by his shoulders.

“Okay, I’ll come out if it hurts too much?” I anxiously asked.

“Don’t you dare, it’s fine. Just give me a mo to get used to it, that’s all,” he replied, smiling back.

I waited a few seconds then pushed a little more and my cock gently slid in a bit further. Craig smiled back and said

“S’okay now, go for it.”

I pushed a little more and then was in him tight up to my balls. I came back out an inch or two then pressed home again looking intently into his eyes as I did. He smiled and moved a little under me as I pressed home but he made no further grimaces nor showed any signs of it hurting. I withdrew my cock nearly all the way and then slowly pushed all the way home again. His cock throbbed and jerked as I did that and he made the strange gurgle from the back of his throat as I pushed home. He looked up into my eyes and said

“Go on Liam, do me… now?”

I nodded and slipped in and out a few more times, a little quicker each time to the same reaction from Craig’s cock as I pushed home. So I then quickened my pace and after a few more thrusts was slipping in and out in a smooth rhythm of thrusts producing a bounce from Craig’s cock on each. I kept going and after a minute or so began to feel the tightening of my balls that showed I was close. I called out

“I’m coming…”

Craig by now had his eyes closed and was gurgling something rotten as I thrust into his bottom. Then without warning a long Ohhhhhhhhh and three spurts erupted from his cock all over his stomach just as I thrust right home and came into him myself. I felt his muscles clench around my cock as his sperm shot out and that just made my own eruption inside him all the greater. I partly collapsed onto him and kissed him deeply. He wrapped his legs around my bottom pulling me tight into him as we kissed and cuddled as we came down from that high.

Then, carefully, we extricated ourselves from each other and I gently withdrew my softening cock holding very carefully onto the condom as I did so. Craig passed me the box of tissues, I grabbed a couple, cleaned up and dumped the evidence into a waste bag and into the bin. I turned to Craig and said

“Thank you for the most fantastic experience ever. I so love you, Craig,”

He looked up at me from where he’d been cleaning up sat on the side of the bed and grinned.

“Yeah, I know, I was there too… all the way!” He laughed and added

“Okay, let’s shower together and go see if there’s any brekkie yet.”

“Nah, it’s too early for Paul to be up on a Sunday. We’ll have to fend for ourselves, but yes, let’s go shower.”

We both got up and went into the bathroom. Craig turned on the shower and after a moment stepped in. I took a quick leak and a few seconds later joined him under the hot refreshing flow.

“How did you just… um… cum like that? I mean without touching yourself or anything?”

“Oh, I think I know.” Craig replied. “It’s something to do with the prostate gland getting stimulated by you shagging me and sometimes, well, what happened then happens. It was a hell of an orgasm I can tell you. Nothing like a wank, believe me. Seriously amazing… when’re you going to do me again?” Craig said, and then burst into giggles as he put his arms around me and rubbed soap all over my back and bum.

“After you’ve bummed me,” I said. “Then as often as we can, okay?”

“Yeah, sure, sorry I’ve shot the lot for now,” Craig giggled back.

“Me too, but wow, you’re amazing and it was fantastic,” I replied, and then we got on with soaping each other after another long kiss. We turned off the shower, towelled down and returned to my room to dress and then go down to the kitchen.

As we entered the kitchen, hand in hand, I saw Will sat in the window seat in joggers and a hoodie, knees to his chin staring out of the window seemingly lost in his own thoughts, a mug of tea on the seat beside him.

He turned towards us as we entered and then wide eyed grinned at us both and said smugly with ever such a sweet smile on his face.

“So, you’re not virgins any more then?”

“Err… mind your own,” I quipped back.

Will just grinned ever so knowingly and said

“I heard, so don’t deny it. Kettle’s just boiled. You’ll probably need a brew now, won’t you? I mean after all that effort and stuff…” He broke off as we both sped across the room to where he was sat and after Craig’d quickly moved Will’s mug of tea to the safety of the table, we both set on the rascal and almost tickled him to death. After Will’d managed to splutter ‘PAX’, we relented and let him up. He adjusted his joggers that were half way down and his hoodie that was up round his armpits and regained his breath and sat down at the table to finish his brew. Craig turned the kettle back on to make us both one.

“You wait till this afternoon, when Jus and I’ll have the twins on our side. We’ll see who’s saying Pax then.” Will grinned as he spoke.

