By Paul Jamison



Chapter –10


I pulled into the driveway to see that Rick’d just arrived home and was getting out of his car in the garage. I pulled mine in alongside and shut off the engine. Getting out, I grinned at Rick who was waiting for me by the door to the house. I went round and closed down the main door and joined him.

“Hang on a mo before we go in.” I said. “I’ve some news.”

“Oh,” he remarked raising his eyebrows in anticipation. “Spill it then.” He said grinning at me.

“Young Liam’s gay too.” I told him. “He’s been round this evening, I’ve fixed his computer and I’ve just taken him home. He told me he was gay when we were checking it out after I sorted the problem.”

“Goodness they’re popping up all over the place!” He replied.

“Well it’s not really that unusual. There’re 1400 boys at that grammar school and by the rule of one in ten…” I said

“Yes of course, I wonder if there really are a hundred and thirty-seven others?” he asked.

“Possibly, some know, some don’t, some won’t I guess.” I replied.

“Anyway, I said we’re always here for help if needed. Oh, and I had a long chat with Frank, seems he’s advanced plans for Will to go to boarding school and that will happen after the Christmas holidays, unless we can persuade him otherwise, which is something I would like to do, as I think he and Justin are a great pair.”

“Leave that one with me.” Rick replied. “I think I’ve an approach that’ll be hard to deny, if I get the opportunity to put it fully. I agree with you that it would be very hard on Will to send him away at this stage in his schooling and in his new relationship too.” Rick said.

“I rather hoped you might think of something.” I said. “I mean boarding school may have much going for it in some respects, but for a gay lad it could well mean interminable misery too.”

“Oh, I think I’ll have all the points covered, once I’ve got some info together I’ll make my case.” Rick finished.

With that we both went through into the kitchen together. Inside we found Will and Justin in the sitting room watching TV.

“What are you watching?” I asked them.

“Oh nothing really,” they replied.

“There’s about a hundred DVDs in the cabinet under the TV,” I said.

“Mmmm, have you ever watched Beautiful Thing?” I asked.

“No,” they both replied.

I went to the cabinet and flipped through the titles until I found the box I was looking for, then slipped the disc into the player and set it going for them.

“Here you are, have fun, Rick and I are taking a shower and then we’ll eat okay? It’s a shepherd’s pie this evening, that’s if you’ve still room after burgers earlier?” I said

“Oh Yeah! No problem.” They both chorused back to me.

The film was beginning to run so Rick and I left them to it. I went into the kitchen, turned on the oven, got the pie out of the fridge and placed it on the middle shelf. I’d add some frozen peas later I thought as I made my way upstairs to our room.

Rick was at the desk, laptop open, scribbling stuff down on a legal pad as I came in. He turned and said

“I think I’ve found the way to persuade Frank away from boarding schools.”

“Oh, how so?” I asked.

“It really boils down to finance,” he replied. “If you don’t put your kid in the system before they’re born and get some financial plan in place to cover the fees as they are due and that also means applying for bursaries and all that sort of thing. Will has a small scholarship at the Royal Grammar, but that’s just towards part of tuition. His dad’s to find all else due to his own not small salary. Boarding full time is another matter. The costs soar to over twenty grand a year for a lad of Will’s age,” he continued. “That’s on the ‘low side’ too, there’s plenty much more than that. I’ve just looked at a couple that give about the same quality of teaching as the Royal Grammar.”

“Crikey!” I said. “I wonder if Frank’s done his sums.”

“That I don’t know; I rather expect he feels he’s to go this route simply because he sees no other choice. His parents are out of the ‘childcare picture’ now. There’re also a couple of special schools for service children. They are much more heavily subsidised from various endowments and that sort of thing. Will would qualify for a place, but would the atmosphere and culture be right for a gay lad? I rather doubt it. That sort of school tends to have a tradition of militarism and culture to match. They may well say that’s a thing of that past but in reality I doubt it. I’m not saying that’s so, but it might be, in which case he’s in for a rough three years. You’ve also got to set expediency of the placement against the fact of how well he’ll do if he hates it.  His grades and work will suffer? I bet you a pound to a penny it would plummet from his current top B+s and As.” Also, he enjoys school now. That’d be gone and it’d be a form of imprisonment, mentally at least, having to suppress all his natural inclinations and be ever watchful just to stay safe. That’ll produce a very sorry boy I believe.”

