By Paul Jamison



Chapter – 18


Will’s viewpoint


I went up to my room and put my stuff down. Then sitting at my desk I took Justin’s present out of the carrier again. I hadn’t wanted to open it downstairs in the kitchen just in case it was something personal. I opened the wrapping and found a small flat bubble wrapped packet. I opened that to reveal a USB pen drive for my computer. That was really good as I had filled my old one up. There was a note tucked in with it saying ‘Happy Birthday Will - don’t look at contents unless you are alone -Love Jus’. I turned on my computer and opened the birthday card that had come with the present while I was waiting for it to boot up.

The card was a computer made one, but the front picture was a lovely portrait of a smiling Justin showing only his head and shoulders. I opened it and again there was a big ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY lots of love Justin’ on the inside. I smiled happily and turned back to my computer.

I inserted the pen drive into a spare USB port and waited for it to open. The usual box appeared asking what I wanted to do with the files on the pen. I clicked on ‘play’. A slide show presentation began. The first few pictures were of Justin on his bike and I wondered how long it would be before we could ride about again. Then it changed to Jus on holiday somewhere hot as he’d only his Speedos on. The pictures were good, taken by his parents, I thought. Then another set beginning with Justin in his room in shorts and T… then the next without the T… then no shorts…. then no boxers… just a big smile and a very stiff cock… but by then mine was rock hard too. I was giggling a bit at the view as my phone bleeped to say a text had arrived. I checked it and it was Justin wanting to know if I’d opened his present. I texted back at once telling him I had and that I was looking at the pictures then. He replied at once, saying he’d done the bedroom pictures on a timer and it’d taken hours to get the best views. I texted again to tell him they were great and that I’d see him the next evening after school with his homework. I shut down the slideshow and took the pen drive out putting it away in the desk drawer. I heard the garage doors open and close so guessed that Paul was home and it was almost time to go down for the chat Rick’d mentioned earlier, although I was certain it was going to be about Liam.

I quickly got out of my school clothes and padded into the bathroom for a quick shower. I really needed to release the tension of seeing those pictures. It didn’t take long with a soapy hand and the warm water to release the thoughts I’d had after seeing Justin with a really hard cock kneeling on his bed grinning widely at me from my screen. I had just spurted off when I heard Liam outside

“Will, are you in the bathroom?” he called out.

I shut off the shower and grabbing a towel scooted back into my room. Wrapping the towel round me, I stuck my head out of the door to answer him

“Hi, yes, just finished. Okay?” I replied.

“Okay. When you’re dressed, we’re about to have a chat downstairs in the sitting room,” he said.

“I’ll be down in a minute, see ya,” I said, as I closed my door. I hurriedly finished drying and dressing, before following Liam downstairs to the sitting room.

* * * *    * * * *    * * * *

Paul’s viewpoint


Liam came into where Rick and I sat in the sitting room and plomping himself down in an armchair said

“Will’s just coming. He’s had a shower. Won’t be long now.”

“Ah, good,” I replied.

Within a minute or two Will came into the sitting room and took the other armchair, looking expectantly at us all.

“Well,” I began, “I guess it’s pretty obvious why we’re having a chat tonight.  Liam’s now in our home and sat right with us,” I grinned.

“Yeah, but what happened that he had to arrive in the middle of the night?” Will asked.

“That’s exactly what we plan to explain now,” Rick cut in.

“About half one this morning Rick got a call from Liam to say that after an awful row with his mother he’d got to leave home as he couldn’t accept his mother’s conditions for him to stay. Simply put, Liam told his mother he was gay at the beginning of the summer holidays. There’s been constant pressure for him to accept his mother’s church’s view, which is that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, and an unacceptable one to his mother and the church she attends, not a simple fact of sexual orientation. That’s the way we’ve been made, as we believe it to be. He’s got to attend some sort of youth residential seminar to turn him straight again. Or if he won’t do that, then he’s no longer welcome at his home anymore.”

“Bloody hell!” Will said.

“Yes, it was a hell of a shouting match,” Liam said. “I couldn’t stay any longer and I’m sixteen and think it’s allowed.”

