By Paul Jamison



Chapter – 22


Will’s viewpoint


As soon as we could, Jus and I got out of the sitting room and up to my room. Pretty much as soon as we got the door shut, we started having a good snog. I was full of food but dead keen for some fun. Jus had his arms round me with his hands right on my bum and was squeezing as he rubbed against me which had a strong effect on my cock. It was straining at my boxers as I broke away from kissing to shed some clothes. Justin followed me and in a few seconds we were down to just boxers. Jus took me by the hand and we sat on my bed. A few seconds later he held me round the waist and we slid down facing each other and kissed again. I was instantly aroused and it seems Justin was too as we ground our crotches together. I was getting going something near to busting, when I realised that I was bursting and needed to pee urgently.

“’Scuse me, I’m bursting. I got to go now!” I made excuse and padded into the bathroom to take care of the urgent need.

As I finished, I saw the big bag of stuff that Liam had brought home from his work. So I idly glanced inside. All the usual toothpaste and shower gel, but then I noticed a couple of massage lotions and grabbed one. Quickly grabbing a big bath towel from the cupboard I returned to the bedroom with that and the lotion.

“Look what I’ve found. Liam’s brought this home today,” I said as I waved the bottle of massage lotion.

“Oh, yes, let’s have some fun,” Jus said. He shed his boxers to reveal a very stiff cock that sprang back against himself as he pulled them off. I looked on in some excitement myself as I did the same. We laid the big towel on the bed and I got Jus to lie face down. I then straddled him and squeezed some lotion straight onto his back.

“Ohhh… Wow, that’s cold,” he said wriggling under me.

“Ha ha, don’t be a wuss… You’re hot stuff really,” I replied giggling. I started to rub the lotion over Jus’s back, shoulders and bum. He wriggled away sexily under me and if the noises were anything to go by was getting really horny too. So was I!

“Enjoying this?” I asked.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, yeah!” he moaned back at me.

I put a bit more lotion on my fingers and worked down Jus’s back and between his cheeks till I found his cherry. I gently brushed my fingers over his hole several times and each time produced a long moan from him and a very sexy wriggle. My cock was bursting from the excitement and I was keen to see how it felt too. Then he said

“Let me do you now, okay?”

“Mmm, yes please,” I replied in his ear and climbed off him. We changed places and both of us by now had really hard cocks. I was not sure how long I could last, I was so excited. I lay face down on the towel and Jus applied some lotion to his hands, then began to rub me all over my back and bum and then brushed between my cheeks several times making me wriggle with the sensation. I was beginning to know what he felt when I’d done it to him!

I lay on top of Jus and rubbed my cock over his bum. It was an amazing sensation. He giggled and wriggled as I did it. It was now obvious that we were going to do it. I suddenly remembered something I’d seen on the internet, something about massage oils and condoms not being safe. I stopped what I was doing and whispered

“We need to have another shower before we go too far.”

He turned his head and looked questioningly at me.


“Well, I’ve seen that oils and condoms aren’t safe,” I said.

“Oh, I’ve seen that too. Okay, let’s make it a quick one?”

We hurried into the bathroom and I turned on the shower. A few moments later we were both in and rubbing shower gel where the lotion had been. We both got pretty excited again and Jus stopped me as I soaped up his cock.

“Wait till we’re back on the bed, okay?” he said. “Don’t want to come too quickly, do we?”

“Nah,” I agreed and quickly rinsed off. We towelled as quickly as we could and returned to my room. I got the bag of ‘stuff’ out of the bedside drawer and tipped the contents onto the bed. I put the tube of lube onto the cabinet top and opened the box of condoms. I separated two from the strip of twelve and put the others back in the box and the drawer. I turned to Justin and holding his hand asked

“Who’s first then?”

“Um… I’d like you to do me first,” Justin ventured.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Yes, very,” he quietly replied.

“How, I mean, which way, um… we haven’t really looked at much about that yet, have we?”

