By Paul Jamison



 Chapter – 7

 Wills’s viewpoint

We went upstairs to my room after the dessert. Once inside I collapsed on my bed and Justin plopped down beside me.

“I’m utterly stuffed.” I said.

“Me too! That was some meal. Do they do that every day then?” Justin replied.

“Nah! Don’t think so. Paul told me they eat in the dining room at weekends and in the kitchen during the week, Tonight was special ‘cos they’d got those friends over.”

“That Adrian’s funny but he’s a bit… um flouncy? Don’t you think?” Justin said.

“Yeah, a bit ‘Julian Clary’* but he seems okay, they all do actually. I’m so full I can hardly move!”

“Too full for some of this?” Justin said as he drew closer and looked into my eyes.

I looked right back into his and let his lips meet mine. His tongue invaded and before I knew it we were holding each other and kissing fiercely. He ran his hands down my back and started feeling my bum… Ker…Doying! In an instant I went from firm to rock hard stiffy… He sure knew how to get me going. I came up for air, and he was struggling with me on top of his full stomach.

“Don’t think we should roll around right after a stuff-out like we’ve just had!” He grinned at me. “Guts don’t like it.” He giggled. “Do that pose for me, the one in the picture in the kitchen?” He said shyly looking at me from under his lashes.

“What, the one with the boy holding onto the mast on that boat?” I asked, looking coyly back at him.

“Mmm, yeah! That one.” He replied quietly.

“Haven’t got a boat or a mast.” I quipped back grinning.

“Um… hold onto the bathroom door frame.” He ‘helpfully’ suggested.

“Okay, like this?” I opened the bathroom door holding onto the frame struck a pose similar to the one in the picture.

“Ye..es, sort of, um… but without the clothes?” He said.

“For you, okay.” I said.

I pulled my top over my head toed off my trainers and dropped jeans and boxers in one move and took up the pose again. I looked anxiously round at Justin who had moved to my computer chair and was simply looking right at me. The inevitable happened and Ker…doying up like a ramrod again. He got up and moved a bit closer.

“That’s just perfect” He said. “Will, you’re so sexy! Your bum is just… um… peachy!”

“Oh ‘peachy’ am I” I quipped back.

I tried to make towards him but tripped by my jeans went headlong on the floor. Justin collapsed into fits of laughter and then came to help me up and get my kit back on.

“Just you wait Justin Naylor.” I said.

“Next time, it’s your turn, to do a show for me, okay?”

“Okay.” He said, still giggling. “You alright Will?” He asked looking into my eyes again.

“Oh yes!” I replied. “Since this afternoon lots of things have been more than alright.”

Justin glanced at my bedside alarm. It was showing twenty to eleven.

“Gotta go, I’ve to be in at eleven.” He reminded me.

We spent a couple of minutes sorting out Justin’s kit into his backpack and left my room to go back downstairs.

“I’ll see you again tomorrow morning at the leisure centre.” He said on the way down. “I’m doing the lifesaving course there too.”

“Brilliant!” I replied.

I was secretly dead chuffed we’d be doing stuff together nearly all week.

We got back downstairs, the others all came out of the dining room and started going off to the front door. They were all saying goodbyes and stuff. I hung around with Justin for a few moments saying goodbyes too, then we both went through the kitchen and off into to the garage to get Justin’s bike.

He unlocked his bike from the wall ring, grabbed me for another quick kiss. I opened up the up and over doors and Justin wheeled out onto the drive. He fixed his helmet and then with a quick wave to me, switched on his bike lights and rode off into the night. I watched the twinkling red lamp till it disappeared from sight.

I turned back into the garage, locked down the door and made my way back into the kitchen. We all got stuck into the washing up and it wasn’t long before it was all cleared away. I was tired, so said goodnight to Paul and Rick went upstairs to my room and bed.

Once upstairs and with bathroom all done, I stripped down to boxers, pulled back the duvet and snuggled down. My cock had done a Ker…doying again and was flat up against me. I couldn’t stop thinking about Justin and the stuff that happened up the old golf course, and all the things we talked about after. The kissing and the touching, even the silly posing… I had loved doing it all …for him.

I reached over and opened the bedside cabinet’s drawer. I was almost certain... yes, a box of tissues… I could re-live some of those thoughts again as I wanked, as you do! It didn’t take long before my balls tightened and I spurted into the tissues, after cleaning up and chucking the used tissues somewhere towards the bin under the desk, I slipped off into sleep.

* * * *    * * * *   * * * *   * * * *   * * * *

 The following morning at the breakfast table Rick and I were enjoying toast and tea when Will appeared around twenty past eight.

“Hi sleep okay?” I asked him.

“Sure did.” He grinned back.

“Did you enjoy the meal last evening?” I asked.