“Oh, we’ll have to see about that. Seriously though, isn’t this private keep it to ourselves stuff?” I asked.

“Yeah, sorry, course it is. I won’t say anymore, okay?” Will replied and then added “Was it good then?” as he scuttled away out of the kitchen and back upstairs.

“Irrepressible, is the word, I think,” Craig said as he brought two mugs of tea over to the table for us both.

“Cheeky young rascal, more like,” I added, as I took the tea from Craig then grinned back before saying

“He’s very good natured, though, and I really like him too. Even though he can be so Urrrgh annoying at times.”

“Just like my bro,” Craig said. “Jamie has his moments too, believe me. I could cheerfully strangle him sometimes when he spills the beans or says stuff I’d rather was not known by all and sundry.”

“Yeah, I guess. I’ve never had a brother so that’s all a bit new to me really. Lots of things have been since I came here too, like the absence of rows being the most noticeable, plus the fact that I’m trusted to get on with things, like schoolwork, without constantly being checked up on.”

“Oh, you prob are checked on, but not so’s you’d notice. Will told me that his dad gets a monthly email with his school report and grades so he’s definitely kept an eye on, but sorta from a distance.”

“Really, when did he tell you that?”

“Oh, on the canals, we were chatting during one of those long bits with no locks,” Craig explained.

“Oh, right. I don’t want my mother being sent reports, but we’ve not had any end of term reports yet, as I’ve only actually lived here for seven weeks, so I don’t know where it’d go to. That’s something I ought to mention to Paul and Rick I guess?”

“What should you be mentioning to us?” Paul asked, as he came through the kitchen door smiling at us both.

“Oh, about where school reports should go to and stuff like that,” I replied, then added “Hi, sorry, we were awake so got up. Hope we didn’t disturb anyone?”

“No, you two’re a floor up and on the other side from us, so no, we weren’t disturbed, thank you,” Paul replied, with a grin.

“School reports should come here as this is now your registered address with school. Do you want your mother to get a copy?”

“Err, no, not anymore,” I replied.

“Shouldn’t be a problem then. Would any of you like a proper breakfast today? Remember, we’re in for a big lunch at the Claytons’ later on.”

“Nah, just the usual tea, toast and juice is fine, thanks, Paul,” I replied.

“You guys can see to those yourselves then. I’ll just take a tray up for Rick and me and we’ll see you lot in a bit. We’ll leave here just after twelve. We don’t want to upset Mrs Clayton’s timing for the meal, okay.”

We both said “Yeah, sure,” and got ourselves organised on our own toast and juice. Will arrived back in the kitchen dressed and obviously ready for going out.

“Any food going?” he asked us

“Only normal toast, tea and juices. We’re having a big lunch out so Paul’s not doing the usual brunch today,” I explained.

“Oh right,” he replied with an obvious look of disappointment showing all over his face.

“Oh! Come on,” I said. “You’ve got a whole roast dinner to look forward to in less than a couple of hours.

“Yeah, but that’s hours away and I’m starved now,” he plaintively replied.

“God, you’d think he’d not eaten for a week!” Rick said as he entered the kitchen and put down their tray on the table. “There’s some bacon in the fridge you can grill and make yourself a bacon butty, if you’re really that starved?”

“Oh, yeah, great, thanks,” Will replied and turned towards the fridge getting out the plastic container that held the bacon. He turned on the grill and after spreading three rashers over the griddle put the pan back under the heat while he toasted two rounds of bread ready. After a couple of minutes he turned the bacon over and grilled the other side, then taking out his toast put it ready on a plate for the bacon. A few moments more and he had the three rashers stacked on the toast, squirted them liberally with tomato ketchup, added the second piece, and after cutting into two, began to feed on the result.

“Oh wow, a food processing plant in full flow,” I laughed.

“Shurrup,” came through a rather full mouth.

We all laughed a bit and waited while Will finished his bacon butty. Then as he wiped his face clean on a kitchen towel and took a drink of his tea he was suddenly aware of three other sets of eyes watching him.


“Nothing,” we replied in unison. “It’s like watching an industrial crusher at work the way you go through food,” I said. Will looked a little chagrined at the remark and a little huffily said “I need more’n just toast if I’ve to wait hours for lunch that’s all.”