“Yes. From what Adrian is able to tell us it would seem as if as long as you are okay, safe and wish to remain with friends, live independently or whatever, you can do so. It only gets complicated if you are under sixteen. Then social services don’t get much choice and you have to be found a place of safety.” Rick said. “But,” he continued, “and it’s a big but… Liam’s mother could, if she chose to, contest any arrangements that Liam makes for himself and as his responsible adult, for now anyway, could, I’m not saying she definitely would, but it’s possible she’d attempt to have him resume living with her till he got to seventeen. It’d be messy and expensive for her though and with every chance a judge would heed Liam’s views just as much as his mother’s, and with no certain chance of success either, which actually makes it more on Liam’s side, but just a warning it might not be plain sailing, okay?”

“Okay,” Liam and Will said, looking nervously at each other.

“So, with all that’s been going on, it’s been a bit hard to ask you how you felt about Liam coming to live here with us until such time as he’s able to get along on his own, probably after university, especially as it all blew up so late last night,” I said.

“Um… can’t see any problem… I mean its fine by me… good actually in some ways having someone nearer my age here to talk to as well as you guys,” Will said.

“That’s pretty much what we were hoping you’d feel. Thank you for saying so,” I replied. “I talked to your dad this afternoon too and he didn’t have any problems with Liam being here either. So that pretty much wraps that up for now.”

“Right guys, school homework please, then come down for snacks as and when. Liam, I suggest you use the kitchen for now until we can get your room kitted out like Will’s, okay? We should be able to fit in an Ikea visit on Saturday.”

“Really… Um, can we go on Sunday, do you think? Only I work at Boots on Saturdays?” Liam said, as Will got up from the armchair and headed back to his room.

Can’t see why not,” I replied. “You’ll need clothes storage, computer desk, chair, worktable and some more bedding and towels etc, all basic stuff really. We’ll get the same as we got for Will as that seems to fit those rooms well enough,” I said.

Liam nodded and smiled and then picking up his school backpack went through into the kitchen to start on his homework. Rick turned on the television and we watched a favourite programme that we’d recorded the previous evening. Then as the news time came, we switched to that. Liam came back into the sitting room to join us at that point.

“All done?” I asked.

“Yeah, for now anyway,” he replied. “I’ve some reading to do this weekend for next week, but that’s best done Sunday, I think.”

The conversation lapsed and Liam appeared to be deep in his own thoughts when suddenly he turned to us both and asked

“I’m going to have to go back to my mother’s aren’t I?” he blurted out.

“I mean, I’ve no money to support myself.”

“What on earth gave you that idea?” I said.

“Well, it stands to reason doesn’t it? I mean it’s okay for you to have me for a few days, she might calm down, but then I’ll have to go back, won’t I?”

“No, that’s not how it works at all. When we said this is your home, that’s exactly what we meant and for us that means supporting you fully until you can manage for yourself, which we won’t expect to be before you leave university and get your first job on the go, whatever that may be and even then if you want, this is still a home for you, okay?” I said.

“I know you said that, but I didn’t really think it was for real,” Liam replied.

“Yes, it was, unless you give us good reason to think otherwise of you, we feel that we’d like to and because we’re able to, help you through this difficult time. BUT, as I said before, it hinges on you doing your bit as well, ‘fitting in’ to our household, getting along with Will, as he’s here for roughly three years, doing chores as needed and all the usual stuff any household needs to get through, okay?” I explained.

“Yeah, I’m beginning to understand now… but what about money? I mean its going to be a lot, isn’t it?”

“Well, day to day not that much extra. We don’t have a huge mortgage on this house and despite what they say about teens eating half a horse I’ve yet to actually see it… so no, you’ll not eat us out of house and home, so don’t worry on that score. We can well afford to keep you in food, clothes and anything needed for school studies and later college, plus of course a small, but we think adequate, allowance for your everyday spending needs. Will has that, so we were going to discuss setting up the same arrangement for you. I guess you have a bank account?” I asked.

“Yes. I’ve a card cash account, though it’s not had much from my mother since I told her I was gay and wouldn’t go along with her church plans. I’ve only what’s left from my savings and holiday job that I just do on Saturdays for six hours now we’re back at school,” He replied.