“Oh yeah! I thought I might get bored, but the grub was too good to miss.” Will replied.

“Flattery will get you anything with Paul!” Rick laughed.

“Glad you’re okay; we were a bit worried, what with all that’s happened and everything. That’s why we suggested that you got Justin over for the afternoon. Anyway, it all went rather well I thought. The guys enjoyed it and they liked you two it seems.”

Adrian’s funny!” Will said.

“Yes he can be even more hilarious and very much more camp. He was a tad subdued with your tender ears there I think. He doesn’t get much chance to play those games at work; he’s a lawyer so has to be so professional.”

“Is toast and tea okay for brekkie?” I asked Will.

“Oh, yes sure, thanks.” He replied.

Bread’s on worktop, teabags in cupboard over kettle, mugs you know, juice in fridge… help yourself okay. I’m off.” He said turning to me and giving me a quick peck on the cheek. “See you all later.” Rick said.

“Okay, thanks.” Will said.

Rick got up from the table, picked up his keys and made for the door with a backwards “Bye” to us both as he went down the hallway.

“Bye, see you tonight.” I replied.

Will continued to sort out his brew of tea and toast at the worktop and then as the toast popped up he came and sat at the table. We munched away for a minute or two.

“So, what we got to do?” He asked me.

“When you’ve finished can you nip next door get your school stuff and let’s quickly see what needs getting. I don’t think getting you a suit this week is going to be easy to do or practical either. So I think as your uniform is a dark navy blue blazer and the trousers are charcoal grey. If we have that with a white shirt and black tie, I think you’ll be fine for Friday.” I finished.

“Yes, okay.” He answered. “I’ll go as soon as I’ve eaten this.”

“Good, I’ll call your dad now and just run this past him while you’re next door collecting your stuff.” I said

Will finished his toast and tea put his plate and mug on the worktop and picking up his dad’s keys from the side cabinet went out through the back door and crossed the driveway to his home next door.

“See you in a few,” he said as he left the room

“Sure thing.” I replied.

I loaded the dishwasher with the breakfast things and sat down again at the table with the phone and the folder Frank had given me of contact details. Quickly looking up the hotel number and dialled. After a few rings I connected with the hotel operator.

“Hello, yes certainly, may I be put through to Frank Barnes please?”

I waited whilst the operator connected my call to Frank’s room. After several rings he answered.

“Hello Frank, Paul here, how’s things? ...Good to hear… I’m calling about this suit for Will, not that easy to arrange in less than a week for a lad of his age and size. Boys just don’t wear ’em these days and the stuff they do for weddings etc aren’t right for this… Well I thought as his school blazer’s navy blue, a new one of those with dark trousers, black shoes, white shirt, should be fine?...Yes that’s great Frank don’t worry, it’ll be done today. In fact as soon as we’ve checked what’s too small we’re off to the outfitters now… Okay Frank… we’ll see you Thursday evening, Bye for now.”

I had just rung off when Will came back in with a bag of stuff which he dumped on the floor.

“Good, can you get into it quickly so we can see what it looks like on you?” I asked.

Will took his bag of stuff through into the other room and was getting changed as I continued.

“I’ve just spoken to your dad, and he’s agreed school uniform’s going to be the easiest option for this funeral. Your dad’s wearing his ‘number1’s’ anyway.”

Just then Will appeared back in the kitchen in his school uniform. A quick glance showed that it wouldn’t do. He’d outgrown it over the summer.

“Goodness, those trousers are too short and they look a bit tight, your blazer sleeves are too short as well and it doesn’t button easily anymore does it? Looks like you’ve gone up a size this summer.”

“Yes, I could just fasten the trousers, they look awful don’t they?” William said surveying himself and the few inches of sock rather visible below the hem of his trousers as he spoke.

“Right, get changed back and we’ll go and get what you need. I’ll drop you off at the leisure centre after so bring your kit for there. Make sure you’ve got your mobile with you too, okay? Call us if you can’t get a ride home. Have you got some smart black shoes anywhere?”

“Um… I’ve some school shoes but they’re a bit kicked about in.” Will said glumly.

“Sorry, but for Friday it’s got to be smart polished shoes really.” I replied. “Trainers, however trendy and smart wont do.” I said.

I picked up my keys from the kitchen table and Will came back through changed again and with his backpack of swimming kit we left the house for the garage and my car.

At the shopping precinct, I parked up in the multi-storey car park and we made our way to the main outfitters store. It didn’t take all that long to get Will measured up, find the right size Royal Grammar School blazer, a pack of white long sleeved shirts, two pairs of dark grey school trousers, black shoes, black socks and finally a black mourning tie. The assistant took all our purchases and bagged them while I settled on credit card. We left the shop to return to the car park and the trip over to the leisure centre. We’d a full half-hour to spare. I called Rick and let him know where we were up to with things. He suggested that Will call him when he was done with the course, as he was finishing at five that evening. He would have less than an hour to kill before a lift home was available. Will assured me they’d both hang in the cafeteria until Rick could get there to pick them up sometime around five fifteen or so.

