By Paul Jamison



Chapter – 14

 Will’s viewpoint


 I barely waited till the bedroom door was closed behind me and Jus before I started shedding clothes. I turned to him grinning widely and said

 “Get naked then! It’s time for fun in the shower.”

 “Oh yes!” Justin replied, pulling off his top as he spoke.

 He followed my lead quickly, pushing down his cargo shorts, kicking off his trainers and in less than a minute we were both starkers and grinning at each other.

 I scooted into the bathroom closely followed by Jus, turned on the shower to give it a few moments to warm up, then turning to him pulled him into a hug and fiercely kissed him full on the lips. Justin’s eyes bugged out for a second, then he responded in like manner and before I knew it we were bumping and grinding into each other with a passion. A few seconds later we both came up for some air and took a breath.

 “Let’s shower,” I suggested.

 “Okay,” Justin nodded agreement.

 We got in the shower and I began to soap Justin all over. I’d started to really like doing that and he just relaxed in my arms as I worked the shower gel into his bum and between his cheeks. I was feeling sort of liberated… after the long chat with Dad. I knew things were becoming okay again. I now felt I could let go of all those doubts and fears of the previous week and let my feelings out at last. I intended to do exactly that.

I simply grinned at the silly smile all over Justin’s face as I touched his intimate bits and loved it as his eyes bugged again when I tickled his bum hole. His knees widened as I did that and at that moment I dropped down to my knees and with my left hand gently rubbed his knob as my right hand stroked between his balls and his bum hole, tickling the entrance as I passed over it with a soapy finger. He was making low groaning noises so I felt he was having a nice time… My own cock was rigidly to attention so I knew I was having fun! I let the water stream over it then just let his stiff cock slide between my lips and I played with the head with my tongue, slipping it in and out as I did. I must have got something right as within a minute or two Justin’s knees clamped together and his bum cheeks gripped my finger as it touched his hole and he spurted into my mouth. Once… twice… three spurts accompanied by groans and throaty noises as he came.

I let him withdraw from my mouth and as I looked up and into his eyes, I just knew he was the one for me. Something in his eyes just radiated love, or at least what I thought was what love would look like. What did I know? I did know that this boy was the one I wanted to be with most of all. I rinsed my face and slid up against him and we kissed deeply again.

“Let’s get dry, I want to give you some fun now,” Justin said.

“Okay, yes please,” I giggled back at him.

We finished showering and towelled off dropping the towels over the rail as we went through to my bedroom. Justin went over to the bed and sat down on it. He looked up at me and then took my hand and pulled me to him and we kissed. Rolling over onto the bed together we kissed again and again. I was so excited I nearly came from rubbing against him…  I just managed to hold it. Then he rolled away and got me on my knees with head down and bum up. He slid between my legs and took my cock in his mouth and gently began to play with his tongue around the head, just as I had with him.

While I was enjoying this sensation I felt a little vulnerable with my bum high in the air so I turned my head to get a look at Justin as I straddled him. He began to stroke my bum with his hand and his finger wandered down into the crack and stroked right over my bum hole. I involuntarily moved and my cock seemed to get even harder… if that were possible! Justin just smiled back at me and wriggling himself into position again under my straining erection he took it into his mouth and began to swirl his lips around the head. At the same time he continued to rub my bumhole with his finger and gradually entered my hole. This was a whole new feeling and I found I was moving in time with his little advances into my bottom… as he pushed a little I pushed a little into his mouth with my cock. He soon had a rhythm going and it must have been quite a sight, one I could just catch in my wardrobe mirror of my bum flexing up and down as he wiggled his finger in my rectum. I was quite gone on this new feeling and it hardly seemed to take any time before I was making noises and feeling my balls tighten just had time squeak…

“Coming! … Ohhhhh…”  I shot three times before subsiding down onto the bed next to Jus.

Justin rolled over with a huge grin on his face and grabbing a tissue, cleaned up and then gently did the same for me. We kissed again before he propped himself up on one elbow and running a hand down my side and over my hips traced my outline caressingly… It started to tickle a bit and I wriggled and giggled back at him.

“That was amazing, Jus,” I said.