“Right, give me the details of your account, sort code and account number and I’ll set up a payment of sixty pounds a month, okay? That’s the same as we give Will, it’s roughly fifteen pounds a week and should cover all your incidental expenses,” Rick said.

“My mum gave me twelve,” Liam said.

“Really?” Rick queried. “That’s a bit low for a sixteen year old, isn’t it?”

“Yes, that’s why I got a job at Boots. I needed extra and I’d had the ten pounds a week since I went to the grammar school when I was eleven. Then it went up to twelve when I was thirteen, but no more since Dad went,” Liam said.

“So remember you’ve a place to stay here, that’s a definite, okay? But, for instance, should things between you and your mother improve and you wish to return there, then we’ll not be stopping you as long as you’re sure in your own mind, that that’s what you want to do. Okay?” Rick said.

Liam smiled at us both then as he got up from his chair and said “I can’t believe my luck really. All I can say is thanks. Um… I’ll be off to bed now, if that’s okay?” he said.

“Of course. Good night, Liam,” we said.

As Liam was leaving the room his mobile rang. He answered it while going upstairs, but within a minute he was back in the sitting room,

“Seems my mother is ringing round all my friends to see if she can find out where I am. She’s absolutely livid,” he laughed. “I’d told them all to say nothing and they can’t anyway as I’ve not said where I’m staying, or who with. I’ve just been ignoring my mum’s calls. I left her a message to say I was okay, fine and staying with friends. I think she’s bound to turn up at school tomorrow though, I reckon,” he said.

“Well, we’ll cross that hurdle as and when we have to,” I told him.

Liam smiled and went back out and up to his room.

“A worried young man,” I commented to Rick.

“Yeah, just a little. I hope we’ve allayed his fears a bit, though, with tonight’s discussion,” Rick replied.

“I think so. He seemed much happier going up just now, don’t you think?” I said.

“What about his mother? I mean, seems she’s far from happy with the situation?” I said

“She isn’t, is she? I think I’ll call Adrian tomorrow morning, and would you call that Headmaster and let him know of Liam’s new situation also? I feel it’s best we keep the guy on side by being upfront with him. Don’t you?” Rick said.

“Agreed,” I said and we locked up and headed for bed.

* * *   * * *   * * *

The following morning we were all at the breakfast table hurriedly getting tea and toast before Rick left for work and the boys left for school. I was mulling over the events of the previous day and turned to Rick and said

“I think I’d better take Will and Liam today. I want to have a word with the Headmaster if I can, though I’ve not made an appointment. But I think we ought to put him in the picture confidentially?”

“Yeah, good thought.” He paused for a moment then continued “I’ll be chatting to Adrian again today to see if there is anything further we need to sort out as well.”

“Okay,” I replied. “I’ll see you later then, but if there’s anything important call me and I’ll call you also if anything occurs, okay?”

Rick nodded agreement and picking up his keys, after a quick kiss goodbye went out through the kitchen to the garage and off to work. The boys finished their breakfasts and after loading the breakfast plates and cutlery into the dishwasher picked up their backpacks and headed out to the garage and my car with me.

“What’re you going to say to the Headmaster?” Liam asked.

“I’m simply going to give him a change of address, the reasons behind it and the need for confidentiality in the whole thing,” I replied.

Liam smiled back at me and after brief consideration said

“Yes, that’s all we need to do, isn’t it? I mean I just hope he respects my privacy, though.”

“I think you’ll find he will, mostly because of the Data Protection Act. The school holds its records on computer so they’re covered by the act. He’d of course have to tell the police if asked by them, but they’re under no obligation, especially since you are over sixteen now, to tell your mother where you are. She’s, however, quite likely to find out sooner or later, simply because you’re still at school here and haven’t bunked off to London or some other big city and become virtually untraceable as a result.”

“Oh,” Liam said and then furrowed his brow in silent thought.

“Don’t worry too much now. Just concentrate on today at school and we’ll take each day as it comes and deal with stuff if and when it occurs. No need to worry too much about what might happen, okay?” I said. “After all we’re fairly sure of our ground here and you’ve quite a lot on your side so far, according to Adrian. So let’s not be worrying too much at this stage,” I added in a further attempt to re-assure a worried looking Liam.

“Thanks,” Liam said, smiling weakly at me.