“Is Justin going on this course too then?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Will replied, “He told me yesterday he’d enrolled, and he so wants to go in Rick’s car too.” He grinned.

“Oh good, I bet he does!” I said, “Any others on it that you know?” I asked.

“Dunno really, maybe some from school. I only know about Justin for sure.” He replied.

I pulled into the leisure centre drop off point as we spoke. Will hopped out of the car and with a wave disappeared into the centre. I pulled away and headed for my office to get started on my week. I was just pulling into the car park when my mobile went off interrupting the radio. The call auto answered and I heard Adrian’s’ voice saying ‘Hi’ to me.

“What’s that noise?” he asked.

“Me driving.” I replied.

“Oh, of course I sometimes forget you start at lunch time, unlike us lesser mortals.” He laughed. “Many thanks for last evening. It was a great meal and good fun all round.” He went on.” I’ve also checked the schedules for the boat and no one has put in for that last week in October so we’ve slapped a hold on it for you. Can you let us know either way by next weekend?” he asked. “We need to confirm soon so’s it gets taken out of our allowance.” He finished.

“Yes, I’m keen, I’ve not really had any time to discuss it with Rick or Will… or Will’s dad for that matter yet. We’ve been somewhat preoccupied this morning with preparations for the funeral Will needs to be ready for on Friday coming.” I told him.

“Yes of course, I fully understand.” Adrian said. “I’ll leave it all with you then, but let me know by Saturday can you please?” He finished.

“Sure will, bye for now.” I replied and ended the call.

I made a mental note to discuss the whole boat holiday idea with Rick that evening as I continued into work. I was keen on the plan myself, but knew we couldn’t go with just two of us, three would be better and four or five better still. I remembered when I went with my parents; we always had Uncle John, dad’s brother with us so with me and my sister Charlotte it made a good number all told. I began to wonder who else we could ask along. It was hardly going to be expensive with only food to find on top of the around a hundred quid for the fuel and gas charges.

* * * *   * * * *   * * * *   * * * *    * * * *

Will met up with Justin in the foyer and the two boys made their way to the reception to register for their course. In the jostling group of boys waiting to register and go through to the changing rooms was Liam Russell, a boy who they recognised from school as he was quite something on the swimming team. Liam gave them both a smile of recognition and came over to them when he had completed his registration.

“Hi.” He said rather shyly for an older boy. “Which course you on then?” He asked them both.

“Beginner’s actually, the Bronze.” Justin replied

“Silver.” Will said.

“I’m on gold this summer.” Liam answered them back. “I did the silver last year and want the Gold this summer. I’m hoping to become a lifeguard or swimming instructor.” He said shyly looking at the two.

“How come you’re only bronze?” Will asked Justin. “I thought you’d already done it?” He continued.

“Nah! I was away on holiday last summer and missed the course. I’ll catch up before next summer though. I’ll do the Silver during Easter holidays. He said.

“Are you both trying out for the swimming team next year?” Liam asked?

“Dunno.” They both said.

“Dad wants me to.” Will said. “But that’s before everything went wrong this weekend though.” He finished glumly.

The boys were interrupted by the movement of the queue to the desk.  They broke away from Liam saying they’d see him later and completed registration, made their way to the changing rooms, changed and went poolside for further instructions. The course proceeded smoothly and both were too busy to take much notice of anything but their instructor and completing the training exercises.

After they had finished for the day, they showered the chlorinated pool water off and got themselves changed. By a quarter past four they were heading to the cafeteria section of the leisure centre in search of food and a break from their exertions.

Will got his mobile out from his backpack and called Rick.

“Hi, It’s Will… we’re in the leisure centre café… Okay, we’re having burgers - see you after five okay?” Will closed his phone and turned back to Justin. “Rick says hang on; he’ll be here about ten past five okay? He’ll give you a lift home too! I’ll ride in the back okay?”

 “Wow that’s great.” Justin said.

Justin looked very pleased with himself for a few moments no doubt considering the delights of the ride home in Rick’s MR2. When out the corner of his eye he caught sight of Liam leaving the end of the self service channel and looking for somewhere to sit, holding his tray of food in one hand and backpack in the other. Liam saw the two younger boys and noticing the smile from Justin made his way over to their table.

“HI.” Both boys said.

Liam said “Hi.” Back. “These seats free?” He asked, indicating the next table.

“Yeah, but sit here if you want.” Justin said.

Liam sat down and began eating his food, after a few moments he looked up and glanced over to Will and Justin.

