William Chapter – 5


 By Paul Jamison

Just at that moment the phone rang; Rick was nearest to it in the kitchen. He picked up the receiver.

 “Rick Masters, Oh hello Frank, how’s things going? Did the journey up go ok? Right, Frank I’m so sorry to hear that, very sorry indeed. Do you want to talk to Will?”

 I listened anxiously as this conversation developed. It sounded ominous to me but then I had only half the facts. Rick listened on to Frank then turned to me and said.

 “Call Will down, It’s Frank; he needs to tell him news and feels we should be here when he does, okay?”

 “Okay, it’s bad?”

 Rick nodded and continued to listen to Frank on the other end of the line. I left the room and went up the stairs and called to Will. Within a few moments both Will and Justin came crashing down the stairs and into the kitchen. Rick waved at them both to hush up as he was still listening to Frank on the phone. William looked enquiringly at us both.

 “Okay Frank, Rick said, “He’s here now I’ll pass him on to you.”

 Rick beckoned Will to come to the phone.

 “It’s your dad; he’s things to tell you.” Rick said.

 Will came over to where Rick held out the phone to him and took the receiver from him, putting it to his ear.

 “Hi dad.” He said.

 Will listened quietly to his father for a few moments, tears beginning to form in his eyes as heard the news from Scotland. Then he wordlessly handed the phone back to Rick and sat down burying his head in his hands.

 “Hey,” Rick said, pulling up a chair alongside Will. “It’s hard right now to take this stuff in. You’ll need to be brave for the funeral on Friday. We’ll all be there too to help you through this, okay? Now, why don’t you go hang out with Justin for a bit? Get back for five okay? I mean you can use the computer, go out on bikes, whatever, alright?

 Justin came forward to his friend and they quietly left the room together, Justin’s arm had slipped round Will’s shoulder and it seemed so natural a thing that it pretty much went unnoticed.

 I turned to Rick and said. “I guess that was details of funeral for his grandma then?”

 “Yes that and a bit more for us about the state of things up there. It seems Frank’s father is in a very bad state; he’s sustained head injuries, hasn’t regained consciousness and what’s more is showing no signs whatever of responding to anything. Grandma’s funeral is down here on Friday of next week. Frank’s coming down Thursday night for the funeral and going back again on Saturday morning. He says he needs another chat with us both when he gets here and will be round on Thursday after dinner. He thinks Will should stay here so he gets minimal disruption. I told him that’s fine by us?”

 “Well yes of course it is. I mean we’ve sort of geared up for him for about a month I thought, not just a couple of days?” I replied.

“Frank’s also asked if we can get a suit sorted for Will for Friday. Seems he doesn’t have one, his school uniform would have done but Frank reckons it may be too small now as he’s grown lots over these holidays.” Rick said.

 “So he needs a suit, plain white shirt, a black tie and new uniform where needed?” I said scribbling it all down on the telephone pad as I spoke.

“Seems so, and there’s more Frank wants to discuss with us too.” He finished.

“Wonder what?” I pondered out loud.

“Well, for now we need to get this dinner under way and discuss all this later I think” Rick replied.

At that moment the two boys came down from Will’s room and stuck their heads round the door.

“’S okay if we go off on our bikes for a bit?” Will asked.

“You okay?” I asked.

“I’m okay now.” He murmured to me.

“Yes, alright then but don’t be back later than six-thirty and take your mobile with you okay?”

The boys left the house and Will collected his bike from the garage. We heard them chattering away as they got prepared with helmets and watched as they cycled off together down the drive and into the street.

“What’s Frank need to chat to us about on Thursday?” I asked.

“Not sure really, I think it’ll be about us looking after Will though. Frank admits he is in a hole there and with all that’s going on in Scotland, his dad still being so ill and then he’s due back at sea in a while and I guess its all rather fraught for him.”

“What does Frank actually do? Do you know?” I asked.

“According to Will, who was quite chatty this morning when we made the terrine, Frank’s a Lieutenant-Commander Diving team officer. He should be a Commander, but took compassionate leave when their mum was ill and that held him back. This is all according to Will of course; Frank’s not said a word to me about it.” Rick replied.

“I imagine its pretty well ‘as is’ though don’t you?” I asked.

“Oh yes, I can’t imagine the facts are too different from that. I mean we knew he was an officer from when he came to our Partnership party because he told me then and from the house and the car he’s on a good earner. Will does okay for clothes, goes to a good grammar school so there can’t be any shortage of money?”

“No definitely not.” I replied.

“I guess I’d better get going on this food now or we’ll have a great dining room set out and nothing to eat!” I said.

“Except dessert!” Rick grinned back at me. “Will and I got that sorted and the dining room earlier.” He said.

“Okay leave me to cook now, the guys should be here anytime after seven, the boys’ll prolly need a shower when they get back from biking. Did you notice if Justin brought a change of clothes or not?” I asked.

“He’d certainly a backpack with him; goodness knows what was in it, possibly? I guess?”

With that Rick went and sat down at the table and watched as I prepared the vegetables and the pork loin joint for the meal.

“Oh, you changed your mind and got Pork?” He remarked.