“It’s okay, Will they’re only just teasing you a bit, no big deal,” Rick added.

Just then Paul came into the kitchen and after we’d sorted out the rest of breakfast, we tidied away, got our coats and all went off to do the supermarket run after which we’d return home, unload and then go on to the Claytons’ for Sunday lunch.

*  *  * 

Meanwhile on the other side of the world…


Jeremy Russell hurried from his office down to the car park. He’d just twenty five minutes to get to the dentist for his scheduled check up. His day had not gone well so far. Every meeting had overrun and he was going to be late. He just knew it. He turned from the car park and headed out down to the dentist’s surgery, parked up and after locking the car went to the reception.

“Mr Russell, J. Russell, I’ve a half-past four appointment,” he told the receptionist.

“Please take a seat, Mr Russell,” the girl replied. “I’m sorry, but we’re running a little late due to an emergency patient. I hope you don’t mind?”

“No, it’s no problem, I’m only just on time myself,” He replied and relaxed a little as he took a seat to await his call into the surgery.

The receptionist made some entries on her computer screen and then went back to looking at the local paper. A few minutes later a lady who Mr Russell assumed was the emergency patient came through from the surgery to the waiting room and dealt with her next appointment at the desk before leaving. The young receptionist went back to her newspaper and a few moments later Jeremy was called through into the surgery.

After the routine examination showed that a small filling had become cracked and needed to be replaced at the earliest opportunity. Jeremy Russell returned to the reception to book an appointment for that to be done. The receptionist put down the open newspaper and entered details of the next available appointment, printing Jeremy off a reminder note for his convenience. Then suddenly his attention was drawn to the open newspaper behind the desk. He tried to screw his head around to see, but he couldn’t believe what he thought he saw staring right back at him from the open pages.

“Is that today’s paper?” he tried to ask the receptionist as nonchalantly as he could.

“Yes, Mr Russell. I just got it this afternoon,” She replied.

Jeremy finished his business as quickly as possible without giving rise to unseemly rush and then quickly left the surgery and returned to his car. He drove back to his office, parked up and entered his office suite. He tapped on his secretary’s door and putting his head round asked

“Have you The Press handy?”

“Yes, I got one at lunchtime. You want to have a look?”

“If I could, yes please?”

“Were you looking for anything in particular? I’ve not looked at it myself yet,” she replied.

“Something caught my eye while I was at the dentist’s. I just wanted to check it out, that’s all. Nothing important,” he replied.

His secretary picked up the paper and was about to hand it over when she put it down on the desk and began to flick through the pages. Suddenly she stopped dead, looked up at her boss and back to the paper again. Then quietly folded it over in two and handed it to her boss saying

“I think I’ve found what you saw. This is you, isn’t it?”

Jeremy Russell took the paper from his secretary’s hands looked at the folded open page and the picture starring back at him and said

“Yes, that’s me and my son, a long time ago in the UK. I’ll just go read what it’s about.”

He tucked the paper under his arm and went through to his office. Sitting down heavily in his chair he put the paper on the desk in front of him and read through the legal announcement and details that were printed under the picture. After reading the details a few times he got up and went back to his secretary’s office.

“Christine, would you photocopy that announcement for me? It’ll just save me getting another copy of the paper,” he asked.

“Yes, of course. Is that really your son and you?” she replied.

“Yes, it is about six or seven years ago. He must be nearly seventeen now. I never imagined I’d hear from him again. But, that’s a long story…” he finished.

Christine took the paper from her boss and went off to make a copy of the page with the advert. A few minutes later she returned to Jeremy’s office and handed the photocopy to her boss saying

“Here’s the advert. I hope all goes well with whatever happens. He seems like a nice lad?”

“He was, I stayed in touch a bit but… you know, with things here and all, I lost contact.” Jeremy drifted off into private thought.  Christine discreetly withdrew back to her desk.

Jeremy Russell finished his emails and then shutting down his computer picked up the photocopy that Christine had made for him shortly before and slipped it into his briefcase. He tidied his desk and after a brief nod to Christine who was also packing up for the day left the office and headed for the car park, so very deep in his own thoughts that he hardly saw or even acknowledged his other colleagues’ goodbyes as they left for home also.

He simply didn’t know what on earth to do about the sudden stark reminder of a life left behind some six and a half years before…



End of chapter seven.

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