“How’s it going? Is your course okay?” He asked.

“Yeah fine, I guess.” Justin replied. “I’m just annoyed I’m still on the bronze. I could easily do the Silver award stuff.” He said.

“You’ll catch up though, won’t you?” Liam asked him.

“Yeah sure hope so anyway.” Justin finished.

“When you getting your computer then?” Justin asked Will.

“Paul ordered all the bits online on Sunday. He reckons it will be three to four days that’s all. He plans to build it this next weekend if it all arrives okay.” Will replied.

“What’re you getting?” Liam asked.

“Oh it’s an AMD quad core processor with lots of ram, huge hard drive cool case and stuff.” Will told him. “The guys I’m staying with are building it for me for my birthday. My dad’s paying for it though.” Will said.

“Why aren’t you at home?” Liam asked.

“Oh my grandparents were in a crash on Saturday morning in Scotland. My dad’s gone up there to see to everything and I’m staying with the two guys next door till it’s all sorted out.” Will told him.

“Is it serious?” Liam asked.

“Yeah very, gran died in the hospital and granddad’s awfully ill. I’ve got to go to her funeral on Friday morning.” Will said.”

Liam said no more as he didn’t wish to intrude on private stuff. He was sad for his school mates. He’d loads more to ask about the guys Will was staying with, but it would have to wait he thought to himself.

The boys finished their food and just then Rick came through the doors of the café scanning the room for them. Will caught sight of him and waved his arm. Liam and Justin noticed Rick coming towards them so got ready to leave.

“Hi Guys!” Rick said. “Ready for home?”

“Yeah, thanks for coming for us.” Will and Justin said at once.

The boys turned to Rick and introduced Liam as another boy from school on the same course, after brief introductions and goodbyes with arrangements to meet at the same time the following day. They all left the building and headed to the car park. Liam broke away to meet his lift, again saying goodbye. Will and Justin followed Rick to where he had parked up.

Rick opened up the MR2 and Will slipped into the rear seat buckling himself in. Justin took the front seat next to Rick and began to admire the car’s interior gadgets and layout. On the journey back Rick fielded a barrage of questions about its capabilities, Will asked several too. They arrived at Justin’s home and both boys got out. Will didn’t want to stay in that tight rear seat any longer than he needed. He got back in and waved to Justin as Rick moved away. A few minutes later they were back home.

After Rick had put the car away they came into the kitchen from the garage and Rick filled and switched on the kettle. Will got his swimming kit out to run through the washer in time for the following day’s course.

Paul arrived home at around eight and Rick called up to Will to see if he wanted more food.

“Oh Yeah, what’s going” Will called down.

“Bacon butties, and anything you want to drink.” Rick called up to him.

The result was a clattering down the two flights of stairs and a slightly breathless Will arrived into the kitchen.

“Ah, the call of food is irresistible to all teens!” pronounced Paul from the kitchen. “How about a three rasher butty? Will that do you after burgers and whatever else you’ve munched through today?”

“Yes thanks” grinned Will. “I’m hungry and a bit tired. They’d pushed us really working today too.”

“Are you enjoying it though despite the work? Rick asked.

“Definitely, it’s really good and Dad’ll be so pleased if I get the certificate.” He said.

“Good.” Paul said. “Sit down all I’ve something to discuss; only an idea just now, but we’ll see how you all think about it okay?”

“I was chatting to Adrian last night. They’re full of the boat they’ve bought shares in and were telling me all about it. They’ve some spare weeks to give away. There’s one going at the same time as your school half term break. Well, I thought perhaps we could all go and maybe Justin and possibly one other friend could come too. It’s not definite but an idea if you all like it? So what’d ya think then? Paul finished.

“What sort of boat?” Will asked.

“It’s a sixty four foot, seven foot wide, six berth, canal narrow boat. We’d do one of the week circuits. I’ve done ’em before and its good fun and exercise. The boat’s got all mod cons, shower, central heating and all that stuff.” I said. “So any takers?” I asked.

“Oh Yeah!” My dad’ll say yes. Anything to do with boats he’ll go for.” Will enthused.

“Right, okay then, talk to Justin and between the two of you think of one other friend, who could get permission to come that half-term break week okay? And we’ll sort it all out over this next weekend. If you’re asked about costs, say that it will be about fifty quid each for the week. That’s because we’re getting a really good deal here with only paying for fuel okay?”

So with the boat holiday floated we settled down to watch some TV and after the news went off to bed. Will again did his dozing off during the news and Rick prodded him to go to bed.


* * * * *    * * * * *    * * * * *    * * * * *    * * * * *

End of Chapter Seven

 * Julian Clary

Butties (plural)

Butty = Sandwich, North English slang for sandwich.