Not yet, but I want to watch you. So I want to be on my back okay?”

“Yeah, that’s good,” I said.

Justin moved himself to the middle of the bed on his back and I straddled him and played my hands down his torso and round the base of his cock that started to dance about with the sensations and moving about that Jus was doing under me. He was well excited too and precum was dripping from his cock. That got me so excited I thought mine was going to burst, it was so hard. I reached for the tube of lube and taking off the cap squeezed a little out over my index finger. I shifted myself to kneel between Justin’s legs and slipped his knees up and apart so I could stroke his balls and bum-hole before squirting some more lube on my finger and slowly stroked his bum entrance till he started to moan quietly at me. I gently increased the touch till my finger popped into his hole, then I waited a few seconds for him to get used to that. My cock was straining away and Justin was half looking at me and half licking his lips at the sensations he was getting. I slowly fingered his hole for a few more seconds then withdrew and then inserted again to see if he was okay with the feeling.

“Ohhh! Wow,” Justin moaned. “Don’t stop, that’s mmmmm.” I inserted my finger again and slowly moved it in and out several times, just like I’d read guys did in some stories I’d been reading. I hoped it was for real and I’d got it right. Justin lolled his head about in pleasure. I grinned and said

“You’re loving this, aren’t you?”

“Oh… yeah… you bet…” he managed to reply between low moans.

I carried on a bit more, then taking the lube again I tried the next insertion with two fingers and a lot more lube. Justin’s eyes bugged a moment and I thought he bit his lip in a small grimace. I quickly took it out and said

“Did that hurt?”

“Nah, well, just a tinge as it went in,” he replied.

“I’ll be more gentle then,” I said.

“It’s okay. Carry on. I want you to do it,” he replied.

I tried again and this time the fingers slipped in more easily and Justin got a nice little moan going as I gently slid my two fingers in right up to the hand each time and then withdrew. Justin’s bumhole was definitely looser than when I began. I wiped my hands on a tissue and put a condom on. It just fitted okay and luckily I was big enough for it. I couldn’t have been any more excited though if I’d tried! I put a generous amount of lube on my cock end and some on Jus’s bumhole and then I gently lifted his legs up and rested them on my shoulders. He grinned up at me as I shuffled a little closer to line my cock up with his hole. With his legs resting against me I moved my cock into position and with one arm supporting me and the other guiding my cock I pressed it gently up against him. There was a second or two of resistance and then suddenly it gave and in it went about an inch.

“Okay?” I worriedly asked. “Is it hurting?”

“No, carry on… oh; give me a sec… slowly… go in more… okay?”

“Okay,” I anxiously replied, re-adjusting my arms to support myself with Justin’s legs on my shoulders. I pushed just a little more and my cock so easily slipped in a bit further. I anxiously checked to see if Justin was all right. He smiled and nodded,

“Carry on… slowly, I’m fine it feels strange, but okay,” he said.

I pushed in a little more and then rested and after a few more seconds in all the way right up to my balls.

“That’s it. You’ve got the lot now,” I grinned in excitement at him. He smiled back and then grinned and said

“Go on, fuck me then…!”

I grinned and leaned forward to plant a kiss on his lips, which I could just manage to do. Then I adjusted my arms and slowly withdrew almost all the way and gently went in again. I was so excited. The feelings I was getting in my cock beat any wank I’d ever had. I was right in Justin up to my balls and it was amazing. I did that again. He looked up and moaned as my cock slid into him and he wriggled a bit as I went all the way up. I slowly began to increase the speed from waiting after each in stroke till Jus adjusted to a slow but steadier in and almost out motion. He was moaning with every in stroke now and I was getting frenetically excited. Then suddenly after one thrust in that was a little stronger than before I felt my balls begin to tighten and I knew that was the start of the feeling… I pulled back to almost out and thrust back in and that was it. I was over the top and shot a load into the condom right in Justin like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