“Wow, that’s quite a speech, but it’s not me you need to convince you know. I think we can do this, I believe you do too and if that’s the case then we need to convince Frank that we can continue to provide a roof for Will for as long as it’s needed, perhaps even till he’s eighteen.” I said.

“Yes, I agree and I’ve a couple more thoughts up my sleeve too, but don’t really think I’ll need them, so I won’t go into those just now.” Rick finished.

“Okay, but keep me abreast if anything changes.” I said.

“Of course,” he replied as he closed down the laptop and got up from the chair. “Let’s have a nice shower and chill out some this evening okay?”

With that we shed our clothes and took a long shower together soothing the day’s worries away for a while. After that and towelling down I heard Will calling from the landing.

“Cooker timer’s gone off,” he said.

“Okay, thanks. Can you turn the oven down; we’ll be down in five mins.” I called through the door.

“Okay, will do,” he called back.

It was a bit longer than five minutes before we were both changed and ready, but we came into the kitchen to a lovely aroma of cooking pie. I took a tub of grated cheese from the fridge and turning on the grill, bent down to take the pie from the oven and turn it off. Putting in four plates to warm in the still hot oven I sprinkled a liberal amount of cheese over the potato topping and slid it under the grill to crisp it off. Putting my steamer on the hob I put in four portions of frozen peas, then cheated and poured about half a litre of boiling water over them from the kettle as I turned up the heat under the pan. They’d take less than five minutes.

I wandered through to the sitting room to see where in the film they were up to. They’re certainly well into it I thought, as I watched from the doorway. The film was about two thirds through and I thought best left running. I opened the storage cupboard to the side of the fireplace and pulled out four lap trays. A TV supper, I thought would solve the problem of eating and watching at the same time. I saw a good point to stop and paused the film.

“Right a short break for relief and food,” I announced. “Come through to the kitchen, help yourselves and then we’ll carry on watching the film,” I said.

I went back through followed by all. We served up then trooped back with plates of food settled on the sofas and continued with the movie. The boys were captivated by the exploits of ‘Jamie and Ste’ from the ‘Thamesmead’ housing estate the film was set in and were giggling away at the antics of the pub drag queen from the Gloucester gay pub featured in the film.

We chatted about the film for a few minutes. I told them that when it came out I’d been about their age and had secretly attended a showing of it at the cinema totally unknown to my parents. At the end of the showing some of the cast members were introduced and we could get autographs and merchandise if we wanted. I’d slipped quietly out, as I’d no wish back then to be seen or recognised. I recalled going to see the film at least once more during its surprisingly long run, before buying the video and then eventually the DVD version.

Rick brought up the subject of the boat holiday and went to get the laptop so I could show them the diagram of the boat’s layout and some of the pictures from the last trip that Adrian and James did just before they came over to dinner the last weekend. He came back after a few minutes with some printed off sheets as well as the laptop. He passed round a diagram of the boat layout. I’d emailed Adrian earlier asking for that and it had just arrived. I was keen to see that myself; it looked an excellent layout. As you entered the narrowboat from the stern, there was storage one side with the central heating/hot water boiler on the other with the boat’s control panel. Then there were two single bunks either side, followed by a storage cupboard, opposite which was a bathroom. Going through into the next cabin there was a full double bunk, with storage drawers underneath and wardrobe. Next the second bathroom with shower. Then we go through to the fully equipped galley with fridge, freezer, cooker, and microwave plus food storage cupboards. Then the lounge with a large seating area that converted to another bunk for up to two if desired and that became the dining table when slotted into floor mountings, through to a lounge area with armchairs with a c.d. player, a TV and finally the door opened onto a small seating area at the bow. It looked superb, and extremely well fitted out. The boys were getting very interested in the whole idea. Then Rick showed us some pictures of the boat and the lads were impressed, neither had seen much of the canal or the cruising narrowboats on it and they were now very much looking forward to the trip.