“Yes, Billy the butcher said this was better than beef this week so I took his advice as usual.” I replied.

 * * * *

 Will’s perspective….

 Justin and I took off for a ride on our bikes. I was full out thinking about the last twenty four hours and the stuff that’s happened, like in a whirlwind, it’s all that’s going on is doing my head in. Grandma and grandpa in a crash, grandma’s gone, grandpa’s really bad, dad’s rushed off to Scotland to see to it all, I’m staying with the guys next door. It’s happened so fast and it’s like I may be here for a while. I dunno what happens next when dad goes back to sea. I mean where do I go? Who looks after me now grandma and grandpa can’t?

I’m still thinking away when Justin turns and nods at me to pull over onto the old golf course. There’s lots of bike runs across it now and it’s great to ride the tracks. We bombed around the sandy tracks for about an hour, then screeching suddenly into an old bunker tipping us both from our saddles as our front wheels sank into sand, we collapsed in a heap giggling away once it had dawned on us we were fine.

“Cripes! I thought that was scary but fun.” I managed to say between giggles. “So what now... hadn’t we best go back?”

“Nah,” Justin replied. “Let’s cool for a bit we’ve an hour ‘till we’re due back anyway. Tell me what’s been happening then?”

I looked right into Justin’s eyes and made a decision. It was now or never, I was going to tell him my secret. I’d told my dad, he’d told Paul and Rick. I’d to tell Justin now. Perhaps then my reasons for wanting to stay where I was and carry on at the Grammar school would come clearer. I took a deep breath.

“Jus, I’ve got stuff to tell you.” I said quietly.

“Yeah?” Justin looked right at me concern showing all over his face.

“Not just about grandma and the accident.” I said “Its stuff about me and… Oh well I’m pretty sure I’m gay!” I rushed out the last few words.

Not daring to look up, I stared at my hands intently, waiting for a response from Justin. The seconds ticked by and it seemed like an age before I eventually heard him draw breath and say.

“Well that makes two of us then don’t it! And you better not be pissing me off here either.” He anxiously stared right into my eyes.

“No, it’s no piss off, believe me.” I quietly replied lifting my eyes to his as I spoke hardly daring to hope what I was hearing was true. “You too?”

“Yeah,” he replied, “I’ve been surer and surer as this summer’s gone by, especially after that end of term disco when Mary Lettbridge cornered me and plonked a kiss right on me! I went along with it ‘cos I didn’t want to appear different or cause rumours”

“Yuk!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah… Yuk from her but from the right person it wouldn’t ha’ been. She was mushy and did nothin for me. That’s when I realised for sure, how about you?”

“I sorta knew for a bit, felt different since mum died. Found that I looked at guys on TV rather than girls and it just sorta grew from there really? I saw Queer as Folk a month or so back and then I really knew… but I don’t like they way they carried on. That entire different guy every night stuff, I don’t go for that. I want a boyfriend just the one!”

Justin shifted his position and I caught sight of the front of his jeans. A definite stiffy, he saw my glance and looked nervously at me.

“Don’t tell me you’ve not got one.” He said.

“I Um...”

I could get no further because at that moment my mouth was invaded by Justin furiously kissing me! He broke apart looking me in the eyes. I just about managed to say.

“…I have now” and burst into giggles.

He held onto my shoulders and then slid his arms gently down by back. I was totally tingling all over. He gently smoothed his hands on my bum and I nearly shot into my jeans there and then it was so exciting. He kissed me again and I so responded tongues and all this time. I so know what ‘suck face’ means now!

“Crikey! You really can kiss!” He said coming up for air.

“Not so bad yourself!” I giggled back.

“Does this mean we’re...”

“…Boyfriends?” I asked.

“Yeah…” He seemed nervous all of a sudden and looked at me anxiously.

“…is that what you want?”

“Oh Yes.” I managed to squeak back.

Justin relaxed back onto his heels and glanced at his watch. I saw the move and did likewise.

“Oh bloody hell! We’ll be so in trouble if we don’t get weaving!” I said.

We both leapt to our feet and picking up the bikes pushed them back onto the trail, mounted them and furiously pedalled back to the road. We arrived back at Paul & Ricks in a bit of a cloud of sweat. Stopping for breath I got off and wheeled my bike to the garage.

“I’ll just go unlock so we can get these away till you cycle home.” I said.

I went into the house and through into the kitchen to exit out the back way into the garage. Paul was busy preparing at the worktop, he looked up as I came in.

“Have a good ride?” he asked, with a smile.

“Yeah! Definitely.” I said with a big smile. “Just going to put the bikes away okay?” I said.

“Good, did Justin bring a change of clothes with him? Because if he’s anything like as hot and sticky as you are, he’ll need a shower and change before dinner?”

I coloured up beetroot red and mumbling something as I so quickly exited the kitchen to the garage. I got through the garage and opened up from the inside. Justin was waiting on the driveway with our two bikes. We quickly got them in and locked up.

“Why are you blushing so red?” He asked.

“Paul just asked why I was so hot and steamy. I didn’t know what to say so I got outa there fast! Oh Paul asked me if you’d brought a change of clothes?”