“Coming… oooohhhh” I managed to squeak. Jus had been rhythmically moving with my thrusts and his head went back and his eyes seemed fixed on the ceiling for a few seconds. I felt his bum muscles grip my cock and then relax as I pumped spunk three times in quick succession and then collapsed down onto Justin to find his lips and kiss him deeply. I was totally gone with the amazing feeling of it all.

it took a full minute to get my head together and then I raised myself up and carefully kissed Justin again. I adjusted myself and gently withdrew my now going down cock and condom from his bum. It gently slipped out and I grabbed tissues to wrap and dispose of the ‘evidence’ after holding it up for Justin to see.

“Frame it,” he giggled.

“No way!” I emphatically said. That’d look just great on the wall for Mrs Watson or my Dad to see, wouldn’t it?” I said laughing. I disposed of it then cuddled down and held Justin to me kissing him gently and saying

“Thank you, that’s just so amazing, like nothing I’ve done before. Justin, I love you so much. Please do me now. I mean, when you’re ready, okay?

“Yeah, right. Giss a minute, then I’m going to bum you too.”

“Did it hurt at all?” I asked him a little anxiously.

“Nah, not really, more a strange feeling of being very full. It hurt just a little when you used two fingers at the beginning and then when you went all the way in one push the first time, I felt that…” he giggled. We kissed a few more times. Then he raised himself up and looking at me said “Ready?”

“Yeah,” I nervously replied.

“It’s okay.” I’ll be ever so gentle and tell me if it hurts… I’ll stop at once,” he said.

“Okay, how do you want me?” I asked.

“Same as me,” he replied. “Okay?”

“Yeah,” I said as I slid down onto the bed on my back and raised my knees up for Justin to get between my legs. He picked up the lube tube and after touching me gently all down my torso with his finger tips and then gently running his fingers up and down my cock, which had already got to a state of high excitement again in only several minutes, he lubed up his index finger and started to stroke my hole with it. Then as I’d done with him he gently pushed at my hole till it gave way and his finger popped inside.

“Oooohhhh…” I gasped.

“Okay?” Jus asked me anxiously.

“Yeah… it was just cold. That’s all,” I smiled back at him.

“You’re hot enough to warm things up!” Jus said grinning.

Then he got more lube on his fingers and after more finger probing tried again with two. I definitely felt that the first attempt he made to enter.

“Ooooh!” I gasped and bit my lip too.

“Will, you okay?” Jus asked and he took his fingers out.

“Yeah, just seemed not quite ready for that. Do it again slower, okay” I told him.

Justin lubed me again with one finger, then ever so gently rubbed two against my hole and suddenly he was in and sliding up to his hand easily. I grinned up at him.

“Do it now. I’m ready!”

“Sure?” he questioningly looked into my eyes.

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

Justin got a condom and rolled it on. Then squeezing some more lube over it and my hole he shuffled himself up to me and raised my legs. I bent my knees and my legs spayed wide. He put his cock to my hole and teased the entrance gently. The feeling was amazing then suddenly in it popped. I gasped and gripped his arms.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked with a concerned look all over his face.

“No! Give me a minute; it’s stopped hurting. Just go gentle, okay?”

The twinges I felt in my bum eased off and it felt strange, sorta full and nice at the same time. Justin pushed ever so gently and eased into me. I could feel his cock going right up me. It felt good. I grinned and nodded to him.

“Go on, do that a few times like that,” I said, “slowly, till I’m used to it.”

“Okay, if you’re sure?” he replied gently.

“I am, go on do it.”

He withdrew and slowly pushed into me again. I was just fine that time. He did it again and it was even better. My cock twitched all on its own as he entered right up me and I felt an incredible sexy urge come over me.

“Bum me, go on do it,” I said, all excited now.

Jus’s face lit up and he slowly began to build a rhythm of sliding in and out I felt his balls against me on his inward thrust and the sensations I was getting were so sexy I felt like I was coming again!