“Don’t worry, Liam,” said Will from the back seat. “If your mum starts anything, I’ll just get Dad to send in the Royal Navy to rescue you!”

At that we all collapsed into laughter and the mood lightened considerably for the remainder of the journey to school.

“And just where exactly are the SBS to land?” I asked through barely concealed laughter.

“They use helicopters too!” Will protested, amongst more giggles from Liam and me.

We’d just arrived at the school and I pulled through the gates to the car park and took a visitor space. The boys decamped and with a quick “See you later,” from both, they hurried off to join their friends going through the students’ entrance.

I locked the car and then made my way to the main entrance, through the main doors and over to the reception desk. The receptionist on duty was the same as on previous visits. She looked up as I entered and then glanced down at her appointment screen.

“Good morning. Mr Frost, isn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes indeed, well remembered,” I said.

She smiled back and looking at her screen and then back to me said “Have you an appointment today? It’s just there’s no one due to see the Head this morning, according to my screen.

“No, I haven’t actually, but something rather important’s cropped up and the Head should certainly be informed, as it directly affects a pupil here,” I replied.

“I’ll get him on the phone and see if he can see you straight away,” she replied, as she picked up the phone and dialled the Head’s extension.

I waited patiently as the receptionist made the call. After a few moments she put the phone down and turning to me said


“He’ll see you at once, but he only has a couple of minutes. Is that okay?”

“Yes, I can be very brief,” I replied, and clipped on the proffered Visitor badge and took a seat. In less than a minute the Head’s secretary appeared and after a brief exchange of greetings I followed her back to the office complex and was ushered directly into the Headmaster’s office.

After greetings had been exchanged I got right to the matter in hand and quickly explained he situation regarding Liam. The Head listened, made some alterations to Liam’s file on his computer and asked “Is his mother aware yet of where he is?”

“Not as far as we know. Its Liam’s express wish that she not be told at this stage,” I replied.

“She’s telephoned here this morning asking if we’d any information. At the time we weren’t aware of what’d happened. So we advised her to contact the police. If they contact us, or the social services department contact us, we’ll have to tell them what we know, but, as you probably know, we’re not under any obligation to tell anyone else if that’s Liam’s wish.”

“Thank you and yes that is the situation,” I said.

“Well, many thanks for keeping us so fully informed,” the Head replied. “These matters are so tricky. I’ll be having a word with Liam sometime today. My experience is that sometimes these things can be resolved amicably for both and sometimes not… Let us just hope that Liam’s work is not too disrupted by all this. It’s an important two years for him. That is my main concern through all of this,” he finished.

“Yes, it is ours too. Believe me,” I said.

“Quite an experience for you and Mr Masters too, isn’t it? The Head continued, “After all it was only a week or so ago that you had no responsibility for school age teens and now you have two of them!” He smiled. “Good luck,” he finished and offered his hand to show that our business was concluded.

“I think we’ll need it,” I said as I returned his smile.

I left his office and his secretary accompanied me back to reception. I handed in my badge, returned to the car and headed back home.

On returning home I went in through the kitchen and filled the kettle to make a coffee. Then booting up our laptop, finished making the drink and sat at the kitchen table to send an email to update Adrian of the latest position. I also sent Liam a text so he knew too what we were up to. He didn’t reply, so I guessed he was in class and had his mobile off.

Just at that moment there was a knock at the kitchen door. I called “Come in” and the door opened. It was Frank.

“Morning, Paul. Okay for a chat?” he asked.

“Hi Frank, of course. Want a coffee?” I waved him towards a seat at the table.

“That’d be welcome. Yes please,” he replied.

I made another mug of coffee and putting it down on the table in front of Frank, slid back into my chair and looked at him questioningly.

“Right, I’ll just bring you up to date. The police have confirmed that Darren Clarke’s going to be given a reprimand, that apparently is the new youth equivalent of the old police caution, for his part in that accident. Mr Clarke’s had the bikes fixed, or a new one for Justin and Will’s has been repaired. He delivered it back here this morning, but you were out so he came to me. He’s starting work at our house in a week’s time on the conversions. so things’ll be a right mess there for several weeks it seems. My father’s being moved to his nursing-physio centre today and should be installed there by tonight. I’ll be going over there to see him settled in. I go back to the base on Sunday morning ready for a new tour of duty from 06:00 on Monday. That’s about it from me.”