“You should’ve seen your bum wriggling, you were so into it!” he replied.

“Could you see me then?” I asked.

“Nah! I was a bit busy,” he giggled back.

I rolled over laughing at his comment.

“I could just about, in the wardrobe mirror,” I said.

Justin looked at me and we moved closer and hugged. I really loved it when he touched me and held me after we’d just come and stuff. I ran my hands down over his bum and he wriggled in closer to me. He’d lovely curves. I moved away from him and let him lie face down on the bed. I got up and went quickly into the bathroom; I’d an idea and I also needed to pee badly. I got the business taken care of and flushed the toilet, then after washing my hands I opened the bathroom cabinet. I seemed to recall something. There was indeed a bottle of massage lotion on the shelf in the cupboard. I grabbed it and went back into the bedroom with the lotion and a towel. Justin was on his side waiting for me when I re-appeared and gave me an amusingly enquiring look.

“Lie flat on this towel, okay?” I told him.

We put the towel down and Jus rolled back onto it as I’d asked. I got the bottle and flipping the cap squeezed an ample amount of lotion right over his bum. Then straddling his thighs I began to rub it over him. He wriggled away making appreciative noises as I did it. I let some of the lotion run between his cheeks so I followed it with my finger till I brushed over his bumhole… He began to wriggle quite a bit and it was obvious that he was liking this, so I probed a little more, Justin made growling noises so I stopped.

“Okay Jus?” I asked.

“Mmm… don’t stop!” he grunted back.

I carried on probing and he carried on grunting. Then he suddenly rolled me off him and over to reveal a rock hard cock leaking pre-cum and throbbing visibly. Justin drew his knees up and I squatted between his now open legs. Flipping the bottle of lotion I poured some into my hand and began to stroke Justin’s cock gently, with my free hand I stroked his bum hole with my finger. Suddenly his bumhole muscles eased and my finger slipped easily inside aided by the copious amount of lotion that had run down there. He gave out quite a moan which I took to mean excitement, so I gently started to move my finger slowly in and out in time with my stroking on his cock. Within a minute he began to make noises and I knew he was close. Suddenly his bottom gripped my finger and he shot two loads over his navel. I was amazed how strong it was… He relaxed, opened his eyes and grinned.

“Oh wow,” he stuttered. “Can… can I do that to you?” he asked.

“Yeah!” I replied grinning and making to lie down alongside of him.

“Giss a moment,” he grinned back. Jus cleaned up with tissues and then took up the straddle position and ran lotion over my bum. Slowly he rubbed it in and down between my cheeks seeking my bumhole with his finger. It was only seconds before I was wriggling and making the same noises that Justin had. He raised himself and rolled me over, I was rock hard and leaking just as he was. He pushed my knees up and they opened so he could play with my cock and bumhole at once. I was almost coming before he fingered my bumhole but when he slipped his finger in and started making slow in out movements at the same time as stroking the head of my cock. I could not hold on and after about a minute came, just two small spurts on my navel but a very strong sensation, and I was writhing about as it happened.

I got my breath back and looked at Justin. The delight was obvious in his eyes and I smiled back at him. We both got up from the bed and without saying a word went through to the bathroom to clean up. When we’d done we went back into my room and sat side by side, my arm round his waist and his over my shoulder just looking into each other’s eyes. I tentatively opened my mouth to say something but Justin got in first.

“Um… Will, do you want to do more stuff yet?” he asked.

“You mean… um stick our cocks up bums?”

“Well, only if it’s what you want… I’m okay for you to do it if you like…” he said quietly, looking anxiously into my eyes.

“Really?” I asked back, a bit wide eyed.

“Yeah, really! There’s no-one else I want doing that… except you. I’m sure of that now.” Justin said as he looked me straight in the eyes.

I returned his gaze, looked deeply into his eyes, saw all I needed to know. He was giving himself to me, all the way, unconditionally. I knew how I felt in that instant. I gently pushed Justin back onto the bed and looking into his eyes kissed him deeply. Then I raised my head and again looking him directly said…

“Jus, I love you...”

“I love you too, Will,” he replied.