“Go on, fuck me!” I squeaked.

Just thrust into me again and I felt his balls bang this time, then another and another, my cock jerking wildly all of its own accord when he thrust in. I was so turned on. Then I heard Jus growl and his head went back and his mouth opened and he groaned again and I felt him pump some spunk… I gripped his cock with my bum muscles as he went for one more stroke and he groaned in pleasure, head back, eyes on the ceiling and he collapsed groaning on to me and we just lay still.

After a bit, when we’d both recovered, I sat up and Justin cleaned himself up and we disposed of the evidence in a bag and into the waste bin. I kissed Justin again and he looked into my eyes with a very silly expression. I inclined my head and looks back quizzically at him.

“Will, that was the most amazing cum I’ve ever, ever, had. I still can’t believe it.”

“So was mine. I almost came again when you did in me,” I replied.

“What!” he exclaimed. “Really, came without touching your cock?”

“Well, almost, yes,” I said, “it felt so awfully close, if you’ done me a little more I bet I’d’ve come again, you know.”

“That’s amazing,” he replied. “How’s your bum now though?” he asked me.

“Um… a little sore, but I guess I’ll be fine. Are you okay?” I asked him back.

“Yeah, I can still feel it like, but it doesn’t hurt or anything, just a strange feeling up my bum, that’s all.”

We cuddled and kissed, then after a bit we slipped under the duvet, spooned up to each other and I turned off the bedside light. Justin whispered in my ear

“That was amazing… thank you, was it brilliant for you too?”

“Oh, yes I dreamily replied, “It was amazing and I want more too, but I want to sleep now.”

“Okay, night, Will,” Jus said.

“Night, Jus,” I replied after a few moments, but Jus was already out as his breathing had changed to that of sleep. I began to dream. I was very much in love with the boy who had his arms around me. I drifted quickly into sleep.

* * *   * * *

 I woke early the next morning and looked at Justin sleeping beside me. His stitches were due to come out this next week and the hair had started to grow back. It wouldn’t be long till there was nothing left to see. I was desperate for a pee, so slipped carefully from under his arm that’d been over my shoulder and padded off to the bathroom to deal with the need. I went back into my room and saw the clock was a little after a quarter to seven. Too early to get up, but I wanted a mug of tea. So I quietly put on a T and some jog bottoms, slipped out of the room and downstairs to the kitchen and switched on the kettle. I made myself a brew and sat down by the window.

A few minutes later I saw my dad come out and load his car with his cases. I knocked on the window to catch his attention. He looked up when he heard the noise and caught sight of me at the kitchen window. I smiled and waved to him through the window. He waved back. I went to the kitchen door and stuck my head out.

“Hi,” I called, “do you want some tea? I’ve just made one.”

“Hello, Will, don’t get cold, will you? No, I’d better not. I need to get started really. Thanks anyway,” Dad said.

“I’m not cold. Okay, I guess I’ll see you at Christmas?”

“Certainly hope to be home just before Christmas if all goes as planned… Well, I’ll be off now. Be good and do as you’re asked by Paul and Rick, okay?” Dad replied.

My dad turned and shut down the hatchback, went and locked up the house and opened his car door, giving me a last wave, got in and started up. I waved again as he pulled out of the driveway and turned back into the kitchen and shut the door behind me. That was it now. Three months till Dad was home again. Still, I considered, there was enough going on and plenty to look forward to.

My thoughts returned to the lovemaking Jus and I had explored that night. I’d got a lovely glow inside as I recalled our fun. Wow, I thought, it’d been mindblowing when we’d succeeded without hurting each other. Couldn’t wait till we could do it again and try some different positions that I’d read about in stories on the internet. I wanted to show them to Justin first, though, so he’d know what I was thinking too. I finished my tea, put the mug in the sink and went back upstairs.