“Crikey!” I replied. “That’s some schedule! How about you have dinner here Saturday night before you go?” I suggested.

“That’d be very pleasant indeed,” he said. “I’ll be spending tomorrow and Saturday clearing out rooms and storing stuff in the garage under sheets so Clarke & Co. can get started next week. So a meal with you guys would be very much appreciated.”

“Consider it sorted,” I said. “Our pleasure entirely. Oh, we’ll get the boys to help too. They can do some on Friday evening and Saturday. Will can for certain. Liam’s working for a few hours on Saturday, so won’t be able to do very much, but I’m sure he’ll help where he can.”

“Well, I won’t trouble Liam. He seems to have enough on his plate right now, but my lad can certainly get stuck in. He’s getting a new room and bathroom out of this in the end,” Frank said.

I laughed in agreement with Frank.

“Let’s put Will’s bike back in your garage. Then its there for him when he needs it,” Frank suggested.

“Yes, certainly,” I agreed, and having finished our coffees, we both left the kitchen and Frank moved Will’s bike from his own garage into ours and I locked it back to one of the security rings we had in the wall. Frank then went back to his house to continue his preparations for the builders and I returned to our kitchen. I’d just got through the door when the phone rang.

“Hello?” I said.

 “Have you got my son in that sinful place?” A female spoke from the other end in an accusatory voice.

“Errm… Who’s this calling?” I asked, my mind whirring, although I quickly realised it could only be Liam’s mother, Mrs Russell.

“This is Mrs. C. Russell and I’m informing you now that unless my son Liam is back home where he belongs after school finishes this afternoon, I’ll be informing the Police and Child Protection services,” and the line went dead.

I replaced the receiver and then as quickly picked it up again and dialled Rick’s office number. I got through immediately to his secretary and asked to speak to Rick. She informed me that he was in a meeting until around noon. I glanced at the kitchen clock and saw it was by then eleven fifteen, three quarters of an hour to wait. I thanked her and left a message for Rick to call me as soon as he could. I then looked up Adrian’s office number and dialled again.

I was put through to Adrian and quickly told him the circumstances of the call I had just had from Mrs. Russell. He asked me for the exact words and commented that it was a shame I’d not let the answer machine take the call so we’d have her outburst on tape.

“So what do we do now?” I asked.

“Can you meet the boys at school today?” he asked. “Just in case she tries anything silly.”

“What do you mean ‘tries anything silly’?” I asked him.

“Well she may decide to be at the school gates or something. You never know. I’m going to let the police know what the situation is from our side now. I’ll call one of my contacts and have a chat during lunch, okay? But don’t get into a confrontation with her in the street. Just note what’s said, if anything, okay?” Adrian added.

“Yeah, we’ll try. I’d best warn Liam by text I guess?” I asked.

“No harm in that,” Adrian agreed. “I’ll be back in touch as soon as I’ve talked to my contact. So sit tight. Nothing to worry about, okay?”

“Easy for you. You’ve not got the bloody woman yattering down the phone at you,” I replied.

“Oh, that’s nothing. Wait till you get battered with her handbag!” Adrian laughed.

“Thanks a bunch. I know who my friends are now….!  No, really, Ade, we do appreciate very much your efforts with this mess,” I replied.

“Okay, I’ll call later,” he said and rang off.

Just then my own mobile went off with a text message. It was Liam asking me to collect them both from the school’s other entrance at ten to four. I sent a confirmation and asked him to confirm where the other entrance was. He quickly did that so I knew where to go.

I started to prepare the evening supper, more to give me something to take thoughts away from the problems that seemed to be crowding in on our lives all of a sudden. I took a pack of minced beef from the fridge and browned it off in a pan. Then peeling a few spuds and boiling them for mashed potatoes I made a simple cottage pie adding some peas chopped carrots and a red wine gravy to the dish I had turned the mince into. I covered the mix with the mash and set it aside to cook later.