We kissed again and then slowly slipped under the duvet. Justin spooned up to me, arms lightly round my shoulders and we drifted off into sleep together.

I woke around seven thirty with the sun streaming through a gap in the curtains, carefully slipping out of bed to avoid waking Justin, who’d rolled  way from me during the night and was still fast asleep. I padded into the bathroom to take care of a pressing need. By the time I was back Justin was awake and smiling sleepily at me.

“Hi,” I said.

He raised his head and looking about the room replied

“Hi to you too,”

Justin got out of bed and padded to the bathroom, after a minute or so I heard the toilet flush and he returned slightly more awake.

 “So what are we doing then?” he asked.

“Did you mean all you said last night?” I anxiously asked.

“Oh, yes definitely,” he replied, with a worried look towards me.

“I was so hoping you did ’cos I did,” I said with a smile.

“Well, we need to get stuff then,” he grinned back at me.

“I’ll call my mum, see if we can go into town together to get school stuff and haircuts and then we could get lunch and go to the chemist’s,” he suggested.

I smiled back and nodded my agreement, then said

“Let’s shower and get some breakfast, Paul’ll give us a lift into town I know. Can your mum bring us back later?” I asked.

Justin glanced at the time on the bedside alarm and then fished for his mobile in his backpack, sat down on my bed and made a call. While he was doing that I went through into the bathroom and started the shower. After a few moments Jus came through and joined me under the water. I turned to him and he nodded and grinned before soaping me up. We quickly finished washing, dried ourselves returning to the bedroom to dress. Justin tidied away his clothes and then both with our backpacks to go to town we headed downstairs for breakfast.

 * * * * *     * * * * *     * * * * *     * * * * *

“Goodness, you’re bright and early this morning,” I commented as Justin closely followed by Will bounced through the kitchen door, backpacks in hand and looking like they needed feeding.

“Sleep okay then? I asked them both.

Both boys nodded and put their packs down by the doorway coming to the worktop to sort out some tea and toast. I let them get organised before I asked

“So today’s agenda is?”

“Books to buy, people to see,” began Will

“Hair to get cut, uniform to get,” added Justin.

“Got all mine last week,” Will said turning to Justin.

“Oh, I need blazer and trousers,” Justin replied.

“So did I. Had the new ones on at the funeral,” he finished.

“The plan’s to ask you for a lift into town, then we get one back with my mum later,” Justin explained. “Will said you offered to take us in if we needed?”

“I did indeed, no problem guys,” I said. “So when would you like to go?”

“Um… after breakfast please if possible?” Will said.

“Okay, no problem, we’ll go when we’ve finished in here then,” I replied.

“Thanks Paul,” both replied in unison.

We finished our breakfasts, the boys cleared away and loaded the dishwasher while I checked the kitchen for things we needed and made a small list of my own. That done I headed out to the garage and got my car out, the boys joined me and after locking up we set off for town.

I pulled into the drop off lane by the precinct entrance. Will and Justin got out of the car, came round to my window and said

“Thanks for the lift, if anything goes wrong, may I call you later? Will asked.

“No, best to call Rick,” I replied, “I shan’t be home till eight-thirty, Rick gets off at five, okay?” I told him.

“Okay,” he replied and with that he headed off into the precinct with Justin, both chattering away together.

I headed off to park and do my own shopping.


* * * * *     * * * * *     * * * * *     * * * * *     * * * * *

Will’s viewpoint

I went straight to the hair studio to get booked in for a haircut, they weren’t busy so could do us both at once; I went to one seat and Jus the one next to me.

“You two lads brothers then?” the stylist asked.

“Nah! Just friends,” I giggled.

Justin heard and giggled too. I looked across and he smirked some more, so I turned back and tried to keep a straight face ’cos I didn’t want the scissors to slip and give me an awful cut. Once they’d finished with us and sprayed us with gel and blow dried us both we settled up and scooted out.

We then went off to the stationer’s for school supplies. I needed the usual stuff and so did Justin. We pushed a trolley round between us getting binders, pads, pens, ink cartridges. We saved some money by going for the bigger packs and deciding to split them between us after. After queuing and paying we split the packs up into the two carriers and shared the cost between us. Then we headed for HMV to browse the CDs and DVDs We spent longer in there than we thought as Justin noticed the time and said we had just an hour before he had to meet up with his mum at the outfitter’s.