I got back upstairs and I heard Justin in the bathroom. So I took off my T and joggers and slipped back into bed and pretended to be asleep. He came back into the room and did a double take when he saw me back in bed seemingly asleep.

“Gerraway, you’ve not been there cos when I woke you were gone. I thought you’d gone to the bathroom. So stop kidding me,” Jus said poking me in the ribs.

I giggled and opened my eyes. “I went down for a brew and saw my dad off.”

“Oh, right. I wondered when you weren’t in the bathroom if you’d gone downstairs or something,” Jus replied.

“Yup, I did and had a brew too,” I giggled.

“Where’s mine then, you jammy sod!” Jus exclaimed.

“In the kettle!” I laughed back.

Justin jumped on me and tickled me anywhere he could and that was it. I just curled up helpless under his onslaught. He stopped when I gave up. I got my breath back and asked

“Do you want a brew then? We could make one, then have a shower?” I hinted while wiggling my eyebrows in an attempt to look seductive, but only succeeded in making Jus giggle.

“Yeah, good idea, we’d best be quiet though. We don’t want to disturb anyone.” Jus said.

“Nah, not till after half-ten at least. Paul said he’d do a brunch. Then they’re going to IKEA to get furniture with Liam. Same stuff as I’ve got.”

We pulled on some joggers and a T and quietly went down to the kitchen to make ourselves a brew. I took out another mug from the cupboard and my previous one from the sink and rinsing it out added teabags to each as the kettle boiled. I made the brews and we both sat in the window looking out over the driveway and down the road. I glanced up at the clock and saw it was coming up to eight and nudged Jus and said

“Time we had a shower, if we’re going to, before guys start coming to?” I suggested.

“Yeah! Let’s go,” Jus enthused, finishing his brew.

We put the mugs in the sink and climbed the stairs as quietly as we could, so as not to disturb anyone. Once back upstairs we went into the bathroom and I turned on the shower.

Justin and I then got undressed and got in the shower and soaped up. I know I go on about it, but I do just love being washed by Justin in the shower and it gets me so turned on every time too. Jus ran his soapy hand between my bum cheeks and gave me a good wash. I winced just a little as the soap got in my hole. He felt me wince and asked

“Did that hurt?”

“A tiny bit,” I admitted. “Nothing to worry about though. I’m sure it’s just cos it’s the first time. How’s your bum?”

“Dunno, yet” he replied, “Give me a soaping and we’ll find out.”

I turned round and soaped Justin all over, finishing between his cheeks. He grimaced a tiny bit as I soaped his hole, but otherwise nothing.

“Okay then?” I asked.

“I reckon so, yeah,” he replied. “A little bit of sting when the soap went in. You must’ve given me a re-bore or something,” he giggled.

“Yeah, I’m sure, I’m not that big,” I protested.

“Big enough for me, my lovely Will,” he replied.

“Mmmmm, thanks. I love you too Jus,” I said and then kissed him.

We broke away and got finished in the shower. Then after towelling we went back into my room to dress and sort ourselves out. I heard Liam go into the bathroom and start the shower.

“Let’s go down and watch TV till everyone appears?” I said.

“Yeah, okay,” Justin replied as he bent down to stuff things into his backpack. I went up behind him and ran my hands over his bum and between his legs…

“Gerroff, you randy sod,” He giggled.

“Okay, I won’t play with your bum again then,” I joked as I ran out of the room and down the stairs closely followed by Justin.

* * *   * * *   * * *

 Paul’s viewpoint


I came too at around nine-thirty and rolled over to cuddle Rick to find he was already out of bed and in the shower. So I quickly got out myself and trotted over to join him.

“I did nudge you, but you were still out of it,” he laughed as I closed the shower door on us both. We spent the next twenty minutes relaxing in the shower and enjoying each other. I slipped down between Rick’s legs and teased his cock with my tongue and it was only seconds before he responded and I took him in my mouth and loving brought him to climax. Then after we had kissed and caressed for a moment or two he whispered in my ear

“Let’s send the boys to the cinema tonight and then I’m going to take you to bed and bum you rotten!”