“We need one more ‘crew member’ if possible,” I said.

“Why’s that?” Justin asked.

“Well it makes working series of locks much easier when progressing up or down a flight of them,” I replied.

There were three blank faces staring at me uncomprehendingly…

“Okay, you have one person steering, right? Then two guys on the lockside that you’re going through, operating the gates and water control gear okay? Then two more ahead getting the next lock set and ready, so you can go from one lock chamber straight into the next one. That makes the five. It saves tons of time,” I said.

There was a chorus of ‘Oh, I think I’ve got it nows.’

“Good, we may go out on Sunday and have lunch at a canal side pub. There’s a lock and also a canal museum. I’ll try and find my windlass so you can have a go helping a boat or two through a lock if you like,” I said. “It’ll give you some idea of what it will be like doing a hundred and ten of them in a week!” I laughed.

We all chatted more about the canal trip and who else might be asked to come. I’d a thought that Liam may make a good addition but couldn’t really suggest anything as I’d privileged knowledge. It had to really come from the boys I thought.

The conversation turned round to Will’s fifteenth birthday. It would fall in the middle of the week after they went back to school. I suggested he did something on either the weekend before it or the following one and asked for any ideas as to what he’d like.

“Um… Can I think about that for a while?” he asked.

“Sure, no problems just give us some idea as soon as you can, okay?” I replied.

“Yeah, sure I’ll do that,” Will said.

We turned on the TV to watch the news during which both boys got up, said their goodnights and headed off to William’s room. I smiled at Rick as they went out and up the stairs.

“The blue room’s made up but I doubt Justin’ll be in it tonight, do you?”

“I can’t imagine it somehow,” Rick grinned back.

We finished watching the news, turned off the TV loaded the dishwasher and set it going and generally tidied up a bit before retiring to our room for a long relaxing shower and massage before turning in ourselves.


* * * *      * * * *       * * * *       * * * *

Will’s viewpoint…

We went to my room half way through the news. I knew we couldn’t be up too late because of the swimming tests tomorrow.  I so wanted some fun with Justin. I didn’t really know too much about what I wanted or for that matter what he wanted… it was time for a proper talk. We got into my room and I closed the door. Justin went over to the computer chair and sat down. I went to the bed and flopped out propped up on the headboard looking at Jus.

“Think you’re supposed to be across the landing.” I giggled at him.

“No way! I’m staying right here with you. So you’d better get that kit off so we can shower together, okay?” he said.

“Jus… um… can we chat for a little bit?” I asked.

Justin’s face clouded over with concern and he swung the chair round to look right at me. Getting up he came across to the bed and sat on the edge looking right into my eyes.

“Will is everything okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I think so. I’m just a bit worried that we want the same stuff. I mean I don’t know how to do much sex stuff … except perhaps kissing and touching like we’ve already done and I think… um… I’m sorta worried about what if we don’t like other stuff or I’m not good enough at it for you?”

Justin took my hands in his ever so gently and looked right into my eyes.

“Will, I think I’m really gone on you, you’ve become really important to me in the last few days, I can’t think of anyone else but you, I can’t imagine how I’d be without you as my boyfriend. I couldn’t do anything you didn’t want me too, or that we weren’t ready for, that’d just not be… um… fair… it’d be plain selfish and I can’t think of you in that way. It can’t be just what I want, it’s got to be what we both want or no, it won’t be right for us,” he finished.

Before I could open my mouth to reply to that speech he continued.

“Oh and I don’t exactly know much about sex stuff either,” he grinned. “So that makes the two of us, don’t it?”

“Um… I guess so.” I managed to answer.

“Look, you’ll have your birthday computer this weekend. Let’s see if I can stay over again on Sunday then if we can get online. We’ll see what we can find out, okay?” he said.

“Okay.” I replied. “Let’s have a shower then and a bit of a mess about, okay?” I need sleep if I’m going to get through all those tests tomorrow tho’? Don’t you?” I asked him back.