I turned my attention back to my laptop to check for any new emails. There were a few work related ones and I dealt with them over the next half hour. I Looked at my watch and it was just after ten past three. So I tidied away and left in my car to collect the lads. The school’s rear exit was on the playing field side of the school and there were no parking spaces, just a gate in the wall. As I approached the gate Will and Liam suddenly appeared from the gate onto the pavement and were grinning away at me.  I pulled into the kerb and they quickly got in the car and laughing away together. Will turned to me and said

“Wow, that’s getting hairy. We’d got the twins checking the main entrance and they saw Liam’s mum there with her car waiting and sent a text. We’d decided at lunchtime to duck out this way. Liam thought she’d do something like this. So we changed the way out to avoid her,” he said.

“I was pretty much expecting that after your text this morning. So we made plans,” Liam added.

“Well, we can’t do this every day till you leave school,” I said. “Something’s got to be sorted out soon,” I added.

“I knew that she had found out where I was staying from friends at morning break,” Liam explained. “My mum’s been phoning absolutely everyone I knew and well word spread round so it wasn’t that hard to work it out,”

“I’m afraid I thought that’d happen with you staying locally and carrying on at school,” I told him.

Once home the boys made snacks and drinks and headed for their rooms. I guessed it was to get changed or sort out homework. I turned on the oven so as to cook the pie I’d made for supper and put the kettle on for a cup of tea for myself. I’d just finished making that when Rick came in from the garage and I noticed the time was just after five forty.

I pointed at the kettle and he nodded at me with a smile. I made him a brew and we sat together at the table, lost in our own thoughts. After several minutes I turned to Rick and said

“We haven’t overstretched ourselves with this situation, have we?”

“No, I don’t think so. There were always going to be hiccups and I agree this was an unexpected and unplanned for situation, but I’m beginning to relish the fact that we can actually make a difference for Liam in this nightmare he’s found himself in… especially as it’s through no fault of his own,” Rick emphasised.

“Oh I’m with you all the way there, but I had to do a cloak and dagger back entrance pickup from school this afternoon just to avoid any problems with  Liam’s mother who we know was lying in wait at the main entrance this afternoon.”

“Yes, I guessed that might happen from what Adrian was telling me earlier, but we’ve not to worry, just not rise to any bait she throws up - if we get confronted at all. That’s what Ade suggests.”

“Easier said than done though, especially if she starts on Liam and gets personal or homophobic,” I replied.

“I know, but I have a feeling that we can certainly cope and the pressures a bit exciting, don’t you think? After all, we’ve had a pretty cosy time since leaving Uni and this is adding some new dimensions, isn’t it?” Rick said grinning back at me.

“New dimensions certainly. When do we go on the crash course in parenting?”

We both laughed at that and Rick replied,

“We’re on it; it’s a practical, not a theoretical course!”

“You know, we mustn’t forget us in this equation you know. Easily done I think, but we need some time for us too,” I said.

“Oh! I’ve some thoughts on that if you can just wait a few days. Okay?” He grinned at me. “Can’t say now but I’ve an idea that you’ll like something I’m planning for a couple of weekends’ time… just the two of us.”

I just looked Rick right in the eyes and simply knew why I fell for him in the first place… He’d anticipated my feelings and was already planning special time for us.”

I smiled back and was about to reply when the door bell went. I looked at Rick and asked “Expecting anyone? Is Adrian coming over or anything?”

“Not as far as I know. He’ll come though if we’ve any problems,” he replied.

I got up and made my way down the hall to the front door. I opened it and found a man on the doorstep, smart casual dress, carrying a briefcase and a file folder.

“Yes?” I asked.

The man presented an official I.D card and then said

“I’m Gerald Robinson, a social worker with the borough with childcare responsibilities. I believe there’s a Liam Russell staying at this address?”

“Yes,” I replied, “you'd better come in.”



End of Chapter 18

Hope you all are enjoying this story so far. I am also published on IOMFATS  and now have both Google and Yahoo groups, they have the same content just choose the one that suits you best. Chapters, pictures and information is all there especially for those non-British readers. 

I have very much enjoyed your emails, it was a bumber crop last chapter. I very much enjoyed reading them and yes, I do get to answer them all, mostly the same day but if not soon after. The next chapter will be up in around ten days.

Paul Jamison  


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