“Mmmmm, what a brilliant thought. I agree we’ve not had much ‘us’ time for a fortnight, have we?”

“No, and I nearly forgot what a lovely bum you have!” Rick giggled.

“Oh, did you? You can bloody well remember all over again later, okay?”

“Now, that’s a promise I’ll keep,” Rick giggled.

We finished in the shower and I was mulling over the thought of a good romp later as we got dressed together and went downstairs. We got to the hallway and I heard giggling coming from the sitting room. All three lads were sprawled on the sofa, laughing at the Sunday morning cartoons.

“Mornin’,” I said. “Brunch, everyone?” I asked them.

“Yeah, please,” they all replied.

“Right, it’ll be ready in about twenty minutes. So when I call, come and set the kitchen table, please,” I asked.

“Yeah, will do,” they answered.

I went through to the kitchen and turned on the main oven to high. Rick was making me a pot of tea and a cafetière of coffee for himself. I laid out quantities of bacon and Lincolnshire sausages on a baking try and put them into the top of the oven to cook. I opened a tin of Italian plum tomatoes and then one of baked beans and putting them into saucepans set to heat gently through on the hob. Rick set up to make toast and got out the jams and marmalade, putting them on the table. I checked the oven after fifteen minutes and turned the bacon and sausages. Setting the timer for twenty more minutes I enjoyed a cup of tea. When I’d finished my tea, Rick started to make a basketful of toast. I then took out four plates and slipped them into the top oven to warm through and waited for the timer. I called the boys through

“Okay, plates in top oven, side plates in cupboard, cutlery and mugs please for all of us.”

“Okay,” they chorused and set about getting organised.

I placed the bacon and sausages onto platters and set them on the table. Rick put a large basket of toast out and I turned the beans and tomatoes into serving dishes and placed them in the centre. It was all done, so we sat to eat.

We tucked in to the grub and simply enjoyed a laid back Sunday brunch. I turned to Justin and asked

“When do you have to head for home?”

“Um… soon. I’ve a ton of homework to finish and ought to go when we’ve finished this,” he said glumly.

Will looked sympathetically at Jus, but nodded. “I’ve stuff to do too.” he added. “All due in Monday as well.”

“Right,” Rick said. “When we’ve done with eating, I think its Liam and me to IKEA to get the furniture and then we’ll get Liam’s room sorted this afternoon, okay?”

Just then Liam’s mobile went off and as he looked at it, his face furrowed. He took the call and a smile soon appeared when he realised who was calling. He got up and went to the sitting room to finish his chat returning in a few moments with a happy grin.

“That was Craig. He came into the shop yesterday lunchtime after they’d finished doing the school uniform shop for him and Jamie. May he come over and help me with this stuff?” Liam asked.

Will and Justin exchanged knowing smirks with each other and I gave a warning glare in their direction, but they said not a thing, simply plastered knowing smiles on their faces and looked ever so innocently at Liam. We finished our brunch and tidied away. Liam went to text Craig back and five minutes later there was a ring at the door.

“Hi, everyone,” Craig said as he appeared round the kitchen door with Liam.

We all said hi back. Will and Justin appraised Craig curiously. They got up and Justin said

“I’ve gotta go. Mum said no later than twelve thirty and I’ve absolutely heaps to do. Thanks for a super weekend,” he said grinning widely at Will.

“You’re welcome, Justin,” I replied. “I expect we’ll see you again soon enough anyway,” I added.

“Yeah, I expect so,” Justin smiled back. Will picked up Jus’s bag and the two of them headed off for the garage and Justin’s bike. A few minutes later the doors opened and Justin rode off home. Will closed down the garage and came back into the kitchen.

Rick went for his coat and my car keys and smiling said

“Right, Liam, let’s get this show on the road,” and added. “Are you coming to help with this, Craig?”