Justin nodded agreement and then he pulled me gently to my feet. I slipped my hands behind him and within nanoseconds we were locked in a deeply passionate kiss that took all the records so far. Breaking away for some air he began to undress me. First he rolled up my top and lifted it over my head dropping it onto the bed and then my ‘T’ followed it. I toed off my trainers and he began on my jeans. I was by this point fully aroused and as he slid my jeans down my cock was fully tenting my boxers. Justin stood up and then I began to do the same to him, first his top then his ‘T’ and then his jeans. In a matter of a few seconds we were both standing facing each other’s boxers straining with our erections. He reached forward placing both hands around my waist and down the back of my boxers cradling my bum cheeks in his hands. I was nearly bursting with the sensations that were running through me like electricity… I just about managed to do the same to him we were both touching and cradling together when he started to slide my boxers down ever so slowly over my bum and then with a little pull to release my rock hard cock from the material. I tried to do the same to him and his boxers caught on his very hard cock and he had to lean a bit to get it to release. Once done, we both toed off our jeans and boxers and still with arms round each other kicked them away from out feet. Running his hands up and down my back from my neck to my bum cheeks was having a wildly exciting effect on me. I was about to burst. Fortunately he stopped before I went over the top and made a mess on the carpet. We managed to disentangle and headed for the bathroom.

Nothing was said… words weren’t needed. I turned on the shower and waited a few moments for the hot water to come through then testing it with one hand stepped in. Justin followed and picking up the shower gel generously squirted some down my back. He rubbed it all over especially on my bum and cock. It was a real turn on to feel his touch again. I nearly blew my lot right then. I decided I was going to do stuff. So I turned round grabbing the gel and squirted Justin’s back. Running my hands all over his shoulders and down his back to his bum gently circling his cheeks with my fingers he was getting so aroused and moaning slightly. I then slid down to my knees the water rinsing Jus’s front and rock hard cock. I then just did it. I took his cock into my mouth and gently slid it back and forth a couple of times, glancing up as I did to see his reaction. He was wide eyed and leaning back on the shower wall. I carried gently on and in a short time Justin began to make jerky movements, his legs stiffened and he held on to my shoulders. A few moments later he started to make throaty noises and then spurted right into my mouth three times in all. I managed the first two but withdrew as the third shot came; it ran all down my lips and chin. I felt fantastic… I came up grinning all over his spunk dripping down my chin. I washed it off under the flow and he gently held me kissing my cheeks as I rinsed. He regained his composure and just cuddled me to him mumbling about fantastic… how nothing like that had happened before… and stuff. I was just so happy I’d made Jus happy and I knew it. He tried to play with me but I shook my head for him not to. We finished showering and then dried off.

Getting back into my room Justin led me to the bed and had me lie down on the top. I did and he began to caress my cock with his fingers. Within seconds it was up like a rod and he was fingering away between my cheeks and stroking the place between balls and bum hole… I was wriggling around now. Then he quickly took my cock into his mouth and with the same gentle movement began to go up and down on the head. My foreskin slipped back and I was so super sensitive it took so little time until I was approaching my peak. I arched my back and shot two loads straight up into his mouth and then one last one followed. I let my bum sank back down onto the bed and Justin grabbed a couple of tissues for the mess. We cleaned up then gently held each other for a while simply touching and kissing gently as we came down from those highs.

We got up from the bed, Justin picked up his clothes making a neat pile on my desk. I collected mine and made a similar one on the chair. We quietly pulled back the duvet, turned off the room light and with just the bedside lamp slipped under the duvet together.

“How’s that Jus?” I asked him quietly.

“Totally amazing! I never thought it would be anything like that,” he replied.

He kissed me full on the lips again and I was lost in his arms.

“Did you like it too?”  he asked anxiously.

“Yes! What do you think?”  It was amazing!” I replied.

“Are you happy Will?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m very happy ’cos I’m here with you.” I replied.

We held each other for a little while, and then Justin slipped away and got comfortable. My arm was trapped under him and was getting pins and needles. I spooned up to him and he snuggled back in close. After a little while I heard his breathing slip into the regular pattern of sleep and I found myself slipping away too. I was soon dreaming.



* * * *    * * * *     * * * *     * * * *



End of Chapter Ten.


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