On our way down the escalators between the levels and opposite the food court I noticed a big branch of Boots the Chemists. I nudged Justin and whispered in his ear. He looked sharply back at me and then nodded agreement. We headed for the entrance to the large store.

We wandered down the aisles until I found the family planning section. There was a huge choice of brands and styles of condoms. I began to study the packets. Justin nudged me and said

“What’re you looking for?”

“To see if they come in smaller sizes,” I whispered back.

“Oh, yes, good point,” he replied.

He began to go through the different packs on display with me. Eventually I found some that were labelled ‘snug fit’

“These are what we need I think,” I said to Jus. I dropped a pack into the basket together with a pack of lubricant. We were headed for the checkout when Justin suddenly nudged me turned around and headed back down the aisle.

“What’s with you?” I asked.

“The checkout, he quaked back, “It’s the lady who lives next door! I can’t go through there with these. She’ll tell Mum for sure,” he said. He grabbed the basket and dumping it at the end of the aisle hi-tailed it out of the shop with me following in embarrassed pursuit.

Just then from the stockroom at the back of the store Liam Russell emerged for his lunch break. He saw Justin dump the basket and went over to see what it was; the assistant-manager got there a second or two before Liam and picked it up. He turned to Liam.

“Just lads too scared to buy,” he remarked. “Would you re-shelve them on your way out?” he asked.

“Yes, of course,” Liam replied. He took the basket and headed for the shelves. He looked at the contents and did a double-take, taking them from the basket and locating the place for the items on the shelves he was just about to replace them when he came to a decision. Liam turned towards the checkout and asked the lady to put the items through as a staff sale. This she did and Liam paid for them. Putting the bag in his pack he slipped out of the shop and over towards the food court, which is where he thought he saw Justin and Will scuttle off to.

Liam scanned the tables in the food court but saw no sign of Justin and Will. He was about to just go and get some food for himself, when he noticed them come from a burger outlet carrying trays of food. He slipped away round to a sandwich store, bought what he wanted and coming up on the blind side of Will and Justin slid into a seat opposite the pair of them.

“Hey guys,” Liam greeted them. “Shopping I see?”

“Hi, yeah!” We’ve school stuff and haircuts and I’ve got to go meet my mum in the outfitter’s for new uniform at two pm,” Justin replied.

“Oh right, ready for school then? Liam asked.

“Well, I guess,” I said, “ready as we’ll ever be I s’pose.”

Liam finished his sandwich and then taking a paper bag from his backpack slid it across the table to Will and Justin.

“That’s nine pounds seventy-six you owe me,” he smiled at us both.

Justin picked up the bag and with me looking on he slowly opened it and peered inside. Our two red faces shot up and looked at Liam like bunnies caught in the headlights!

“It’s okay, I’m gay too.” He said quietly.

I visibly gulped and Justin nearly choked on his burger before managing to come out with,

“How d’you know?” and an incredulous “you are?” we said almost in unison.

“I’ve thought so about you two since Paul fixed my computer. I came up to say bye to you and you were obviously having fun in Will’s room?”

Both Justin and I looked at each other and then although red faced turned back to Liam and said

“Yeah, you’re right. Was it obvious though?”

“No it’s not and as long as you don’t do stuff at school it’ll stay okay,” Liam said.

“We never guessed about you either,” Justin said. “You won’t tell will you?” he asked.

“No way, and please nothing about me either,” Liam replied.

“So nine pounds seventy-six pence please, you lucky beasts!”  Liam repeated holding out his palm.

“Okay,” Justin and I fished out our wallets and each handed Liam a fiver. Liam fished out the twenty four pence change from his trouser pocket and smiling broadly handed it over to us.

“I guess I’ll see you at the prison tomorrow then?” Liam remarked, as he got up to leave the table.

“Yeah, I s’pose so” we both replied. “See yah then,”

Liam waved bye and walked off into the crowd back to the store to complete the last couple of hours of his shift.