“Yeah. I did. Mum said I couldn’t sit down at a dinner table in sweat shirt. They’re in my backpack up in your room.”

We went back into the kitchen; Paul & Rick were there, Paul slicing veggies and Rick drinking tea.

“You two want a drink?” Rick asked us. “There are cokes in the fridge.” He said.

“Yeah thanks, yes please.” I replied.

We got cokes each and had just opened them when Rick said.

“I suggest you two go and shower upstairs and get changed now so as we can get sorted for dinner guests soon, okay?”

“Okay.” I said turning away from Justin who was busy making eyes at me. I bet he was thinking about showering too, but not in the way that Rick was thinking I thought to myself.

Rick glanced at both of us and then with a smile on his face winked at me and said.

“Well off you go then, see you in half an hour, okay?”

I must have blushed up ‘cos he was positively grinning at me as we both left the kitchen area and went upstairs to my room. Justin followed me out and upstairs, I couldn’t wait to get away from the looks and winks. We got into my room and I collapsed on the bed. Justin did the same right next to me.

“Oh crikey! Rick thinks something’s going on between us. I just know it. He so winked at me when he told us to go and shower. I bet I blushed up again?”

“You did”. Grinned Justin. “I don’t know but your face gives you away, I bet you can’t fib to your dad or teachers either?”

“Nope, not a chance.” I replied. “Oh well, guess we’d better tell them, later though, not when all the others are here Just Paul and Rick okay?”

“Yes, but no way do I want my dad finding out, not for ages anyway!” Justin replied.

“Why what’s with your dad? Is he not okay with gays?”

“I’m pretty sure that my mum will be just fine, from stuff I’ve picked up and seen her reactions to news programs on TV and in the papers. My dad though is different, I’m totally unsure and just don’t want him to find out till I am over 18 and he can’t do much then.”

“That’s another 30 months to go though isn’t it?” I asked.

“Bit less 28 months 24 days actually.” Justin replied.

“You been counting days or something?” I joked.

“Well sort of yeah, I inherit dosh my granddad left me when I’m 18. I got ten thousand quid when I was ten so it’s been getting interest ever since.” He replied.

“That’ll pay for Uni then?” I said.

“Well a car more like ‘cos I already have a Uni fund from other grandparents. My mum’s parents, they set it up when I was born so it’ll easily cover college I hope. They told me last Christmas it was in trust till I was 18 then it was mine.”

“Sounds good, I have some too from my mum’s side. Dad told me there was a fund. Don’t know how much though at all. Hey we’ve got to get a move on lets go shower!”

“Yes let’s… um are we going in together?” Justin sheepishly asked with a sidelong glance at me.

“That’s the plan… as long as you really want this?” I asked. “Oh God! I’ve gone and blushed up again!”

I’d sat up and caught a full reflection of my face in the new wardrobe mirror! Justin giggled and he too got up and we got undressed down to our boxers. Together we went into the bathroom. I got the other towel out of the cupboard and put it on the towel rail with my own, turned the shower on and lifted the loo seat for a quick pee. Justin joined me and we quickly got business done whilst glancing sidelong at each others equipment as we did it. The inevitable happened and I got a stiffy first soon followed by Justin. I flushed the loo and shot over to the shower dropping my boxers as I did. I turned and faced Justin starkers, struck a pose, dived into the shower with a giggle. He whipped of his boxers dropping them next to mine and wriggled into the shower next to me under the warming stream of the jet.

“You sod.” He giggled. “Showing off now are we?”

All I could manage in reply was a long drawn out.


I felt his soapy hand gently stroking my dick and his body against mine under the shower spray. It didn’t take long and before I knew it, I felt my balls tighten and it was all I could do to stay upright, except the shower stall was keeping me from sliding downwards.

“Ngnng… Ngnng… Ngnng…!” I managed to squeak out as I shot my load onto the shower floor. I heard Justin giggle behind me as he nuzzled into my shoulder and kissed my neck as he stroked.

“Nice?” he murmured into my ear.

“Oh yes!” I said.

“It’s your turn now.” I said. “Turn round gently so I can do you.”

“’S okay, I’ve just come rubbing mine against your bum whilst playing with yours!”

I giggled and felt myself blush furiously again.

“We’d best get clean and go down before they send a search party?” I giggled at him.

“Yeah, I think we’d better!”

With that we finished our shower dumped the dirty clothes in the basket hung towels on the rail and slipped back into the bedroom to dress. That achieved and hair dried and combed, I turned to Justin and said.

“Thanks for everything today. It’s been so good talking to you and discovering what we have. I’ll need to work out how I can stay at the Grammar somehow so’s to keep seeing you.”

Justin slipped his arms around me kissed me deeply and said.

“We’ll just have to find a way somehow. It’s taken a lot to get this far and I’m not letting it go without a struggle. You’re now important to me…  really very important to me.”

I looked right back into his eyes and saw he was in deadly earnest. I felt really good for the first time in a long time… since mum was alive I think. We quietly left the bedroom and made our way downstairs to the kitchen wondering what was in store for us.


 End Chapter Five.