“Yes, sure,” Craig replied. William just looked on with a big grin all across his face and quietly left to go to his room.

The boys and Rick went out to the garage and took all the spare seats out of the Citroen and then headed off to IKEA.

I took a big bag of minced beef from the fridge and started on a batch of home-made burgers for the following week. I left six out thinking the boys would all have a couple each when they’d done with furniture assembly and then made myself another cup of tea and took a break in the garden room. I was enjoying some time doing the crossword in Saturday’s paper when I heard the gang arrive back.

I went through and out of the kitchen onto the driveway. Liam and Craig had begun to unload the roof bars of the wardrobe and table combination. I went and opened up the front door and they started on the long job of getting all the flat packs up to the third floor landing. I opened the back of the car and took out the bundle of towels and went directly to the utility room and set them off on a basic wash cycle to get the newness out. Rick helped me unload all the rest of the purchases including the computer unit and laundry baskets and also two new bookcase units with doors that we thought both boys would find useful for storing books, CDs and DVDs etc.

The next two hours were taken with assembly of the furniture in Liam’s room. Will came out to help at this stage as he’d already done the one set and recalled very well how it all fitted. Eventually it was complete and positioned in mirror image of Will’s setup. I helped Liam set up his computer and monitor on the new workstation and we quickly got it connected. I switched on to check all was still working and then went downstairs to my computer bits cupboard to get the Wi Fi dongle I’d bought for Liam a few days back. A few minutes later I’d installed that and set up an email account for Liam on our ISP and then  with Will took the other bookcase over to his room and together we assembled it and positioned it.

“That’s just what I need for these spare books and stuff I brought from my old room,” Will said. “I don’t have much more shelf space in my wardrobe, you see,” he explained.

“I thought you might need something like this and the doors’ll keep it all tidied away,” I said.

“Yeah, they do. That’s great,” he replied.

“So how are things now, Will, everything going okay?” I asked.

“Yeah. I got up early to see my dad off and things with me and Jus are great,” he replied.

“So are things happier now?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Things are going right now, I think,” he added.

“Well, let’s hope we can keep it that way for a while then?” I smiled.

“Yeah, that would be good I reckon,” Will finished.

“Oh, do you think you and Liam would like to go to the cinema this evening?” I asked.

“Err, yes, we would, Why?” Will asked quizzically.

“So Rick and I can have five minutes to ourselves, you rascal,” I replied.

“Ooohh, I see” said Will knowingly.

“Oh, do you, then like everything private let’s keep it that way, okay?”

Will grinned back and nodded.

We all headed downstairs to the kitchen and I got Cokes for the workers, tea for me and coffee for Rick. While we were all seated I said

“How about you guys going to the cinema this evening?”

That seemed to go down rather well and Liam turned to Craig and asked

“Can you come? Would you like to?

Craig looked at the floor and then said

“I don’t think I can. I’m a bit short of dosh. So can’t really manage to.”

Liam said “That’s no problem. It’s my treat for your helping me get all that stuff, humping it all upstairs and putting it together. It’s made it much easier and quicker,” he pointed out.

“If you’re really sure, I would like to. I’ve not been to the cinema since before my Dad died. I do like to go when I can,” he said shyly looking round us all.

Liam smiled and said “That’s sorted then. We’ll go online and see what’s on at the multiplex in town.”

The boys all got up and went back upstairs to check on films. Will gave me a knowing look as he went out of the kitchen. I turned to Rick and said

“That’s our evening sorted, six till gone ten with a bit of luck!”

“Oh yes. shall we contribute a bit towards it for them? Rick asked.

“Yeah, give them twenty-five quid towards tickets and drinks, okay?” I replied.

“Sure. Now what exactly do you have in mind for those nearly four hours?” Rick said with a wicked grin on his face…

“Wait and see,” I said.



End of Chapter 22



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Paul Jamison.

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