We stared at each other in disbelief at what had just happened right in front of our eyes. Liam Russell star of the swimming team was gay just like us! Justin picked up the chemist shop’s bag and handed it to me.

“You take that. Keep it in your bathroom?” he suggested, “If my mum finds it in my bedside unit, I’ll get skinned and fed to the dog,” he remarked.

“Okay,” I agreed, I took the pack and slid it into my backpack with the other things I’d just bought.

“Time to go meet your mum yet?” I asked Justin.

“Yeah we’d better get going in a few,” Justin replied.

We finished our food and dumping the rubbish into the bins provided, we headed away from the food court towards the outfitter’s on the lower level.

As we walked an idea was beginning to come into my head. I turned to Justin and said

“I think I know who to ask on the canal holiday,”

Justin looked at me, considered for a second and replied

“You mean Liam?”

“Yeah,” I said, “What d’you think?”

“Good thought. Let’s ask him this week after you’ve talked to Rick and Paul?”

“Okay I said,” I’ll ask tonight when I get in.”

We got to the outfitter’s and Justin fished out his mobile to call his mum. Just as he got through he saw his mum coming across the concourse towards them and looking into her bag for her phone. Justin took off towards his mum turning off his phone as he went. They met and both came back towards where I was waiting at the shop entrance. We went in and headed to the school uniforms department.

I sat and waited, grinning away while Jus tried on stuff and had to parade it all for his mum. After about half an hour, a new blazer, two pairs of school trousers, packs of socks and shirts later we headed off again to the car park.

In the car on the way home we made arrangements to cycle in to school as we usually did if it was not raining hard. I agreed to be at Justin’s for 08:15 as we knew it took a good half hour for the ride and we needed a bit of time to settle before registration at nine. I’d had my new school year timetable by post with my report from the previous year. It was stuck to the fridge at home. I simply had to remember to take it in to Rick and Paul’s that evening.

We got back to Justin’s and went in for a brew; we’d hardly had anything to drink all day except for a Coke at lunchtime so we’re both very thirsty. I went up to Justin’s room to chill out for a bit. We listened to CDs and then at five his mum called up to say that I needed to get myself organised to go home as it was ‘school in the morning’. I said bye to Justin gave him a quick kiss and headed downstairs and into the car with Mrs Naylor.

The journey took only five minutes and as we pulled up at Rick and Paul’s, Rick arrived home also. I hopped out and thanking her for the lift popped into the house to get my dad’s keys. I retrieved my school timetable and went back over to Rick, where he was still chatting to Mrs N. I said bye again and watched as she drove off. We went in together and I explained about the timetable that we then fixed up on the kitchen notice board. I then took my bag and went upstairs to begin getting sorted out for school in the morning. I took my uniform out and had it ready on a hanger on the wardrobe. I cleared out my backpack and sorted all the stuff out that I knew I needed for the morning and put away what I didn’t in the wardrobe cupboard. I then saw the packet of things from the chemist shop. I grinned to myself and put them safely away in the bedside table. I was rather hoping that they might get some use before not too long.

The holidays were almost over and so much had happened since we broke up at the end of July.  I could hardly believe all that’d gone on in the last ten days. I finished putting out my things, turned off the light and went downstairs for supper in the kitchen.

We had a great lasagne that Paul had made; once we’d eaten I went in with them to watch TV for a bit. When a programme break came on I remembered the canal holiday.

“Oh I think we know who to ask on the canal trip at half-term,” I said.

“Oh good,” Rick replied. “Who’ve you got in mind?”

“It’s Liam actually. He came out to us both today and we want to ask him but we thought we’d ask you first,” I replied.

“Well, well, who’d have thought,” Rick smiled. “Yes, a good choice. I like him too,” they both said.

“Did you know then?” I asked.

“Yes, but that’s private just like you and Justin are, so no blabbing okay? Rick said.

“Oh don’t worry. We know that, we won’t be saying a word anywhere,” I replied.

“I know, Good night then,” Rick said, as I got up and made to go upstairs to bed.

“Goodnight,” I replied and headed for my room. ‘School tomorrow,’ I thought as I climbed the stairs.


* * * * *     * * * * *     * * * * *     * * * * *


End of Chapter 14

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